DAY 1815


00:43 wake up

Scribe: this is the sort of thing I need protection against: interruption of sleep. A constant harrassment by a nonlocal energetic imbalance that jars me awake.


01:06 Scribe: to behaviorialists who look at this case in the future : What type of person smiles while another suffers?

hindsight is 20/20

A reminder: everything you do is public, historical record.

What would happen if at some point in the future a series of side by sides were presented to the court of public opinion? A larger portion of the public only sees one side of the situation right now.

What would happen if they were made aware of an equally important other side of a shared consciousness situation?

Is it ok for a public figure’s, if he is mindbody linked to another woman, happiness to be more important than a much more private individual’s happiness?


01:22 Scribe: If I were not 24/7 connected to this public figure via what I call the InnerNet? If I were able to block or disconnect? I would be able to live my life without disruption. Without another thought of this public figure. However, the side effects/symptoms of quantum entanglement constantly remind me I am powerless in the face of the (in)actions of Another. I am affected no matter what.

Please consider how I can relate to those who have endured torture. Who have been raped. Who have been held hostage. Who have been abused.

If my story checks out? If a connection can be verified?

Jason Silva and anyone who has been involved with him since May 2014 will need to carefully explain what happened.

Anything I experienced through Jason Silva will go under the microscope and be looked at through ethical and legal lenses.


People who know me know I am someone who can be trusted. I have built my life around integritty. 

Integritty is finding balance and being able to stand one's ground in the face of all that's off-kilter. It is an inner compass that continually respectfully questions and considers experiences, decides and takes the best route through challenges, obligations, responsibilities. Integritty is the power to stay silent when one needs to be, to make one's voice heard when something needs to be said. Integritty helps one be patient, push through obstacles and pull away from snares. One may never be completely free, but integritty is the guiding force to True and Right. integrity + gritty = integritty

01:37 Scribe: it does not matter that I do not have thousands/millions of followers. What matters is that I am an honest person just trying to make right what I believe is utterly wrong after five years of a suspected telepathic connection to Jason Silva.

I am still waiting for Jason Silva to be honest with the public. To be open and transparent about what is really going on.

01:40 Scribe: he has the right to remain silent.

Why would I risk so much to tell my story?

Why would I knowingly submit myself to being looked at as a woman who may have a mental disorder?

Because I have data that proves something else is going on.



01:58 subtle blood coursing. I am going to try to go back to sleep. I hope if I am correct & Jason Silva is connected to me, that he will give me peace. That I will be able to sleep without interruption. That I am not awakened and felt like I’m being raped.

Rachel Rossitto? Tread carefully.


You have provided photos of Jason Silva in your bed. There is already the start of a possible rape case.


02:03 Scribe (Christine Marie Gruendemann): if it is proven that Jason Silva and I have a mindbody link?

You will need to prove without a doubt you and he never had sex.

I did not consent to an open relationship and continually repeat that I do not consent to experiencing you both having sex. That is rape if a connection is proven.

I also have you saying in a podcast that your celibacy period ended around the time of Burning Man 2018.

Before you and Jason came out publicly as a couple Jason posted shirtless photos on your deck.

I have timestamped log records of what I experienced those days. Again, this was before anyone -including me- knew you and Jason were together.

I did not consent to being forced to experience you both having sex, if that happened.


02:10 Scribe: these are only a sample of the data points I have in my archives that accompany my textual and videographic logs of my tele(m)pathic experiences.

02:12 Scribe: I realize the seriousness of my claims. Rachel, you should seek legal counsel if you haven’t already. I already have one on retainer.

02:14 Scribe: The story I am about to tell will be an unpopular one because Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto are well-loved.

It is a very difficult but necessary one for me.

I have to defend myself against what I believe is cruelty.

02:16 Scribe: if I were not experiencing what I believe to be a mindbody link with Jason Silva? If he had answered my question years ago? If he would have treated me with human decency and come forward to me privately to give me the only thing I ever asked for all these years? An answer to a very important question?

I would be at peace.

You both are part of the trauma that this connection has brought into my life.

I no longer want to suffer, especially when it could be prevented if one person was kind enough to just be honest.


You both are choosing to act in the way you think is right. Let’s hope that is an honorable one.



subtle blood coursing 

subtle perineal press sensation 

03:04 calm

03:08 soft heartwarm

V- I’m going to bed. That is what you need to know.

With my gf.

With R

C- I better not feel anything 

V- I know, C. F——in’ A I know.



C: whatever I “hear” whatever I sense does not matter.

what matters right now is that Jason Silva has not answered my question.

due to his silence I am left in Uncertainty, which is its own type of hell.

again, He could at any point make my situation easier with an answer. He chooses not to,

03:16 heartwarm

subtle blood cousing

vaginal sensation


shifting positions to make sensation go away

subtle heartwarm continues

whatever this is? It is disrupting my sleep and wellbeing.

03:21 calm


07:17 [ having coffee and a breakfast sandwich ]

Scribe: I’m not writing what you’re saying… all I’ll say is that my life isn’t all serious, even though I make serious allegations.

I stand by the seriousness of the situation.

If I am able to prove…

v- I know you will…

Scribe: I have had years to ponder the far reaching implications of what a connection like this -if it were to become mainstream- would mean for the masses.

07:20 Scribe: What it’d mean for our individuality and identity as separate human beings.

I have lived my life

v- shared it


v- please identify …

Scribe: the building in today’s header image is the building where the law firm who represents me resides

v- you have a retainer

Scribe: yes, I do.

Scribe: the fictional character ARROW in A Wandering Mind was on the team for just this reason: this sort of connection will change so many aspects of our lives and laws will need to be created or rewritten.


07:26 Scribe: What little sleep I did get

v- two hours

Scribe: after I was awakened… I may have slept for about an hour before you woke me up

v- sorry

Scribe: there is no way right now for me to know for sure, but like I have stated: I was before 2014 a solid sleeper.

07:27 Scribe: the two hours were peaceful

v- you’re welcome!


Scribe: it’s somewhat easier to tell my side of the story from this moment in time, but there is so much history / backstory that needs to be told also.

V- where to begin… I know

Scribe: when I first started sensing - there was no thought transference

v- I know …

Scrobe: I know my body well enough that I recognized something strange was going on beyond anything I had ever experienced before

v- kundalini crisis

07:31 Scribe: I’m not a yoga person

v- I know you aren’t (chuckles)

Scribe: oddly enough Inknew about chakras (bows her head in a humorous way)… from paranormal romance books

v- haha, I KNOW! … I like this part of the story

Scribe: I have to go to catch my next bus

v- you’re downtown?

Scribe: yes


07:34 Scribe: far-reaching (broad) implications + two side by keys…

Scribe: after I took the photo I saw what type of ad it was… of COURSE it deals with bail/jail. I am stuck with you

v- yes, you are

Scribe: all I’ll say before I head to the bus

v- you’re on your bike

Scribe: just a quick ride to the stop

v- alright

Scribe: what I was going to say is this:

[ mindslip ]

v- you’re story is going to check out

Scribe (annoyed): yes, it will. Geesh. I tell the truth.

I thought I was connected to someone else

V: Justin Brown ( co-founder of Ideapod)

before I heard at the end of August 2014 a voice in my head identify itself as Jason Silva. Which I didn’t believe … at first.

07:39 Scribe: gotta go… more during my lunch break

v- ok… I’m sorry for all this

Scribe: I have had to deal with your schedule and travels for five long years. I know better than anyone your schedule even though I don’t have an exact itinerary

v- you sense it

Scribe: redundancy matters … and I have a timestamped log to prove things

v- you will, without a doubt

Scribe: I know things no one would know unless she were

v- etherically connected


07:55 v- you caught a later bus today

Scribe: I slept an extra 30 minutes. I needed it.

v- you will have a car?

Scribe: yes. Sometime soon.

v- company (car)?

Scribe: yes… I am so thankful for the generosity of my new employer.

V- and you don’t have a car…

Scribe: I had a fully paid off SUV last year paid for with my life savings…

v- and you sold it

Scribe: to help pay for a lawyer


07:59 Scribe: I do count my blessings. And that’s a big one for me right now. Spending five hours a day in travel time is exhausting when you have to bike to bus stops (suburbs > downtown ) I am also thankful for the park system that connects trails around the city. It makes biking longer distances easier (and safer).


08:03 Scribe: returning to what I was saying earlier: I am starting to tell my story AS IS, at this spacetime waypoint and provide the data minimally. Supporting data helps tell the story, but if people don’t believe me

v- reliable narrator …

Scribe: the data won’t matter. If I can’t tell my story in ways in which people can relate to?

v- it’s dead in the water

Scribe: this connection is SINISTHEREAL. There is a dark as well as an ethereal/light side.

to make it all unicorns and rainbows is a lie.


The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. -William Arthur Ward

I am most definitely a REALIST.


[ working, about to go on lunch break ]

Inner misty this AM

v- calm?

Scribe: yes, thank goodness

v- you’re welcome

Scribe: serious, stern look



All veils and misty
Streets of blue
Almond looks
That chill divine
Some silken moment
Goes on forever
And we're leaving broken hearts behind

Mystify me
Mystify me

I need perfection
Some twisted selection
That tangles me
To keep me alive

In all that exists
None have your beauty
I see your face
I will survive

Mystify me
Mystify me

Eternally wild with the power
To make every moment come alive
All those stars that shine upon you
Will kiss you every night

All veils and misty
Streets of blue
Almond looks
That chill divine
Some silken moment
Goes on forever
And we're leaving
Yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind

Mystify me
Mystify me

You're eternally wild with the power
To make every moment come alive
All those stars that shine upon you
Well they'll kiss you every night

Mystify me
Mystify me

Mystify me

Songwriters: Michael Hutchence / Andrew Farriss


13:05 lunch

13:09 you would… [ Scribe see’s Brain Coupling (re)share ]

[ chatting with colleague ]

13:23 Scribe: JS finally is able to braincouple with someone (R). Their fans are eager (as am I) to hear specific details about how that happened and how it’s measured.


v- is that sarcasm?

Scribe: partly. I really am curious. I have encouraged you to braincouple not with me but someone else you could spend your life with. I’m happy you and she are creating a mindbody link. I am soon to be free!

v- you know what’s going on (under his breath)

Scribe: no, I do not. I am like everyone else, who has to assume you are referring to whoever you mutually interact with DIRECTLY either digitally or in physical space.


13:30 Scribe: until I hear from you directly via more normal channels? I, like everyone else, understand you a certain way. You have a girlfriend: RR. Redundancy matters. You have reinforced this fact repeatedly by not only stating it in isolation, but by interacting with anyone who makes comments about you both as a couple. I, like everyone else, trust what you post online- because you both are supposed to be reliable sources -honest people- and I would hope you would never mislead people about the nature of your relationship.


[[ 21:11 NOTE: and here it is - this post was for Rachel - see Hason Silva’s like if a fan’s comment- AND fans comment about EXACTLY what I was half serious half sarcastic about earlier

JSIG video share: The science of when you click with someone BRAIN COUPLING

nouna_ak I love how you’ve described it, your girlfriend is lucky to have you :)

JS like 

tarasskye: ... everyone seems to be most interest in pics of you and R these days. Perhaps given she is the one people would he most interested in hearing her mind and you two collaborating on platform ]]

[[ 21:40 AGAIN, your fans want to hear BOTH YOUR MINDS, Rachel Rossitto + Jason Silva … since your girlfriemd braincouples with you, you and she should scientifically prove it … get measured. It’d be a new Brain Games that the world over would be fascinated about and be happy for you. She is the crowd favorite, too. WIN WIN. 21:42 AGAIN: disconnect from me. Connect telepathically with Rachel. Tantrically join with her, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE IT TO THE WORLD … but PLEASE disconnect from me so I can live a peaceful life (not be mindbody raped in the process). I want no part of your life. Social media interactions like this prove to me the type of individual you really are. You are not a man I want to be involved with let alone work on any serious project with - you have made it clear that you want no part in my life in any meaningful way. I unfortunately now have to be mind body connected to someone I have lost faith in. Someone who I cannot respect due to this very sort of behavior : you continue to directly interact with others to MISLEAD them and continue to ignore what they ask/request & I have requested in the past : LET RACHEL SPEAK HER MIND. YOU TWO ARE BRAINCOUPLED and she should have no problem talking at length about the experience - or is she just for show? Is there a mind behind the pretty face and body? LET THE WOMAN SPEAK… a girlfriend of Jason Silva should be able to TALK AT LENGTH and HOLD HER OWN … as a woman who EMPOWERS THE FEMININE, WHERE IS HER VOICE?!? on a regular basis side by side with you …. if she is THAT important … if you both are in THAT type of relationship she should have NO PROBLEM speaking her mind next to you 21:58 ]]

13:36 Scribe: but let’s face the facts: YOU BOTH ARE VAGUE about the nature of your relationship. When I tried to clarify a few things: I was considered toxic. Asking specific questions to clear up ambiguity (getting at the raw truth) = you are toxic (sarcasm).

[ touching base with boss ]



17:03 on a bus

17:06 v- you feel ok?

c: even though I only got two hours of sleep, today I was more energetic (no extreme fatigue issues)… which, again, is ODD… because yesterday I got the same amount of sleep (serious stare)

v- yeah, I know

c: I KNOW there is something strange. there is something else (someone else)

v- controlling you

c: causing these side side effects. I realize I sound like I have a mental disorder by my claims, by typing v’s part of the dialogue here… I just want to be free to know

v- eliminate out the mental illness …

c: possibility… it’s been five years of not knowing, when someone could at least give me peace of mind …

v- I know … better today?

c: like I said, no extreme energy drains

v- understood

c: were you resting today?

v: yes, I was resting today

c: look: I am aware that I also may have an effect on you

v- big time

c: but at this point?

V- when I don’t come forward

c: when you act as if it isn’t happening … and after five years of ME being the one to try to work from home to have that flexibility to nap when needed (when energy drains would happen)…

v- which didn’t work out

c- no… Now I can’t afford to be drowsy at work… so, today was much better and I could get a lot more done

17:12 c- my office is right next to the owner’s … I work closely with her … I CANNOT be caught nodding off

v- I know


17:13 c: I spent so many years with you flying all over the globe and being wide awake at 2,3,4am feeling AHB, etc was brutal … it still is when you have a different awake/active schedule … and STILL I’m made to feel it’s all me, It’s not a mindbody link but some other regular diagnosis … because who would EVER eliminate those other possibilities in favor of telepathy?

v- I know

c: and that is what I’ve had to deal with - HIDE it from everyone and act as if I didn’t have a built-in natural (brain to brain) communication network going on.

I do not want to live my life

v- a half life, I know

c- I want to live a full life… and AGAIN, if you want to live your life separately.. then FINE.. but don’t drag me all over the globe making me sense what you and your gf/wife do together. Don’t make me live a life I didn’t choose that will make me miserable.

My life matters just as much as yours does.


c: don’t even get me started about all the Woo people who’d say things about being unattached (BE BONDED LIKE THIS and then start throwing around “unattached” Mumbo jumbo)… or I should be happy for you both or that I should adopt unconditional love

again, experience a mindbody link for five years like i have and THEN start to talk to me about … how we ALL set conditions in our love lives… one condition? to have a relationship of any kind? There needs to be at least two people who identify each other as KNOWING each other and recognizing each other on X type of level, whatever that may be.

c: WHO AM I to you?!

Five years later and I STILL DON’T KNOW


c: I have these intense experiences of intimacy - a closeness that I CANNOT SEPARATE from

you are a part of my inner lining …


how do you DETACH someone that is a part of you?


c: you’re like an invisible conjoined twin

v- I know

c: that is one of my reference points : how would each conjoined twin have a different love life?

v: yeah, I know …

c: … if they are attached anatomically … it is a similar experience

v- just invisible


c- in a way this is even worse : I / we sense each other

v- emotionally

c: heartwarms and any shift on the affection / emotive scale ( “love” surges )

v: sparkles …

c: yeah, well… I get that way when I talk to some people

v: I love that … I know when you’re happy

c: IDK, that just happens when

v- you engage

c: I have no clue what it is (it happened before all this began, too)

v: you connect with people

c: again, it’s just how my body reacts to expressive (?) conversation … but I may not exaggerate… it’s something else. Difficult to describe.

v: it doesn’t happen all the time

c: it’s a tingle

v- haha , I know

c: there’s a whole lot of weird that goes on with me

v: even before this

c (chuckles): not that much

17:33 c- people after reading this post may think WTF?

v- it’s how we’ve been for a while now

c: I call it the multi-polarity of the InnerNet

… it’s mostly due to the Unknown - me not knowing what this is, who I am dealing with

v- C…


c- it’s an anonymous presence … which I have learned not to trust

v- because it lies…

17:35 c- next bus stop soon

17:42 in bus terminal waiting for next bus

c: I guess at this point I’d like to point out the fact that I can’t get rid of the presence. What does one do when that presence haunts you?

v- you deal with it

c: some days are better than others but every day I wish I didn’t have it any more … (what good does it do?) … who I thought I connected with disappointed me, and by all outward appearances has chosen a different life … And if that’s the case I SHOULD NOT BE A PART OF IT

17:44 c- but here I am, stuck. Powerless because no one can help. There is no authority to help me (divorce myself from you) unless I can prove something - then… what then?

All I can do is work within the system and within existing laws create circumstances that will somehow make my life easier :

If I am forced to require you -to send you a legal summons- then, I will. Where you have to appear in my presence with witnesses

I don’t want that, but at this point, having exhausted most every other way to get an answer from you ?

v- it matters that much


c- I want my (own) life back. It’s quite clear whoever you are that you are staying away from me. You refuse to admit or deny a connection to me directly.

the fact that I am pushed and pulled by an unseen force 24/7? And no one hasn’t come forward yet? Is worrisome. Of course it is on many levels.

c: do I want to be connected and work with someone who has left me in a dark pit along these years without any chance of escape? No chance to ever know who my captor is? No chance to live a free and happy life?

that is who JS is to me right now. It’s unfortunate, but true .

who would want a life with someone who continues …


v- to keep you in a torture chamber ___

c- it is NOT of my own making

c- come forward. Explain yourself. Until then I am forced to appear like a madwoman.

17:52 c: I have always seen your posts as something that could mean any number of things… now? They have nothing to do with me …

when / if you come forward YOU can explain if they were meant for me or not.


c- I’m done reflecting on resemblances I see between my life experiences and JS posts - whenever I do? I feel like a schizophrenic seeing patterns (and hidden messages meant for me) where there are none.

and no one ever confirms definitively there is a connection, so I have to face that very stark fact : the silence and the absence mean that Jason Silva wants nothing to do with me … and I am alone in this [ so I legally summon you to appear in my presence so I can get my peace of mind and be done with it. I am willing to spend even more if my limited life savings just to get my answer so I can move on with my life … IT MATTERS THAT MUCH… I refuse to suffer because of this connection any more than I have to ]


17:56 on my last bus of the day

17:58 C: if this is tele(m)pahy, we need to be careful how our story is told …

v- well-documented

c: as soon as it becomes known there may have been hidden messages as a way for us to let each other know “I hear / sense you”…

v- in the form of timestamps

c- and thematic posts

V- such as?

C: if something happened in my life that I did not share publicly (on social media SM) - let’s say my dog ate a pencil … later that day I’d see JS (re)post something that had an image of a dog and a pencil in the image that accompanied an article [ that combination would be odd - how many times does one see a dog and a pencil together … the same day? Between JS & CG ]

v- that has happened a lot

c: too much to happen by chance.. but I can’t prove anything unless he comes out and says it was intentional and meant for me…


c: I can’t prove anything … unless, for example, he uses a LICENSED concept

v- like wake walking … got it

18:03 c: hm-hm… among other things

c: I would LOVE to hear an explanation of why JS used that term on multiple occasions …

v- haha. Stop.

c: I mean, what an ODD phrase

v- hm- hm


18:06 c: just admit who I am to you and be done with it: let’s move on with our lives

v- together

c: it’s just impossible to move forward with whoever this is staying hidden - hidden from measurement to prove it’s telepathy (etc) , hidden as in not coming forward to deny or admit to a connection (of any kind)

v: such as?

c: that you know who I am.

What about me do you remember, know about… ? What type of relationship do you have with me? - and be honest about It.

c- if there is nothing between us … if JS just minimally knew who I was (just some Ideapod user) years ago while I was an active contributor to the site when he was there too, then TELL ME… get it done with. Let me move on.


18:14 Scribe: JS and RR are a most intimate couple : they spend time living with each other, share a life together. It is clear who they are to each other no matter what level of intimacy it is.

18:16 Scribe: they chose each other.

JS did not choose me.


c- now? I want my separate life back.

Disconnect from me.

You two connect bodyminds or share a life together. Change the world for the better.

BUT DO NOT (mindbody) RAPE ME in the process.


(putting on a layer of clothing before I bike home)

do not push and pull me around by your life choices and make me feel your happiness at the expense of mine.


18:21 Scribe: IT IS SERIOUS. And to make light of the fact that two people can appear to be BLISSFULLY happy if I am trapped?

Evil smiles at the cruelty it inflicts on others without caring.


Resting on couch watching TV after work





(falling asleep on couch)



21:15 stronger AHB

21:25 AHB 


22:17 done adding comments about braincoupling to provide contextualization