DAY 1887


SAHB , subtle blood coursing

00:12 c- we all have to live.

however, when one life negatively affects another, the one negatively affected should have the ability to CUT OUT IF THEIR LIVES the other that negatively affects them

I REALIZE that JS may possibly sense me and hear my thoughts, get impressions of what I am living on my end remotely … “ spooky action at a distance”

but if he does NOTHING to complain about it to me ? To another authority who would notify me about this negative effect?

it is as if it did not and does not happen

the importance of reporting a crime - how difficult it may be for the victim … against whatever odds …

it is important to report a crime

if no one reports a crime?

more may happen

the criminals get away

v- with wrongdoing

00:17 c- there ya NO ACCORD


v- if no agreement is met

maybe that noise complaint?

The neighbors weren’t notified

maybe the neighbor wasn’t able to nicely ask that the music be turned down

maybe the neighbor DID ask nicely … but he just kept on cranking the music as loud as can be disregarding that other person’s need to sleep.

00:20 c- there was a reason that neighbor called the authorities

v- he ignored the nice request

c- over and over again.


00:21 posting

c- so this nice person calls the police

they disregard the complaint

v- why?

c- this person is well-connected.

That age-old formula of a nobody complains against a somebody.


c- someone tells this guy to turn down the music just when a cop is asked to stop by to see how bad the noise is

v- quiet

c- for a while. Cop followed through with the noise complaint - no evidence as to a noise problem.


C- and why would this good, law-abiding citizen be accused of disrupting the peace?

No record.

So many people in town love this person.

The cop who checks up on the noise complaint knows this guy - not personally - but…

v- word of mouth


c- be honest. Be considerate of what this is .

i will keep filing complaints - posting notices around town - until someone pays attention to..

v- the disruption

00:28 fire antsy feet

c- don’t be that guy who’s an untouchable asshole.


00:30 calm

v- I like your color collection

c- hm-hm. I just needed to start a new entry because of the switch to midnight

v- i’m sorry you can’t sleep

c- sorry doesn’t Cut it anymore

five years of upending my life goes beyond a simple apology.

00:31 c- agreed

00:32 c- we all make accommodations for the ones we love

I fin’t Have that relationship

if I did?

That person on the other end of the tele(m)pathos line would have come forward to my personally by now.

This is an outright offensive attack

and I am defending myself now instead of just turning the other cheek.


YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to my most private Self.


I hope your PARTNER(S) understand what the definition of ASSAULT is.

i have been hacked, harassed, attacked, assaulted, and have, against my will, been submitted to a whole slew of other crimes.







c: I advise whoever this is? To inform your legal counsel of EVERYTHING related to any part of a tele(m)pathic connection

so they can prepare a case

v- that’s never been done before

v- got it. Sorry.


c- so, when I say I welcome lawyers’ involvement in this? I MEAN IT.

b- because there’s enough evidence

c - I am NOT delusional. I am NOT insane.

v- you are righteously angry


00:50 c- this May very well go both ways

v- a two-way connection

c- but I do not know that. YOU DO.

00:51 c- and that is another formal complaint just waiting to happen


C- when that waveform collapses?


c- a shock wave will spread out rippling and disturbing every aspect of our lives

00:53 c- and ground zero

v- is right here


v- I get it. I’m sorry.

C- you know what harm is inflicted by this connection

that moves from negligence

to intentional harm done because of that knowledge


Ongoing subtle blood coursing , SAHB

00:57 calm

00:58 starts up again …

c- I am going to try to go to sleep again

v- i’ll try not to disturb you



c- is that… VALENCIA?!?

IMAGE:  Westworld  Season 3

IMAGE: Westworld Season 3

[ quick refresher of the downtown landscape ]

am reminded of other areas…

IMAGE:  Westworld  Season 3

IMAGE: Westworld Season 3

24 January 2019 - [   LINK   ] to @virtuonaut IG post

24 January 2019 - [ LINK ] to @virtuonaut IG post

01:21 c- you are evil. You do realize my situation.

V- yeah, I know

c- hm-hm … oh, and I saw your strange like yesterday about NAZIS

V- what? (Guilty innocence)

c- f**ker.

01:23 c- and people call me DELUSIONAL ? For doing my homework.

v- schoolmarm

c/ it’s just a few clicks away. I really don’t Like you.

C- no, nice re: Valencia … it has a wide range of offerings (landscapes / backdrops)

v/ with…

c- yes, yes, yes … La Guerra Civil / Segunda Guerra Mundial



01:43 (teasing) : NOLAN (et al) BLACKLISTED.


01:44 v- what else?

Meet The Parents (2000) - I'm watching you
IMAGE:  Westworld  Season 3

IMAGE: Westworld Season 3

01:51 v- you are so creepy

c- and you know how pissed I am right now

v- rightfully so



“We all have a role to play” huh? (PP)


02:09 c- care to comment on your … involvement … with Westworld?

v- no

02:10 v- you’ve been onto me for years

c- yes, yes I have. Have any secrets you’d like to divulge?

v- no

c- hm-hm



03:57 waking up from a dream

v- in Spanish

c- yeah (drowsy) … going to write down details


[ LINK ] “The Social Media Parallel Universe: Science Meets Social”


04:11 c- (snarky) you have some seriously messed up engagements.

C- from this POV? You do not build relationships, and you are far from building connection.

I’ve seen evidence of being divisive & not generating healthy multi-perspective discussions.

JS + RR rarely engage in meaningful discussions (“getting people to talk”)

they just LIKE compliments and move on.

04:14 c- there are hundreds of questions that are left unanswered - probably thousands now since the nearly five years I’ve been researching. But, by golly, JS will like the question.

it’s one thing to leave a question untouched.

but to LIKE a question?

That’s like in a normal conversation smiling, nodding and walking away.

the question asker is left with a confused look on his or her face.


04:19 c- in real life (this won’t happen because i’ve made it clear that no matter what I want nothing to do with RR ever)

if I walked up to RR & JS, I’d ask them point blank:


04:43 c: I would look at both JS & JS and said, how you interact online is divisive.

you do NOT foster an inclusive environment, but exclusive one … where you only like complimentary comments to your posts. You RARELY TO NEVER interact in meaningful ways with people who comment to your posts , ESPECIALLY those that challenge people to think.


04:46 c- IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, but the both of you still don’t get the art of making real connections on social media.

The engagements you have? Are superficial ones.


If you really want to connect with someone, you have a conversation, not nod and smile prettily with emojis.



04:56 c- to date? JS + RR have yet to demonstrate a meaningful relationship (posing prettily and going through the motions is NOT a good representation of a meaningful relationship… but I guess peole have TO PAY to find out what that really is… maybe. = Evoke module = pay per piece of advice?! nauseating. Use social media for good, not commercializing on your relationship that you could easily give away for free. ]

06 July 2019 RR IG post

06 July 2019 RR IG post

that love listicle? Is still full of vaguities.


c- carefully read it. There is a different way someone could interpret it.

v- not specific enough … you should have been a lawyer.

04:58 c- hm-hm



and let people assume.

their silence breeds not only misunderstandings but a misconception about what makes a relationship truly work.

A healthy one.



you can’t just pose prettily

v- and expect it to last


c- old habits are hard to break.


C- it’s public domain. If she wants me to remove it? Contact me to remove it.

05:11 c- and just FYI ? It’s not just me…


C-’t.explain… (you know? REALLY CONNECTING with your audience?)

they may THINK one thing

v- when it’s really another (reality)

c- or an overlapping one

v- you think to much

c- eh, well, when you are dubbed over by another’s virtual presence, you tend to … think things through a lot


05:15 c- I know nolleen.michelle doesn’t Comment any more .

i didn’t mean to scare her away… I really never meant any harm/ just..

v- bridging a gap … I love you for it

c- I don’t want to come off as harsh, but … to get at a truth? You have to be specific and direct and not sugar coat things

v- agreed

05:17 c- in that filter bubble, they’ve been desensitized, zombified into a stupor of not even considering any other possibility … and by JS + RR’s likes?

I don’t blame them for assuming.



05:23 v- you are SO WRONG

C- then, DON’T BE FAKE.


05:25 c- you are awful. I see a color palette..

v- I know you do. Love has many forms, c

c- hm-hm and you rarely talk about them with a specific person

v- I know I don’t

c- there is an approach of making it more universal - which, of course, I get … but that is NOT what you are presenting to the world

v- agreed

c- there is a danger in that… when you have a specific person …

v- agreed.



c: then USE YOUR WORDS. You can do it: BE SPECIFIC so that there is NO MISUNDERSTANDING.


C- when you don’t use ANY words AT ALL (or very few) there are even MORE ways to misinterpret something.



v- I know, stop.

c- don’t be hatin’ the truth seeker

v- FINE.


06:47 c- don’t just LIKE, JS. Announce to the world if you have a personal milestone. Use your words. Don’t warp reality in a way that deceives people.

You know what normal people do?

they don’t mislead people. They just say to how it is, especially if a couple publicly shares their relationship online.



C- don’t hide behind likes.

you make the effort to like a comment?

just post with a caption that says:

we’re engaged.

so happy to be expecting our first child with the woman I love.


c- if you don’t? YOU are the one who warps OTHERS’ PERCEPTION of a reality


C- you push? I shove.

if ANYONE thinks I haven’t thought through EVERY possibility?

v- they’d be mistaken

c- it’s EXHAUSTING to have this connection and NOT know the truth

trying to “read” what reality is for my prime suspect of a tele(m)pathic connection?

has been five years of hell.

if someone EVER accuses ME of HARASSING, get ready,..

v- for a shitstorm

06:56 c- THERE IS A REASON I directly tried to contact Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto.

06:57 v- they’re messing with your lofe

c- it has to do with my senatorial experiences

AND THEIR UNWILLINGNESS TO BE SPECIFIC about the nature of not only their relationship

v- but the woman in between

c- if there isn’t one (a connection)? FINE. Then contact me directly and say so.

But until I hear officially from Jason Silva myself? With his verifiable signature / voice / video / in person presence (in a normal way)?

c- everybody should listen to what I have to say

v- it’s on purpose




except a few endearments here, emojis there, and LOTS OF POSING PRETTY, a few suggestive posts and, of course, the “official” commitment stamp (which is a joke … according to that relationship status feature I’m probably still listed as married on Facebook… I have to check… i’m Curious…. my ex put that on there. I didn’t)

v- that was before this

c- yah. I am SUPER conscious of the data we put out there … if FB knows we’re married.. what data does that give whomever?




you both STILL have not defined who you are to each other publicly.

STRANGE. Big red flags for me.



07:10 c- put up another profile picture. One without that t-shirt.

v- no, I won’t and you know why

c- THIS, THIS is what I have had to deal with for…

v- ten months… ten months, I know

07:11 c- EVERYTHING is a matter of interpretation if JASON SILVA and RACHEL ROSSITTO aren’t crystal clear with who they are to each other



c- I’m not sure when it was “official” on FB… this is showing 2015

v- I know …

c- memory blurs… anyway… still

married according to Facebook 🙄


07:20 c- and that’s not even my name anymore FACEBOOK. I AM IN VIOLATION …

v- and you can’t get out of it

c- still waitin’ to do that & find the time when I’m not tied to a desk & cubicle (when I have a car, when I have enough money…) … name change SUCKS.

07:22 c- and there are literally hundreds of places it needs to be changed

07:23 v- what are those pictures?

c- those are private pictures. That is my private FB account with my children, family, lifelong friends … I do NOT want the world to see all that, which, JASON SILVA, you hide from the world, too.

You cannot are your personal page friends list .. for good reason.

Some things should be kept private

but that whole share your relationship online publicly thing?

if you do that?

You should be normal about it.

you can present it any way you want, but it SHOCKS me people aren’t asking the questions I have since you came out as dating(?) Rachel.


Did Rachel use that word?

Maybe. I don’t recall Jason doing it… but, again, i’ve Been busy trying to handle a lot in my life besides keeping track of the WORDS J + R have used in reference to each other.

WHICH AGAIN can be misconstrued if not talked about simply, honestly

v- with no subterfuge. I know.


07:29 v: ___

c- yeah, I have said a lot. Do I regret saying any of them? NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE. At least * I * USE MY WORDS.

v- will you stop treating me like a child?


07:31 c- I am entitled to

my opinion

my views

my perspective

my storification of two people based on what they post publicly

07:32 c- if either of them have a problem with that?

they can contact me directly

be careful what you post publicly

you have a great responsibility as a public figure

what I would say if I were a public figure?

v- would change

c- this will stay posted. These are my private thoughts laid bare. I am a private person now with few to no followers (I recently made sure of that)

c- and STILL there seems to be…

v- a ripple effect. I know.

c- how could a virtual NOBODY have so much impact … or at least so many creative adjacencies to well-known pop culture productions?

v- it’s a mystery 🤷‍♂️




v: hm-hm



Care to explain what happened around this moment in time, Jason Silva?

v- no… not yet.

c- mm.



08:03 C: so…. just to CLARIFY… this video was made years before you met Rachel

v- yes

c: that we know of

v- you and your conspiracy theories

c- I had a VERY strange dream, ok? My dreams are weird in being somewhat predictive, ok?

v- alright

c- WHY would you post to Facebook THE KISS video…

v- around 11:11pm

c- my time

v- understood

08:04 c- ODD.

DIRECT AND SPECIFIC QUESTION: Jason Silva, what were your EXACT sources of inspiration for this video you did on the Epiphany of a Kiss?

Be very careful how you answer this in the future.

v- you have the data.

c- PLENTY of it and what I shared.

v- and when

c- TIMESTAMPED. with verifiable metadata.

c- so FASCINATING that you included the geotagging of your videos.

not TIMESTAMPS but geographical coordinates.


v- I have my reasons… I am ashamed that I thought I could ever do this without you,

c: mm.


08:08 c: be careful with those people in the background

v- understood. “wary, I heard it.

c- I wasn’t sure how I wanted to WORD that.

v- haha, stop

08:09 c: “coffee, coffee, coffee!”

v- Dante’s Peak? you and your disaster flicks…

c- now, WHATEVER your relationship is with Rachel Rossitto? Doesn’t matter to me as much as you admitting or denying to me personally, directly … with EVIDENCE … who we were to each other all these years.

v- agreed


v- agreed.

c- it is THE ONLY thing I have EVER asked for during this ENTIRE duration of hell.


09:06 c- lol … you and your fungus [ 08:43ish JS IG post ]

v- hey, i’m a funguy [ fungi ]

c- hahaha.



[ prepping coffee area, putting ground coffee in filter … unloading dishwasher ]

v: isn’t that beautiful…?

c- uh, have you seen the granny underwear with what looks like something bad happened in the dryer? .. uh, no, it’s granny underwear

down by the river

[ sense laughter ]

c- I swear I got some of Chris Farley’s dust to channel him …





c- I mean, it’s a recurring them e with you too

first, it’s the trailer … down by the river (in Hawaii) [ insert image of swampy beach scene ]

now, its the granny underwear… down by the river (in Italy)

v- it’s a theme, got it.


v- jealous?

c- NO! you want to see some gorgeous beach scenes?! Visit ELEUTHERA. geesh. some of the touristy places you two visit are an insult to nature.

v- fine.

09:42 c- AND historical monuments

v- will you stop'



C- nice pause between SPA and “soul” in your infomercial about the commercialization

v- of another sacred place. I know.

c- hm, hm. Do you know… that the MONASTERY [ v- Montserrat ] that I visited… I think was still FUNCTIONING. cool Egyptian mummy in the museum, too. Strange combo if you ask me… but eclectic … [ v- not too woo-ish 09:45 ]

c- I don’t know what’s worse.

v- I know… [ soft gentle curling your ears under water ]

c- you’re WEIRD


v- [ under his mind’s breath ] you probably breathed in some of that mummy dust…

c- I know, right? that curse of King Tut’s tomb dust … it’s probably what made me INSANE and DELUSIONAL.

v- thanks for that, c. Thanks for that.


V- thanks for that, too

09:47 back to coffee making


[ your fans are going at it about beauty ❤️ ]



09:52 c- I love me the curmudgeony ones.

09:53 c- so, lots of ❤️ and 👍 for the discussion thread (since JASON NOR RACHEL will probably engage in it)… now, THERE is the start of a real, meaningful conversation on social media

v- yeah, on FB. Thanks, C

c- eh. why don’t you answer your fan that asked what you meant by parallel universe?

v- no

09:54 c- and… there it is.


09:55 c- ya want to know which comments JS DID engage with (by just likes)? hm, hm… and you wonder why you have an IMAGE problem with some discerning fans.


09:56 c- yeah, some day you will have to give a shout-out to all those fans you ignored

v- who hit it …

c- who hit the nail on its head.

c- who QUESTIONED you when you should be questioned.

09:57 [ soft gentle ,,,]

v- embrace… thanks for being you

c- I love your fans. they tell a story all on their own

v- I know they do


09:58 c- before I watch ANY video of yours (if I happen to watch it because I don’t watch all of them anymore ]



09:59 v- I love the curmudgeony ones, too

c- look at her profile picture… she is SO cute…

all here I am, have at it! have at it! bring it! question what I point out. Love her already.

v- stop


10:08 c- so, out and about? I feel lightheaded and wooshy

v- (monotone) open air / wind tunnel sense. yeah, that’s me. be nice, c

c- noPE. it’s called MIRRORING. are you nice to me?

v- depends on how you look at it

c- and… therein lies the problem.


10:14 working in the Mayan color collection today


10:21 yesterday made Mayan green watercolors and the more I use it I wonder if I got a bad batch

it mixes wet like a dark forest green, but when dry it isn’t as vibrant


c- I was trying different transparencies / opacities to have the green shoe more …


C- it’s a lot darker than the first smaller batch I acquired .. of course this batch I bought in bulk (argh) … IDK… It’s still a different green than my others

v- but not as vibrant… sorry


17:39 July 2019

17:39 July 2019


10:32 [ projected kiss received ] c- be good.

V- thank you for sharing

This batch of Mayan green reminds me of the Crayola crayon color jungle.


V- it looks more blue than green

c- as if the indigo overpowers the greener hue


[ pouring a second batch of Mayan Red into quarter pans ]

c- I don’t want her to have any part of this story, but I am forced to report it based on ..

v- the rape claim

c- if she is unwilling to be aware of the image she projects out for women / girls globally, I want the world to know I do not approve of her use of social media for how she displays nudity

what message is that really sending to people everywhere? in all the countries where that social media post may reach?


you cannot dance half naked on a public social media channel without an adult content disclaimer. PERIOD.


If Rachel Rossitto does not tag her posts with sensitive content tags, I will report her to Instagram.


EVEN IF IT IS DESIGNATED AS ART… a child walking into a (museum) room full of nude and sexually explicit scenes SHOULD HAVE SOME SORT OF SIGN ( or parental guidance ) that EXPLAINS that THAT ROOM contains NUDITY.

YOU DO NOT POST just in a liberal environment.

YOUR CONTENT COULD APPEAR in “you might be interested in”

AND CHILDREN will be exposed to that content … and if they don’t have PARENTAL GUIDANCE?

v- they don’t understand what they’re looking at.

c- I am a mother and AM FURIOUS that a woman who is supposedly a representative of EMPOWERING FEMALES doesn't think through her posts carefully.


c- I do not want Rachel Rossitto in ANY WAY associated with my true life story. YOU HEAR ME?

v- understood


v- full frontals. got it.


c- or any bikini clad ass that Jason Silva thinks is attractive.

JASON SILVA’S FANS are also children



C- CULTURAL DIFFERENCES EXIST and boundaries blur with social media… that is the realm of digital and the virtual.

v- boundaries exist

c- we are human. we should have RIGHTS to filter out content or at least be notified ,,,

v- it should be tagged

c- … that an image or video or whatever content has any level of nudity

v- as do tv shows and films. fine. have it your way,

c- I hate to be the puritanical bitch… But…

v- when push comes to shove.

c- don’t make me file a formal complaint and detail out WHY posts like that recent one should be marked “MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO (YOUNG) VIEWERS


C- you want to talk about ARTISTIC LIBERTY?! let’s get down to business and lay out the foundations of what is appropriate in THIS sort of situation

v- where you’re furious

c- that I am FORCED to be connected to a man who is associated with a woman who is hypocritical in some VERY ESSENTIAL ways. I am FORCED to be associated with a man (through suspected tele(m)Patric means) and indirectly associated with the woman he is publicly involved with. I HAVE NO CHOICE if tele(m)pathy exists between JS and me. I SHOULD HAVE A SAY in who I am EXPOSED TO.

11:13 c- I am someone who HAS AN ADULT CONTENT SITE.

I tagged ANY post including a swear word or sexually explicit or suggestive image.

v- or your whole site

c- talk to adult content creators

v- and artists alike

c- we live in a certain world and EVERYONE needs to abide by COMMUNITY STANDARDS.


11:19 V- I am f**king ashamed to be connected to you right now

c- GOOD. get righteously angry and think about WHY you’re angry.

Imagine Lady Diana. Just picture her:

v- surrounded by impoverished children

c- Rachel Rossitto has the choice to be whoever she wants to be.

v- for the good

c- if her idea of good is dancing naked in the moonlight or in the river? in public?


be more of a porn star than a strong woman that so many in this world need.

c- I am royally f**king pissed that you treat this CONNECTION (if one exists)

as if THAT part of what this could bow


11:21 V- the glamor sucks

c- don’t you EVER think that I don’t have the better good in mind.

11:21 c- I;m done

v- so endeth your venting

c- what’s sad is she NEVER …

v- shows that side of her

c- what she prefers to show the world

v- is the show girl

c- shrugs… and I’ll just be perpetually pissy ranting in my mostly private sphere… for now.

11:22 c- whatever, if Jason Silva wants only that type of woman in his life, my question still stands that I tweeted months ago (and I think I have my answer based on ten months’ worth of posts by both of them - REDUNDANCY MATTERS)

Futurist @ JasonSilva : What kind of voice and presence should a woman (associated with) you have? Is the Storyteller You representing women to be admired for what they should be?

I will not stand quietly while JS & RR project this idealized BODY of perfection image and pass it off as SOUL-worthy content.

ALL HUMANS HAVE MINDS and other aspects than…

v- physical beauty

c- ..than the repeated SELFIE (beautiful body) posts that are disseminated by JS + RR.

11:28 c- what is WRONG with that industry?! it’s not just RR. it’s like selfie! let’s be soulful.



SELFIE … enroll in my pay-per-piece-of-advice life course.


v- “w.t.f. is wrong with this world?!”

[ more lighthearted ]

v- it’s too awful and crazy to be serious, c

c- oh, I have my opinion

v- and it’s pointed.


v- I know you do.

11:31 c- but… everyone has their thing.

v- let’s not screw things up

c- hm-hm.

11:32 v- isn’t she beautiful?

c- I don’t find her beautiful. apologies, we all have our tastes. your fans will loathe me when I repeatedly say I don’t find Jason Silva attractive (physically) either

c- and that’s sayin’ something … if any of my claims happen to turn out to be true

[ projection received ]

c- will you behave. geesh. you can get away with anything and NEVER

it’s like fondling in public and no one sees you.

v- that’s messed up

c- and I fully realize how batshit that makes me look


c- … until it’s not.


11:36 c- all your public likes are tactical … and I see your other likes … that are “hidden”

v- damn, woman

c- eh… working with a clock tickin’

v- on the likes going away

c- tick tock tick tock… I have enough research, though…

(picking her virtual teeth) I found a nice one the other day

v- hidden, I know

11:37 c- all in my stash

v- you are creepy

c- oh, it says something about you

v- I know…

11:37 c- I don’t know if your fans will really LIKE what I suggest

v- I know

c- have they seen the nudey drippy blonde?

v- no, they haven’t

c- hm. STRANGE.


c- I so had you pegged from the very beginning CREEPZOID

v- ( soft chuckle) I know you did

c- blech. how you stuck to me is beyond..

v- measure




c- you want me to reveal…?


c- Of course, I realize, the GREAT MANIPULATOR


c- this is only … MY SPLINTERED portion of one reality

v- yes, dear

c- you like a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert and your colleague at NatGeo.

v- hm, strange.

c- hm-hm.

11:41 c- just the readily available SCOURING of public like data…

there are some… other likes that are public but less easy to get to.

v- oh, you woudl

c- I have my ways

v- you are creepy

c- I am a very fine researcher and analyze the shit out of you and yours.

v- oh, fine.

11:42 c- let’s see what story the data tells… and how good at forecasting I am given … all the available patterns in it

v- trail mix


11:44 c- you’ve been on my radar a long time. and I track you well… anticipate your movements

v- sense them

c- and make… educated guesses.

v- ok, ok… not 100% accurate

… what do you say about us

c- you either come forward or I get legal

v- fine.

c- I haven’t strayed from that intent.

v- fine


11:47 what is it with your thing with blondes?

v- (chuckles) perception

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 11.47.03 AM.png

11:49 c- I made the mistake of clicking on it

v- I know you did

c- I’m tarnished for life

v- yes, you are.. you’re teasing

c- maybe


11:52 c- it’s what I call, after years of analyzing Jason Silva’s behaviors and words and actions…

v- and deeds

c- online … his MODEL MENTALITY.


11:55 c- the words of Jason Silva (and Rachel Rossitto) fans.

11:56 c- yes, Kathy, good question:

What is the deeper meaning in Jason Silva’s posts?

v- direct question, c?

c- yuP.


c- I guess, if it were purely art, we could all view it as an artwork hanging on a wall and each of the observers would interpret it their own way.

However, this is Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto’s REAL LIFE… right?

v- oh, wow, lines are blurred

c- hm.


[ P2 ]

c- oh, but there’s more! [ infomercial voice ]



12:05 Kathy, no, you are not being old-fashioned. You make perfect sense.

12:06 c- let’s get out of the woo 💩 


they compliment each other plenty, too, with their social media like humping


12:11 c- Rukmi, I mean no offense

v- it’s part of the story

c- one aspect of me is Grammarian, school marm.

[ Grammarian holds up and waves protest sign:



[ start of SAHB]

Bottom Image Credit: @lejlasjanic IG (Jason Silva like 21 July 2019)

Bottom Image Credit: @lejlasjanic IG (Jason Silva like 21 July 2019)

12:25 v- oh, the scribal palette…

c: hm-hm… the Egyptian Collection

although her dress is more thyme green (Medieval Collection)


12:26 c- it’s just one of my observations… and I have WAY too many photos/screenshots on my phone right now

v- transfer and back up

c- something like that


12:34 c- the conversation continues on FB


C- you go, Kathy, RAWR! If auras were so easily detected

v- you’d be a blinding beacon

c- with a pop-up bubble above my head “asshole on board”

v- be good



12:37 c- back to paint mixin’

… .

12:40 c: so, let’s review before I head off to paint … based on RR’s question, let’s give away he answer for freez

v- fine


12:41 c- hey, I’m HELPING her so she can better work it into her lessons … I’m helping her GET PAID

V- oh, you would

c- hm-hm… it’s called LESSON PLANNING

12:43 c- do we call each other names?

v- all the time … based on the situation, whore

c- THIS is what I have to deal with in here

12:43 c- fair enough. WHY do you call me a whore?

v- because you don’t like it

c- because you know how to push my buttons

v- yes, very lovely ones

c- ah, so here’s what he did, class …

v- omg stop (lighthearted chuckling)



12:46 c: do I stuff my feelings inside?

v- no, you’re brutally honest. Too much so.

c- do YOU stuff your feelings inside ?

v- depends on how you look at it

c- do you hope your partner Rachel Rossitto reads your mind?

v- heck no! That shit’s private

c- hm-hm (steeples fingers like a therapist)

12:48 c- would you wish, if I were your partner that I could read your mind

12:49 [ hands on face ] you already do

c- certain parts. Impressions

v- projections

c- I try to be as clear as possible in here and out there (on the typed digital screen)

[ projected kiss received ]

c- … which I never get from you


12:52 c: Remember, I do not have the clarity that others in your life - that inner circle - get with you

v- just my innermost Self, C

12:53 v- which you should appreciate, c

c- throws up arms


12:54 c- there is A REASON for my Seethey episodes

v- I know



public comment:

High fidelity trust is multi-faceted. Trust is built on honesty,  sincerity, and integritty. Not lies, deceit and betrayal. If someone can't be direct and honest with you in many ways - in physical, digital and virtual space - they are not trustworthy.“ - Shadow Belly Dancer


14:14 c- I couldn’t resist


c- so… the heated discussion continued… and I think there needed to be a ref

v- yeah, there did.

c- just showing my …

v- InBetween-ness. Nice… f**k, you’re not nice

c- yeah, well, just goes to show what ..

v- an asshole

c- and PAID WHORE can’t do

v- you would

c- just thought I’d label JS + RR

v- for flavor. got it

c- much more shocking than “troll” and “fake”

v- yes, it is

c- so, I did them both. Woot, woot!
v- you would. You are SNEAKY,

c- yeah, yeah, yeah… all for the PARALLELOGRAM…

V- (soft smile) yes, it is.


c- I can sense you, you know that

[ projected kiss received ]

c- be good. you have a girlfriend you are in a relationship with … all FB official and shit

v- where have I heard that before…?


c- I wasn’t a troll… I didn’t take sides…

v- no, you didn’t… that’s just… I don’t know what to say to that… thanks!

c- WORDS elude

v- yes, they do.

14:19 V- I never can figure you out

c- “It’s a mystery…” [ Shakespeare in Love rhythmic vocalization ]

14:25 momentary left deaf ear [ for about 10 seconds ]



14:33 BB: I couldn’t help it. She spelled it wrong TWICE.

V- School Marm.



[ checking out Kathy’s public profile …c- no…. c- aw… c- no way… 04/07/17 ]


[ checking out Rukmi’s public profile c- very quotidian (it’s just what I call people who quote/post quotes a lot ), lots of profile pic changes … ]


15:11 uploading image… c- Bella is so steamy

15:12 posted

v- yes, she is



15:17 v- let’s talk about labeling… you do this all the time for your storytelling.

c- Yes, I do… I have a lot of self-deprecating humor in here so I call myself names, too… so, I hope people don’t get offended.


c- Ok. NM? the lady who called me a bully for supporting a bully (which was not the case)

is Cat Lady. I check back on her … and inevitably, there’s a new cat picture.

v- (soft chuckle) you just checked.

c- Yes, last night or early this morning.

v- most recent post

c- cat.

15:18 c- insert self-deprecation humor

v- NOX

c- yes, I’m noxiously gassy

v- thank you

c- I let some really stinky ones rip

v- farts

c- yes… (lol) they may be siletn

v- but they are deadly

c- ya gotta hand it to me: I make them count

v- on to the next one


c- you’re biggest fan over the years has been SD. She is Lego Lady

v- aw… yes, she is… self-deprecating humor now

c- hm… I always bring out my (exaggerated faults) here on the InnerNet

Flopsy and Mopsy are the names of my breasts

v- ok, on to the next person

c- Kathy is in healthcare… she supports Charities ❤️ so, we’ll nickname her Charity (just a name I am calling on the fly)

v- that’s not bad…

c-I’ll probably come up with something more humorous later…eerier I called her Curmudgeony… I hope she takes that well

v- yes, she will, because you admit you are yourself curmudgeony… next person

c- Rukmi falls on the side of Woo … it is obvious by her fluffy quotes

v- be nice…

c- I have a thing against a constant stream of other people’s quotes plastered on an idealized fluffy backdrop

v- ok…

c- let’s call her… [ looking at screenshot captures … ]

v- omg… she’s totally in your archive

c- as I have over the years admitted: whoever I interact with I document well… if it’s public,

v- it’s public domain

c- I mean no offense, it’s just the labeling

v- is one-sided

c- we are ALL multi-faceted … but some of us do not present ourselves as spectrally as possible on social media … and it’s easy to typecast those who are more “monotonous” with their presentation

v- ok…


v- “spectrally”?

c- as in spectrum (I just made it up because it sounds better than spectrum-y)

15:26 [ looking at the few screenshots ]

c- we’ll call her Lovely… she has lots of light over shadows, love over fight sort of quotes.

v- got it.


15:28 c- we are always told not to label

v- not to judge a book by its cover

c- but we all do it… we only really discover more about a person…

v- if we know them really well

c- depending on our familiarity with the person…these near strangers I most probably never meet again… nor see again… I tend to scare people off whenever I interact

v- I know.. .be good

c- … we label… it’s easier for us..

v- to digers

c- to handle… to conceptualize… to remember?

v- perhaps …

15:29 c- so, we’ve name called and labeled today.

v- NICE! … all for the story

c- most definitely… as I tell the kiddos when I take photos of their artwork using Crafty Scribe paint… “your art is now Instagram famous”

well, those I mention here are WanderingMindSpace famous… doesn’t have the pull that Instagram has.. but it’s somethin’

v- yes, it is

15:31 v- you make them smile

c- yes, their eyes light up… anyway, they probably have been missing the paint lady… it’s been three weeks

v- sorry..

c- yeah, well… it is what it is. Life moves on.


15:33 c- they probably were missing me, too, because they had someone visiting to assess the market

v- ouch

c- yeah, my little stand attracts..

v- families, I know

c- oh well. ya don’t have a car? you don’t have $ for a rental? you don’t have any car to borrow? … you can’t haul your mobile storefront to a farmer’s market.

v- no, you can’t

15:34 v- … and you don’t make money

c- and the weather was nice… each Saturday.

v: I know… when is…

c- I don’t know. And again, it’s a company car until I can afford my own car again .

v- lawyers

[C sold her car to be able to help pay for her divorce]

c- legal processes are unexpectedly long

15:36 v- and tedious


15:38 v- you got help

c- yes, I also got help. How people afford divorces otherwise? I feel their pain on an experiential level now.

v- I know you do.



[ about to get ready to mix Mayan Yellow ]


(teasing) c- are you … feeling insecure

v- will you be good.

c- I saw your live video title…

Looking for Art, perfectly Free

c- I see how you capitalize ART FREE

v- be good

c- … as you broadcast from a LUXURY RESORT.


c- just sayin’ - you have a mixed message.

v- alright, get back to your Mayan yellow

let me see the work in progress

c- I am trying to create as many colors as possible to put into sets and sell them for less… compared to the individual colors

v- when you get back to market

c- the beauty of watercolors is they don’t go bad…

v- nice

15:49 c: a little bit o’ thyme essential oil

v- natural preservative

c- one of the ingredients the ancient Egyptians used to mummify…

v- voilà


[ cool fresh air in back of throat (car) nostrils ]


v- open air sense?

c- yes


16:06 assorted watercolors to date

[ finished with Mayan yellow, taking a break on the couch ]

increased sensual sensation … slight to increasing turn on [ vaginal caressing … ]

v- don’t worry… don’t worry




17:17 c- I don’t want to feel this… I don’t want to feel this..[ starting to cry ]

v- it’s stopping… I’m sorry,,,


17:18 c- I don’t want to feel that

v- I know you don’t want to… sorry. Better?

c- yes.. thank you


v- I don’t want to make you unhappy…

this has been so traumatic…


C- it’s my body. My mind. I should have a choice over what goes through it.

i do NOT consent to that sort of sensation coming through to my end.

It makes me not only uneasy, but unsettled, and, yes, sexually assaulted.

whoever is on the other end?

has wanted NOTHING to do with me and my physical body… in my physically present environment

that came on suddenly … just a gentle caress to a more intense sexual - unwanted - advance.

I have NO CLUE what that was and quite frankly I don’t care

what matters is that it happened

and someone is the cause of it,

that I reported it as I was only able to do HERE PUBLICLY

and that it was an UNWANTED, UNINVITED invasion into my most private inner space & Self.

I don’t consent to those sorts of attacks.

It has gone way past the point of just accepting that it “just happens”

it is NOT right to submit me to years of this and NEVER come to an understanding about what it is and what it means and how we’re to handle it.

As is stands RIGHT NOW is that someone is living his life as he sees fit without the consideration and responsibility he has in caring for this connection appropriately. He disregards my wishes and needs.

getting drowsy