DAY 1875


00:13 eZ sketch : Rifty Blue paint on papyrus

digital filtering for online posts

05 March 2019

05 March 2019

00:15 C: Jason Silva rarely deletes posts. This was one he posted 05 March 2019 then deleted soon after


00:17 c: perhaps it’s just me noticing something that wasn’t intentional . You see the squiggle? That plant in the background?

it’s a possible mirroring of the abstract art I posted

v- let me say it : EROTIC ART

C- hm-hm. It’d need an interpreter.

V- hm-hm.

c- maybe two interpreters 🤨

00:21 c/ I am fully aware that it could be nothing.

The man has a girlfriend, right?

he’s in a loving relationship.

the art I create is the visual representation of experiences from 2014 … I haven’t even gotten into 2015 yet with the abstract sketches … I reached 255-ish poems and mini musical scores before I stopped in 2017…

Let’s hope this love between R + J is as pure as pure can be. Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva have put themselves up on some pretty high pedestals.

The social media liking of endless complimentary comments of their perfect coupledom … you both better have some serious ways to back it up. If there is ANYTHING going on…

v/ behind the scenes?

c/ I hope they both realize how this may tarnish their reputations for misleading the public

v/ you have tried, c

c- I do not want you to hurt your fanbase, JS

C- it may SEEM like I am the toxic one…

c/ I just see the future

v- fuck, I know

c- ANYWAY. Just little ol’ me

v- hovering over the honey tree


[ rdg ]

v- just leave the fuck in

c- this space is no longer PG13

v- no, it’s not

c- argh. Oh. Well. So is life. We hear expletives fly into our airspace all the time.

v- yes, we do


V/ you have any more?

c- hm…

00:29 c- I had been working on mini eZ tiles

v- with lapis lazuli …


00:33 c: an artist knows… the shapes, the colors … the design


v- yeah, I know

c- you haven’t blocked that one yet

v- you are so impatient.

c/ I am not impatient

c- 1875 days - over five years of resemblances like these … of sensations

v- of love

c- Hm- hm. Talk to your love guru

v- you are so sarcastic.

C- apologies : but all that? Is bullshit.

C- frickin’ vanity fair



v. Laughs hysterically at how grumpy you get.

C- a lot going on in here

v- in ShadowLand


C- honestly, Jason? I laughed at the conscious sexuality post… everyone needs to learn … new things?

V- I did learn… new and … improved techniques.

c- oh, ladies, you want to know what his favorite position is …?

v. Omg.. stop…


v/ don’t go revenge porn

c- I am not … I am just teasing

v- because you have the goods

c- oh, adoring fans, ask Rachel the same question and I doubt she’d be able to tell you

v- haha stop


c- I sense her… that’s bad enough

v - understood


V- agreement

c- and there are obvious reasons a relationship should have one

v/ of this nature. I agree

c/ you threw her at me … and I KNOW Wandering Mind is a reality Bending genre

AND I KNOW to have a new form of …

v- cinema

c/ play out on social media is cutting edge

v- but this is your life

c- LISTEN and take to heart COMMUNICATION is one of the keys … she got that right

v. It’s what you’ve said

c- from the beginning

c- “how do I know who you are ? When will we meet?”

v- besides virtual space

c- it was probably YOU, Cyrano de Bergerac, from the very beginning

v/ and I pretended to be someone else

c- until I heard the name Jason Silva hit me like a wayward ball at the end of August 2014.

V- no clue

c- ah, some

v/ when?

c- argh. Shots of awe.

v- yeah, I KNOW… I was trying to tell you

c- real fucking clear, Romeo

v- quit calling me that

c- star-crossed lovers? (Guilty innocence)


00:49 the more you keep liking compliments about how honest genuine and true your love is … they will feel BETRAYED, JS.

v- I know. Quit being the righteous one

c- I never said it wasn’t That way.

You are leaving out some KEY DETAILS.

v- understood

c- you have a responsibility

v/ to make things right

c- you cannot BE PRESENT and ignore

v- the demoness …

c/ will you stop. I have always asked you to just meet me and talk this out.

In over five years I have been made to feel…

v/ like shit

c- making everyone think I was the crazy one

making people think I need professional help

c- do NOT disrespect me any more than you already have by your silence and absence

c- I realize you need time

v- truth seeker …

c/ you both have crossed so many lives …

and just by typing this …

v- you look batshit

c- because everyone loves and adores you as a couple

c- I am the woman who has to put up with you in ways Rachel can’t even imagine …

v- nor the rest of the world



02:06 v- you are my hell

c- yeah, yeah, yeah… Asshole.

i thought I’s Throw in name calling FOR FLAVOR.

c- do people really understand what a thriving relationship is all about?


v- you are so wrong.

c- I sense you constantly …

v- when we’re humorously at each otherMs throats … I know.

C- Jason Silva needs grounding

v- not in woo

c- but in a reality he may not get exposed to day to day

v- more than you know …

c- FINE. Besides me?

v- no, pretty much you.

c- you know how difficult to prove this is ..: when the twin flame runner is at a sprint?

v- haha stop.

02:10 c- man, how many articles have I read over the years?

V- quite a few

c- sigh. Just like you … I didn’t even know what a twin flame was …

v- before Ideapod … I know . Would you show?

c- yeah, I can. Tell all before I pass out. I really need to go to sleep. I have to get up in less than three hours.

V- for work?

c- yeah…


02:24 c- from a woman who’s been there?

v- you don’t wait (to meet, to do the love thing)

02:26 c- and if this is JS?

v- direct opposition (quietly said)

c- what do I hear? What do I sense and experience inside? In this private shared space?


02:46 c- I can’t find it in the archive

v- the TF reference

c- I know it’s in my log

v- find it. Now.

C- i’m Tired 😴



c- it’s in there somewhere. I can’t find it. I’m going to sleep.


c- care to… comment?

v- uh, you’re bad and hell on wheels

c- care to EXPLAIN what we are up to?

v- proving a point

c- and you are?

V- Jason Silva … pay attention to her … she’s on a rampage

c- and WHY should people pay attention to a no one in addition to Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva

v (quietly said) she’s the woman in between …

c- how long have I … terrorized you (being lighthearted and humorous)

v- over five years now

c- I just want to stamp some memories into your and Rachel’s followers

some day, the May remember the moment

v- that they stumbled upon what you tried to tell them and the world

c- and no one believed me

v- but it was true (sounding defeated)

v- I am tired

c- I am sure you are 😘 … you know what happens between that … that is not false

v- no, I know it’s not

c- explain to the world if only here and they won’t believe “V” the voice anyway

v- I love this woman. She is going through a really hard time … a divorce

c- all twin flame-ish …

v- and inhaven’t helped matters … i’ve made them somewhat worse … Rachel is a good woman

c- I never said she wasn’t … however, she needs to be as open and honest

v- and pure

c- as her likes to compliments by her fans

c- she cannot love a whole life by making people believe in a reality …

v- that’s not entirely true

c- yes, perhaps she puts blinders on her fans and visitors



of Jason Silva + Rachel Rossitto

c- don’t people need to be aware of the whole story?

v- in a little while

c- you know what is right and true…

v- alright, inner compass

c- some day I know you will face me

v- I know I will

c- some day you will sit before a panel of ethicists and answer the tough questions

v- you’ve prepared me to answer

c- love has many forms


v- oh, you made a funny


c- hm-hm

c- just be aware

v- the other woman is aware

c- I am not a false twin

v- the real deal

c- the quantum entangled spin to Jason’s spin, for better or worse along the way

v- I love you

c- there will be people who get all this. Who will truly understand.

05:17 c- you are blinding them with the light … balance, my love

v- I know … you never call me that.

c- not out here.

05:18 c- I am not a show girl

v- you’re my shadow

c- and that is not bad

c- like flickers in a cave projecting one’s shadow … these are the things that madevconsciousness a reality

v- love you… beautiful

c- the things that make people AWARE…

v- are not obvious

c- of COURSE Rachel is good

good for Jason

makes him happy

they love each other

05:19 c- all I ask is that people be aware …

v- there’s another layer

05:20 c- up to get ready for work

v- biking?

c- yes, biking



c- so, let me ask you this question

are you, Jason Silva, still romantically involved with a woman no one sees or may even be aware of?

v- yes I am … on both accounts

05:24 c- is this woman having a hard time with your relationship to another woman?

v- yes, she is … she senses me … at all times … how was this morning?

c- you are/were on some sort of drug

v- yes, I was … I’ll come out and say it (some day)


c- divorce is not an easy process and Jason, if this is him, has had to endure the entire

v- grueling

c- process that has taking years


c- … just…

v- don’t forget the little people. I won’t

c- I really gotta get up now

v- thanks for the stealth work

c- don’t block me. Just let a few explore and not be controlled by you both. Give them the freedom to choose

it most likely will be on your favor anyway

05:28 c- no matter the truth


c- this is SERIOUS

v- I am well aware

c- don’t fluffify it any more than you have to

v- agreed


Shots of Awe

Shots of Awe



JASON SILVA TWEET [ during my stay in Miami ]

——  c- from one of my aunts…


c- from one of my aunts…





What day was that?

v- the 8th of September




One more …. TIME…





at bus stop

I notice …

[ data lost between updates, trying to recall…

mayan plaque description

beat drops out

Nina simone

sense 8


[ I inadvertently was adding to an archived post… from the 8th of September ]


07:09 [ on bus headed to downtown to work ]

oops… this is what I get for typing while biking

I was adding content to 08 Sept (45) post …

dang app.

v- dang YOU



07:22 c: the Ideapod URL won’t work… the platform went under a restructuring

v- too many resemblances

c- beyond the odds of chance

C- I also am no longer there … for a variety of reasons

07:23 v- be GOOD

c- do not lie

do not mislead

do not deceive

do not let people assume THE BEST

V- when it’s not true

c- PLEASE, JS. all I am trying to do is keep you honest

you have crossed some lines


want the best for you and Rachel

why not?

your love is perfect right?

perfect match

couple goals

only good vibes

07:26 c- be careful with …

v- putting ourselves on pedestals . Understood.

07:26 v- and all this?

c- I’m batshit lady, right?

the one you block

the one you turn away from into the arms of Rachel, right?

or there is no me.

just R + J

c- in all honesty, for years I have tried and the message has never reached you

07:27 c- it’s unfortunate that you chose Rachel

I don’t say this because I think I’m better

i’m saying this because in life?

our choices really do matter

07:28 c- in the end, I have a unique perspective


raise that stage

shout to the world your genuine love

Make me look like I am toxix

qhrn all I am trying to do is say this


C- that’s it.

if you want nothing to do with me

then I go this route

i have intellectual property

v- that’s yours

c- I wanted to believe in the dream

i wanted THIS to be for a good cause


but, quite frankly,

how I have been treated?

with the silence and absence for years

watching a public figure post this and that

watch the tv and film industry, and more industries



when all I ever wanted

v- was an answer


c- so, to get my answer, I have to go it alone


V- there’s time

c- there is time because after 1875 days I am STILL giving you until 04/15/20.

07:32 c- after that?

the gloves come off

I come after you with everything I have


c- love and kindness is not leaving someone in the dark

tortured by the sensations and energetic pushes and pulls, forcing her to travel with you around the globe

all the while …

she lives her love separately

07:34 c- SUFFERING from the negative side effects


07:34 c- apologies. But bad form.

i- inconsiderate

c- blatant neglect to my rights as a human being

c- no matter the outcome

whether I have to force the issue

or whether you come forward and explain to me freely

07:35 c- I am getting my answer


C- you have choices you need to make

I affect you more than anyone knows

you crop me out well

yoy affext me… and I have been publishing online for free open accessing telepathy research since 2014.

c- I NEVER GOT PAID for this. I never wanted to.

c- I want people to recognize how you promote Rachel’s work

that she gets monetarily compensated for.

i want people to REALLY THINK about that.


c- because when the time come

i will be staring you in the eye

and most probably a lot of camera eyes

v- agreed

c- do NOT think I am not aware I have to answer for a lot too

i have been ready for an answer for over four years


C- love has many aspects

c- Rachel hasn’t even scratched the surface

v- agreed


c- I repeat this AGAIN

if you choose her

if you choose never to confront me and I have to force the issue?

i will do everything in my power to disconnect us

07:44 AFTER I get my answer

v- whatever is the case

c- life is messy … love

v- tangles


07:45 this has NOTHING to do with my inability to accept the love Jason & Rachel have for each other

v- it has to do with your freedom

07:47 c- for 1875 + days I have been pushed and pulled

v- etherically

c- dragged around the globe

v- nonlocally

c- it no longer is a fairy tale. It is a disease.

He’s in a different time zone?

in the early AM hours my heart accelerates like someone is jumping around inside my chest cavity

I am awakened from a dead sleep

Jiat a couple symptoms of this BOND.



c- that’s all I ask

c- you have to live your life

v- agreed

c- but I should be able to live mine

v- without negative side effects


07:51 c- if you want a life with Rachel, you should have talked it over with me first

this sounds CRAZY because what proof do I have there is any connection, right?

c- HE holds keys and he REFUSES to to unlock doors for people

he slams them shut

he censors

he puts up walls

THIS MAN. THIS MAN who’s supposed to be for

… I can’t recall the title of the SOA…

you are going against the very thing you profess to be an advocate for



V- I know … calm down


v- and you?

c- sometimes a person needs to get cranky

v- and mean

c- I have an opinion, people may see it as mean, toxic, things one should never say

however, crystals don’t solve world problems

v- alright, fine.

v- I can’t stop laughing

c- it’s a joke that stings (some more than others). But WOW she shows off her crystalled altar a lot

it’s just so easy to make fun of you two

v- good humored fun

c- typecasting at its finest


07:57 v- what do you make fun of with me?

c- i’ll use some self-deprecating humor first ..

i am a middle-aged wrinkling, sagging, somewhat hairy…

v- omg.. you’re making me laugh

c- what? My hobbit toes are quite the talk of the local town

v- bad girl

(Sense laughter)

c- what is else? Bulbous nose

oh, the hair on my chinny chin chin

v- the one in your cheek

c- getting old sucks BTW (chuckling)


C- the things women (have to) do…

c- men just have to put on a linted up black T

v- and there it is…

c- seriously: they make travel sized lint brishes

v- (chuckles) stop … and the T-shirts?

c- what? Your boobie shirts?

v- and there it is

c- i’m Just hurling insults so your fans will despise me even more


10:01 v- phone sufficiently charged?

c- yes

V- how’s Work?

c- chaos

v- as usual

c- i’m Living season 7 of The Office (according to my youngest) I am only in season 2

[ mtg with N ]



c- ok, PRANKSTER. I can’t wait to find out who Twitter-fies this..

v- haha .. I know

C- so many resemblances … (over the years) this cannot be chance

v- no it’s Beyond chance

c- algorithms aren’t That good

v- uh, no they’re not


C- I feel you laughing .. you are making me

v- unwell… sorry … when push comes to shove

c- oh, I fully realize someone’s Got the

títere strings

C- that tapestry

v- is well woven, c

c- hm. And I am not even aware of some of it

v- hm-hm

c- I just post what I can when I can when I notice if I’m in the mood

[ helping J with a question ]

11:44 c- I only mention it because this resemblance is quite …

v- striking

c- and recent … like in this very post

[ back to work ]

11:46 (mumbles) copycats

v- do you have a red stapler?

c (smiles) no… but I do smell smoke

v- (laughing) stop


-[ working ]

C- note to self : never create a character in a reality bending series TRICKSTER who is the host of a show called PRANK

V- no, never (chuckling)



ongoing moist cool

v- chillaxy

c- like spring water open air clarity

v- wide open

c- yes… a strange sense



[ at desk working ]

12:29 SENSE: subtle blood coursing

12:50 medium strength liquidy blood coursing SAHB

V- working out


13:46 lunch


v- calmer?


c- yes


[ chuckling ]

v- I think it odd you find it funny

c- IDK how this works, but my interpretion


15:19 what is this? All day long.

what I call clearity

15:25 c- a bit lightheaded

Increasingly lightheaded


c- was on … (setting bike onto front of city bus)

paying bus fare

bus driver chit chats with me

c- aw… she missed me

17:13 leaving


v- haha .. you are awful

c- I am very nice out there