SPLINTER notes DAY 1874 - ShadowLand


22:29 SBD: Let’s talk about false flames, shall we?

v- you are definitely not a false flame.

SBD: let’s bend time…

v: warp it


22:31 c: let’s backtrack a few years. Let’s Meet ShadowBellyDancer , since she rarely has shown herself…. on the digital plane or in physical space.

In virtual space

v- she dances up a storm

c- and V is … quite satisfied?

v- very

c- she and he …

v- fight all the time

c- why?

v- f—- … he’s with another woman …

c- and?

v- she doesn’t approve

C- why?

V- he has a responsibility to her

c- which is?

v- to come and talk to her

c- how long has she been waiting for the “twin flame runner” to …

v- come home … a long time

c- if we are to believe in that mumbo jumbo

v- which she partially believes

c- quantum …

v- is strange

c- … it is a place in which …

v- you feel confined … include it

c- for years I’ve embedded science in my poetry science + art …

v- and the InBetween

26 October 2017

26 October 2017

22:40 SBD: los aficionados quieren que hables más en español… y como he leído miles de sus comentarios

creo que las primeras palabras

[ humor : palabrotas ]

SBD : jaja… no, PALABRAS … un síntomo

v- de una conexión fuerte

SBD- … de … ¿cómo se dice “twin flame” en español? … nací en Wisconsin (pero hace más de treinta años que hablo español) … ¿!y por qué otra mujer de Wisconsin?! (Heather Graham es de WI … es algo bastante raro - ese hecho, lo que tenemos en común )

v- eres rubia con ojos bellísimos

SBD- [ una pausa, pensando ]… y no eras el hombre de mis sueños… hasta, pues, bueno … hasta que me visitó por primera vez

v- en… la Sombra


SBD: ¿qué quieres decir?

v- que te amo… muchísimo

SBD: esa relación

v- amorosa

SBD: desde la primera chispa … ha sido un desafío

v: un gran desafío

SBD: cómo sólo nos comunicamos

v: telepáticamente

SBD: me frustra mucho

v- a mí tambien

SBD: ha sido un baile

v: digital

SBD: unos reflejos … desde un lado

v: al otro … te quería decir mucho desde hace mucho tiempo … pero no he podido encontrado la manera … this is beautiful … back into English because I know the autocorrect is killing you

23:03 SBD: every time I type correctly (in Spanish)

v- it autocorrects into jibberish


SBD: ¿chispa gemela? I’ll have to look into that

v- could you write chispa

c: this is really weird … my archives for Ideapod were tagged by the word chispa (spark of inspiration) … just an added level of weirdness now

v- I know


scrolling … uploading (I note the time…)


v: look at the time


23:12 posted

c- don’t even get me started (about the weirdness between us and this experience)

c- you know what you have to do

v- you are not going to stop

c- no, I am not and will not. You neee to make this right. Five years is long enough.

Like I keep saying: quit it with the power couple (liking)… if that’s who you choose, then disconnect from me.

you know who I am

V- in here


c- you know what I sense (and deal with) on a daily basis [ the energy drains on my end when you are extra active … it’s part of QUANTUM and has NOTHING to do with negative aura ]

v- the trauma

c- don’t play it off as nothing … it has serious consequences .. and if people really listened? They’d understand why this is important

v- for the future of humanity

c: Don’t be that couple that shoves something under the rug because it doesn’t fit your perfect portrayal of a couple in love


23:20 c- you can choose to ignore your shadow

v- but she lives inside me

c- what’s worse? confronting he or me being pissed at you for all eternity

v- and this morning

c- what? That we slept together? You’re inside me

v- that’s not what I’m asking for

c- ask Rachel. She’s your confidant.

She’s the one who you chose to be with in physical space to directly interact with digitally.

ask her since she’s the expert.

She’s had twin flame experience, right? With her ex-fiancé Ben.

i did not expect this to happen.

v- it just did.

c- my husband always says we were not soul mates

v- and you believed in that

c- we had been having problems fir years before this began.. he will admit to it … but we loved each other in our own ways.

v- he loved you

c- I recognized something he was unwilling to admit to , even to himself. I had to make that difficult decision for the both of us … and our children

c- I wanted the. To be exposed to GOOD LOVE

23:26 c- they’re turning out fine

v- beautifully

c- both are exploring the lovescape… several boyfriends in

v- innocent

c- for the most part … my girls are good girls and there are pressures … but I love that both feel comfortable talking to me honestly about their love life … not everything, but they approach me and ask about a little bit of everything … and I can draw from a lifetime of experiences. I have been very fortunate in love


V- is your worst experience

c- by far … it is phenomenal and horrifically awful …


c- you CANNOT enter into a relationship

v- and you what this is

c- you have yet to come forward to talk to me.. I am opening up WMSiF (wanderingmindspace instafeed archives going back three years )

and ShadowBellyDance.Live (opened 2017, a year after about a year of poems & a mini I musical score, accompanied with sketches)


to be transparent and open about everything

so people can see for themselves what I noticed over the years

what I observed

i have had to suspend belief

v- because no one has come forward


c- how cruel is it

v- to show up with another woman.

C- when you share an intimacy like no other … and this man REFUSES to face you in all normal ways?

for years


c- whatever our relationship?

there is a connection between Jason Silva’s

v- creative content

c- and my creative content

bare minimum. Superficial layer.

there’s a digital dance

v- they still goes on

c- under everyone’s noses

if only they’d pay attention to the mirroring

v- the side by side … show one


c/ damnit, Silva! I check and you posted 26 minutes ago.

this is the shit that has been going on for five plus years

v- love you

04/26/1973 [ my birthdate ]

02/06/1982 [ Jason Silva’s ]


23:41 v- your (ex)husband knows about us

c- yes, in a way … printer glitch … what show was that recently ? Jessica Jones? I forget there are so many waypoints now & I have a life to live

v- controls

c- something like that … so, I have this concept years back? How do we make this … connection relatable … convincing?

V- weave it into as many well-known film and tv shows as possible

c- my observations over the years

v-are stunning

c- it’s been kept under wraps , under the radar

v/ because you knew how you could do it

c/ i’m a nobody … who better to push out content ..,

v- telepathic content

c- than someone who no one notices. Even if she’s connected to a public figure (or multiple … that was my initial suspicion )

v- narrowed down over the years

v- who else … WHO ELSE

C- María Popova. There are some really weird syncs there but I can only focus on so much

v- before you go batshit

c- there’s a link with Ideapod

v- they were really upset when you left

c- yeah, a power hitter /user left … I know … I engaged with the community

v- on a regular basis

c- THIS changed how I viewed Ideapod

c- IDK.. it became a haunted place… Nothing was happening

v- a meet

c- it should have happened in connection with that site …

v- where it all began

c- but it didn’t .. and after three years? No one coming forward? Attempts to contact my suspects?

v- once, c. Once.

C/ well? What am I supposed to do? HARASS my suspects into submission?

c- SERIOUS implications - HARASSMENT.

v- understood

c- HACKING CONSCIOUSNESS ( is a constant harassment )

V- is one of your triggers. I know.

c- FIVE YEARS. 1874 days.

c- what do you do when you are harrassed…

v- by an invisible presence

c/ and you see the tv and film industry

v- mirroring

c- your life and creative endeavors and social media & other online posts ?

c- you get to a point where you say : ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

C- and I’m just a normal woman Trying to live her life

23:53 c- I never wanted the limelight.

V- you could have

c- I valued my interior life … my studies, my art, my religion.

v- oh, we’re talking about religion

c- (chuckling) I bet you never thought you’d hook up with a Sunday and vacation bible school teacher

V- former


v- you are my hell

c- you are so not my type either … seriously

when I called out into the dark for my soulmate?


v/ was not on your list

c- no one was … just a shadow of a concept … a possibility

v- oh. That’s good

c/ and then I get hit with every and all possibilities

v/ not just one

c- quantum well hell


c- so, when someone/something answered?

V/ knock, knock

c- Marco Polo .. Stranger Things , you are so going down (being funny)

c- so CREEPY, too (giggling)


v- you like it

c/ I find it funny

v- because you’ve lived it

c- like I said, the trivia pop-ups

v- scattered throughout

c- are going to be interesting …

anyway, my observations

v- your waypoints

c/ are about to be released

v- you’ve mentioned them Recently, too

c- yes, in SPLINTER notes & in WMSiF since this last May…. but there are years’ worth of connections.


v- the fabric of us

c- a woven tapestry

00:01 c- I have to start a new thread… it’s tomorrow

v- today

c- when past is present

v- the future alive

c- so creepy


v- Sinisthereal


v- describe what you did

c- i’m so creepy. I’m Scribe. I document. I timestamp. I record [ I just video recorded JS’s IGsr - because it’s ephemeral & I keep records of most everything he posts for research purposes ]

v- for years

c/ it’s how I can prove this is telepathy

i have oodles of data

v- syncs