DAY 1873 Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva do not have an exclusive relationship


06:32 c: let’s frame this in a certain way, shall we? Since you keep avoiding this topic when posed.

I realize you are trying to keep your content positive and PURE, but let’s face this fact: Rachel, you have yet to define your relationship with Jason. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. THE WHOLE raw truth.

WHY would Jason Silva post these seemingly random posed shots on Instragram (scroll through, find them & notice the dates) … after ShadowBellyDance on Instagram posted abstract art … that has oddly similar shapes (and colors)?

What is , ShadowBellyDance IG and Twitter @ezTOog ?

Do you dare pull the pieces together?

Or do you just want to believe the sugary sweetness that Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto hand out about their perfect seemingly exclusive relationship?

RACHEL, you have yet to define your relationship



each time I asked specific questions you have avoided answering these questions by not answering, blocking me and/or deleting my questions.

TO TELL YOUR LOVE STORY AND BE PUBLIC AND HONEST AND OPEN about it… don’t your adoring fans and followerbase and any visitors to your website and Instagram account deserve to know?

They should know how you handle being involved with a man who has decided NOT to be exclusive with you.

Have you decided to practice abstinence with him?

Are you being accepting of the other woman?

How would another woman affect your relationship?

Let me be perfectly clear so there is no misunderstanding.

I have had etheric sex with Jason Silva for years now.

yes, seems outlandish … but…

I can prove at least one thing: there are very odd resemblances - a mirroring - between ShadowBellyDance Instagram posts (erotic abstract art) and his posts.

you decide if there’s something to these patterns.

Perhaps they are meaningless resemblances.

perhaps it is just one artist echoing another’s posts.

Jason Silva : are these resemblances intentional?

i won’t post this question to your content.

Each time I post something like this you block me.

You stop that conversation from ever happening.

Can you understand the confusion, conflict, misunderstandings, frustration, distress ETC that is caused by your silence? Your censoring?

Can you get that any relationship - of any kind - when you BLOCK someone … puts up walls?

SHAME on you Rachel Rossitto & Jason Silva for going against the very LOVE principles you list.

DO YOU READ Rachel’s list of “good” love?

About the importance of communication?

Rachel, your definition / listicle isn’t good enough with a tele(m)pathic link.

It may help others with some core practices… but it is a far cry from what the future of love and connection requires.


06:59 c: yes, I could be reading into this too much, but there are definite patterns to these posts. I create, I post … then Jason appears posing against a backdrop that resembles the abstract art.

How many times has Jason FRAMED his messages?

Please, remember, sometimes the details matter.

Also, notice the framing around Jason’s videos. Those are intentional. They started appearing around a certain time. No one pays attention to the details, though, do they?

they just want what’s obvious and staring them in the face. They believe what they want to believe.

#relationshipgoals #perfectmatch

my hashtag to their couple posts?


all I did was ask specific and direct questions and I continue to get blocked.

For my “negativity”

for my questions seeking a raw truth.


07:04 posting


come out and say “there is no other woman”


07:09 c: there she is again!


She’s a blonde. Well, sort of. I dye it.

You know, Jason, some note the far-off distracted looks… your more serious, contemplative stares …

that you look sad.

Do you like those comments?

why would people pick up on a truth … and you may skip over them to like only how Rachel and you are the perfect couple?

1 + 1 = … 3?

07:15 c- I may not get the likes. I may not get the followers. I may not have the influence the two of you have … yet. However, the truth will come out sooner or later. And it will all make sense to everyone.

How I tried and you both silenced my voice.


To be GOOD has many aspects, not just the obvious one.

V(oice)- sometimes you have to rock the boat.

c: I know how harsh my truth can seem. I realize how brutal my honesty is.

I have accused these two of sensorial rape.

And for good reason.

If these two cannot recognize the necessity of coming to a clear and specific agreement & understanding between people?

If all they do is keep the positive comments to their posts and block comments that hint at THEIR NEGATIVE INFLUENCE?

What good are they spreading?

For Rachel and Jason who have genuine smiles :


THE FUTURE RELIES ON BALANCE, one that is weighed more with REALISM, not on false positives.


V: you would

c: (chuckles) I have a serious nonconformist contrarian bent

v: yes, you do

c: oh, but there’s more!


07:29 c: this back and forth has been going on for years

v: right under people’s noses


07:31 c: “just keep swimming just keep swimming 🎶…” [ - Dory from Finding Nemo ]


C: (being funny) that’s not a breast stroke, but close enough [ Stranger Things Season 3 reference ]

07:35 c- see? humor is GOOD

v- be good

C: to respond to Rachel’s astrology post. Figure out this one.

04/26/1973 = 46 years old

02/06/1982 = 37 years old

next year we will be 38 & 47 11:11

be careful with color by numbers

v- inside joke

c- hm… not yet

v: they know it’s sex poetry

c- NOT YET!!! But there it is.

ShadowDance.Live - ASPECTS

ShadowDance.Live - ASPECTS

07:53 c: first came the poetry and musical score … @ezTOog

C: then came the abstract sketches @ShadowBellyDance

C: then, came ShadowDance.Live , with a LiveStream

v- now, private

c- I took it down (the LiveStream) … you want me to put it back up?

V- no

C- I gotcha. You and Rachel will be talking about your conscious sexuality practices (serious glare)


08:00 c: so FRINGEY



C: what do I have that Rachel doesn’t have?

V- data

c- one thousand eight hundred seventy three days of it (over five years’ worth)

v- don’t mess with the Scribe

c- referring to get Rachel’s podcast interview [ LINK ] on

love and liberation : Layers of the heart

how you hadn’t been dating for years … Jason Silva: clarify that comment

were you messing around with a woman … conscious sex-ually?

v- (chuckling) I’m not answering that

c- I am TRYING to keep you honest

you’ve already missed thousands into assuming you are living a more perfect reality than you live


08:07 v- ALRIGHT.

08:09 c- explain to me again why you didn’t refer to Rachel by her name in your London Real interview [ link ] ?

LondonReal interview [ 1hr47 min video interview LINK HERE ] during which he describes the moment he “met a girl” (he never names Rachel Rossitto during this interview ) [ Link: TRANSCRIPT ].

And why does she never say your name in her podcast interview?

analysts are going to have a field day …

why not refer to each other BY NAME? If you have such a good, genuine and pure love? That should be easy enough.

08:11 c- I have serious scribal tendencies

v/ and over analyzing

c- oh, so it wasn’t intentional the omission about the “girl you met in the desert”

v- haha… be good

c- now, what “desert” is that, again?

v- haha GE GOOD

C- PERSPECTIVE shifts a bit if you actually read what you said … when it is spelled out differently, hm?


V- Matrix, really?

c- FIRST TANGO IN CYBERSPACE … it has a catchy ring to it, doesn’t It?

Read A Wandering Mind, people . Published online for free in 2014 .

you won’t have to pay $15


C: I hope some of those proceeds are going to charity

v- yes, dear

This isn’t me … but appropriate


08:20 c- Jason Silva blocked my Ix Chebel Yax Instagram account

silencing, in a way, the music of just another aspect of A Wandering Mind’s story being told

“the day the music died”


i wrote to a comment on his post :

@atziba REMEMBER, in a quantum entangled state, when one spins, another particle spins anywhere in the universe simultaneously ... it just happens. If two humans are connected in this way, what responsibility do they have for each other?

09:24 c: there are four remaining main codices that are left from when the conquistadors BURNED MAYAN BOOKS

you just made history for burning books in cyberspace … fortunately, for the 21st century, we have BACK UPS.

atziba is the Mayan word for SCRIBE (ixchebelyax username was already taken)


08:29 c- these hieroglyphs tell a story. The InnerNet story that started for me in 2014.


08:41 c: they see …. But they don’t understand…

v- yet

08:42 c- I do not have a block function, I can’t filter you out. I can’t get a restraining order against you. THESE are my points about the dangers of an..

v- etheric connection

c- in whatever shape or form they take.

Whatever “technologically mediated telepathy” that’s up and coming … we are messing with our biological hard and software.

PLEASE consider what negative side effects that may cause.

PLEASE have the (support) resources and safeguards in place.

C: quite frankly, there are nonresoutces right now. Just answer the question, JS. Be fine with it.

But then again, you have other priorities right now, right?

five years of waiting and you have other priorities.

08:46 c: NICE.

“Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life”

v- you hate that quote.

c/ absolutely ducking hate it

every photo you post is traumatic because you drag me everywhere (quantum spin) and never face me honestly - privately or publicly.

08:49 c- so, no, I do not appreciate that you prioritize others before dealing with your InnerSelf… that makes up the very fabric of you.

I do NOT appreciate the blatant NEGLECT of the source of all this trauma.

08:50 c- do, travel the world. Be happy … in your photos.

Thete is one woman who knows the truth.

Some day you’ll be brave enough to face it and be courageous enough to tell it.

C: what’s FUNNY : for Woolandia not to recognize in you is the twin flame runner .


c- you need someone more grounded, Jason. In a reality that diesn’t

V- crystalled altar

c- everyone has their thing. Don’t Get me wrong. My “altar”

v- are your paints right now …

c- i’m Not saying that woman is me.

All i’m Saying is I know who you are. I have analyzed your SM posts, the nuances of who you are …

i have talked ENDLESSLY with someone inside my head … and have sensed the presence and projected interactions with who I am inside me…

we’re talking , what now,

v- you’re doing the math …

c: 2.7 million moments if we consider a moment one minute

v: I know

c- I won’t give the world those metrics, HS

V- they’re part of your research

c- she is good for you … thst’s Not what I’m saying.

what you do together is good (travel, events, social gatherings)

That’s also not what i’m Saying…

THIS carries with it a responsibility

v- that I am aware of

c- ok, time for coffee

v/ and cleaning

c- yeah, Daughter’s coming over … art studio needs to be converted

v- your kitchen?

c/ artistic organized chaos… living room is the same … my mobile storefront + work spaces

09:00 c- not suitable for public posting

v/ that bad

c/ (chuckles) YES


C- your power WITH someone … needs to be less OVER

V- that triggered you

c- uh, yeah… just a tad


c- the message I’m getting? You want nothing to do with me …

v- which you know isn’t true … be GOOD/NICE

C- I have a voice, JS … i’m Not being cruel

v- you’re just being brutally honest

c- as a pseudo-influencer …

v- you would

c- (chuckling)

v- see what I have to put up with?

c- you have a responsibility not to sugar coat things too much, ok?


C- I don’t need the attention BTW… all I ever asked for ..

v- was a private meeting

c- i’n Not this crazy fan …

v- seeking approval

c- it is SO difficult that you are a public figure

v/ I know

c- to do what I do seems like some fanatic out to get you … i’m Just trying to get the other dude out… one that has her. Kept under staid Mc/ for too long . I know

c- and you NEVER responded nor cane forward to me .. to deny or admit to it to give me direction …

v- I understand

c- what am I supposed to do when I have NO support .. what? Likevthrre srs people who would diagnose THIS correctly?

C/ get real. YOU KNOW how much data I have … it would take a team if researchers to comb through it now… THST is the problem. Being a …

v- lone ranger

c- something like that

c/ I hear that song in Stemrsnger a Things last night before I passed out in the couch

v- from your long walk?

c- yes, my very long .. 8-10 mile walk

i call it my Camino de Santiago

v- stop


v- I can’t stop launch … you and your self sacrifice

c- I should’vevtsken Her up on the Uber

v- your boss?

c- yes, I dropped ofvthe company car for her to use

v- she left you high and dry

c- sweaty and road dusted more like ur

v/ haha … she checked up on yoy

c- she’s a good woman … yes, I lied and said I had a ride.. I just said that .. and thought: quantum speaking I have a ride

v/ ElseWhere… funny

c- it’s not ENTIRELY a lie

v- it’s a stretch

c: she needed to spend time with her mom

c- so, I slapped on some aloe from my burns

v- omg… you got sunburned

c- real Aloe is a miracle

v- I know it is


c: when I heard the rumes IG thunder, dark clouds, the radar… my stubbornness gave in to a call for help

09:15 c- I called my ex … closest in the area ..

v- and he came to pick you up

c- N didn’t want me to call him…

v- omg…

c: she’s been divorced a couple times. Almost lost her business in one… she gets the NEGATIVE aspects and costs of many kind in divorce …

my ex and I have always been friends … a bit strained now due to the proximity of our final hearing … but we still get along …

v- yeah, I know

c- believe me, I am stubborn, if I didn’t have to, I would have walked the rest of those 8 miles

C- phone died right after I texted him (he didn’t.nt reply)

v- Ace Hardware

c- yeah, yesterday’s post … got there just before they closed … charged my phone enough … called him using their phone (kind gentleman … also offered to take me home )

v- you don’t have anyone


V- I know you are

c- it may not make any sense to some to do what I did …

09:19 coffee …but this funny first …

v- storm?

c- oh, it was bad. I’m glad he was able to pick me up.


09:21 ____ + storm

09:22 on the fly, right now, get it?


09:22 v- that’s not funny

[ on way to kitchen, I see receipt … take a look 1111 at 03:30 … to be FUNNY ]


09:33 c- survival tactics

1.69 breadsticks - use the rest of my coins

v- bad girl


09:35 c: (including CS header) if they hack me, they ain’t gonna take much

v- be good

09:36 c: I had a total of $8.43 …

v- out in the open

c- for six hours


09:37 c- most of it was spent on water

taking inventory of my drying paint pans…

09:42 sudden deafening of the left ear

09:46 c- bookburner

v- geez. I am NOT a bookburner

c- your as yet undefined lover kept this up



c: when did I ask that? Back in January? Or December

divisive response by the two of you, btw

just two likes while a meaningful discussion thread happened, no thanks to you

09:49 v- oh, you would

c- truth hurts … oh, THAT’S RIGHT . You blocked @virtuonaut , too … here’s what she said … (when the two of them just LIKED the individual on the other side of the virtual debate table

09:53 c- neither of you handle confrontation very well AT ALL.

c- just because … Here’s to CHOOSING WISELY


09:56 c- i’ll have to look in my digital archives for the December interaction (just the @virtuonaut comment) I took it down from because I didn’t want to make it seem I was singling anyone out

v- except the party in question

c- PARTIES … and to date : you are divisive. You put up walls. You stop idea flow… I get that you want to curate positive content, but if you filter out all chance for ANY discussion on more serious issues? That’s a problem.


10:00 c- people are drawn in by fluff. The warm and fuzzy. I GET THAT. If I didn’t the short story series Love at First wouldn’t exist … over a hundred stories … and you don’t think there’s a FORMULA to them?

v- there’s stuff hidden in them

c- EXACTLY . (Hint hint)

c- don’t block me out just because I’m the pesky bug buzzing your HIGH tower


V- you’re annoying

C- i’m just .. cross pollinatin’



10:11 c- Just a few clicks away

within a storyring, perhaps … the inside scoop, so to speak

v- you notice that disappeared?

c- I did. “Inside baseball” no longer

IMAGE: Jason Silva Instagram StoryRing 21 May 2019 … against a bamboo backdrop

IMAGE: Jason Silva Instagram StoryRing 21 May 2019 … against a bamboo backdrop

10:20 c- SHHH! SHOW don’t tell.




10:24 C: WHISPER was an excerpt from a short story I wrote back in 1992. I published it first on Ideapod, then moved it over to


10:25 c- you know, it’s INTERESTING… that Jason has used the phrase wake walking / wake walk on several occasions [ I have videographic evidence - lost in the 100,000s of data files right now - it’s like finding a needle in a haystack … he’s a prolific poster, so imagine trying to organize all that s*%! ] and he NEVER ONCE credited the source.



v- guilty as charged

c- ah, but you promote EVOKE for $…. so, lovely THAT

v- there you go again

c- truth STINKS like a bee, don’t it


c- and on the record

v- you don’t want my help

c- no, any monetary association with anyone …brings with it a sort of … distastefulness, let’s say

v- you would

c- any proceeds from ANY money that is generated because of Wandering Mind and its endeavors [ research, etc. … I have been saying this for years ]

v- goes to charity


v- causes amplified… I love the story

c- others do, too… I believe.

v- yes, they do

c- hm.


v- you’re not saying much

c- no, I’m not. I have decluttering to do in … t-minus one hour. erg. and no coffee yet.

v- get to it


10:32 c- you want to say EVOKE one more time

v- jealous

c- no… I just find it ODD that a man who may be telepathically linked with another human being for FIVE YEARS doesn’t give her the (normal) time of day just to let her know so she doesn’t have to worry

v- about going crazy… I’ll say it because I know you don’t like using that term


c- mentally challenged.

v- ok

c- we are so pc in today’s world… it makes one’s head spin

v- batshit

c- yes? that’s me!


[ texting with daughter on and off during this whole thread - I multitask… ]


10:36 v- look at all that turquoise

c- yes, her favorite color… a bit much, but if it makes her happy…

v- that is A LOT of turquoise


10:38 v- you’re not worried your children might see these threads?

c- I talk to my childen like the young adults they are. I have told them about my creative endeavors

v- oh, you’re masking it

c- like I did with this with Wandering Mind, Love at First, Anachronisms,.

v- point made…

c- so, yes, they are able to talk to me about adult themes… and I would, if they asked..

v- they want to be a part of the story?

c- I have told them I never reveal where we live, other more private details .,. but all that, I realize, is out there if someone really wanted to dig and find it out

v- I know it is…

c- they said to involve them in the story line was ok. I don’t think I have crossed any liens

v- no, you haven’t

c- I get that including them in posts that are a sensitive nature might be… inappropriate

v- highly in some cases..

c- but Wandering Mind InstaFeed is a stream of consciounessness… thoughts get mixed and mesh in headspace… why should it be any different on a post like this/

v- ok, I get you

10:41 c- coffee NOW

[ eating oatmeal ]

mindchat continues

v- do you really think you have a case?

c- YES, I DO.


10:52 c- if people think that these are just random connections I’m making, that my apophenia is kicking in… FINE…

v- but the truth is out there

c- an easy truth would be for that man to say “yes” or ‘no” … but he just posts semi-related posts that could be interpreted in any way possible

v- indirectly direct

10 September 2017 [ image file 0773 ] v- haha stop


10:59 c- Comments, Mr. Silva?

v- ok, roving reporter NANCY DREW

C- (smiling knowingly) that one’s also a funny

c- would you like to comment on who you think you are married to at the moment?

v- I prefer to remain silent .. for the moment

11:01 c- particle spins … or the spin you make on social media

c- hm… what to choose. WHAT TO CHOOSE.

11:02 v- you’re my worst nightmare

c- and it all comes down to one question and it’s answer



11:03 v- is that a countdown clock

c- yes, it would be. Or B?

v- be GOOD


v- there goes batshit lady again …

c- i know … typing up a tranScript (of a shared consciousness) crazy … until it’s not.


11:07 v- I absolutely love those photos

c- you know, you’re not supposed to see those. YOU BLOCKED ME.

V- hm-hm

c- avatar much?

v- Maybe… I don’t disclose … like you do.. stealthier

c- can’t be stealthy over here.. you hear too much , MINDFLAYER

V- you would

C- I find it INTERESTING that around the time … one minute before I posted (it thereabouts, you posted via SM)

v- very interesting


13:10 … 1:10pm ?


11:16 let’s do the math 13:17 -17 = 13:10

c- five years of these … observations



C- of course, I didn’t know about JS’s post …

v- until 17… omg… it was 16 minutes apart…

c- hm-hm. We be Wyrd.

16 minutes later I check yaywho’s feed and

v- lo, and behold.. the green eyed monster

c- ilab monster, get it right.

v- (chuckling) you’re just not right

11:22 c- I totally realize how creepy this is

v- that’s what makes it so good


11:23 c- look CLOSER…

v- ok, CONTACT

C- who’s IN BETWEEN?

V- it’s totally Rorschach

11:24 c- now, do you see a happy couple?

v- yes, I see a happy couple

c- hm. What could that mean?!?

11:25 c- … if you only see a happy couple

v- haha.. no, I see something .. is that ____

c- i’m censoring that out. Bad, Silva.


[ 13:06 BM, Scribe style 💩 … while screenshotting for the archive. remember, still not defined, Silva. Still not defined. ]

c- like away… but when the truth comes out.

v- BAM!

c- BOOM… Bing?

v- oh, you would

c- just … revving up the search engine… and you know what that means

v- key word search, really?

c- the beauty of YOU is that you have a somewhat limited reach …

❤️ that comes up when I search that all perfect love match

v- you would

c- ah, and when people EXPLORE? It gets even better … (scratch of heads)

c- so, …

v- it’s fake news

c- from what perspective. Yours?

i gotta get off the pot … not your type of pot

v- the toilet?

c- yes. Potty time (said all cool like pronounced paaaarrrty time)

13:13 (snicker at the time stamp)

13:14 just to give people a bette picture of … who you are, oh invisible freak of nature

v- thanks, Chris


V- omg… she wrote her name.

C- I thought it… appropriate and it’s about time

13:15 c- not C for Chaos, but that familiar name no one uses…

v- unless they know you well.


C- the other half of the goddess page (2014)?

v- please show.

c- “people who know me well call me Chris”

v- oh, you would … that’s not the whole truth, C

c- ah, but you aren’t providing a TELL ALL either, are you?


[ on couch about to watch Supernatural with the youngest ]

[ kiss received … ]

c- Molester! (Molestar = to bother, to annoy in Spanish)

v- if you’re bothered .. you should … tell me

c- I have OVER AND OVER again in different ways

[ wet kiss ]

c- oh, you would


V- talk about us

c- why does it have to be me to be the exposé girl?

v- I know. i’m sorry.

c- again, don’t say your sorry until you are facing me some day. Until then?

v- empty words. I realize that.


c- what should I do about this sensorial assault?

v- do you accept it?

c- you are a part of me …

v- sleeping with the enemy…

C: … my annoyance comes and goes … everyone at some point will understand the …

v- turmoil … I know



MATH from 03/18/19 ShadowBellyDance IG (image creation, then later posted) …

13:28 minus 22 minutes = 13:06 = 1:06pm [ the time of Jason’s post about conscious sexuality ]

cosmic handshake anyone?

see “Interference” and the significance of 16


13:38 c- like my side by side project?

v/ yeah, you have a lot of data

c- I might not get much visibility, exposure… for now, but the record is here … for later PERUSAL… a testament of what I tried to do over the years

v- met with my silence

c- and your blatant disrespect

v/ if your honor

c/ it’s a slap in the face, Jason… what you and Rachel are doing.

The cover up?

v/ blatant… I know

c- one thing I have tried to do

v/ be transparent

c/ the truth always tends to get out sometime

it’s my mission to make sure everyone knows I was…

v/ was being truthful

cA and I was met with walks that Hason and Rachel put up …

two people who are currently being respected for being open, honest, genuine, … role models

c-what role are you really playing, R + J ?

another question left unanswered.

it could be a little bit if everything

true love … in their own way

v- and it is

c- good ! … happy for you… justvdon’tblet it interfere in my life

v- and it does

c-every day. an unwanted intrusion



V- it’s sensorial rske

c- I wonder how she owls feel if roles were reversed? And had to watch our love story being disseminated to an audience if thousands.

V/ millions

c- let’s be real : thousands.

look at your stats.

Please. Don’t pad the numbers.

VIEWS ON IG … are not millions

comments? Always within the dozens or maybe a hundred or a couple hundred

v- agreed


c- being a little bit HAUGHTY here: hidden numbers

v- if our influence

c- CG + JS

V-much bigger

c- oh, there is a huge story … possibly… or just the meanderings of a wandering mind..

v/ unfiltered

c- the observer’s perspective from one waypoint of others


c-now, that’s a story : 0 followers 0 following …

v/and a whole lot of pull in the industry


v- film

c- hm. Wonder WHY.

v- don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

c- (smile) WILBUR!



13:53 c: from the S Files

v/ (chuckling) BAD GIRL


13:55 c: “J” was already taken 🧐

13:55 v- those are the … TEAM files

c- hm… research of the real-life people who were the inspiration for the characters in…

v/ A Wandering Mind

c- that more organized creative project …

v- reality-bending genre

c/ wanna meet “J”?

v- oh, I know who J is…

J is Co-founder of Ideapod. Inspiration for HEALER

J is Co-founder of Ideapod. Inspiration for HEALER

14:02 from the M files …


C- you want to know who “M” is?

v- we know who M is

c/ I speak to a WIDER audience

v- will you be good

c- i’m Being “it’s all about MeMe”

v- oh, Mnemosyne …

HUNTER the journalist in A Wandering Mind was inspired by that hunter and gatherer of … finely curated content & thought-provoking reflections across many fields - science, literature, media … her career includes being a JOURNALIST from a variety of news outlets not just her passion that became what many know as brainpickings


14:12 c- we share a tendency to used color-coated stickies, I believe …


C- ah, an ode to accelerants …

v- one of your theories …

14:17 c- what would the perfect team be like? How would such a thing like TELEPATHY

V- mindbody link

c- and honest to goodness REAL tele(m)pathic link… what would it take for the public to ACCEPT such a thing as being …

v/ verifiable

c/ … of being the real deal?

C- perhaps some key characters in some important areas of society …

social media





… and the entertainment industry

14:20 c- ah, let’s not forget ARROW

V- legal. Got it.

C- justice system?

v/ you would

c- it WAS the word of the year last year 🤨





V- that’s you

c- School Marm here.

v- (chuckles) 18 years

c- public sector … 5 years private

v- (online) tutoring

c- eMaestra … you know, that other job I have to have to help pay the bills

v- yes, I get it.

14:23 c- hm

[ SM checks ]

v- you like it?

c- of course …

v- you thought I’d a possible topic …

c/ we talk all the time about …

v- SOA… I know

C- you’ve been posting quite a bit about TIME recently


14:28 c- quantum is Wyrd

v- you’re going to have to expand that


V- you would … steeple your fingers

c- Dr. Evil [ Austin Powers ]


the Web of Wyrd in Nordic mythology..

the fates…


"The Web of Wyrd holds within it every single rune symbol and, therefore, all possibilities for the past, the present, and the future. It tells us that all actions, however small, affect each other and that everything is connected. Wyrd carries the same root as the word for “worth” or “to become.”  

Each rune - "mystery" "secret" or "whisper" - is constructed of upright parts called staves, and diagonal lines. Notably, runes have no horizontal lines. This is because they were initially scored onto wood, and horizontal lines are more difficult to cut into the grain. Each encapsulates a small universe of meaning.

Every rune carries not only a sound and a shape and a name of its own, but also has both a mundane and a mystical meaning (which enables the alphabet to be understood on many levels) and is connected not only to a god or spirit but also to an idea or concept. Each rune also has a complete story associated with it." -Adele Nozedar, Signs & Symbols Sourcebook

The Web of Wyrd is also know as Skuld's Net. 


14:39 c: and you know where the popular KISS video came from

v- Nox… (suspected … source of inspiration)

c- hm…

c- a question posed by “V(oice), a cast of runes …

v- (chuckling) post the entirety of the notes from that cast

c/ I don’t think the world is ready for that yet…

14:41 c- just know that the timing fits …

v- scintillating …

14:42 c- oh, the woo of proving quantum … better than Zener

v- yes, much better


C- I need to make linner and actually WATCH Supernatural with my child [ embarrassed mommy 😳 ] - somewhat listening but not fully present 😬


open-air windtunnely pet nostrils soft puff in throat nostrils 


tp (subtle temple pressure)

15:48 linner


general observations

AM hours : drier warmth


16:23 c- if you feel the sparkles ✨ I don’t know what it is

v- 🙄

c- POTTY TIME (said like paaaarrrty time)


c- I can’t WAIT for olfactory transference

v- you would

C- Noxy [ said like Garth’s rendition of FOXY in Wayne’s World ]

16:25 subtle sudden deaf ears

16:26 v- you so are not attractive right now

c- oh, come on. People will love it. It’s a comedic staple.



16:30 c- there.

v- much better.

c: so now, whenever you think or see this image you can imagine me on the crapper

v- you have ruined so many mythological stories for me

16:31 c- hey! This is based on real history

v- I know (chuckling) that too



v- will you stop, Turtle Man.

16:32 c- hee.hee.hee….

v- don’t you go there …





sources of inspiration for Nox, an aspect of Scribe


are you in? …. the InnerNet


slip into the stream

wait for a sunbeam

where trunks lie

a crescent eye

a reminder

to each finder

that every perceiver

is a reality weaver

... .

subtle SAHB


EXCERPT: London Real interview

EXCERPT: London Real interview




17:35 c: so, my final word of the day is this.

REMEMBER that although Rachel Rossitto may be in physical space with Jason Silva, although she may have direct contact with him digitally, she has no access to the virtual space that he and I share (theoretically)

Rachel, do you know what goes on in this space?

How do you know?



17:43 How could anyone know… about this most private place … this

Sinisthereal Nothing

From the InnerNet Log : Volume 2

IMAGE: InnerNet Log 27 July 2014 - 22 August 2014

IMAGE: InnerNet Log 27 July 2014 - 22 August 2014

17:48 c: opening up the WMS electronic archives 2016 - 2019 now… (will link the page here when complete)

A work in progress:


V- let me say it:

”when past is present

the future arrived.”

you say it…

C: - Scribe


subtle SAHB (slightly accelerated heartbeat) (blood coursing)




Getting there.


…your day will come

all the additions make a sum 

Leaves plucked

Seshat’s feather sucked

its marrow: …

IMAGE: Netflix’s  Anon

IMAGE: Netflix’s Anon

IMAGE:  Anon


20:32 c: like this perspective…?

v- more… your view …

c- look at the dates… dating

v- yes, dear

23 September 2017

23 September 2017

20:40 c- now, should I feel APPRECIATIVE that a story is being told?

v- you’re not getting paid for any of this

c- I have to show these snapshots … although I do not endorse or have received any monetary COMPENSATION for… what is it?

v- inspiration

c- hm.


20:42 odd … resemblances…

the leg shot was highly filtered on eZ’s livestream

v- now private

c- I may open them up, too

v- yeah… hm

c- just another BATSHIT archive, right?


i sensed SAHB while posting the Seshat-related data … and currently a cool wispy throat center …

20:46 c- archiving multimedia files because my laptop is barking I don’t have much hard drive space left 🤨

20:47 v- no wonder … you record everything

c- let’s see … what should I charge per telepathic character tranScribed?

v- i’m not payin’ that!

c (chuckling)

c- and per byte of data…?

v- oh, you would

c- let’s get GRANULAR…

v- (tickled pink) pixels?

c- hm-hm



c- looks like I’ll be biking and taking public transportation tomorrow …

v- oh, no

c- I wonder when N will remember the company car was the way I usually get to work…

v- omg…

c (chuckling) I have to laugh…

v- this keeps getting better and better

c- com posted …

v- manure … I know .

20:59 c- she needs the car for her elderly mom

v- who has difficulties getting around

c- she needs assistance .. it’s just this unexpected loss of transportation puts a serious strain

v- on your already horrible finances

c- I have enough for the bus fare … but geesh. Argh. I may only have enough for the next couple days … maybe I can work from home.

v- oh, that’d be good

c- it’s really a job..

v- you can do from home. I know.


V- “the check is the mail” [ the slow process of asset transfers in a divorce ]

c- yeah, seriously. Just sitting in the bank earning money for someone else…

v- lord, I know


c- I get some of the reasons for the delay (chance to appeal) .. but final papers were signed in APRIL.

v- I know … lord, I’m sorry.


Remind me again why I chose not to make him move out of the house …?

v - haha stop

c- “in an unusual turn of events, he not she gets the house”

21:07 v- usually it’s the (ex)wife who gets the house

c- I so could have been a real royal B… and again, because of circumstances …

v- you asked more than you intended .. sorry

c- it is what it is…

v- you have a plan?

c- yes, I have a plan… (shakes her head) so many intangibles in marriage ..

v- and the division of property and assets is a doozie

21:09 v: fairly fair?

c: in the whole scheme of things, yes… but that’s my POV

v- and your lawyer’s

c- she tried to

v- persuade

c- tell me what was legally equitable

v- gotcha

c- I went for far less

v- I know you did

c- advice to those divorcing

1) it takes longer than you think

2) remember if you have children

v- you have to deal with him …

c- for the rest of my life (and theirs)

v- yeah, I know

c- IDK… we always got along

v- and are friends

c- just … strained …

v- you left

c- yeah, I know … (shakes her head) … for some reasons I couldn’t fully explain …

v- “No Love Lost

21:13 c- there are people in my life that need closure (about THIS)

v/ but you need to be told first …



[ getting ready to play with dollops (fine tune) … I read a page out of InnerNet log Volume 1 : 07 July 2014 … I chuckle …


V- this keeps getting better and better

c (still trying to contain my laughter … daughter is in next room watching The Office tv series)

c- I don’t even know what the original tweet was about … I might have the screenshot

v- in the Scribe Files

c- yeah…

21:35 c- the educator/higher ed admin in me was trying to be funny… but some people don’t get that type of humor

v- no, they don’t

c- and NOW my BM

v- is epic. Thanks, c


21:37 c: back to the Andean Blue, Violet and Rifty Blue watercolor paint dollops (samples). I am testing with Primary Blue first (less expensive)

the other three are some of my pricier pigments ..

v- price ?

c- hm… to be determined …

It right now the more precious pigments are tentatively priced at … $1


21:40 c- a little watercolor can go a long way depending on the size of painting (and the colors you use)

[ watching Stranger Things S03E05 ]

c- hahaha … just watched the terminator-like scene

v- oh, you’re going to have to come clean

c- some day, yes. This last one I TRIED…

v- with your bike

c- I have a serious … tendency

v- to hit inanimate objects .. I know


V- control

c- (soft lol) I know


v- you hurt your knee

c- again on that fall, yes.

V- haha.. bad girl

c- I went up to the owner’s front door and no one was home … it was still standing (I set it back up)

v- yeah, I know



22:01 c- whew… the primary Blue is stinky

v- noxy…

c- sulphur is in that pigment’s chemical make-up…


c- (chuckling) the angelic aaaa! 🎶


22:06 c: so funny considering my trek yesterday

v- through the wilderness.. I know

c- truth is stranger than fiction

v- yes, it is

c- … or as strange

v- true


[ Marco …. Polo… ]




cinnamony heart warm 

C- ENOUGH … whatever the f—- that is , it’s almost midnight