DAY 1828


See Hawaiian raw beauty at its source. How the islands were formed.

Haleakala - House of the Sun - Legend says that the summit, which is 10,023 feet above sea level, is where the Hawaiian demigod Maui, who was a mystical, magical, mischievous creature known throughout the Pacific islands, lassoed the sun and slowed its journey across the sky in order to extend the daylight hours.” [ + HuffPost ]



One aspect of SPLINTER? It is a way to show the cracks in J + R’s performances. Their character flaws. 

WARNING: what follows may be taken as extremely negative. People may not like my opinions as abrasive as they are.

They are a raw truth. A truth that if I were to display what J+ R have posted?

It is to show how fake they both really are.

How what they disseminate? Is elitist coming from privileged lifestyles.

It is not raising the stage

It is creating a greater divide between the haves and the have nots, that with time?

will come to the forefront & be exposed

Be discerning. Be enlightened.


See them as they present themselves : it is right there : they are what they repeatedly do (and post about).

IMAGE: archived tweet

IMAGE: archived tweet

IMAGES: archived tweet + illustration of an outlier who questions his Hawaiian experience in his comment to JS’s Surfing the landscape video at their Hawaiian resort

IMAGES: archived tweet + illustration of an outlier who questions his Hawaiian experience in his comment to JS’s Surfing the landscape video at their Hawaiian resort

A performance artist + a show girl = substance-less glamor

a glamor that puts people into a stupified state.

unable to truly understand their superficiality.

Their content is Self-serving.

see the series of selfies?

What greater good are they really doing?

image is everything & they both have an image problem.

Don’t even get me started on the repetitive falsetto audio tracks.

it’s like a skipping record and a bad one at that.

I say this knowing their fans and followers love them: note: fans and followers.

A true echo chamber if ever I observed one.

They like compliments - never challenging themselves to enter into any truly meaningful conversations. Rarely if ever engaging in the outlier comments.

the divide is wide and widens daily by how they behave on social media

people of true substance and strong character? see beyond the engagement that fosters a closed-niche community. People who live by the principles of integritty interact in ways that truly broaden horizons.

yes, this is a scathing review, but it is one that needs to be written.

However, observe them for a while. Get a true sense of what they do and how they present themselves.

How are we to interpret their good deeds?

to pay for their services? To pay for a ticket into one of their events?

Again, their idea of raising the stage is = $ $ $

Beware of falsetto sirens.

Heed those mythological lessons.

It’s a deluge of subterfuge.

Glamour’s veneer

Illusion’s engineer


So, as they show off their glamping at yet another resort and pass it off for showing the world the natural beauty of Kauai? - pay special attention to how they do it and from what perspective.

They are like colonists who bring and play with their imported toys … a sacrilege to the true beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

They are just feeding those who are already mired in too much woo.

R is part of an industry that needs a serious revamping

selfie meme selfie meme selfie meme

the IG tiling is all but predictable with so many of the woo accounts

so, all the selfies, are those part of your branding? And, if so, what does that say about the services you provide?

To a (potential) client: it’s really not about you “it’s all about me!”

it’s like they are all following some cookie-cutter model.


Don’t model, be a model.

Don’t quote, be quotable.

IMAGE: archived tweet. Selfify only when it is absolutely necessary to add to the message (Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls)

IMAGE: archived tweet. Selfify only when it is absolutely necessary to add to the message (Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls)

the difference between good design and bad design?

how many people you reach

selfies are a turn-off because immediately the post becomes less immersive, less universal

and those people who are turned off? are people you don’t reach

and this is before we talk about accelerators - that which can amplify your cause / message

Sure, my approach and the way I present things may turn off people - but I challenge anyone to truly take the time to look at any situation from different angles, not just from one.

Be wary of even those you revere. Be discerning.

No one’s perfect. We all have flaws. Take a step back to consider what something truly is if it seems too good to be true.

Be ever-questioning, and if those questions remain unanswered? They tell a tale all of their own.

Truth is slippery. As soon as you think you have a good grasp or strong foothold? It’s a slip and slide, you’re thrown for a loop and you land somewhere else entirely.


c: I am the shock to JS’s awe

here’s the effect of JS’s awe:


part of an ongoing series

ROAST. ed(u)

-Equal Opportunity Insultor. I aim to offend.

for a source of truly classic zingers click on this LINK [ Shakespearean Insult Generator ]



full disclosure : on two Apple, Inc. sponsored (fully paid) trips my husband and I stayed at

The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua

Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria resort

Although they were beautiful hotels & had impressive surrounding grounds, we got off the properties to experience Hawaii’s true beauty.

It was this raw (non-commercial) beauty that I shared with the world.

I am forever grateful to Apple and the experience planners for those trips - you did a wonderful job to provide excursions that created memories that will last a lifetime.

My husband was hired during a period when everyone teased him about how Apple was going out of business. Later, Apple became a Fortune 1 company. A word to the wise? Trust those who have experienced coming from Nothing. Trust those who have had first-hand experience at exemplary design processes.

This is the first time (in five years) I mention these facts because I truly believe it is not who you know or where you’ve been (AKA name dropping) but what you learn along the way (and what you do with that): I learned from the best and the worst. It’s all about knowing the difference between the two.

As a storyteller, I chose to present the photos in my Instagram Gallery as is, without geotagging them (as originally captured in Hawaii) to make them more universal. I also chose not to show where I stayed.

As soon as you start tagging in any way, it detracts from the experience. Makes it less universal.

These choices come from my ethos as an experience designer. To create photographic portals into beautiful places which could be any number of places on this fine and beautiful planet.

They are my gift and encouragement to go and explore wherever beauty may be found. And they are just around the corner. Everywhere.


Surface skim

underwater swim

oceanic whitenoise

relaxing joys

natural devotion

resting motion

velvety slipcover

companionable hover

soft, pillowy breeze

proximity tease

mutual curiosity

seaflight tranquility

a few sleepy glides

gone to the deep side.


Sleep interruptions attributed to nonlocal source

[ 23:27 awakened 22 May 2019 ]

00:38 awakened

03:00 awakened





12:58 [ lunchbreak ] c- I have to mention it, because I just realized it’s funny

So, I’m in a meeting with N yesterday…

v- the company CEO

c- who I adore. she is an interesting character

v- through and through

c- so, I pop into her office to ask her a quick question…

v- it’s not a meeting?

c- no, it’s a quick question that may have turned into a quick tutorial about how to do something… (I gauged that she wasn’t too slammed with work and others I could ask weren’t available)

v- from her

c- yes, she is the font of all company knowledge

v- Oh, I am well aware

c- so, yesterday -and I have no idea how the topic came up- but she says:

I absolutely don’t like Mr. T as a person (I definitely wouldn’t want to live with him), but I think he’s doing good things for the country

c- I chose to remain silent

v- she’s your employer

c- she’s Russian… which is why I mention it

v- it’s funny

c- I have all these storyreels just a spinnin’ in my head

v- I know you do

c- it’s really quite scary (in a funny way)


[ taking a few bites ]

13:05 v- so, you don’t like me

c- I never have. which I have been completely honest about over the years

v- haha, I know

c- imagine my displeasure to realize I am connected to a man I loathe.

The mere association makes me nauseous.

13:07 c- that is why I post my opinions about the continued absurdities from the man who professes the Next Billionaire (impacting a billion lives) … who posts the shit he does on a regular basis… with his gf, who I can go on and on about.

v- please do

c- I may have made a comment last night about “at least they aren’t staying in a yurt… or was that the TENT I saw in the background?” [ it was rectangular, so probably not a yurt ]

13:09 c- you two make it so easy to make fun of… it’s impossible not to spew

v- hurl the insults

c- yah. like a volcano. What I call volcanic venting.

13:10 c- and I keep some to myself … just call them “my precious” observations

[ strokes the archived data like Gollum does the ring in Lord of the Rings ]


v- you’ll probably release them eventually

c- probably. they are too good to keep to myself.


[ taking a few bites ]

13:14 c- I have to get back to work in a few … but all I want to say is this: it is a disappointment to know that I am associated with JS. I want the world to know if I could travel back in time knowing what I know now… I would never have joined Ideapod just so I would never have bumped into JS. He is a true disappointment in my life. I am reverting back to original, to that life I had before all this began, trying to reset back to what is important and the good I did before this InnerNet connection started.

I may not be able to undo quantum entanglement, but I can fight against how it interrupts my life and scream how JS now represents inhumane treatment. People may not be fully aware of how cruel he has been, but I will make damn sure that my side of the story is told. I will be an advocate to my dying day to make sure this sort of treatment never happens to another person in this way ever again.

I truly wish I was associated with a better human being.

One with an honest voice, a truer heart and integritty.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice who I am connected with. That daily reminder that I have to be connected with JS? Sickens me every day.

13:19 [ back to work after lunch ]

AHB blood coursing (side effect of entanglement - an unwanted sensation while I sit at my work desk)



14:45 c- what to do with a voice and presence that is a part of you?

v- it’s Chaos



16:09 c: that moment when you realize you have a long haul ahead of you, but that in the end?

wrong will be made right

c- keep selling yourself & endorsing commercialization … it’s what you do best. Corporate sell-out.

when a “preserve” looks like a golf course & playground for the rich?

that should make people pause and go … “hm… something ain’t right”


c- keep feeding yourself the high-dollar health food and drinks, too… ‘cuz that’ll make you live better and longer 🙄

slather on those beauty products, too: they’ll make you prettier.


BTW, Silva: fix your teeth. You’re a public figure. It’s called orthodontics.

can you even eat with those things?

c: and I’ve been saying it on the InnerNet for years: don’t chew/pick at your nails. Geesh, you’re in the public eye: all you need is for people to think you’re a nervous wreck or something.

V- I have anxiety

c- I wonder why. I heard you admit to your neurosis. FINALLY some honesty.

16:20 c- and people think * I’m * the whack job. If people only realized.


16:21 (mumbles) at least people recognize your drug problem.

i have had first-hand experience with it, unfortunately. Frequency AND dosage.


16:24 R, as I keep saying: take him on via entanglement.

You’ll understand what a basketcase he really is.


16:27 c: squee!! I get my company car tomorrow

v- oh, you’re awful

c- just in the knick of time

v- I hate you



c- it’s not a done deal yet … something catastrophic could happen yet

v- it usually does (deadpan)

c- but! My monthly bus pass expires Saturday

v- perfect timing, I know

c- he.he.he

v- will you be nice?

c- no

16:30 c- the world deserves the truth. If you want to tell your raw truth …

v- oh, hell, no… and look as batshit as you?

c- ya like SPLINTER

V- I didn’t realize the fury I’d unleash .. truly awful

c- hm-hm… you don’t keep that shit in.



c- (chuckling about the odd timing of getting the company car)

shrugs her shoulders

”it’s a mystery”


16:38 c- and for the record J + R :

if it’s a two-way connection?

you’ve already lost this game you’re playing.

your poker faces may not give any tells to your public…

but I know. In ways that R nor anyone else will ever understand.

except the one who’s connected to me.

V- Tread carefully, got it.

C- feelin’ between a rock and a hard place?

v- Rock…

c- I thought you were the rock … (sad chuckle)

oh, that’s right, you’re just shifting quicksand.

[ working ]

16:46 ____

c- yes, I saw it.


c- the InnerNet commentary about my bus rides. Even I will never really understand others’ lives, but you experience a lot on public transportation in any big city

v- I know you do.

c- Whoever hires COTA drivers - they have hearts of gold, for the most part.

There are so many people whose lives no one would be able to relate to… just riding the bus helps you be more understanding, though what I witness is nothing new for me - i’ve experienced a lot in my life.

v- you talk to people (on the bus)

c- yes, I do. They are stories I’ll probably never tell. What’s more important is that others get on those buses and interact with those real people. Real human connection isn’t simulation.

v- it’s the real deal

16:54 c- it is what it is






the first horse to Hawaii … came in 1803 in the form of a gift to King Kamehameha from an American trader named Richard Cleveland [ source: LINK ]

Silva being the Colonist again.

And his fans are eatin’ it up and being wowed by his show of “Kauai natural beauty”

Again, where is the footage of the raw beauty of what makes Kauai Kauai? - something you wouldn’t experience anywhere else?


[ reading fan comments ]

c- is that a Man Horse post? [ Friends From College reference (manwhore) ]

18:27 on bus headed to the burbs

18:30 v- you are SO WRONG!

C- what? You make it SO EASY to make fun of you.

C- by the time this is said and done, people will see it my way

v- oh, I know they will. Will you be nice?

c- I am nice. Just because I hurl insults at two people doesn’t mean I am a bad person. I am pointing out

v- an unpopular truth

c- this two individuals have it in their power to release a woman from a prison of JS’s making. When the truth …

v- is revealed

c- perspectives shift

v- in your direction

c- I fully realize how harsh I am in my criticisms

C- however, there is truth to what I say

v- alright, FINE… it’s a luxury resort … bitnlime the ones you stayed at

c- no, and that is why I disclosed that fact and was OPEN & HONEST about my experiences in Hawaii

v- Education sales trip…

c- (quietly) yed

v- please mention

c- my husband’s education sales team surpassed a quota that was marked as one to earn a rewards trip.

Apple was very good at hiding who we were at these resorts. It’s image related:

v- love you

c- the last thing Apple wanted was for those far and wide to know a luxury trip was related to Apple Education

it’s like catholic priests driving cadillacs image problem…

v- (chuckling) yes it is


c- it wasn’t a complete secret. If guests, etc asked, people on the trip probably mentioned why they were there

v- did you meet interesting people there

c-yes, I did

v- big wigs of Apple

c- yes… you know my history. Not really important. I’m a Nobody who met Somebodies. Woot. Woot.

18:45 headed home on bike

19:21 home


19:57 c: LOL. It’s been a while since I watched Cheers, but why is it that this is the random next episode that I watched today?

20:08 posted video

[ shakes her head: more artificial koolaid.

Do you even know what foods are indigenous to Hawaii?

so sad. Not even getting the local flavor.

Hint: I am sure at your posh location you have access to the internet: type into your search engine:


And if you must know: I had a wide array of AUTHENTIC Hawaiian fare when I was there.


THE BEST way to observe J+R is to watch their videos silent-film like & provide your own storyreel. It makes it more meaningful. Trust me on this (well, those who choose to see a different perspective will trust me - all those who haven’t gotten shloshy on the artificial koolaid)

”woo woo woo 🎶 …” (echo echo echo chamber)


What’s really a shame is the absence of local music, too. At least there were sounds of the local fauna in one of JS’s first videos. At least that.

21:08 c: so, what have we learned?

v- artificial koolaid

c: WOOey artificial koolaid.

trust me, that ain’t anywhere near heaven. I suppose everyone has their music preferences. Her voice isn’t heavenly.

I’ve heard it.


21:11 c- I am so happy that in my life I have heard heavenly voices.

They come in the most unusual places.

Not from a woman whose beauty is skin deep (and aging fast) and vocally repetitive & meaningless. Perhaps there is meaning for her. Perhaps she reaches a few who find her voice pleasing.

True beauty? I suppose everyone has their version of what beauty is.

R is far from the high standards I place on beauty.

Beauty is a face worn from a hard day’s work of that mother who fights fatigue to make her children a homecooked meal.

you know those women? I do.

Beauty is in the soft tone in a woman’s voice no matter the struggles she may be going though in life - treating those around her with kindness.

it is not a woman sitting in a pristine elitist setting playing woo instruments thinking that she is doing the world good by doing such a thing as her boyfriend disseminates it to his followers calling it heaven.

Fans & followers might be lured into believing in her good.

I know better.


c- by the end of this, the public will recognize and appreciate true, raw beauty. They’ll get it because so many live with it all around them.

J+R have an image problem and it’s getting them Nowhere fast.

It’s called typecasting. When someone can’t get any other roles… because they don’t have the versatility, talent nor creative adaptability.

Can’t wait to see the next quote from either of them that they insert into their content. Again, quotes that aren’t their own.







21:10 SAHB




21:37 c: why is what they post so predictable? And if it’s predictable… can the content really be that great?




V- I’m really f—-in’ pissed at you.

Yeah, whatever.

You’re on the move.

V- No, I am pissed 

C- you’re the one who made the decision to be with R.

Deal with the onslaught 

V- is she really that bad?

C- she is a rapist. Just like you. You are with her. She makes you sense things that I feel.

I do not want to feel these things.

She knows this.

She is a rapist that knows it.

What kind of a person continues to torture another - KNOWINGLY?

An evil bitch.

When the story breaks

V- the perspective shifts.

C- enjoy your peace ... the shitstorm is coming.


21:45 c- I am (mindbody) raped on a daily basis and she is your partner. Imagine the pain of a woman who is in fear of everything she senses?

She should remove “medicine” from her professional title on her SM page.


C- you have to stop doing this to me … and I am not looking for attention from you

V- you want it to end. I know.


22:04 c- note the SAHB. I was being sensorially raped - Unwanted sensations - while typing …

when it is placed side by side with posts?

when the truth comes out that I did not want to sense what I have been sensing?

when it is proved that Jason Silva is mindbody linked to me?

people will question how good these two people really are

to prolong the suffering of someone.

who has any good in them does that?!?





22:21 (rdg follower comments to horse post … lol) i didn’t even need to listen. The comments are way better.

22:22 v- you didn’t listen

c- I rarely listen to you anymore. I Don’t have to.

Silence is better.


22:25 c- half think JS is high

v- but you know better

c- I know the difference after five years. Yes. However, I do not know when this video was recorded. The recording timestamp is probably different than the posting time.

there is only one way I would know when you get high.

v- understood … sorry




22:32 c- LOL… this is the best post ever for comments

c- we have a winner!



22:35 v- you’re not going to listen?

C- nope. I am not listening.

22:37 c- the comments were entertaining enough.

C- in the past I’d listen, knowing that what all your fans said about you … I would reassure you that, no, you didn’t come off as high. I’d support you when there were trolls or negative comments.

c- you have R now. She can support you.

22:38 c- i’m done being the one to defend you. It’s way past time for you to come forward and do the right thing.

C- over the past five years I have read tens of thousands of comments to your posts. I know your fan base. I know the types of negative comments you’ve gotten. I see the big picture.

It’s unfortunate you never valued that.


v- we read them together


c- no one will ever know that, now will they?

No one knows all the sides to this

v- that are beautiful

c- not enough. It was never enough for you. Obviously. (A good-looking model privileged show girl was more important to have at your side).

22:47 c- i’m just glad your true colors have shown themselves


c- it makes me get a better picture of you


22:53 c- you have something really broken inside you. And it isn’t me.


What a disgrace. I feel for the loss of Hawaiian land. That I am connected to JA? Even worse. He should realize now what he suggests by a recent post: the destruction of Place.

“This questions my definition of what a preserve truly is. Besides being low-density, how will this preserve and perpetuate our local Hawaiian community’s history…,” she said. “And how will this preserve our community’s connection to place?”

[ source : LINK ]

23:24 c- do your f—-ing homework. It took me one minute to find this.

and you profess yourselves to be representatives of good.

Nope: rich landowners destroying Hawaiian connection to Place.

True colors.

Makes me ill.

23:2c- and you and R never even thought about this, did you?

What posers. Shame on you, R… it’s all for show, isn’t it?

you truly don’t know what sacred really is, do you?


c- I hate it when I call it.

I hate it when I hope for the best in people, and my impression turns out to be dead-on accurate.

23:35 c: and there it is… what I suspected and didn’t know for sure

The Prince Course However, will remain as a “golf reserve” [ source : LINK ]

23:36 c: damn, I’m good. I was just making fun before by pure appearance… but it really is true.


c- I don’t want to be associated with a man who is part of ruining a natural treasure. It is one of my causes

v- I know it is

c- I can’t disconnect from you and it makes me physically ill to hear you would even consider something like that.