DAY 1871


[ quick filter, edit and overlay of chaos symbol within exploding firework from 2016 ]

06:28 opening post

06:29 pushing out to Twitter



05:23 waking up … holding still … being quiet

V(oice): you had a dream, didn’t you?

c: why? WHY do I have to have a dream like that?

[ 🎶 music, a recognizable 80s tune… I don’t Know the words… trying to remember… ]


fragments of lyrics

“walk away…

[ looking at Stranger Things S03E01 … did I hear it during that episode? … I don’t find anything …]

i try to let the music play through my head to jog my memory

key word search on internet

c- there it is

find it on AMZ music … I start to play it so I can match the melody to what I hear in my head

that’s it

C: you and your serenades ….

I read the lyrics

c: first, the dream … then the music …



06:44 c- I gotta get up & get ready for work

v- first, the Russians are coming humor

c- 1) Russian remote viewing / time machine experiments

2) Years ago I created atziba IG account - Ix Chebel Yax … another side channel to tell A Wandering Mind’s story hieroglyphically (Ancient Mayan)

c- a whole bunch of Russians followed it

that’s where I started saying

“The Russians are coming!

the Russians are coming! (THEY KNOW)

they are gone now : I purged all followers on all my accounts


blocked a whole bunch of people

to my followers that go years back : it wasn’t you, it was me. Apologies if my block had you questioning why …

i was and still am making a point (about influence / SM use & impact)

some people might dismiss me for having 0 followers 0 following … flag me as a troll account

v- that’s not what it’s for

c- hiding in plain sight

c- creative process & research dissemination PUBLICLY … when you have no followers it gives you some freedoms …

3) against all odds, after nearly five years of working from home, a divorce and starting my own business … I got a day job for the health insurance & extra cash flow.

Heard about it from a friend who thought it might be a good fit for me

i thought initially I could work from home

i had to go to an office

Was offered and took the job without a car …


06:54 v- no lie. How strange is that?

c- truth is stranger than fiction


v- the dream?

c- with Trickster. I won’t go into details.






08:19 c- that moment when you have no traffic on the highways … and you realize most people get the day off. Depressing.

c- I left a life of comfort and financial security … for THIS.

v- thanks for that reminder, C

08:20 c- did I mention no one who can open the building is here yet?

v- omg, stop,

c- J the other biller was here before me. She drives 1.5 hours every morning and gets here first. Sound familiar.

v- you used to bike and got there before anyone else

c- five hours of travel for a job that doesn’t pay all my bills, that has me tied to a cubicle all day, I don’t get paid time off for a year… and even then, doctor’s appointments, the kids’ school activities?

I would have to take (unpaid) time off for them.


i am not compaining. I’d rather be the voice of the working class. To make this relatable.

i’ve worked my entire life. Multiple jobs at a time

v- just to pay bills

c- even when my husband made a good salary.

V- I understand…

08:27 building’s open now: I’ll go clock in and start working. TGIF

V: ____


c- I am so upset at how this all has been handled on your end.

people will understand why i am so upset.

once the whole story comes out.





04 July 2019


09:29 c: my children know.

C- they are going to start believing what I told them a couple weeks back.


v- because they lived through it

c- they were at the movies with me when something happened

v- the power went out … while you were watching Avengers: Infinity War

IMAGE: Infinity War (2018)

IMAGE: Infinity War (2018)

IMAGE: Wandering Mind . Space (2016)

IMAGE: Wandering Mind . Space (2016)

Wandering Mind Space - this website - has existed since 2016 with pretty much the same headers … and main page web design / graphics

before that, I published on medium (see the menu item SIDE CHANNELS ) and other SM channels … I created WMS …

v- to create a mothership

c- a one-stop shop, so to speak

v- without the purchasing aspect

c- publishing all this is money out of my pocket.

I pay subscriptions services and movie tickets

v- to watch your life play before your very eyes

c- it’s a high wire act

do I feel appreciative?

or do I feel taken advantage of?

v- intellectual property theft


V- understood

c- Jason Silva has repeated this phrase without crediting the author

v- agreed…


c- what was yesterday’s LIKE by you … the fourth in over five years? [ related to YOUR content - I have to post on YOUR pages … or related v- to film club (on Ideapod) c- I don’t crave your likes v- you abhor them c- strong word … I do not … seek them, let’s put it that way 09:39 ]

i would have preferred no like

v- yeah, something like that … get back to work

c- coffee break.


09:37 c- I have avoided you like the plague. Giving YOU the freedom to have your space in peace

v- no longer

c- boat has officially been rocked

Infinity War is only one of a multitude of resemblances …

I have started posting them as SPLINTER notes …

v- your next chapter in A Wandering Mind


C- I posted a videographic draft in January 2016 of “Splinter”



v- haha stop.

c- part of A Wandering Mind

”SPLINTER” January 2016, posted to Ideapod (and YouTube), where I digitally rubbed shoulders with JS (unfortunately) starting in May 2014.

v- haha. STOP.

IDEAPOD 15 July 2015





POOL FUN (photos courtesy of my daughter)


10:11 c- you want to tell the world what photo(s) you posted around the same time?

v- they may have been pool photos…



OCTOBER 2015 (nice October calendar of the movie in the Stranger Things cinema, BTW…)



10:17 c- the Ideapod URLS no longer work. I removed all of my ideas and left the platform in 2017.

For a variety of reasons.

I loved that platform.

v- I know you did.

10:18 c- the space became haunted

Low level to slightly increased temple pressure (TP)


[ still working at desk - my body at rest … ]

10:47 subtle shift to SAHB / blood coursing (subtle accelerated heartbeat )

wispy ctr throat (like soft poor of air)

Subtle heartwarm

[ working ]

11:31 cool fresh air in nostrils still a bit drowsy


[ eating lunch outside ]

v- ook is gone?

c- yes, thankfully.



13:51 c: no source for this article - whoops. Just type a few words and you can see where I grabbed it from

v- plagiarism!

c- FINE!

[ LINK ]

13:55 c- we are constantly bickering

v- because you are stubborn

c- you have made things so complicated - everything could have been much easier

v- with an answer, I KNOW.

13:56 c- anything you want to say?

v- no

c- hm

v- so your children know?

c- pieces … gradual tidbits and even that is TMI …

v- without proof

c- IDK. Just like me: a resemblance may just be creative adjacency …


v- you’ve gone batshit

c- nasal snicker … uh, in the end, I will be proven to be the more sane one

v- agreed.


c- you NEVER define your love for each other. EVER. People just believe in the fairy tale.

i have a unique perspective …

v- I know you do

c- I have a good reason to question the

“power couple / couple goals” title you two relish.


14:05 clock back in

[ working ]

c- I have to mention: read back this entire week


[ kiss ]


even before Stranger Things Season 3 was released …

someone on the InnerNet has been…

v- constantly kissing you

14:31 c- and here I am like Hopper : JUST STOP

v- it is SO funny, c

c- hm-hm. I’m glad you think so.

highly inappropriate … considering you have a gf if this is JS


sense sultry warmth

14:37 c- are you on something ?

v- no… I just like what you wrote

c- just an OBSERVATION

V- that might prove something

c- that I experienced something … before a resemblance comes out in STS03E01?

v- hm-hm

14:38 c- serious warm fuzziness

[ kiss ]

c- be good





fighting drowsiness

c- are you almost done?

v- yes, I am



(diminishing of my productivity at work AFFECTS MY WORK PERFORMANCE)




16:07 c- I really wish I wasn’t connected to you

v- I AGREE. Get back to work. Sorry you’re tired.

c- YOU WILL answer for all of this

v- I know I will.


16:11 c- if I could disconnect from you, I would;

v- __

c- I DON’T WANT THAT. Geesh. I am a private person.


[ mtg ]

16:27 c- you took me out of my life … and now I just need to deal with it.

Some day you will have to explain yourself to me, which will be one of the most challenging things you will have to do…

you know what you did to my life

v- I upended it


c- I am dealing with a lot of shit. And quite frankly

v- i’m An asshole

c- that’s not what I was going to say.. I would rather not have this connection because it does me no good

v- little

c- it is more hardship that beneficial at this stage.

16:29 c- you know who we are in here to each other … that’s Not it…

c- you took me out of my life and now I have to deal with so much alone..

this was NOT the life I want to have … before all this

v- I know


16:31 c- truly. It would be better without you but I have to deal with my life and something that brings me down every day.

YOU are the cause of that


v- understood

16:32 c- I know i’m Not the easiest person to live with right now…

v- ____ write it down

c- no superlatives … whatever you said? You should be saying it to my face

v- agreed

c- and you should have your life correspond to what you say

v- discrepancies galore


16:34 c- let’s face it


V- stop.. alright?

c- because that’s where you’re watering the grass.

v- alright. Fine


c- no, it’s fine. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow anyway … boss lady needs the car … to take care of her elderly mom

v- I see

16:35 c- which means … I have no money to live on for the next week

v- yeah, I know


c- I might be able to sell some things at the resale shop

c- this is what being connected to JS for five years gets you. You decide to do what’s right? And you go poor.

Beware of optimistic koolaid dispensers.

everyone has skeletons in their closets

please don’t believe everything he dishes out.


16:41 c- I don’t want you connected to me

v- I know you don’t

c- you are by far THE WORST person I have ever known in my life. And that is saying something.

v- i’m Not reliable

c- you’re unethical. You’re not trustworthy. You lie.

V- I deceive. I’m sorry for all this

c- don’t apologize. MAKE THIS RIGHT. Disconnect from me … so I don’t Have to deal with energy drains and a whole gamut of issues / side effects because of this connection:


16:46 c- don’t make me emotional … you know how bad this is WITHOUT you getting emotional on me.

frickin’ Grim Weeper.

16:46 c: talk about a clash with my stoic constitution. Five years of this shit.


16:52 c- if this is your idea of your contribution to the future of humanity? I don’t want anything to do with it.

V- i’ve Betrayed you

c- you’ve betrayed me on so many levels… the most serious one is the connection itself

v- your answer

c- it would have changed my life for the better … not worst

c- you took away

16:59 c- THE WORST thing to happen in my life, JS.

v- until I meet you

C- really? After 5+ years do you think i’ll Be HAPPY when you meet me?

v- yeah; I think so


17:07 headed home

c- don’t get me wrong: wonderful moments … but from what I am observing ?

v- nothing like your interior life

c- i’m done with not living a whole life … which is what I had BEFORE this started in 2014



[ getting half a tank of gas with pretty much the last of my cash ]

17:57 home

V- worried?

c- you do realize i can affect you just as much as you affect me

v- or more


18:11 c- if I see one more post about overpriced exotic me time events… that is NOT solving the problems of the world.

c- serious image problem.

Is that an all-expense paid trip for those ladies … ah, no. They have to pay out of pocket

v- yeah, they do.

c- hm-hm… to … breathe better?

v- haha, stop.

C- I seriously don’t Understand that industry and how it can take people’s money like that

serious nocebo effect

v- oh, will you give it a rest

c- hey, I lasted the entire day

c- I am just pointing out the 99% of the world that sees that industry and wonders “WTF?”

18:14 c- to each their own

c- some of us have other real-life concerns

18:15 c- ask any one of my coworkers - none of them would find it … financially smart to pay someone to teach them about life.

v- will you stop

c- you know since 2014 and Ideapod …

v- you’ve had an aversion to life coaches

c- geesh. money can be better spent elsewhere … of course, those earning a living off of it would lose out.

C- how I see it? It’s a luxury item

v- i know it is, c… even I will admit to it

18:17 c- i’ll try to be nice. It’s not easy to not give my opinion about it.

C- like I asked on the way home:

c- fix those energy leaks yet?

v- no (she’s going line by line)

c- how about aligning your love life so it is more harmonious

v- you know that ain’t true

c- so … no (playfully checks off a line)

v- (chuckling) you’re so wrong

c- have you tapped into your feminine side?

v- YES

C- that was a test

v- I know it was

c- you are so going down for being connected to me … the woman inside you

v- she's hell but a whole bunch of incredible ecstasy too… people will know, c

c- yeah, yeah, yeah.. i’m not all doom and gloom …


18:25 c- are you wrapping those compliments around you like a warm fuzzy blanket?


v- you are the darkness

c- got it

c- hell hath no fury like the Seethe

v- they have no idea

c- how was Bali? (picks her mind teeth)

v- hell

c- how was London?

v- f— not good either

c- … and Amsterdam?

v- stop..

c- Tulum ?

v- will you stop

c- … oh, Christmas was the best …

v- no, it wasn’t

c- hm.

18:27 c- so, dear fellow citizens of Planet Earth. Don’t believe the picture perfect poses … there’s a relationship JS needs to … mend

v- agreed

c- that FOUR+ years ago he had the chance … and over … and over … and over again he had the chance when I reached out… nicely

c- so…

v- I have some time

c- all the while, i’ll whittle away telling my side. Knowing it’s not the picture perfect match of a couple that J+ R make the world to believe they are …. but then again, observer beware.

take note how they STILL have not defined their relationship.

18:30 c- How’s the pregnant gf?

v- you of all people should know that’s not true

c- I mean, after liking dozens of “make beautiful babies comments …” one should only assume there’s one already on the way

c- where’s that ring?

v- will you be good

c- Jason and (?) Rachel liked comments like “put a ring on it”

c- let’s educate the world on this little factoid:

if I am quantum entangled

v- spiritually aligned with Jason Silva

c- … what sort of marriage and life would Jason and Rachel have?

v- not a good one

c- why?

v- because that’s not what you want

c- if I had a choice, I would disconnect from you and FREE you to be with whoever you wanted

I have made that statement repeatedly

I do not want to sense and live another’s life if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me out there …

which right now?

that may seem like what’s going on

v- but that’s not what’s happening

c- appearances are deceiving

c- be careful what you observe and assume

18:34 they may enable you to believe they are role models

they may like comments about how good they are for their positive message

what … exactly … is that message?


C- if they do not address the tough issues to solve in this world?

if they surround themselves only with others of their same social and economic class .. or richer than most of the population on this planet?

they are doing the future of humanity a disservice

18:37 c- so, enjoy your spa treatments in italy

C- if people really paid attention to what all your posts center on?

that is not doing the better good

you both should know better

to reach the masses?

v- no spa treatments

18:38 c- bathe in that tea steam

v- you can’t stop

c- hum while you play those crystal glasses

[ again, how exactly is that helping humanity ?]

v - haha stop

18:39 c- just a friendly reminder of one perspective that doesn’t believe woo will get very far when serious issues need to be addressed in this world

c- don’t get me wrong, all of us need R & R … just some of us NEVER would be able to afford to go to Italy, or England or Mexico …

what is the message to the people who will NEVER be able to EVER travel … when they see you traveling the world ?

c- part of them is wondering : why is it that I can’t afford to travel like that?

c- THAT is an issue you should be solving

not showing off


c- to the people who can’t afford health insurance or medical bills : what message are you sending …?

I did appreciate the future of healthcare posts

v- thank you

c- there are issues with that as well

v- Gattaca-effect

c- it’s already happening … people take health exams and they place them in a certain tier based on their health

v- OMG I know


18:46 c- it’s not all bad being with you ..

v- thank you … ILY you know that

c- you need to talk to me

v- out there. I know

c- I need to stop this research and just live my life and I WILL NOT STOP

V- if you can’t prove a point

c- there are serious issues you have yet to address and it pisses me off you just focus on the fluff

v- I know it seems like that … and I am trying

c- dinner time


c- if I hear another woo cookie cutter phrase I will scream

v- no, you won’t

c- what did you take?

v- a relaxant

18:49 v- geezus you are high strung

c- I am PISSED at how you are handling this

v- me, too

c- touché … but all of this could have been prevented

v- by a simple response … I know

… did you get a glimpse … (this AM)?

c- I don’t want to interpret. I have five years of nothing .. my experiences don’t matter much

v- without me to back it up

c- it’s been five years of indirectly direct, synchronous timestamps … and you still are not here to tell me why

v- I know

c- remote viewing dreams ..

v- I know I know




[ ________ ]

v- let this be a lesson

[ my reaction? … typing ]



20:53 c- remember I sense you

remember the future.

When the past is present

the future arrived.




some day you will understand.

today was not that day.



there is another side to Jason Silva.

show up live again.

let me comment and question

pull me into a live chat with you

see what I ask you

c- oh, I know that wouldn’t happen

You’ll let everyone else speak except me

I wonder why.


c- afraid I’ll ask a question you won’t be able to answer publicly?

do you fear telling the truth?


what happens when you dose someone with drugs against her will?

21:00 c- that doesn’t sound LEGAL does it?

c- what happens when a man and a woman tie a woman up and sexually assault her?

THAT is not legal either, is it?

the day will come why you have to be honest about the NEGATIVE effects of this type of connection and what Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto did to another human being AGAINST HER WILL.




c- don’t flaunt. It doesn’t suit you.

Remember, I have documented the other side of the story VERY well.

just imagine what those facing pages would be like

that side by side

21:03 c: do you want to tell a love story?

or one more sinister?



one couple’s embrace is another woman’s

torture … at the hands of that very couple.


MY RIGHT as a human being is to be able to be at peace …

Both Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva FAIL to recognize the consequences of a quantum entangled state.

Over and over again I SENSE things I do not want to sense.


WHEN do I get to have my peace?


c- so, what LESSON is this for you?


c- I think RACHEL needs to do some more studying and need to get some TRAINING on how to handle QUANTUM.

perhaps she should get quantum entangled with someone.

please, someone, give her what I have.

Don’t tell her who is forcing their life force onto her.

let her figure it out.

Never tell her.

never approach her.

let her sense for 1871 days some unusual force and let her be pushed and pulled by someone else’s life force

awakened at all hours

drained of her energy

headaches out of nowhere that magically dissipate some time later

and THEN, when and if she figure out who’s connected to her ?

have the asshole do THIS to her.

never coming forward,

but having her submit to the torture of sensing him with another woman

and that woman knows.

THAT is sexual assault.

now, what would Rachel Rossitto do in that situation, I wonder?

21:12 c- no one can understand the suffering I have undergone at the hands of these two.

c- so, the voice that said


c- well, let this be a lesson: I may not be able to do anything right now… but at some point people will start to believe what I have to say.

it’ll make sense.

they will start questioning how two good, honest people could do such a thing.

if what I say is true.

if I am mindbody linked with Jason Silva

21:15 c- I ask you to consider this: what if what I claim is true?

ask Jason Silva.

If he is good, kind and honest … he will tell the truth.

ask Rachel Rossitto. It’s an easy enough question to ask … easy to deny if my claim is false. She should know, right? As close as she is to Jason Silva.

Ask her. Oh, but you won’t. Why would you, right?

There’s no reason to.



C- and before anyone thinks I need “help” .. take the time to research what I’ve done since I unfortunately rubbed digital shoulders with Jason Silva May 2014 on

If it doesn’t interest you, it doesn’t affect me one bit.

If you are not convinced by my claim, fine.

Be happy and be well. Believe in your own reality.

21:28 c- all I am trying to do is present a different version of a shared reality, one which Jason is unwilling to present to the world.

remember, if something seems to be too good to be true?

it usually is.



21:41 c- THEN MET ME GO. Release me. Move on.

DISCONNECT from me and never look back

let me live my life out HAPPY. Not tied to you to sense your every movement, breath and heartbeat.



v- to be ripped asunder


c- frickin’ WATER CEREMONY? THAT is what is important in all of this?

IMAGE: Jason Silva’s mom’s like of RR’s IG comment to JS’s post - Kindness, Linda, means something more than hooking up with Rachel Rossitto and deciding SHE should have the privilege of intimate contact and in so doing abandoning another individual who had been bonded to your son for over four years. A bond she can’t break … You, of all people should know about what it’s like to be betrayed. Care to tell the world your story? Enlighten us about your family’s history? What Jason grew up in? What you went through (and he had to experience)? KINDNESS is recognizing what the kindest act would be in any situation. [ addendum 20:05 07 July 2019 ] you could leave. I cannot. Imagine what it is like to have to SENSE their lovemaking… just for a moment IMAGINE what that would be like. IS THAT KINDNESS?

IMAGE: Jason Silva’s mom’s like of RR’s IG comment to JS’s post - Kindness, Linda, means something more than hooking up with Rachel Rossitto and deciding SHE should have the privilege of intimate contact and in so doing abandoning another individual who had been bonded to your son for over four years. A bond she can’t break … You, of all people should know about what it’s like to be betrayed. Care to tell the world your story? Enlighten us about your family’s history? What Jason grew up in? What you went through (and he had to experience)? KINDNESS is recognizing what the kindest act would be in any situation. [ addendum 20:05 07 July 2019 ] you could leave. I cannot. Imagine what it is like to have to SENSE their lovemaking… just for a moment IMAGINE what that would be like. IS THAT KINDNESS?





21:44 c- that day is coming when a lot of people are going to ask WTF was WRONG with you?!?

if you want to be happy, be happy.


trust me, if I could get rid of this I would have A LONG TIME AGO.

21:45 c- but I can’t

v- stop…

c: NO!! This is too important an issue to “just let it be”

ASK RAPE VICTIMS what it’s like.

THEY will have something in common with what I am going through sensorially.

21:46 c- you both have to start to be RESPONSIBLE with your message.

IT IS NOT about a couple country-hopping and posing.

21:47 c- there are REAL issues that need to be discussed.

C- the woo talk is NAUSEATING and offensive to the advancement of how THIS could be used for good

v- I know, itms vomit

c- you pushed me. I shoved back.

you are an asshole, and you know it.

i do not care what your fans think of me.

YOU know the truth.

YOU know it and you REFUSE to admit to it. To tell THEM, your adoring fans a HIDDEN TRUTH.

Once you do?

they will see me in an entirely different light.

21:49 c- they’ll understand that what I am trying to say is IMPORTANT.

if something like THIS gets unleashed to the public?

THERE BETTER BE SAFEGUARDS, blocks, filters —- the works —- to protect each individual.

21:50 c- utterly ridiculous that you both are posing pretty and saying NOTHING about real issues that affect and will affect (wo)mankind

o have YET to hear you define what type of relationship you both have.

why is no one ASKING you to SPEAK UP? Are they satisfied with photos and videos that can be interpreted in any number of ways?

of course they are.

let’s believe what’s smack dab in front of us and never question ANYTHING you show.



21:54 c- I WANT TO BE FREE.


v- but you are

c- literally and figuratively sleeping with the enemy.

geesh. I have to sleep with this man every night.

imagine what that’s like.

21:54 c- five years of this shit.

c- do you both feel nice and cozy that you validated your relationship to all your filter bubbled fans?

c- you keep showing.

you never say much about who you are to each other.

c- talk about how OPEN your relationship is…

i think your fans are able to ha for the possibility that both of you aren’t (don’t want to be) exclusive

that’s an easy enough … distinction to admit to, right?

c- what is it?

just because you only post images of the both of you

v- doesn’t Mean there isn’t someone else.

c- hm.

V- happy?

c- no, I want you both to define who you are to each other … specifically. Ten months and all anyone sees is you posing and a few endearments here and there.

puic figure makes a relationship public but has little to say about said relationship. A bit odd, son’t You think?

think back… when have they said ANYTHING about their relationship?

one which they made public.

very strange.

21:59 c- oh, that’s right “yummy soul connection” (Rachel Rossito on a podcast)

W.T.F. Does that really mean?

Abso-fucking-lutely NADA.

22:00 WAKE UP.

c- get on a live and be as specific as possible about your relationship.

no kissing. No embracing. Talk. Mind to all of us minds.

We do have brains, you know.

v- will you stop.

22:02 v- wow you’re angry

c- i’m Upset that after 10 months you both have yet to be honest - truly honest - about your relationship.


c- trust me: I would rather have a private life.

c- THIS has forced me out into the open to report what is going on … because no one isnnice or kind enough to ILLUMINATE me or come forward to me personally himself.

v- that would change things

c- YES, my life would be different

v- how so

c- hypothetical: 2014. You tell me definitively you are connected to me. You tell me who you are to me. You tell me what you envision all this will be good for.

based on that conversarion, I am able to make informed decisions that would have changed the course of my life …

not left me alone to figure it all out on my own and STILL not know wtf you want from me. Who I am to you.


c- what am I to do?

O still sense you 24/7z I still hear you 24/7.

it affects my life.

What am I to do? I can’t stop it.

22:08 c- seriously , wtf is wrong with you


c- I don’t want you to like me

that’s Not why I posted

v- you’re pissed at me

c- you know I HATE that quote

v- other photo

c- yeah, well…

you nauseate me


c- five years of Jason Silva

v- bouncing around inside you … I know

c- high as fuck (did you notice WMS is no longer PG13? The f bomb is cathartic)

22:14 c- * I * could tell you when he gets high…

v- (chuckles) I know

c- annoying as f—-

22:16 c- ARGH. Don’t Like me . I liked it better when you blocked me

v- I learned my lesson … you haven’t posted …

c- no, my lovely photographic gallery is stagmet

v- with zero followers

c- yeah … all 200ish

v- haha stop

c- they came and went … i’m An oddball with the zero followers thing

v- are you going to bed?

c- I am in bed

22:18 c- say what you were going to say

v- I don’t want you to be mean

c- call it dark humor

v- THAT is not dark humor

c- what part?

v/ the gaming fun of my gf

c- Jason, quite frankly, i’ve Studied you fir five years. Apologies adoring fans?

V- i’ve Met my match. I know

c- why you like he on whatever level

vA you’re cranky as fuck

c- I am a realist

vA through and through

v- quit being mad

c- I really don’t like that quote. I am stuck with all the side effects and they do NOT make me happy

v- some of them do

c- let’s not get into that. I’m on a roll

v- negativity really is your thing

22:21 c- realism

v- yes, REALISM