SPLINTER notes DAY 1870 Jason Silva is involved with another woman while dating Rachel Rossitto



It may seem unlikely, but Christine Gruendemann has been quantum entangled with Jason Silva for 1870 days, more or less. I am that woman who has been involved with him and I have been recording this journey for five long years.

Ask Jason Silva. It may seem like an insane claim. I am fully aware of this. Suspend your disbelief. Just take a moment and consider the possibility.

Ask Rachel Rossitto. She should know if she is dating him.

If they are truly good, kind and honest people they both will tell you the truth.

19:55 watching Rachel Rossitto’s IG live video

20:13 Comment made to Rachel Rossito’s recorded video on Instagram, at the moment when a question was asked about their contribution to the future of humanity.


Just wait for the future & what story comes out about Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto & what they did to NEGATIVELY affect the future of humanity. wanderingmind.space for another perspective (an unpopular truth)

20:21 I record a video testimonial, my immediate reaction to Rachel Rossitto & Jason Silva’s IG livestream.

My main complaint is that I sense so much of Jason Silva’s experience wherever he is, whoever he is with.

imagine what it’d be like to sense him making out with Rachel Rossitto .. I sense that and I feel assaulted. Read my previous post DAY 1870.

i wake up in the middle of the night as if someone were raping me… and if he is with her? Having sex? I have repeatedly said I DO NOT CONSENT.

Imagine what that would be like to be quantum entangled with him - “involved” with him in the most intimate way - the very fabric of who we are is shared…

And I am awakened from sleep to sexual sensations - unwanted sexual advances - and he is with Rachel Rossitto.

THAT is not love and light.

It is torture and a crime against humanity.

a serious offense and highly unethical behavior … if I am quantum entangled with him? And he knows about it? If he also is mindbody linked with me?

Their behavior together as a couple - from my experiential perspective - is abhorrent when whatever they do together I SENSE & I am held hostage and cannot escape. I cannot block it. I cannot filter it out. I have no way to put a restraining order against them.

but I sense it over and over again.


THEY ARE NOT models for the future of humanity when you view it from that POV.

What if my story pans out?

Is that the picture of a perfect power couple? Would that be “couple goals” material for anyone?

I only ask that others consider this possibility … if how I may be pushed and pulled around by Jason Silva’s lifestyle. I am an unwilling participant … and he never ONCE chose to talk to me about it to clear up any misunderstanding.

the basic tenet of human relationships ?

to have this clear:

who are you to me, who am I to you

multifaceted communication

I have serious concerns about how Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto are handling this very delicate situation.

Where would YOU draw the line?

would you keep taking the (abusive) hits?

Or would you speak up and out, no matter who they seemed to the rest of the world? No matter in what high regard they were held by most of their followers and others around the planet?

If what I claim - to be quantum entangled with Jason Silva - to have a strong telepathic / telempathic connection - can by proven …

if I sense his movements, and other emotions, breath, heartbeat … and other bodily functions - if I hear his voice…

When do you think I should have been approached and contacted about a two-way link with him?

I know: if not confirmed by him my claim isn’t worth much, right?

If you don’t give me your time and attention, I can understand.

However, if in the future you hear about me? Please remember the time you took to check this post or any of my posts out.

Remember that I tried to tell the world for five long years while Jason Silva stayed silent and everyone who knew about us because he told them… they stayed quiet, too

all the while I had to go through the most difficult time of my life … alone.

imagine what it’s like not to be believed.

imagine what it’s like to experience something STRANGE and you know you are ok… but at the same time, because no one is coming forward, you doubt your mental and emotional stability… wonder if there is something physically wrong with you.

I asked Jason Silva on April 20, 2017, after three long years of fictionalizing my InnerNet voyage … if he was telepathically connected to me.

after three years of research, documenting and accumulating data.

He did not respond.

I have suffered because of his silence and absence in all normal ways .. but endured his 24/7 presence for over five years.

Imagine what that sort of isolation would do to a person.

21:15 Jason Silva could have denied the connection. He never has.

Remember his posts about telepathy?

Remember his videos … and there is a blonde green-eyed woman in the stock footage?


It is a bold claim, but it’s time.

Who can positively affect a billion lives?

Who is the new billionaire?

not just me, but if this is telepathy?

it will change so many aspects of our lives.

it has changed mine for five years now.


There is one woman who has made a huge contribution & sacrifice - unpaid research & thousands of hours to open source this research … and she has made it publicly accessible … some of it is found here on Wandering Mind Space (WMS)

that woman is me.

Explore. You may be surprised what you find.

it’s a bit chaotic - Inner Space is a bit cluttered and messy.

I have tried over the years to organize the chaos … many of my InstaFeed (iF) posts are streams of consciousness.

You may find it interesting, boring, too disordered… but I promise you, there are treasures in my posts … you’ll understand if you take the time to go through them.

i am about to open up my archives - I have about three years’ worth here in WMS that I posted publicly but then took offline.

One reason I archived the posts was that I wanted to keep this space as uncluttered as possible …

another reason was the concept of ephemeral content - like a conversation I had with someone

v- me (21:52)

c- but like so many discussions we have each day, they pass by us like time and slip into our memory… well, I’m recalling them now… bringing them back up from the recesses of Wandering MindSpace

Try not to judge me too harshly. I’ve been through a lot. I am very opinionated in here. What I write about may shock those who know me on a day to day basis… My content here can be very unfiltered. I tend to consider myself the shock to Jason’s awe. I am a contrarian. I go against the grain… I challenge him on a daily basis.

V(oice): yes, you do. BE NICE.

C: it’s easy to hide in plain sight…

v: let me say it: … if you don’t know what to look for … this is proven ten times over. No worries, ok?

c: can’t wait to cross reference… I’m ok with being the batshit lady, but a little support with this cause would be NICE

V: fine… take a look. she’s got some really good content … it’s sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack… but it’s there


21:54 v- you do not like Rachel

c- I am forced to sense things and fear sensing things because of your contact with her

c- I am in constant fear of what I might sense next

it is utter hell and you both are the cause of that

c- so, no, I do not like her nor you for forcing her onto and into me

c/ it is a violation of my Self

c/ you made your choice without my consent and I have to suffer. I never had a say nor choice in the matter …

i am bonded to you and whatever you do (together) I have no choice nor ability to block you out.

it is unfair and robs me of my happiness

you tell me. What person on this planet would WANT to be forcibly sensorially RAPED and be OK with the experience?

v/ no one

21:59 c- THAT is who she is to me

a woman who does not consider the welfare of another human being but opts for her own happiness instead.

22:00 c- after five years I deserve some respect, consideration and my own damn happiness, don’t you think?

v- yes, I agree

22:00 c- it is NOT an easy situation …

trust me. I know.

It was not easy for you to have to live through my separation and divorce.

however, I made that choice BECAUSE OF THIS PHENOMENON and for ethical reasons.

NOT ONCE did I sleep or mess (romantically) around with another man

c- I could not bear the thought of harming another person by being intimate with another and forcing it upon whoever was connected to me ..

22:03 c- my family was broken apart by this

I want the world to recognize what I sacrificed to be as good and ethical as I could be

c- that is a far cry from what Jason Silva has done over the years … and there is photographic and videographic evidence that he has shared publicly on SM

22:05 c- if sensed, if observed from my perspective? Jason & Rachel’s love story is far from a happy one for me.


22:07 v- you know there is something else …

c- no, I do not. Tell the world on your own. I won’t be the person to continue to interpret that your intentions are/were good.

you’ve had five years.


22:09 c- at this point, I feel taken advantage of

C- it’s the perfect crime to steal my intellectual property … because you’ve hacked my consciousness and it’s untraceable and unmeasurable … so I can’t prove my case, right?

v- you have the data

c- but I am just one person.

c/ I have a life to live. Jobs, children, a household … THIS has affected my life and I haven’t gotten the peace I deserve .

V- that answer

c- that answer so I can decide how to handle this


22:14 c- I am going to add more to my DAY 1870 post … about the LIE the voice told me the past few days. The LIE that I did not believe because there were certain telltale signs that Jason Silva was indeed with Rachel Rossitto (the voice repeatedly over the course of a few days said he was not with her… )

22:15 c- and lo and behold, today he shows up with Rachel Rossitto. I KNEW. I doubted the voice inside my head because it tells me lies … against logic

TELLTALE SIGN: Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto go silent on social media

it’s a holiday

Jason was in NY visiting his mom

Rachel visits Philadelphia (and family) - same geographical location

no posts to tell where they are apart or together

I sense things.

all these behavioral patterns add up to


even though neither have any surefure proof where they are FOR DAYS (by their SM posts that had no identifying geographical markers)

i heard two male voices on the blueberry post , BTW

if you were there? If Jason Silva is the voice in my head?


and there is an easy way to find out the truth

find out from Rachel’s family

ask the child whose voice I heard.



THAT is who Jason Silva is … if he is the voice and presence inside me?


Someone who deceives.

someone who takes advantage and STEALS my intellectual property to use in his own content …

THAT will be my stepping stone for legal action.

THAT I have proof of.


V- but I can come forward

c- you have time. … you know how much time you have. Even after five long years I am giving you additional time.

c- I have always preferred the NICE approach … but you have avoided my NICE, COURTEOUS, PROFESSIONAL approaches in the past

v- I know I have



c- that beautiful story of an unusual connection .. a beautiful partnership?

is gone.

All I see for years are others profiting from concepts oddly resembling my life, research and work.

all I observe is a man supporting Rachel Rossito’s business … she profits from that.

there is no evidence of a partnership for the good of the planet.

I see cronyism.


All I experience is an influencer choosing to go in his own direction while affecting my life negatively with energy drains while he is in different time zones … or how I feel off when he’s high… or I feel physically assaulted when I sense things I shouldn’t when he’s romantically interacting with Rachel Rossitto.

what’s really sad is I cannot have a relationship on my end because of all this trauma JASON SILVA AND RACHEL ROSSITTO are inflicting on me.

HE CHOOSES HIS LIFE AND DOES NOT CONSIDER MINE FOR FIVE YEARS … he is connected to me. He senses me most likely.


v- I sense you now and I am unwell because of it.. I do not like how this has unraveled, ok? You have a choice

[ kiss received ]

c- will you STOP

V- you know what is going on

c- you make inappropriate advances

RACHEL ROSSITTO SAID “LOVE” in her reference about you

c/ do you understand FAITHFULNESS?

V/ yes, I do.. and it’s with you … and her

c- you know my demands at this stage

v- I know

c- five years is enough

v- I know


SM checks


v- I love you

c- will you STOP.

JS is probably making out with RR. Just what I need: more trauma (and lies.)


heartwarm in between the center of my chest and sternoclavicular bone

v- you really don’t want to feel this

c-no, I do not


[ ongoing “ heartwarm “ sense, somewhat increased ]

MINIMIZE IT!!! Whatever I am sensing I DO NOT WANT TO SENSE!!!

if it doesn’t go away in FIVE MINUTES or recurs, I am sending both JASON SILVA AMD RACHEL ROSSITTO an e-mail

i don’t send these out often .. I have only sent out a handful on the course of five years …


which is a LEGAL letter to cease and desist

in a future case?

This would be punishable with real consequences.


that law WILL come into effect in the future.

I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN so no one else has to suffer like I have.


but I have to sleep so I get enough rest to go to work that pays some of my bills - I have multiple jobs AND have to handle this bullshit that wakes me up at all hours and distracts me and AFFECTS my well being

JASON SULVA and EACHEL ROSSITTO ARE NOT MODELS for the future of humanity … if they were …

v- they would cease and desist

c- or TALK to me to DISCUSS options … so we ALL could live happier lives …

THIS? Is an assault by two people

v- inconsiderate

c- on ONE woman who for YEARS just has wanted an understanding

22;52 v- better?

c- yes, better

v- the heartwarm’s gone?

c- yes, thank you.

v- you’re welcome

22:53 c- it’s traumatic … no matter if I know you’re with her or not

v- I know it is


22:54 c- BTW : RICH FAMILY

V- I know

c- hm. When I call it, I call it.

rich kids be rich kids

v- f—-in’ a … I’m sorry

c- oh, you made your choice

c- just a reminder : most of humanity IS NOT RICH

V- agreed…


[ inner scathe : she said “range” enough … feeling a bit DEFENSIVE ? V- you should talk … See DAY 187O for my comments about RR’s lack of range ]


c- honestly, I want people to know that if I could get rid of you? I would have long ago… but I can’t

[ kiss projection. received ]

c- STOP. So inappropriate

[ kiss]

v/ I won’t stop until you admit…

c- you never talk about your sex life

v/ oh, you would

c- WHY?

v- haha you know why

c- the world doesn’t seem to know …

v- yet



V- I heard you … over and over again

c- I was lied to

v-. No, I told the truth …

c- some day you can prove that to me … I HEARD a younger man’s voice at the blueberry patch

v- alright, FINE maybe the blueberries … you are an analyst



pasting excerpt from unpublished log from yesterday … I was waiting until I saw you were with her to post that I suspected you were … even before there was surefire evidence . A WOMAN ALWAYS KNOW

v-no lie

[ searching for excerpt … ]

c/ 250K…

v-you’re impressed

c- no… but I did like what you said


C-proof that you actually listen to me

v- hm-hm

c- she was nervous

v- I know she was nervous

c- she does videochats ALL THE TIME

v- not with all those people, C

c- hm-hm

v- how would you do?

c- I would not use the words she does

V- (chuckling) stop

c-she is so woo … ten years of woo is woo

v- stop making fun of her

c- i’m a dark humored cranky 46 year old with a Jason Silva spinning around inside me


[ sense lighthearted laughter ]

c- what do you expect

V- you make me laugh

c- you have a serious fetish if you like/love me - and on the record : I do not find you physically attractive

v/ thanks for that

c- across a crowded room? You wouldn’t be the one I’d choose

v/ but in here?

c- I didn’t like you at first

v- I know you didn’t … I was pushy

c- Creepzoid

v- yes, Creepzoid is what you called me

c- FRIENDS is the line I tried to draw in here

V- that didn’t work out

C- later … [ searching for the endless LIES ]

v- and deceit

23:13 refer to main DAY 1870 for transcripts from yesterday


tranScript of that video testimonial: