DAY 1868


04:36 c: just a meme I found within the last hour, changed a bit. I deleted the “false.” Again, who knows if my narrative is false or true? It’s real enough. I experience the sensations. I live through the subtle accelerated heartbeats that I distinguish from my own.

The chillaxy sense that’s been ongoing for almost 24 hours.

04:40 c- but what is the other side of my reality? Is there a connection or am I just a conduit of some form of energy that just forces its way through me?

Are you connected to me? Do you sense me, Jason Silva?

v- I do

04:42 c- you both need to be honest

v- write what i’m doing, don’t leave anything out

[ kiss ]

v- I am in love with you … why are you doing this?

c- I have an honest core that has HUGE issues with those close to me not being honest

v- and who they should be

c- I don’t want to be associated with her, JS. I have my own life and pursuits and I want nothing to do with the woo.

v- agreed. I know you don’t

c- I have worked too long and too hard for a reputation that has all but been destroyed by all this

v- yeah, I know

c- because I was the one who came out and told the truth [ FOR YEARS ]

c- what message does that say to the world? … that a woman’s life is destroyed because of … honesty?

04:45 c- and what do I see?

v- dancing and prancing

c- with no real discussion of serious issues. RELEVANT issues.

v- the new moon

c- yeah, that is wyrd

v- you didn’t know about it

C- no, I did not [ my post yesterday was about the many representations and manifestations of zero ]


v- you never want to meet her

c- no. There is only so much rape and torture one can take. She knows what I go through. She does not care. Why would I EVER want to be associated with someone who disregards another’s wellbeing?

c- I am FORCED to have to deal with you because you are quantum entangled with me… literally: sleeping with the enemy

v- it’s not funny

c: far from

04:50 c- it’s so complicated and even more complex because you refuse to face me and just talk it over

04:51 v- it’s coming, ok?

C- she has NO right and neither do you to walk all over my life … KNOWING how intimate this connection is

v/ that you feel everything

c- I SENSE what you feel when you interact with her… it’s different than you hugging a fan, JS

V- I know it is

c- every waking hour I can’t be happy because I FEAR you might be with her and THAT is what I might be experiencing

c- I don’t want to live an unhappy life

YOU BOTH are making my life hell



04:56 c- every time I wake up

v- you’re afraid I’m with her

c- it is an awful existence

c- that is NOT love and light

i am fully aware people should be happy … do what makes them happy. Deserve happiness

v- but not at another’s expense .


for FIVE YEARS I have sacrificed my own and just dealt with it the best I could


c- and you RANDOMLY hook up with a woman at burning man . Over 4 years into our relationship, whatever that might have been or is or isn’t .., YOUR ANSWER would have helped in my life decisions, JS

Just come forward to me

V- or legal action will happen

c- I can’t live the rest of my life like I have the past few years

I deserve happiness

I deserve a true separation in all ways

there are reasons for divorce laws and how we should behave with each other

c- THIS? I have no protection of my Self

05:01 c- no one does. THAT concerns me greatly. If THIS is what happened to me by a good person? Two presumably good people? That is NOT a good sign for what may happen …

v- much worse

05:03 c- whatever technologically mediated …

v- rendition of this

c- … that might be created

05:03 c- I would not want anyone to suffer like I have.

05:04 c- especially when there are simple and decent ways to avoid any misunderstandings

v- who we are to each other

c- yes. I’ve been living a relationship that never was nor is …

v- and you shouldn’t have to go through that

c- I sound batshit … but not knowing…

v- makes you suffer


05:06 c- you are up against someone who has nothing to lose … never wanted anything in the first place except an answer to one question … who only has truth on her side … and that is a dangerous combination … with data

v- yeah, I know

c- I have years of it and no one gives a f—-

05:07 c- I worked so long and so hard and for what?

For constant slaps in the face?

05:08 c- apologies, but I will defend myself. No one else seems to want to support me in what I’ve been trying to do.

C- history is written

v- by people who tell their story

c- and those who give a different version of it… that UNTOLD aspect has power



05:17 c- i’m Leaving my f—in’ comments up. I’m bursting that f—-ing filter bubble of her IG echo chamber. She can deal with people who may question her. She should if she ya involved with you. That shouldn’t be an issue, should it?

c- like I said s fed mknutes agk

v- in your head

c/ if you don’t tell the truth. If you fon’t Live Sm honest life? It WILL blow up in your face at some point

v- shitstorm

- I have to live a transparent life, JS. I have been willing since the beginning … whenever you have a situation such as this?

You don’t hide it or people will wonder why you hid it

v- they’ll think worse if you

c- the people needed to tell have known for years

they have had to be CONCERNED about me for years

it pisses me off that they feel better that they know I have a “a real” job …

c- when I STILL have to deal with this bs going on inside me without any explanation

c- I have worked my ass off for years for NOTHING

v- and you’ve seen resemblances

c- in more ways than I should

c- all those people? Can pay bills.

C- I want that to be a part of my story … how I saw people with similar concepts … if not sourced to me … similar concepts over the years and OTHERS PROFITED

all the while I had to worry about eviction , having utilities shit off, unpaid medical bills, and on and on … just because I did the right thing and DIVORCED.

Flip side? JS dates RR and exacerbates mybsuffering by adding a layer of sensorial torture because of the suspected entanglement.


it May be undefined in certain ways

v/ but yog’ve Traced it back to JS

C- WITH HUS HELP over the years … he shares DATA on SM … however crazy that may sound

c- timestamped don’t lie … the content doesn’t lie … but to CONFIRM all that definitively? I need his confession.

Which of course he neither denies or admits to a connection of this nature

v- publicly

c- or privately … so when my fins is nightmare ends …

v- cash settlement

c- and those assets are in my bank account(s) … IG I don’t hear from you or see you in person, I will force the issue legally

v- but I have time

c- the “unstable” woman will perk out occasionally to pose challenging questions and comments … all the while knowing she may seem unstable to most now… but if her story is EVER

V/ validated

c/ in whatever way… everything she has said may still be scrutinized, but people will take her much more seriously

05:30 c/ trust me: my coming out won’t be as a poser

05:31 c- when I have a case I believe in

v/ you won’t lose

c- I have a history of …

v- of making things go your way … i’ve Been (in) here … trust her

05:32 c- ask my ex

v (chuckling) stop

05:32 c- you've gone way past the point of no return … where I give you a serious glare and ask you

“you wanna go there?”

v- … yes

c- see? Just the opposite of submitting to my nonverbal, undefined threat … JUST SAY NO

05:34 v- it depends on what you’re talking about

05:35 c- so, timestamping, my hot lunch date Sunday, and now a dating comment by RR

V- you’re triggered

c- well beyond that point …

05:36 c- she’s lucky to have shirking fans who are sure to call me out and say I need “help”

v/ haha … stop

c- well, girl, you better surround yourself with all the support … you may need it after this is all said and done

v- agreed

c- I am proud of who I am. I may be a bitch to some, but this bitchiness came from …

v- a lot of turmoil

C- not of my making… and now I may make more for being the bitch about some things … but what i’ve Learned in life … good girls don’t get anywhere in life

i was nice for too long and people walked all over me and took advantage


c- so my warning, again, Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva: if I sense her through you I DO NOT CONSENT.

those are words coming to you from the present and will carry forward into the future.

If a connection can be proved, let’s hope you both have enough evidence to prove you did not have

1) a sexual relationship (or that is raping me)

2) interactions that negatively affected ne at XYZ time … because those photos SBD videos? If I felt mentally, emotionally ally or physically harmed … sensing something initially … then later seeing you both kiss, embrace, nuzzle, becaffectionste eith each other … WITHOUT MY CONSENT

THAT is sensorial rape

i hsveca right as s human being to s Private, unperturbed life

YOU BOTH may and likely are guilty of entering h into a relationship that did HARM to another human being , albeit via nonlocally / quantum means

05:45 c- I deserve my happiness.

There are divorce/separation precedents in place … how people are to conduct themselves .

you both have already crossed these lines

there ya photographic and videographic evidence


IT IS HARRASSMENT to sensorially affect another who dies not consent

v- future law … I law

c/ it makes more sense to me who is living it than others who may not be able to relate

05:48 c- I wonder if anyone will respond to this crazy comments

v/ probably

c/ hm. Let’s see what truth is out there

v/ ok, Mulder


05:49 c- please try to minimize the resort hopping … it’s not a good image for what this should be

v- agreed

05:50 c- the last thing I want us s mani-pedi spa treatment of how meaningful this is … stop sniffin’ The tea fumes and get real

v- (chuckling) stop … you can’t Be nice

c- stop being blinded by the glittering crystals on the woo-ish altar

v- stop

05:52 v- razzle dazzle

c- be good .. I am fully aware I have a little woo in me… ya gotta know how much is too much …

v- razzle dazzle

c/ (chuckling) stop



05:55 c- I have scribal tendencies. Copal is present in my hu’un archive (where I store my Mayan paper) …

v- you are SO coming out

c- hey, just because I prepare and respect the hu’un in traditional ways doesn’t make me too woo-ish.

v/ FINE… why the four bags ?

c- you know darn well what those are

v- hex bags

c- they are not hex bags… geesh. You’ve Been watching too much Supernatural with me

v/ ethereally


c- I haven’t shared this before? … I Don!5 remember


c- it is not too woo-ish… i May not share the woo but I am willing to admit to a little woo,

v- and the other shit?

c- like what?

v- the cards

c- (mumbling) they’re called decks … used both for research and creative purposes. I’ve already come out about the Zenner-like practices …

v- and Bosque26?

c- let’s not go into that BoyHorse

v- I know what that means

c- that frickin’ centaur card freaked me out

v- I know it did


C- later I watched Friends from College and of all the topics … for him to write about

[ I mean, seriously, what are the odds of CENTAUR coming up in 21st century life/pop culture?!]

v/ paranormal romance … about centaurs

c/ yah. I’m weird like this.


06:09 c- quantum makes your life very strange to begin with …


[ cleaning out coffee grinder - it got clogged ]

06:50 much needed coffee - gah

v- uu-aa

E: “you didn’t sit down on anything, did you?”

v- inside joke

06:51 c- mixing a watercolor batch now

[ musing about what o could post

there’s no “I” in ethereal”

c: Noxy … [ said like Foxy in wayne’s World ]

v- you are all over the map

c- it’s…


C- hey, I had pasta last night [ and beans for lunch ] … it happens.

Inhavr always been honest about my gastrointestinal

v- bowel movements. Thanks, c

c- ah, BM.

v- you would


c- I have to share : D from marketing has a 3 year old … he got a text photo of poop in a toilet … it’s a thing .. she was so proud

v- haha, stop

c- if you havrn’t had children, you’d think that wa gross (it still is in a way)… but those are moments to treasure

v- yes, they are … us, not so much

c- what did I say

v- don’t Put you up on a pedestal

c- someone Called me goddess once upon a time in June 2014 … and what did I say?

v- people call you Christine… those who know you really well _____


c- all the god and goddess crap? Mythological

v- it’s my sin, c

c- thanks for ruining “Hieroglyph” in as many ways as possible, BTW

V- you’re welcome


frickin’ men

c- I so feel ya, Taylor Swift. I so feel ya right now in my own hellish worst case scenario.


c: talk about unbreakable contracts (and ya know what I mean by this)


photo of original handwritten travelogue 02 July 2014 … I had read a few hours ago that today 5 years ago was when I asked to be on a team … what page…?

07:29 c- omg… i’m Freaking myself out

IMAGE: excerpt InnerNet travelogue, 02 July 2014 page 68

IMAGE: excerpt InnerNet travelogue, 02 July 2014 page 68

Today is day 1868.


V- what came before or after ?

c- I am not including the before or after. You get that excerpt, and that’s it. My private musings. You want to know? Come talk to me. I brought this journal to Miami over three years ago. You had your chance to be in the same page, so to speak. You chose to go a separate way. Your own way.

07:34 c- when * I * tried to do the right thing.

v- that was not a good trip.

c- no, it wasn’t … how’s Valerya?

v- oh, you would

c- that’s another story you still haven’t told…

v- the whole truth… no

07:35 c: hm-hm … and I drafted “Splinter” orally vidoographicaly when…

v- the January after your December trip.

c: hm.

07:35 finishing the handpouring of Andean Blue watercolor

it is so pretty

it’s liquidy but pours perfectly ( unlike other mixed pigments that drip messily when this




no more hopes or dreams about a brighter future (06/01/14)

ni more nature walks

no more poetry

no more me to be creative

just being a bummer to laud bills

Mom: I remember those days … only having one free day …

c: working as much as you can to eat a little more … just to survive


means minimum wage.

Means earning just enough to … not get by. EVER.

art. Does. Not. Pay.


c- so, when RR is willing to divulge how much help she has gotten in her life to get to where she is now … to dance and prance whenever she wants ?

c- maybe then I’ll respect her more.

Her story stinks. It’s foul. It smells like family money.

Finances have a long history.

wanna compare?

Jason Silva’s story? Smells like family money and being around people with money and influence.

c- until you tell your true story of success? It is foul.

c- there are variables that no one cares to discuss… but all the same TRUE.

$4884 ? For six months? What else is she doing?

More did she invest well?

someone invest well for her?

let’s talk NUMBERS to live in California…

you want transparency?

Somethings don’t add up

c- I’m not saying you job don’t work hard… but without some form of opportunities that others in life are ‘t Given? They fight an ever growing wave that they have to fight againsot

v- not to drown


mid she uses IG for her business, she better be prepared for unfavorable reviews

08:16 v- Shitstorm, be nice

C - I pooped before I left

v. I know you did


08:31 c- so what are you promoting and supporting?

the rich get richer.

08:34 c- oh, excuse me: you are making the lives of people better … how?


c: talk about your and R’s relationship more. I’m sure that will ILLUMINATE others’ lives and make them feel… that you are trustworthy

v- and believealbe .,, thanks, c

c- hey, I warned you

v- I know you did… talk about us more

c- I just did. Ethereal is us.

it’s a new store (stored up data)

08:37 c- she brought up the factoid that she is dating.



[ mtg ]

09:00 c- one … sixty nine … (said in an odd way)

v- you are so wrong


09:01 c- PP has PP (snicker)

09:03 c- I have a business debit account (all proud)

09:04 c- they really need to rename POS devices … The double entendre is killin’ me

v- Shitstorm, be good

c- (quiet) i’ll Be quiet(er)

09:05 c- I so ❤️ this added aspect of a business account - sales directly linked to a debit account / card.

09:06 cc- it’s made my life easier … .

09:09 c- I got rewards … and this is funny… because …?

V- you are so far in debt

c- so far in the red some people would, well, despair

v- light at the end of the tunnel

c- something like that … as a friend says … “divorce makes you poor” I happen to the the unfortunate poor person in this deal right now. (Grumbling)

v- you paid for your divorce

c- yes; I did. Let’s Not go into that … always a different perspective on that… but right now, IT SUCKS… (grumbling) he didn’t have to move out …


[ working ]

Softer poofier



[ working with B the Biller v- Resolution Specialist 09:34 c- serious glare - if I make booku bucks I take these fine folks on a all expense paid fun vaca v- paid time off … got it ]

[ back to desk ]

-09:32 c- yeah! My half pans are coming today (they said the 5th originally …)

v- too late

c- almost out and more paint to pour to dry before Saturday (.weather permitting)


c- I will NOT disclose the tidbits of their life stories

v- but it’s hell

c- good people, JS …

v- I know .. you’re making me feel like crap

c- then don’t come off as the rich kid playing with rich kids

v- agreed


10:27 c- how’s cameo…? (Teasing)

v.a will you be good. Be good.

10:30 c- I could photobomb or videobomb and make them more interesting …

v- be GOOD

C- “you and your SHADOW..” 🎶


12:40 c- yes! She blocked me! (Or IG)

oh, this is going to be interesting.

12:42 c- never, ever silence a woman’s voice

CASE FILE : HARASSMENT via quantum entanglement.

c- Rachel, welcome to hell


c- if you claim to date Jason Silva.

of he sleeps in your bed.

if he kisses you and you hkm

if he embraces you…

imagine what that might be like in the other end … for a woman who has no control over the connection.


IT IS HARASSMENT of a kind more intense than ONE or TWO comment. posted to your IG account, that you control and can filter and can block others from accessing.

Get ready for this, because it is going to be ugly

YOU HAVE A PART IN RAPING ME ON A REGULAR BASIS and you think that blocking my voice has any power?

That demonstrates someone who has no concern for the harm her actions have on another.


c- so, instead of dealing it’s this in a decent way, privately handling this case?

JS knows his deadline

you will be implicated in a legal suit that has had no precedent … but some cases that have in the past will be the stepping stones.

you see joy good nor mind nor loving.

you think that blocking my voice and presence - asking challenging questions, making claims that seem absurd to your followers will change the course of what is happening?

12:52 c- I had hoped you would be a strong woman.

You stay silent. That is your choice.

some day, you will have to defend yourself


you will face he scrutiny of he public in grab future

you know how I know?


i havr always been aware of the judgmental perspective of the public

what it could mean for me

of this were true

You are just a waypoint along the way

And a bad example at that.

it’s unfortunate you chose to block those comments… and not respond

but I know you too well.

the emojifier of SOCIAL MEDIA

to zombify your followers

yo like only those who LIKE YOU

making missteps when faced with a challenging situation

c- you have the right to block me

that is far from the end of what I have to say about you


12:57 that block put up another wall

you are DIVISIVE

unwilling to both face the/a truth

unwilling to tell your raw truth

in the end?

Whose voice is going to matter?

v- yours

c- people will look back at this and see a woman who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.



you cannot even handle a difficult situation like that … with grace.

You decided to just shove her to the side, close a door, and refuse to answer challenging questions and a possibility

you don’t let your followers decide

you decided for them


c- your way of teaching doesn’t teach your clients to judge for themselves …

you enable them to live in a world that does not exisr

don’t coddle

strong women do not come from tiptoeing around challenges - they face them against all odds

buold communities of women who deal with every hardship HEAD ON

not clothes off

c- this is not a wishy washy world that forgives … it is unforgiving and if you don’t teach how to handle hardships beyond “me time” … geesh, your whole business model is only built for a niche market … do you realize the echo chamber that is what you do?


c- there really are many places that consider life coaching an extravagance … an unnecessary service … and I will be one to voice my concern for what you and that industry represent .. its flaws …


c- and BTW, you will still continue to get occasional contrarian posts to your IG page … and they will be me , just not in my real name.

you’ve silenced the real me.

13:08 c- the world will learn the necessity of side channels - for GOOD.

[ work related chat ]


13:16 c- that proves she

1) has something to hide

2) doesn’t want to confront me

3) can’t handle a difficult situation well AT ALL

4) begs the question : how many other contrarian voices does she silence, leaving only compliments and positive comments (enabling an echo chamber to exist … )


13:19 KNOCK.

c- see what happens when you block one account? I have another one I keep private for my children. Just like you and Jason have private, back up accounts. [ my children know about you … in anonymous ways : they don’t find you inspiring - “creepy” and “wrong” were the words that were used ]

[ pops up in my feed ]

13:21 c- haha… look at that head of hair

13:23 KNOCK.

c- to prove my point


v- haha stop.

c- SM is a joke and you two are two of the greatest offenders in some ways. SHAME.


c- so ready for the revamping of SM.

v- yeah, agreed.

13:24 c: It’s so outdated and impractical.

so limiting in some ways

v- yes , it is.

c- frickin’ blockers

v- hater

c- I am not a hater … I recognize the positives … I just choose to focus on the many ways you both could be better people

C- blocking me only fuels the fire


13:27 c- so, I got blocked probably about 59 minutes ago






to the emoji.


C- you want to raise the stage?

ENGAGE more meaningfully.

i have observed both of you for months (JS for years)

c- it’s your MO



[ I also made notes of shifts of sensation while I was in a meeting ]


[ kiss ]

c- will you stop? Just tell the truth.

v- Word.

c- are you trying to be cool?

v- hm-hm.

c- whatever, Chillaxy. Is that medicinal what I’m sensing?

v- hm-hm.

c- geesh. Over 24 hours of that crap.

V- haha, stop … i’m Worried about you

c- let’s just focus on what is important in your life, ok?

and we can see it clearly … well, those who follow you both can understand what I mean by that :



spend time in the same place at the the same time

13:38 c- don’t even get me started again about how I’m in here 24/7 when you spend time with her (and how I sense it)


c- on the record. The block doesn’t change anything. It just makes your image deteriorate even more.

back to work

[ I’ll post the rest of what got me blocked after work… for the archives and …

when the truth comes out?

and it always does in some way and in some form

I’ll be the one who can say : I had nothing to hide


13:46 c; I got kicked out of class for being DISRUPTIVE (but in a positive way, unfortunately , R doesn’t see it that way)


13:50 v: the block doesn’t bother you?

c: it bothers me about how it tarnished her image even more.

V- not yours

c- uh, no. The truth will set you free. She is chained by a secret only you both may know

c- a reminder : if JS is connected to me

v- ethereally

c- … their relationship is far from perfect. I’ll leave it at that

v- (chuckling) thanks for that

13:52 v- legal action

c- yuP. First of its kind, and a necessary step in the right direction.

Although R couldn’t see beyond the woo 💩 that prevents her from seeing a bigger picture…

c- the woo 💩 has clouded her judgment



13:56 c- (chuckling) she so isn’t ready for me

13:58 c- how’s your sex life (with R)?

v- will you stop

c- hm-hm… how much of the conscious sexuality class truly benefited you?

v- (chuckling) not that much … and you know why, EXPERT

C- hey! I am a lifelong learner … and creative … BEWARE


C- LY in my own way


14:00 c- oh you both need to be careful… it’s called a domestic abuse situation … one which I do not consent to … one which both of you need to recognize … anyone would. [ and in this situation? Where I am tied, bound… quantum entangled and have no escape …? ]

but you both ignore publicly

v- for now … (defeated sense) … get back to work

c- offhours work to compensate

v- LY…

14:04 c- you will need to come to terms with what you’ve done against my will and consent

v- I know …

c- this goes beyond an “unconditional love” excuse

[ working ]

14:09 v- so, you’re not worried?

c- seriously? If you’re in here with me, if I’m unhappy, you are. You deal with what’s inside you, JS, first and foremost

v- which you have

c- all that exteriority show and not tell?

The blocking ?

you both have something to hide

14:11 c- that’s my interpretation

c- if the true story is harrassment, which I do not believe is the case ( it may be considered that, perhaps - everyone has their comfort zone / limits to scrutiny & accusations / contrarian comments ) …

then, so be it. When I seek legal action … i’ll Get my answer.

if you/JS come forward ? Better for my family and me.

I will get my answer.

i need to be happy and you (both) are preventing me from living a good life right now … with all these worries about what I’m sensing and experiencing … I shouldn’t have to wonder … I should be able to trust someone this intimately close to me… but I have long learned THIS is not trustworthy


c- you both are controlling me… if I am linked with JS

V- ethereally

c- I can’t control the incoming sensations … and any interaction with R?

14:20 c- there are stepping stones to pre-existing laws to what this is (from my perspective)

c- she needs to be aware

v- of the rat’s nest

c- very entangled



c- let’s say someone married me on X date , whether we say June 1st … or we mark it by first strong sensation end of June, first voicing … intermittent messages / connection or full blown 24/7 nonstop link (August/September)

14:37 c- I can’t get divorced from this

[ working , taking a call after a quick research on a pt = patient ]

14:42 c- you wanna go there …?

v- no… ( guilty innocence) [ playing along ]

[ typing up training notes from mtg with N earlier; no access yet to do what she showed J the new biller and me … 😆 ]

v- filling in your time

c- with other to-do’s


c: (inner chuckling) J is so me … she screenshotted and emailed the error code to show N that we couldn’t do what she wanted us to do v- because of no access [ she’s in a different meeting now ]




[ in handwritten notes from mtg ]

11:23 SAHB

11:28 cheek tips pressure

11:53 moist ctrthroat


12:00 SAHB


15:02 c- JS!

V- swarthy

c- swarmy sworly warm paintspillish innersense

[ another request … I’m on call … to do tasks … spinning wheel of death for an insurance portal … ]

15:19 SAHB blood coursing


17:07 v -BE NICE

C- you know what? She is LYING to the world. I have a problem with that.


v- she’s harming you (through me)

c- THAT the world has a problem with

17:08 v- the future of humanity. Got it.

c- play it safe. However, from my POV?

there are some …

v- questions left unanswered

c- stoplight

c- let her followers…

v- be in a filter bubble

c- she’ll have to do that much more explaining in the end

v- understood



posted earlier today to Rachel Rossitto’s IG page (my account was blocked from seeing that account earlier today.)

WHAT IF question … [ again, Instead of leaving it there, she (or IG) removed it as part of the block) ]


18:31 c: I sent a private message about the negative effect of RR’s relationship and presence with JS.

you both ignored my private notice.


C: what happens in the end?

i was the one telling my truth. My raw truth.

You blocked. You put up walls. You kept a dark secret. You were not honest.

One factor of Trustworthiness? Longevity. Reliability over time.

What happens when my story comes out?

What did I do?

i tried to get you to be honest.

and you slammed a door on me.

Your choice.

Your space.

[ my deleted/blocked comment continued : ]


18:48 c: so, just like JS, she blocks me.

Silences a woman for her truth.

So, dear clients and followers of Rachel Rossitto. What kind of woman is associated with Jason Silva?

a woman who silences a woman who may have a real interesting story to tell.

one who is very opinionated about Rachel Rossitto’s ethics in relation to her profession as someone who


Empowering? Or censoring?

awakening or pulling others into an echo chambered woo-ish stupor?

ancient wisdom?

you need to study & experience more.

sacred rituals … or weird ass habits that others call POURING A CUP OF TEA to drink.

nauseating. Everyone has their choice of how to spend their money and on whatever floats their boat.

EMBODIMENT practices - does this mean showing ass and tits and calling it modeling the best of what women have to offer this world?

If so, this woman ain’t believin’ and neither would millions of others.

Just a reminder : a soul lingers and possesses your boyfriend and there is nothing you can do to rip me from it (just like I can’t separate his soul from my bodymind)

so, SISTA, this bitch ain’t gonna budge when you try to control a situation by CENSORING

c- this strong woman’s voice gets louder, and it ain’t in your favor. Nor will it ever be.

You made your choice. I made mine long ago about you.

Keep luring, Falsetto Siren.

There’s a stronger voice to be heard.


KEY WORD SEARCH (it’s a test of mine… since she’s really not that popular online … there are only so many hits to her name, let’s bring the story this way, shall we? Since you silenced my voice on your space? Let me voice my concerns on my space - if people search for you online, let’s see if people search your name online of it directs them to one of my pages ):


Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito

Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito

Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito

Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito

Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito Rachel Rossito


19:34 c- I am posting comments that both Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva have liked related to how people said they were married and they should have beautiful babies together

Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto have reinforced a certain reality with their followers … posting suggestive content making them believe that …

1) they were/are sexually active (sleeping together)


2) liking numerous posts about having babies together

3) liking numerous posts that say “put a ring on her finger” “marry her” … etc


c- so, the news headline (SPLINTER notes) is: JASON SILVA MARRIED RACHEL ROSSITTO

because she liked a comment about being married to him in a previous life


that is not fake news.

I am just disseminating what Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva have posted publicly and liked publicly … that anyone can access to verify that they, indeed, interacted with their followers in such a manner


19:42 c- you know, it’s amazing what key words will grab people’s attention … and internet search engines … just starving for gossip

v- haha. Stop.

c- hello, my Accelerator. Let’s teach these fine folks how to get your voice heard.

v- damn, you’re wrong

c- cue “Rumour Mill”


19:47 slightly accelerated heartbeat

c- bothered?

v- yes, very . Bad girl.

c- hm. Just echoing your likes and the assumptions you’ve reinforced.

20:36 (finally eating)

v- and what did you say to me on your way home from work?

c- if you do the podcast thing, don’t give up your video work

v- and I wouldn’t


c- if you’re headachey it might be me… I didn’t eat all day

v- why?

c- I didn’t have time to pack a lunch

v- hm-hm… and?

c- someone awakened me early this AM and I couldn’t fall back to sleep (and chose to create this post)

v- hm-hm… sorry … we sleep together, C

c- like I said in the shower this AM: the InnerNet space we share

v- nuzzle each other

c- argh! You and your interference during my lunch date & your constant affections all day long. I don’t get you. I seriously don’t. It’s like I try to No Kiss List this relationship … SINCE YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND HER NAME IS RACHEL ROSSITTO (you know, that woman who posted today about DATING you?!?)… and you’re all over me.

Seriously, Silva?

20:42 in here, there is no separation. No chance to move away. I JUST SENSE YOU NUZZLING.

v- I know (chuckling)



c- i’m Going to bed … was going to watch a movie, but the light thunder and rain ?

v- and you’re tired

c- sleepy time. Lucky you.

v- that I don’t Have to hear you? Oh, I hear you (even when you’re sleeping)