SPLINTER notes DAY 1875 Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto are TWIN FLAMES


01:47 c- IT’S OFFICIAL ! Rachel Rossitto can prove that she is Jason Silva’s twin flame and he can prove that she is his twin flame.

We are eagerly awaiting their evidence.


c- oh, but wait… there is no evidence.

Rachel, can you give your fanbase a quantum physics crash course?

That may bring them up to speed.

So excited these two are open and honest about their relationship together with no other love or sexual partners.

WHAT ROLE MODELS for the future of humanity.

Please provide in the comments on their posts why you think Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto are twin flames.

Ask them twin flame questions.

They will most definitely have no problem answering.

[ they are always amazingly quick to truthfully answer direct and specific questions in an incredibly thorough way related to their relationship ]