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07:37 c: Let’s just say, Netflix, a creative knows. You may need to rebrand “Original Series” … This is just the first post about odd resemblances I’ve noted over the years. The OA has a series of very strange similarities to A Wandering Mind. Today, I’ll mainly focus on S02 of The OA (which had a public release March 22, 2019). When I saw the descriptor for Season 1 (was it released December 2016?) it was like reading a plot summary of A Wandering Mind that I first publicly released November 1, 2014 [ LINK ]


”a young woman returns with mysterious new abilities and recruits five strangers for a secret mission”


A Wandering Mind’s concept, as Ideapod community members know, came to me July 14, 2014 in a vision flash. I knew it’d take a long time to unravel and organize the creative Chaos of that moment, but the story’s public release -the ongoing series- began 11/01/14… and I made sure to license it from the very beginning.

As I posted a while back on Instagram

18 DECEMBER 2018

Let me ask you a question... -Scribe || Working Girl (movie) This posting is to illustrate my everyday encounter with media. #intellectualproperty

Creative adjacencies do happen. However, there are A LOT of them I’ve noticed with Netflix & my creative endeavors…

Disclaimer: I am not promoting Netflix (I am not endorsing), I am not in any contract nor have I received any benefits from what I am about to present in this post. It is just my commentary about resemblances I’ve noticed between my (shared) work (on SM / online) & the Netflix Original Series The OA S02

07:58 c: BTW, I just love the ending to S02 - I applaud you for inserting the reality bending aspect.


the Dalí painting accompanied my idea post the Impetuous Dream 12 May 2014 on Ideapod / IdeaSpace




08:02 [ looking at character/actor list on imdb - haha… I’m just (re)noticing his character’s name is Hunter ]

gotta get off the bus [ I’m on my way to work ]


The OA Character : Dr. Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy

Actor: Jason Isaacs

I adore that the actor’s name is Jason … it’s so Wandering Mind’s Jason Silva Trickster-ish




Cyberstalkers, your day will come

all the additions make a sum 

Leaves plucked

Seshat’s feather sucked

its marrow:

Healer, Hunter, Trickster, DJ, and Arrow

There is a reason you are on the team

transoms gleam

the number sixteen

Truth, Will

make a point

When past is present

The future arrived …


#POEM “Resemblances” ||| VIDEO SOURCE: The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) - this posting is to illustrate my everyday encounter with media

One of A Wandering Mind’s Reality Bending aspects:

Jason Silva (JS) blocked my VIRTUONAUT Instagram account because I posted a comment to his HACKING CONSCIOUSNESS post - I intelligently pointed out that there are important ethical and legal concerns that exist if consciousness were ever hacked… I even quote right out of the physicist’s Michio Kaku’s The Future of the Mind - a book JS has read … if that warrants a block from JS?! - what an odd reason to block someone, right?

What is Jason Silva trying to hide? It’s so Hap-like, right? Presenting himself as the good doctor while hiding something in his (virtual) basement.


this is the comment that Jason Silva deleted and why he blocked my virtuonaut Instagram account. I quoted the neuroscientist that was quoted in Michio Kaku’s book…



C / Scribe: I think this was the article (Jason Isaacs interview) I read after watching Season 2 [ LINK ] of The OA.

[ C = real-life Christine Marie Gruendemann, Creative/Concept Creator or C for Chaos, an aspect of Scribe’s character ]


Behind the Scenes 04 January 2019

not ever posted anywhere before this

PROOF OF CONCEPT: the filtered photographic series “when a wall becomes a window” was shot here, in a renovated fire station that was converted into a coffeeshop. My sister and I had some girl time sans children.



metadata 20:00 CST 04 January 2019





posted to virtuonaut Instagram 24 January 2019

a circle

a square

an unlikely pair


a questionable affair

a cloak’s smoke

a spotlight’s mirror

Implication’s enfolding

the explicit


in Obscurity

the value of a hue

a subtle cue

the rest

before each discordant climax

“Discordant” #POEM


PLACEHOLDER : The OA Season 2 has key scenes in and around an old (spooky) Victorian house … next to this house is a solitary tree.

PLACEHOLDER: The OA Season 2 has a few scenes with spinning squares … again, note the timestamp of the poem’s IG appearance (01/24/19) vs. The OA Season 2 public release date (03/22/19)


a coffee sign at Fiddleheads:


a filtered photograph from an art display at Fiddleheads

posted 07 January 2019 (to virtuonaut Instagram)

on the level


an ambient occlusion

fault lines unproven

double exposed

adjacency supposed 

a vicious cycling

of different spokes

a likeness coax

associational assumption

roundabout introduction 

#POEM “Spokes”




THE OA Season 2


SPLINTER - A Wandering Mind PART 24 (draft) January 2016

A part of A Wandering Mind’s Story : Runes & the Web of Wyrd


"The Web of Wyrd holds within it every single rune symbol and, therefore, all possibilities for the past, the present, and the future. It tells us that all actions, however small, affect each other and that everything is connected. Wyrd carries the same root as the word for “worth” or “to become.”  

Each rune - "mystery" "secret" or "whisper" - is constructed of upright parts called staves, and diagonal lines. Notably, runes have no horizontal lines. This is because they were initially scored onto wood, and horizontal lines are more difficult to cut into the grain. Each encapsulates a small universe of meaning.

Every rune carries not only a sound and a shape and a name of its own, but also has both a mundane and a mystical meaning (which enables the alphabet to be understood on many levels) and is connected not only to a god or spirit but also to an idea or concept. Each rune also has a complete story associated with it." -Adele Nozedar, Signs & Symbols Sourcebook

A mention of the Web of Wyrd and runes is in

PART 10 A Wandering Mind - SPIN

[ LINK ]

Published online 22 January 2015

When C/Scribe hears a voice that identifies itself as J/Trickster of the show Brain Games / PRANK


ENDNOTE (written Day 1821): As I have said for years, I envision there will be many panel discussions -private and public- about (the changing landscape of) intellectual property rights. I admit there are a lot of gray areas and loopholes & even I have taken advantage of them during my stream of consciousness(es) writing [ “posted to illustrate everyday encounters with media” ].

I want to emphasize again: I am not in this for money or fame, I just want to make things right. I believe Netflix is a part of a larger story.

If at any time in the future it comes to light that my creative works & life became part of the Netflix franchise due to an indirectly direct source (let’s say anything from following my Virtuonaut Instagram gallery to an influencer pointing Netflix in my direction ), what I want is this:

When it is determined how much those sparks of inspiration are worth (based on views, subscriptions, etc.) I want those funds to be invested in a charity … for this type of situation? Perhaps a foundation for creatives just like me.

There are so many good creatives out there sharing their work, getting their feet wet… who never get discovered. Curated resources should be available so they can find their niche and earn a decent income from their creative work, because CREATIVE WORK is work & it is more valuable than society currently places on it (in its everyday sense).

Why do I believe Netflix may be only one thread that weaves the story of us? US being unlikely partners who have never met before (in physical space nor even much digitally) but have collaborated for years?

This other spark of inspiration came to me years ago: If telepathy between people were possible, and we were working on all the aspects of how it would change how we live, work and play, how would we prove it? How would it become believable? RELATABLE to the masses?

It would take many reference points woven into the fabric of how so many of us live, work and play. RELATED: Oh, before Stranger Things, Netflix, there was Wandering Mind… and, yes, the conspiracy theorist journalist character in that series explains this point well… I will unravel how Stranger Things and Wandering Mind have a lot in common in a future post.

So, the purpose of this and all my side-by-side posts is to prove that this story of us is already being told - it’s years in the making.

As soon as I became an active member of the new social media network Ideapod in 2014 I began pondering the many ways how those sparks of inspiration -ideas/concepts- could be monetized. I hope whatever becomes of this Ideapod benefits. It was GROUND ZERO, so to speak. I am sure there are legal precedents out there (how much a concept is worth at varying stages of development).

I realize we all pull inspiration from numerous source consciousness & unconsciously. A Wandering Mind never was intended to be just a SciFi reality-bending story. It is about creativity itself.

Over the span of 1820 days now I have detailed logs of what I read, heard and saw -screenshots, audio/video files, handwritten and typed notes … I tried to track all sources before I wrote poems, short stories, etc… to have for my own records my sources of inspiration & to also make transparent my creative process - to show what was involved to create a poem, let’s say of just a few words

nymph trickling up 

meets rays showering down

fire for the dragon

air to make him fly

06:41 c: …. I just counted. There are 16 words… another Wandering Mind “funny” (the 16-word poem is a condensed form of one scene in the yet unpublished, untitled Anachronisms short story that follows the Anachronisms pairing Glacier+Footprint )

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...' - Isaac Asimov

A Wandering Mind is a work in progress. I am just one person, but I hope by these side-by-side posts I can start showing people that splinter of reality that I see.

And of course these posts are also to get to that one answer to the one question I keep asking - that’s all I ever wanted all these years.


(Scribe shakes her head, humorously teasing: Wandering Mind came first, Stranger Things )

FROM 29 January 2015 Part 11 of A Wandering Mind FROSTBITE

A running joke with my teammates as we got to know each other, having never met in physical reality, in response to each other’s silly comments was “You’re strange” … “You’re stranger.”


My mind is meandering back and forth from the reality I see before me to the one of my imagination…Thoughts float away. A cold wind sends a shiver through me and I breathe in the winter air. My vision refocuses to the frigid scene, and I smile behind my scarf. I let out a puff of warm air as I say


“Steam” 19:01 15 December (41 years old)

The Love at First short story “Steam” was written 15 December 2014

ODD: “Stranger” & “Soon” references come from Part ELEVEN of Wandering Mind. Hm?

-C, mm? - Twitter handle @cmm0

Stranger Things was first released July 15, 2016

I wrote my first Love at First short story “Overlook” July 14, 2014 & the vision for A Wandering Mind came to me that same day

Truth is stranger than fiction and fiction always has some truth to it.

IMAGE:  The OA , Season 1 - 12/16/16

IMAGE: The OA, Season 1 - 12/16/16

A different violin … on a desk


This photo as well as part of my grandmother’s violin became part of A Wandering Mind’s Story 17 November 2015 in “Interference” [ LINK ]


Why is it we sense we are connected to those departed? Those people who have left this physical plane? I never met my grandmother, but the music she created comes through her old violin I play.

The poetry she wrote speaks to me. I miss the years I could have had growing up with her by my side. Yet, she never left, now did she? She lives on in me.

We are a miasma of genetic imprints, experiential data, embedded shared memories, geographical markers and code rewrites by ongoing learning. All of these affect our identity, our disposition, our tendency to sway in one direction and not another. We are in a continuous temporal flux via internal neural pathways and external life lines.

What if in dreams we tap into memories of the future? Is it really that far of a stretch? In dreams, our consciousness relaxes inhibitors. We navigate the unruly seas of our inner world, and unlike waking spacetime, boundaries are blurred, and we crisscross places and times in the blink of a sleeping eye.