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22:46 c: whenever I see odd similarities between the creative work I’ve shared on social media and online … I don’t know what to think or feel.

It’s a confused reaction. I am conflicted about what I should comment about.

Should I be happy someone parallels / notices my unique perspective? My love of photographic storytelling?

Or should I be upset because no one has ever come forward in years?

All the concerns whirling around in my head are very real.

I am well aware that to share something like this makes me seem like someone with a mental disorder seeing patterns where maybe there wasn’t a connection between the other party and me.

For this post, I will just make a few comments from one creative to the army of others that created the Outlander TV series.

If there is anything meaningful to these resemblances, I just want to tell you I noticed … and I have loved the show from the first season.

That said, if there is anything to these resemblances (inspiration was pulled from my creative work) there should be future discussions about what that means in the realm of creativity.

Creative adjacencies happen. I have never read beyond the first few pages in book one of the Outlander series so I am not familiar how the author wrote these scenes that I highlight in this post.

What I do know is how the scenes are presented on screen.

Season 4 Outlander


A Wandering Mind, the concept of which came to me July 14, 2014 is also the day when I wrote my first Love at First short story, OVERLOOK.

A Wandering Mind has a spin-off - another short story series called RIFT.

RIFT is like that symbolic Outlander standing stone that separates two people in different spacetimes.

A writer's drift into the In-Between, where uncertainty, ambiguity, vaguity, contradiction, nonsense and weirdness abounds.


23:16 c: when all you ever wanted was an answer … and you are met with silence & absence? When you are stuck in the unknown? A Wandering Mind’s rift is a digital window, but the pane is distorted like a fun house mirror.


Like in Outlander when Claire tries to learn about Jamie and what happened to him in his time, to hop on a livestream, be that close in spacetime to who you suspect you might be quantum entangled with? After doing research and tracking all those feelings that you can’t explain?

And to be met with silence and absence time and again is one of the most difficult challenges in this Wandering Mind journey.

There are a lot of parallels between Outlander and A Wandering Mind… I, like Claire, have been forced to face a brutal reality: my answer may very well be in that silence and I have to live in my here and now without ever knowing why I experience the things I do.

Whoever I may be connected to? Makes choices every day to not answer nor be where I am in physical space or direct digital space.

This Wandering Mind story isn’t like the movies nor tv shows: whoever is connected to me? Has the resources to contact me and chooses not to. That is a reality I have to live with while being pushed and pulled by a lifeforce not my own ( a mindbody link ).

And still, there are notes in the silence.


Another spin-off of A Wandering Mind: eZ

I tried in so many ways over the years to get messages out.

When you come out from behind the mask of art & fiction and start telling people the truth?

They not only don’t believe you they think something is wrong with you.

Sound familiar, Claire?

Outlander is a nice reference point for the ongoing journey of A Wandering Mind.

July 14, 2014 I started the Love at First short story series. They were written while I started to sense a heartwarming never knowing what it meant.

I didn’t let anyone know these stories existed until May 2015.

May 18, 2015 medium.com/@HeartWarmLove


I still do not know what it means.

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And then… I watch S04E03 of Outlander and I get weirded out again.


November 23, 2018

A Wandering Mind’s Trickster was inspired by the real-life public figure Jason Silva.


What is the world, including me, to interpret by this declaration “in a relationship”?

Who are they to each other?

They both need to start telling the truth.

A difficult truth. The raw truth. That truth that has people questioning them. A truth that when they try to get at the heart of it? People won’t understand.

The character Scribe of A Wandering Mind is based off of the real-life educator Christine Gruendemann.

I was married when I was jumpstarted into a connection to the InnerNet.

Now, I have a bond with someone I can’t divorce myself from.

Imagine what that would be like on a day to day basis.


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