SPLINTER notes DAY 1872 Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto involved in a rape case


04:06 July 6, 2019

Email sent to info@thisisjasonsilva.com


subject: Cease & Desist


If you are in any way quantum entangled with me, please reach out to me so we can set some boundaries. 

Ethically you and Rachel have raped me. 

Legally that may be difficult to prove given the nature of this suspected connection.

It is a connection, Jason, that is very real and you know it and brings with it great responsibilities which you have ignored. 

INCLUDING communicating clearly with me. 

Jason, you have failed to communicate clearly with me on many fronts. That is the reason for all the misunderstandings. 

You both clearly do not understand the gravity of this quantum entangled connection for me.

I want only the best for you both, Jason and Rachel, individually and as a couple.

I have made that very clear. 

However, I SENSE you both together and I feel SEXUALLY ASSAULTED each time you both do anything related to your love together.

It is what it is. 

It has nothing to do with anything related to accepting you as a couple. 

If I could disconnect from Jason’s energy force I WOULD.

That is not what this is about.

This is about your responsibility as two human beings for the future of relationships like the one Jason and I have had for over five years. One that we CONTINUE to have despite your public postings that make the public believe you have an exclusive relationship. 

The person I interact with inside my head and body loves me deeply. I love that individual just as much. We have a love that goes above and beyond anything you could ever teach about, Rachel. It most likely is a long-term relationship that will exist until one of us dies. I don’t plan to die anytime soon, nor plan any harm to anyone, to be clear. 

It is a long-standing love that already is and I hope Jason, if he is that man, teaches you about what it is like to truly love and that you may pass it on to your clients and anyone you associate with in life.

It is unfortunate people have to pay to hear about what you recently posted about love. That was the first time you spoke about your love more in depth publicly and openly. In ten months. Take note of that. It’s not a good sign - trust me... if it took you ten months to publicly declare that? I was married for [18 years and involved with one of the loves of my life for] 23 years and have loved a handful of men and they me. I have had the good fortune to have loved and be loved ... and I want that again without the restrictions quantum entanglement has bound me to. I deserve my happiness just like you. 

If you choose to stay together, be a romantic couple (with whatever that may entail), and continue to disregard my wellbeing knowing the effect such a connection has on me and my life? That is your choice.

This is the last email you with receive from me. 

If Jason is quantum entangled with me and doesn’t reach out to me by April 15, 2020, the next formal communication will be from my legal team. 

You both are setting a legal precedent for the future of humanity. 

I hope you both choose to act wisely moving forward. 

Christine Gruendemann


04:16 posting email publicly

I would never do any of this if it were not a connection that was real and provable.

I have been transparent about everything for years now.

You, Jason, should also be transparent about who you are and who you are involved with.


To date? You have hidden it.

This date will ring through history as the date that forces you to tell your truth.

It may not be a neat, tidy, heartwarming and awe-inspiring moment … a #couplesgoals moment … it may bring out the ugly side of a connection such as the one I believe in based on experience and data I have : but it is a truth that will be told.

It is a truth you have to face.