DAY 1831


06:56 c: when a meme makes you laugh first thing in the morning.

C: (mumbles) she totally made a dress out of curtains

v- did she?

c- ok, probably not her (but she wore a dress made out of curtains)

v- you’ve seen this movie

c- yes, and it was a book I actually did read cover to cover

v- (chuckles) stop

c- the bookmark lady …

v- put her in this post…

[ retrieving photo ]

c- Gone With The Wind is a classic. So many memorable lines

v- zingers

c- and others

07:00 I don’t usually follow meme IG accounts, but it fits Wandering Mind … and I’m out now as a movie lover anyway

v- yes, you are

c- I held onto that hobby secret

v- (chuckles) oh, I always knew

c- I so don’t want to be anything like you


c- I AM MY OWN PERSON!!! (on repeat for 5 years)

IMAGE: looking out from the Crafty Scribe Booth 05/25/19, photo of a happy customer with a story

IMAGE: looking out from the Crafty Scribe Booth 05/25/19, photo of a happy customer with a story

07:05 c: I take a photo of my daughter’s artwork that sells - one of her items she sells at my Craft Scribe art stand is bookmarks. The photos are a way for my daughter to know what sells (inventory/what I reimburse her out of net sales) and also to give her ideas of the hot sellers & what to make more of moving forward. Each of her designs are unique. They may be similar but have a different color or layout.

her little corner of my stand is a highlight visitors love. I chat with kids as they check out her stuff. I cannot tell you how many children love her idea and it gives them encouragement.


This very fine lady when she heard that I take photos of my daughter’s sales wanted her photo taken. Each visitor has a story to tell. We chatted about the need for more bookmarks. I joked with her that I’m always starting a book then the mood changes and I switch to another book. I am in the process of reading so many books that I always need more bookmarks. She’s the same way. She said the photo represents the introvert side. Which is funny

v- because she wanted you to take a photo of her

c- anyway… I saw my daughter’s “just one more chapter”

v- and you set it out so it’d stand out

c- Wandering Mind humor

v- zinger

c- well? … I saw “one more chapter” and these music lyrics pop in my head

All my life,

One page at a time

I'll show you my true colors

No, I won't apologize

For the fire in my eyes

Let me show you my true colors.

It ain't no rainbow

A promise with a lie

Is broken by design

What we thought we knew

Has been swallowed by the truth

It's time to light the flame

Right before it rains

I'm not afraid. I'm not.

-“True Colors” -Zedd & Kei$ha


07:26 c: I couldn’t remember which lyrics I posted

c: here is the beginning of the song, which I also like - it’s a wakewalk from years ago.

Stars fall at my feet,

Keep me grounded as I reach

Higher than I see.

Is there something there for me?

Pulling back the reins,

Letting go again

I'm not afraid. I'm not.

07:28 c- I may have posted something similar years back (in photographic form)… I’m not going to track down the tweet because it’d take too long & I want my morning coffee.

The basic idea is this: like the SkyView app reminds us as we peer into its viewfinder,

we are floating in space… we always have stars at our feet

v- it’s about space travel


C: I filtered a gravel trail I was walking on to make it like space (the gravel sparkling - a filter highlighting those sparkles in B&W? rainbow colors?) … or maybe it’s just in my imagination still: I couldn’t render it using existing resources/filters.

i remember a movie I watched years ago - after this wake walk that reminded me of this “Stars fall at my feet” songline … I honestly don’t remember which movie now. I may have made a note of it in my log - now archived and like a needle in a haystack buried and it’d take too long to find.


up for coffee and Crafty Scribe day … me loves a 3-day weekend … GAH… extra time

—- [ chatting while cleaning kitchen, tidying up after market day (dis)organization to get ready for paintmaking, etc ]

IMAGE: 05/25/19 after market tasks to prep product (before getting too fatigued at the end of the day)

IMAGE: 05/25/19 after market tasks to prep product (before getting too fatigued at the end of the day)

09:47 c: I was going to write something here, but I got sidetracked … I’ll remember later


09:48 c: I have ongoing lists basing it on my experiences for my wee itty little bitty small business

C: last week I asked my artist daughter which color she liked (of the watercolors) - she chose the primary blue … because of its bold color.

I take their feedback + my visitors into consideration.

i got a question yesterday … it’s amazing how many incredible Q&As go on ever Saturday at this Farmer’s Market … it generates interest both ways. It was

“what is the difference between gouache & regular watercolor”?

Sonce I had prepped my swatches this year

v- you could show them


c- lots of fascinating pigment questions and experiential testimonials

v- pigments are in everything …

just yesterday I got a cosmetic question (using micas in soap)

(my pigments are not cosmetic grade, although I did use them on Halloween a couple years back 😆 with no irritation - I was my own guinea pig . I pride myself on my research. Most of my pigments are earth-based and non-toxic … basically, you wear them cosmetically - depending on the ingredients - they act like mud masks) - HOWEVER, that’s just me experimenting on myself … others may be more sensitive to XYZ element that is in the natural/synthetic pigment.

And the other was a resin (?) testimonial … i’ve Had people ask me about using the micas in countertops … there is a wide range of questions and usage testimonials about pigments, etc - I learn so much from visitors / customers …

09:56 c- I have the research, but haven’t put anything together - Crafty Scribe endorsed (for low/no toxicity) … for fabric dying (medium to more permanently dye fabric threads)

getting there…

v- piece by piece

09:58 c- i’ve gotten quite a few questions about fabric dying (the Mayan colors are dye-based as well as Woad)

10:01 c- my apartment walls are bare … if I paint my walls I plan to use my own pigments … another future project.

Carve a Niche prototypes & future products will use (low toxicity) woodstaining techniques + my curated pigments


10:04 c: this Scribe is very crafty … but she needs to focus on just a few things for now… even though her vision for her company

v- is broad

10:05 c- because it’s basically a one-woman show right now and it takes A LOT of time to do each task/project … hence the running lists - prioritizing + long view


[ back to kitchen cleaning ]

putting lotion on hands

c- it’s organizational chaos in here with so many projects in cue + what I need to focus on + so little time to devote to Crafty Scribe

10:08 c- THAT’S WHAT IT WAS! (Remembering what I wanted to write about)

so, my boss

v- the company CEO

10:10 c- was nice to pick me up at my place to take me to where the company car was stored … of course we chat about this and that

v- and the other thing

c- (chuckling) one of the reasons she is giving me this car … which I told her was unexpected and so very generous of her..

v- she can sympathize …

c- she’s been divorced twice and almost lost her business during one

10:11 c- (chuckling) she asked about me working at Ohio State for so many years and what I went to school for, Rutgers came up … she’s from (lived in?) New York and quite a few family members went to Rutgers

v- small world


c- I don’t know how she and her co-owner decided to partner up recently … but with this new tidbit

v- they must know each other

c- there must be some connection (New York-based)


[ cleaning ]

c: I at one point told her she reminded me of my education career mentor … in the trenches woman that she is

v- it’s a good fit

c- I said one thing that kept me at OSU for so long

v- was your team


10:21 v- and now they’re all gone

c- if that is any indication of the state of higher Ed : veteran educators leaving .. it is NOT a good sign for the state of our country/world. We need to put more of a focus on quality education & value educators more … there are flaws in the system

v- serious flaws

10:22 c- I made it 18 years as a contingent … mostly because I could do what I love …

v- because you had support

c- I had a family - a husband with better benefits & salary… if not for that - which I have always been appreciative of … I would never have been able to survive for so long and have as good of a lifestyle as I did during many of those years…

it’s not that I wouldn’t have been ok surviving on that salary, but without his health insurance alone

v- it would have affected your take-home pay drastically

10:25 c- and quite a few other contingents worked/lived the same: spouses …

v- with benefits packages



c- now I’m just going more private with my love of teaching & learning ( eMaestra online tutoring & classes )

10:36 c- so, May 19, 2014 I made the decision the leave OSU based on a “final straw” comment by a new administrator

v- you had already been looking for work

c- yes … and the veteran educators - good people with a solid skill base & work ethic + vision on how to adapt quality educational practice to new models (the changing educational landscape) - from our team left.

The core team members

mentor - mostly retired - she still teaches Spanish at a community college, both online and in the classroom at a satellite campus - currently in Spain with her Spanish husband … so going there within the next year … I need to get back to Valencia & she’s always invited me to stay. For a few years she worked with other veteran foreign language specialists and educators/Admins on national foreign language teaching standards. That work was completed last year, I believe.

another is now working with her husband - they own business. She does marketing and sales. She is very versatile as all the team members are. She is from Colombia & was just there visiting family with her children.

and the last of our core four team members now is a high school Spanish teacher. She got her official teaching certificate to teach K-12(?? via Phoenix (?) … although she had been teaching in higher ed as long as if not longer than I had.

i started a K-12 teaching certificate program back in grad school … O have my opinions about programs like that

v- the quality was bad

c- when we all had to provide an activity on foreign language … and the grammar and spelling was horrific ?

What sort of teachers are we putting in the classroom even though they have the certification…?

i stayed in higher ed… I liked that age group (I was able to teach adult learners without having to navigate parent/family interference factors AKA my son/daughter deserves an A… bs)

v- you student taught

c- yes, I did. At Lawrence High School… as odds would have it, I got placed to teach with my husband’s high school Spanish teacher.

10:50 c- she was a good teacher

v- how far did you get?

c- I think I took 9 credits? I don’t recall … I still remember the classroom management course … just one of those things ya gotta do…

v- even though

c- I had been teaching for three years already


c- I guess it was a good refresher course

v- tell it..

c- for some reason I had to take a make-up final … and of course this prof put questions that were never a part of the course on it

v- haha … I know


c- I didn’t fail… maybe got a B? (Probably because I made a note on the final about “this was never on the syllabus”) I don’t recall.. I have the transcripts in storage. Still was a bit pissy about that, though.

C- oh, what’s worse is I think the prof used a textbook test bank

v- haha. I know.


11:05 c- I’m not saying I was all that as a teacher or even as a student - “perfect” … far from. We all (hopefully) do our best with what we have.

What I am saying is my team and I and so many educator & administrators were/are the good ones … and the system loses good ones & this affects the future of education

v- I’m sorry for your loss


c- yes, I would still be at OSU if not for the new admin regime … HOWEVER, good teachers continue to teach … it’s in their nature. It’s for their love of teaching and learning. For me now it’s in Crafty Scribe, eMaestra and my new day job in healthcare creating training materials ).

C- so, is that a loss?

v- no love lost …




C: Twitter: how many times does an author need to try to contact you about trying to unlock her account? Argh.

v- difficulties


v- haha, I know

c- I was so close the other day… all seemed to unlock then the dreaded error message

v- no go


c- so the author

v- is dead in the water ( I can’t stop laughing)

c- and so the InnerNet me is storyreeling this

v- symbolically

c- the author can’t

v- materialize


V- it’s CHAOS



11:45 so, AUGUST 27, 2016 I have multi-step Authentication set up for that frickin’ account (in August 2016 this site WanderingMindSpace was being built… and I was setting up connected accounts). I have a back-up code for that twitter account …

v- but it doesn’t work

c- nope


11:47 (mumbles) just another example of how multifactored authentication attempts FAIL

v- haha stop.


11:50 c- so, it’s been a couple years and I haven’t been able to log into that account …

v- and you’ve contacted them

c- a couple times. As if you’d get a person to help you … I get how many accounts there are on Twitter

v- with issues

c- impossible for humans to help with every request

v- understood


FEBRUARY 01, 2019 (yes, it was an interesting change observing from Scribe’s eyes)

12:03 c- interesting …

v- weird (odd tone, playfully said)


It’s like those two 0 0 …

0 Following 0 Followers

… are two eyes peering out, OBSERVING

c: frickin’ Netflix

[ storyreeling : Future Scribe staring people down at a Netflix round table discussion

c: “Knights of the Round Table” -Monty Python and the Holy Grail

[ watching video clip ]

C: haha, there’s even a prisoner chained to the wall…


[ continuing to watch ]

Arthur: I’m averting my eyes, my lord

Scribe: Avert your mental gaze

(over the years, a repeated request for privacy, which is inexistent on the InnerNet)



C: it’s so Rifty there at the end




12:35 c- not endorsing - but more readily available than another similar product on the market … helps with acrylic paint clean up & keeping the kiddos’ brushes reusable


C: it’s a butterfly effect [ listening to music while cleaning ]


“we've got some shit to shoot 🎶” …


[ text from oldest to bring her her art supplies so she can make more artwork for next Saturday’s market ]

13:00 c- I have a car (all proud)

v- yes you do


[ song cover ]

13:04 [ laughing ] c- the white streak I noticed … just now seeing the eyebrow marks

c- and it’s all paint-y

SCAFFOLDING that on top of yesterday’s headlines (17:39 observed 25 May 2019)


V- it’s a shitstorm. Thanks, C

c: you’re welcome


13:10 c- whoops. Wrong Jason, I suppose


13:15 c: you still have wonky eyebrows

v- you should talk


Season 1 > Season 2 recipes / Crafty Scribe notes (watercolors/acrylics/pigment units/sets) … still tweaking recipes (no typed/digitized records yet)


C: still handwriting labels

v: personal touch?


c: hm-hm … the honey couple and I were commiserating about AVERY’s bad design (they have printing issues too with bad alignment with printer labels for their honey bottles.

C: you’d think buying the more expensive pre-cut & formatted labels with online tool would help.

Uh, no.



18:28 c- it was good to hear it wasn’t just me. And I tried everything + followed instructions. Grr.

Guess i’ll Just design my own layout … with what little precious time I have ..

v- grr

18:31 c: invest in bulk blank label sheets & paper cutter instead!!!


V- you and your handwritten notes

c- don’t make fun of my handwritten notes

18:35 [ FINALLY to watercolors ]


watering hydrangea …

c- I have a car…(happy sigh)

v- I know you do


SCribe: Storm’s on the horizon

v- (chuckling) will you stop

Scribe : dah dah. DahDah DahDaDah…. (Terminator rhythmic sound)


c: rose plant - DEAD. Blue hydrangea plant ALIVE. Stored in same location. Hmmm..

v- STOP.


18:46 c- the rose bush even had leaves growing this spring … but it died.

v- i’m sorry …

c- first time I grew a rose bush in a planter pot… that could be the reason 😞 who knows.


19:34 c- finally got to the color Emmita requested last week


19:47 c- are you gonna be cinnamony all day?

v- pretty much

c- on to the next color

v- which is…?

c- probably green





“What a wicked game you play …” - Chris Isaak


20:46 c: paintspotting… what do you see?

[ closing blinds ]



C: and then there was green