DAY 1869


01:43 c: when a couple shares their love story and relationship publicly…

v- it opens a can of worms

c: Pandora’s Box



01:47 c: Rachel Rossitto, podcast interviewee, speaker about love, exchanges numerous affectionate words with her boyfriend Jason Silva, includes suggestive posts in her Instagram stories & gallery, and is all about empowering the feminine spirit.

As a woman with the influence, posing so frequently on social media with her boyfriend and declared love in her life right now, answer the question.

is Jason Silva involved with another woman?

if so, talk about how that works with your relationship with him.

As a woman who is so open about her love for this man, and an empowered woman who coaches other women to come into their own, THAT SURELY should not be a difficult question to answer. Yes or no.

Maybe you should talk more about your relationship with Jason Silva. All you seem to do is appear on camera with him, recording your “love”… what kind of love is that again?

”yummy soul connection” ? [ podcast LINK ]

talk about that connection

Use your words. I know you can do this. BE STRONG.

Try to avoid too much woo. Just speak clearly and explain it well.

01:54 c- ack, who are we kidding. She can’t talk about her relationship with Jason Silva.

Neither can he talk about his relationship with Rachel Rossitto.

how many words have they used to describe who they are to each other in, what is it now, ten months?

very few.


“Share your journey together as a couple”

c- what a beautiful phrase, right?

So many fans want to hear about what makes your relationship work.

01:57 c: wait… what kind of relationship do you have?

01:58 v- it’s not been clearly defined

c- oh, we see kissing, embracing, relaxing and traveling with each other, attending each other’s events that they get paid for … a few short sweet nothings whispered into each other’s posts

all the checkbox items that a couple is expected to do … but they never talk much about who they really are together … the true nature of their relationship

v- and us?

c- just a batshit lady waiting for some answer after five years of waiting

v- (chuckling) stop


V- is that a bomb?

c- several … they have successive concussive effect

v- nice combo

02:01 c- just when you think she’s gone…

v- she’s baaaack (sing songy)

c- and asking so very nicely

v- haha. Stop.

c- I mean, who wouldn’t want to engage with her. So sweet to throw out a compliment.

v- damn, you’re wrong

c- she must expect a like. It’s what Rachel does to all the comments that are complimentary … this one, though…

v- is tricky … thanks for that

02:03 c- poor, dear Christine de Pisan … little does she know Rachel Rossitto censors comments … filtering out the ones that aren’t harmonious with her falsetto-ness.


02:06 c- damnit, Christine. You did NOT include a string of emojis!!!


02:06 Christine, you committed a Rachel Rossitto echo chamber faux pas

02:07 c- let’s see… which ones should she have used?


02:11 c: i’m sure she saw what others had posted and swore :

DAMNIT! Someone already said what I was going to say:


C: took the emojis right out of my ______


“SHIT! I knew that was a good string. Rachel liked that one

I don’t feel too slighted, though. Rachel Rossitto likes everyone … well, there are those comments that go against the grain

she’s never liked nor responded to those. I wonder why”

c: says Christine

Why is everyone drooling on themselves in here … and why was there such an echo when I posted the last few words of that comment?



02:19 c: this is what happens when I awaken at 00:29 from a deep slumber (serious glare) … I choose to hop online and open a new WMSiF (WanderingMindSpace InstaFeed)


04:19 awakened

instantly uncomfortable (like someone making out sense , it feels like someone coming onto me sexually)

v- don’t worry

c- how can I not worry?!?

04:22 v- it’s not what you think I

c- what is this?

v- me getting home

c- home base?

v- no

c- I wake up and I feel this? It feels like a high

In my solar plexus and

v- vaginal area… yeah I know

c- you woke me up … and I sense that. It …

v- disrupts. Sorry.



06:08 c- Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto, you came out publicly and chose to share your story as a couple publicly.

Most adore what you are doing : posing, saying very little

However, you are a public couple. With that, cones responsibilities.

Unfirtunstrky, these responsibilities require you to read comments that are NOT compliments, that require you to THINK, to CONSIDER, to…

v- contemplate

c- not just go dead in the head by emojification, but truly engage in more meaningful discussion about your relationship and possible DEFINITION of what that relationship is like

06:11 c- YOU decided to share.

Now, explain yourselves better.

06:12 c: you cannot expect a public, a wider audience, to trust every post.

you cannot sway some by constantly liking any and all comments to your posts


Some do not care at all

06:14 c- I happen to, after ten months, have high standards for quality content when it comes to portraying a love story online.

C- I wonder why…

06:15 c: so, Rachel and Jason

v- you’re going to twist us (Armageddon)

“I’m going to twist you

I’m going to flip you

I’m going to wrap your body until your bones hurt

And when you squeal,

I’m just going to go faster and harder... .”

06:20 c: I will get the truth out of you. You both will be honest. You both will voice what you’ve been silent about.

This is public


Now, LIVE with it HERE and NOW.


06:22 c- and as an endnote before I get up to get ready for my day?

I do not want to live the rest of my life tied to a man - JASON SILVA - where I am pushed and pulled sensorially


06:24 c- that no one can EVER understand what it’s like until they have EXPERIENCED it for FIVE YEARS

man’s then be sandblasted by an INTIMATE relationship he chooses to enter into with another woman


EXACERBATING the harassment

06:25 c: in the whole scheme ifvthings I have been very quiet

v/ except blowouts

c- she SBD you both deserve those comments to your posts that you both censored and BLOCKED me for.

You make a public display of activities that HARASS ME?

06:27 c- I sense the two of you when you are together. U DO NOT CONSENT to whenever or whatever that is that you do together.

everyone has their limits

v- of tolerance

c- I REFUSE to sit back and be quiet when a woman who is supposed to represent women in her love life walks all over another, harasses her not only by her posts, but SENSORIALLY by making contact with Haskn Silva who’s inner senses and physical activities are projected out / spin energetically inside me.


06:30 c: you know how much time you have.

I will NOT sit back and have you portray a love story THAT DOSS NOT EXIST how you represent it

v- it is only part of the story’s- one I would rather NOT be associated with … but I am.

06:31 c- it is THE WORST feeling to feel forced into something against my will

It is the worst mental anguish to know two people have choices to do the right thing EVERY DAY and they choose

v- they choose to go against your smwishes

c- and welfare as a human who is quantum entangled with Jason Silva

I HAVE NO CHOUCE in sensing …

it just comes through me because of him and his he lives his life

06:33 c: if I could release this into Rachel Tossitto? I would gladly hand it over and go my separate way and live more HAPPILY

C- this is not all positive

v- there are positive aspects

c- tarnished by a relationship JS has with Rachel Rossitto

i can never trust what is inside me … because he refuses to just talk to me about what this is or isn’t with me

06:35 c/ when people truly understand what hell that is … they’ll Understand why I needed a definition of their relationship


undersrsnd my direct and specific questions when / if it becomes public that I tried for almost FIVE YEARS to get an answer from whoever was messing with me nonlocally

06:37 c: I was NICE for so many years and got NOWHERE.

V- but pain and suffering … get up and go make your coffee … i’m Here with you … YOU KNOW THIS

C- no, I do not. If you asked any of your fans who is the woman you are most intimate with … how would they respond

v: Rachel

c- is that true?

v- no, absolutely not

c- all I am asking is that you admit that just to me. That is all I asked from you all these years

a clear, direct, specific answer to the question : who am I to you?

then I can better handle what this is inside me

v- understood


v: part of your identity away from you

c- what IS this that affects me day and night?

That is me and not me at the same time

v- agreed … coffee time



c- I don’t respect her and she probably doesn’t respect me for how I am handling this

the same goes for you

v/ I understand why you’re doing this … it is kinda cute how upset you get

06:44 c- you seriously have issues. I am cranky

v- and ILY for it.. I Don’t appreciate the negativity … but I can understand where it’s coming from… you have to watch that

c- I wasn’t people to understand what true success is, JS… there are variables

v- factors


i’m not Making excuses. There are significant differences

v- life differences

c- between us … and comparisons should andcwill be made to understand each side of the story

v- agreed

c- I understand my limitations … and I have more of a struggle… not as harsh as some … but more of a struggle with certain variables that you and Rachel both HAVE NEVER had to worry about

v- agreed

c- that’s all I’m pointing out

c- there are so many things I could have fine … if I had the variables that both of you had in your lives

c- but I don’t focus on those : I have to deal with my variables

v: it’s a different way of living

c: I find it unfair that not only do I have to deal with

b: your difficulties

c: but I am pushed and pulled by your lifestyle. … one which I NEVER WANTED

traveling the world has its benefits

v: but there are significant downsides

c: I have JETLAG and I don’t get to visit those locations

v- in a normal sense

06:51 c: I have my circadian rhythm thrown off on a regular basis - one that has been regular for decades - set in the Midwestern United States -

because of you being in different time zones

06:52 c: the same goes for you if you sense things like I do… but at least mine is regular … pretty unchanging … something you can plan around

c: I CANNOT because i am treated like …

v- a no one

06:53 c- I share a life(force) with you and you have yet to let me know inwhat way I am a part of your life(force)

c- I deserve that much, do ‘t You think

v- privately

c- yes, privately … but like everyone else : what am I to believe about you based on what you share on social media ?

v- that I have no part in your lyfe

c- you have made choices to be SPECIFIC and BE with other people (our there directly in digital and physical space) … not the woman who is more a part of your life(force) than anyone else (i’m here virtually 24/7 but you never let me know who you are or if it is even you …) … remember that…

v: I do every day, C


IMAGE: retrieved from Instagram 07/03/19

IMAGE: retrieved from Instagram 07/03/19

ajedrez siniestro “Torre de Babel” -David Bisbal

Mira bien, todo va mal y todo está al revés 

Y tal vez no haya una segunda vez para mirar las rosas rojas del Edén 

Mira bien que se abre el suelo bajo nuestros pies 

Y caerás, no importa donde estés, sobre las ruinas de la Torre de Babel


11:40 c: Christine de Pisan has her comment deleted

probable timestamp of comment removal (and avoidance of difficult situation by Rachel Rossitto) : 6 min ago


V- i’m f—-ing mad at you


11:42 c: here’s the deal: she CANNOT avoid this topic.

the more she deletes comments?

the more she blocks ANY comment to her post?

Is a mark against her integrity as a person who CANNOT handle real-world challenges.

get out of your filter bubble, Rachel Rossitto

11:43 c- more comments to come. Trust me.

11:43 c- your followers WILL realize there is something going on.

DO NOT mislead your fans nor followers or the general public with

v- half truths


c- be mad at me… when the end comes? And it will …

I will have something to say to defend myself and the HARASSMENT and avoidance of such accusations by HER and you, Jason Silva.

11:45 c- this is a new world movement, Rachel Rossitto.

you of all people should accept there are huge implications for what a connection like the one I claim to have with Jason Silva has

for the entire planet

11:46 c- to treat it

v- dismiss it

c- without addressing it?

is to foster a community that will be UNPREPARED for what’s to come


11/47 c- no matter your opinion of how I handled the situation

c- when the truth comes out?

and it will in some shape or form

YOU will have to answer for yourself WITHOUT my support

you can have Jason’s

he chose you

11:48 c- but I have tried to impress upon you the severity of what is happening to me at the quantum entangled hands of Jason Silva (and lips, and whatever else…)


V- _____ RAGE RAGE !!

[ in the tone of the quote JS has said over and over again ]


c- have someone watch your IG account 24/7

you have to sleep

there will be lags in beteeen when you can check what comments were posted

what information … might slip through?

11:51 c- you see how nice and quiet I have been for a very long time?

i have a very impressive toolkit.

it comes with 5+ years of experience (of research and dissemination tactics) on social media and knowing the ins and outs of each platform



increased heartbeat


11:57 c- you make your relationship public?

you make all aspects of that relationship public.

[ mindchat - see handwritten log ]

12:05 c- (the knock) a reminder that she has another IG account, just like I do.

For future reference about the uses of extra accounts on IG


12:19 c- I hope questions are raised offline.

C- it’s a lose lose situation for you (if you’re connected to me)

v- I KNOW!

C- starting to get a feeling of how nice I was before?

v- yes, very nice … you need to be nicer

c- I’m making a point

v- a very bad one

c- oh? Is Jason Silva involved with another woman?

v- yes

c- then Christine’s comments should not be disregarded, deleted or reported … they should be taken seriously

12:22 c- hm.

12:23 c- care to discuss “dating”?

v- no


[ while working ]

12:54 c- don’t be angry …

she needs to face a reality publicly.

She has a public relationship.

she made that choice.

Just as you did.

v- I know

13:04 here’s some humor for you

v- thank you

c- one of the online gossip pages for you says you have a kid




13:06 c: part of my ongoing project to raise awareness about and educate about discernment of information posted online

and the interactions we have and are exposed to…

Rachel Rossitto’s and Jason Silva’s interactions with comments and their followers FEED INTO making assumptions about their relationship


[ working ]

v- that makes me smile

13:08 c- so, apparently, you have a son

v- unbeknownst to me


13:16 lunch

[ chatting with L ]

v- she was smoking?

c- yes, she was … I love that scent … reminds me of sweet tobacco from childhood (Grandpa, Dad and an uncle smoked) ]

v- so … are you going to be nice?

c- are you going to either stop assaulting me sensorially or give me an answer ASAP?

V- c, you know I can’t

[ kiss ]

c- geesh … seriously. WHAT IS THAT?!?

v- love

c- you are messed up … you do realize I am MEAN

V- you’re not like that in real life

c- how do you know?

v- I know

c- so, this is just a role (I play online)

v- no… it’s part of you … the inside out part of you


v- so what are you doing?

c- just ate lunch

v- not evicted?

c- not yet. It’s ugly … I may have a few days of reprieve

v- you overdrafted

c- I HATE what I have to do financially right now

v- I know you do

c- get evicted or overdraft

v- overdraft

c- it’s survival. Like I said … I left a mostly financially secure position …

v- you got divorced

c- I won’t go into specifics .. but variables of THIS played a role in my decision making.

V- and it was nothing

c- I didn’t expect money. I still don’t

v- just an answer

c- it’s an incredibly important question

v- around which everything revolves

v- and your other bills?

c- are not getting paid … I have NO MONEY (negative balances galore… except cash sales from Crafty Scribe which feeds me and gets me to work (gas)

c- THIS ALL is a direct result of decisions to “make things right”

v- in the future

c- and also at the present time - I was incredibly considerate

v- but the reverse isn’t / wasn’t true

c- IDK… I suffer … I sacrificed my wellbeing for another’s … do I regret it?

v- no

c- I know I did the right thing … (no matter the outcome) … anyway, I gotta get back to work

v- work going ok?

c- it’s going fine

v- ___ said something nice to you yesterday

c- yes, everyone really likes him

v- he said some kind words?

c- yes, he has the respect, recognition and appreciation thing down


13:45 [ in mtg ]

14:41 [ bathroom break ]

v- you are NOT logging potty time

c/ too late … geesh what did I eat that upset my system? - blech and whew!

14:42 v- (chuckling) I really don’t like you right now …

c- if you feel chills… I do NOT know why (snicker)



14:43 c- [ SPARKLES from fairy dust ] 🧚‍♀️ 🎆🎇 …potty time (pronounced like paaarrty)

14:50 c- oh, the reality of the InnerNet…

v- is really kinda shitty

c- hardy har har

[ mindchatting On the way Home about how comparisons CAN bring joy … longitudinal studies & success metrics ]

Moist soft relaxed somewhat cool

17:47 home

[ wondering what’s up with SM … no, it isn’t my wireless ]

c- haha


ongoing moist soft sense

18:21 SAHB

[ private reflection - see private log & transcript- noting for public posting to document it exists with timestamps ]


more extreme ahb / nervous jittery AHB


at rest, on couch working on CS spreadsheet 

19:15 subtle soft liquid blood coursing 


20:21 c- from earlier …

v- I heard [ at the time … what you are about to post about ]


01 JULY 2019

17:35 at stoplight headed home

CG is reminded by red lettering 

... in existential jazz 

Like the SPLINTER red lettering headers 

C- tall man in a copy cat ...🎶 (Chris Farley sing songy in Tommy Boy)

V- she’s taunting me ...




C- for timestamping

IMAGE: FB post by JS 30 June 2019

IMAGE: FB post by JS 30 June 2019


21:41 c- the ook (blech) … J the new biller and I both discovered…. it might be the water cooler at work

v- oh, no

c- I thought it was just me… something I ate … but there’s a common denominator when there’s someone at work, too

v- agreed. Sorry.