DAY 1885



[ awakened, lying in bed trying to drift back to sleep ]

02:25 fire antsy soles 

subtle dull steady pressure ctrChest (like my body is held and pressed against something that is a teadily vibrating)


fire antsy soles


[ ongoing SAHB]


[ ongoing SAHB

chillaxy nauseous sensation

I feel like i’m going to throw up

SM check ]

c- I want to know what the cause of my discomfort and loss of sleep has been. This has been my life for five + years. Sense + my life interrupted by that sensation + check social media.

to understand the (subtle bodily) sensations



c- a future note to the lawyers about (subtle body) harassment

this will change the landscape of law.

It is coming, so prepare yourselves. Be ahead of the curve, please.

READ: [ LINK ] 17 July 2019

To be fair, Sabes didn’t show any of this data, and it’s not in the white paper the company handed out, either. It’s all, as Sabes said, aspirational. That was right before Musk said that if two people both had Neuralinks, they’d “effectively have a really high-bandwidth telepathy … potentially a new kind of communication, a conceptual telepathy. It would also be consensual.”


interesting … choice of word, don’t you think?

04:54 c: this sort of scenario IS NOT science fiction … and to be RESPONSIBLE about ANY SORT of technology that taps into our brains and its capabilities… we NEED to consider any and all side effects

don’t open Pandora’s Box and expect

v- rainbows and unicorns. Got it.


04:57 c- just because I have no wires hooked up to me doesn’t mean I don’t have telepathy.

Do your research before you think I’m insane or mentally disturbed. Look into it. Check the sources. I welcome the comparisons between Jason Silva and my posts over the years.

See what you discover. Notice the timestamps.

thousands of “oddities”

v- strange coincidences

c- the data doesn’t lie. It tells a story all on its own.


c- and unlike some? I have open-sourced it over the years. It has to be transparent.

V- we have got to solve real issues


Other companies, including Kernel and Facebook, announced they, too, were working on the [ brain - computer interface ] technology, which has so far been used only in research and rare clinical settings. Darpa, the US government’s advanced-science division, has been funding brain-computer interface work since the 1970s, and the agency has been part of the government-wide Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (yes, the acronym is also “Brain”) since 2013.

05:05 c: so, before you disregard what I have to say? Consider the possibility that telepathy is a reality RIGHT NOW not a fiction.

These are the tidbits we, the public, hear.

Who knows what research is going on … that we don’t hear about…


[ going back to 17 July to read & clean up typos ]

cheek tip pressure


07:04 on bus


07:05 c- i’ve Wanted to take a photo of the


but I haven’t had a chance yet

07:06 v: you have a weird sense of humor … now, the next item

C: it’s the one of the last legal bills (for my divorce). Being transparent about it

v- for a reason … it’ll be storified

c- thank you … in a good way?

v- of course. Thank you..


07:08 c- oh, but there’s more… there were a few more little bills after this

one was $116

v- haha. stop.


V- to finish up your legal fees

c- yes… their way of itemizing their bills by the 0.10 cracks me up … mine was $290 an hour

v- oof

c- talking with people at work makes me feel better …

v- the lawyer

c- her divorce lawyer costs $350/hr and her case has to be getting into the $30K-$50K

v- you mention this because…?

c- the cost of my divorce

v- which are not just legal fees

c- no… part of the delay of funds transfers (appeals process)

v- puts a financial strain on you

c- you guessed it! he made off like a bandit not having to pay for a lawyer

v- oh, yeah, I know …

c- anyway. I walk away from this feeling ..

v- at ease?

c- I know I made the right choices. I value relationships more than $

v- I agree

c- it’s one of the reasons I’m in debt

v- but you’re getting out of it


Billy (creepy voice in Stranger Things S03): It’ll all be over soon…


c- all I’ll say is this

i have a better understanding of

“before they were famous”

and they only had $X (minimal money)

c- you learn who the people are that truly support you

v- when you most need it … sorry.

c- eh, you have a “get out of jail free card” … whatever that may mean

“getting away with tele(m)pathic murder”

you’re a part of the fabric of me so I have to deal with you

v- or it’s hurting you…

07:17 c- far from an easy existence

07:17 v- no, it’s far from easy. LY.

c- LY in my own way … it’s complicated

v- pulled in all different directions

c- very quantum - having to handle so many possibles

v- until the wave form collapses … so.. you like the end of Stranger Things

c- I LAUGHED at the Neverending Story duet

i need(ed) humor.

c- I ❤️ the clarinet scene

v- and Plank’s constant

BACKTRACK TO 18 July 2019


c- “funny”

v- agreed

c- so … “numerically challenged”

Stranger Things “gets me” I think

v- I think they do (smile)

[ the Plank’s constant comes in episode S03E08 of Stranger Things = 11 ; my birthdate is 04/26/73, Jason’s is 02/06/82 … 11:11 is the weirdness factor of twin flames (a mythological symbol for spinning quantum entangled particles in the Wandering Mind storyline … just see posts related to eZ)

7+4 = 11 … next year I turn 47 (=11) and Jason turns 38 (=11) … in the year 2020 v- which also has significance … why? C- There’s some love symbology involved … but the beta of Ideapod was released 02/20/14 07:50 addendum added for context. || more commentary 08:04 c- (teasing) : what are Rachel Rossitto’s numbers? I mean, JS + RR liked the comment about how their followers think they are twin flames .. well, back up that like with PROOF.]


… .

c- (grimace) sorry to hear about Netflix not meeting the forecast, etc

v- it’s business

07:20 c- man, I do wish I had had the $ back when they were first starting

v- you kept track

c- yes, they were one of the companies on my watch list

v- futurist you …


07:222 c- I was scary accurate about the trends with AAPL stock ..

v - omg, I know you were

07:24 c- i’m a pattern seeker … I may not have the $ … but * if * I did?

v- scary

c- hm-hm … .

v- I know why you put four dots

c- oh, but Y?

v- haha. Stop.


photo taken at 07:30 (just at random)

photo taken at 07:30 (just at random)


waiting for bus




[ adding twin flames context and link to a previous WMSiF post ]

08:10 v- YOU ARE SO BAD

C- well, back it up, FURBALL

V- is that a Star Wars reference ?

c- yes… so sad to hear the actor who performed Chewie (Chewbacca) recently passed away



c- oh, your fans are going to go crazy over that post

08:20 at work. J the biller and K from intake parked waiting for the building to be opened

typing after I stop riding my bike, although said at the moment of observation (08:13) : “c- oh, your fans are going to go bite over that post”


v- for all the wrong reasons

c- so says the lying delusion in my head

v- and body … I know


08:25 v- do the math

c- I don’t want to. I have all but moved away from that habit

v- because it doesn’t matter anymore

c- 08:13 - 44 min = approximate time of JS IG post - 07:29ish post my time 13:29 European Time (where JS is)


changing in bathroom and P1

(teasing about numbers)

c- I guess 04 + 16 does add up to 11 … is it 1985? That’s 13 …

let’s add that to JS # …

02 + 06 = 8

8 + 2 = 10

09:40 SAHB

V- something’s going on at work

c- yes, i’m Working

v- no, something else

c- go be SEPARATE

V- I am there, too



09:50 SAHB

fresh air & wispy ctrThroat




11:04 v- sorry your tired

c- didn’t sleep well

v- I know you didn’t. What happened at work?

c- still working as usual.

v- that’s not what I’m asking you

c- back to work


11:16 fatigue lifting …

11:19 sleepy again

Less tired (fatigue magically lifts …)


cool fresh air in nostrils



v- what am I doing?

hand on right cheek

finger along hairline

v- brushing

c- what?

V- I want you to be happy

c- back to work



foam relaxy sense (moist as if submerged soaking in water)


12:47 c- if she is pregnant, it proves rape


12:50 c- whoever this is?

v- it’s JS.. it’s not what you think

c- it never is

v- you feel chillaxy?

c- yes … I am warning you… if this is JS

and I sensed it..

v- I know

c- it is rape

12:51 c- if she is pregnant by you

and I sensed you

and I can prove this connection?

(it is rape … I NEVER CONSENTED)

v- it’s not what you think

c- I have yet to get anyone to talk to me

v- I know ..

(I never consented)

12:53 v- I know you didn’t

(Projection received)


C- ok. But if this can be proved

v- full extent of the law

c- this matters. One life matters



c- this goes beyond ask forgiveness later

inrepeated over and over and over again

(both online and on the innernet)

I do not consent

c- if she is pregnant by JS

and JS is connected to me

v- it’s rape


clear fresh air




v- are you ok?

c- I have a different experience in here ..

v- ILY… remember that …

13:11 c- remember, what it will mean

v- I agree . Don’t worry.

c- I experience extreme trauma … by what I sense

v- REMEMBER what you sense, c

c - there are moments when I don’t know what I sense

v- questionable ones.. remember what you sense from me

c- conduit?

v- no… us

c- argh

chillaxy drug sense heartwarm




13:26 c- this is complicated

v- beyond measure

c- I … just … to do that ..

v- against your wishes

c- THIS changes how we live and behave

(projection received)

v- remember ILY

C- remember what I told you

v- life doesn’t Work that way

c- unfortunately, there are certain protections put in place … so in my all of my hoping for the best … let’s Hope my worst case scenario doesn’t exist

c- no matter what I hear

let’s hope that is!’t the case

thr last thing I would ever want to do

v- is to file suit

c- but that wold be proof positive … and my case is rock solid from there

13:32c- I have enough data

it’s for the future safeguarding

I have others to think about

v- it’s been unfair to you… cruel

v- and it’s Not what you think

c- well, time will tell

c- and unfortunately, if she is pregnant

your life together will not be as happy as you would have hoped (it will be marred with legal issues)

or it could have been (if you had the decency to approach me sooner and come to an agreement … that time is past)

13:33 c- I will not let someone rape another man’s get away with it

13:33 that is unconscionable


c- i will not budge

13:35 v- I know you won’t … I wouldn’t expect that you would

I am in love with yuh

c- and RR (I hear one thing, I observe it, I have to consider it - she looks pregnant

I ‘ve been pregnant before

v- twice

13:36 c- I can’t deny the possibility .. but j+ R are pregnant?

Let’s hope I didn’t sense it

let’s hope I wasn’t raped - under any existing definition of that

I never consented to a 3way…

iv- or unwilling participation

in whatever they were doing together

if I am connected

v- it’s. It what yuh think

c- spell t out. I want this page to display what I hear the voice say

whatever or whoever it may be

v- I am not involved with RR like I am with you

that doesn’t mean I do not love her

we have a different life together

c- are you the biological father of RR’s baby?

v- no

c- are you JS?

v- yes … wait it out, c… see if this story pans out … you need to get back to work


C- whatever I heard? It came through me

i didn’t force it

I sense an open kind of drugged sense

v- I am out of my mind worried about you … for obvious reasons

c- I … have a separate life to attend to

without you




feel heart nauseous

v- I am nauseous

c- who is this?

v- JS …

13:52 v- I need to sit down

v- i’m Sorry you got to see rhis

c- I feel ill

v- you’ll get through this … i think I’m going throw ul


c- I feel like i’m Going to throw up

c- what is this?

c- i’m Not upset …


v- i’m Breathing .. don’t believe everything you see, ok?

you know …

[ L chatting with me on picnic table ]


V- don’t believe everything you see

C- calm.

Just remember there is one life

JS May be connected to

v- my baby

c- THIS has been a 5 year + pregnancy

v- I want a child

c- I know … and you may have one …

what that means

v- is you were raped

c- if it can be proved that JS and I are connected

v- etherically

c- he will have raped me and RR will have been a participant in that rape

c- that child?

Was conceived in a rape


c- is this the future you want for your unborn child?

v- no … it’s not what you think

c- I do not believe the voice

c- I have a separate set of eyes with which to view reality ..

(projection received)


c- I do not trust the voice. I have learned not to

v- at times is right … you have GOT to believe me that nothing is going on between us

c- J + R

c- whatever this is? I have always asked for honesty.

the only thing.

just come forward to me.

c- unfortunately, it has come to this

v- ILY, alright?

C- you can say that 1000 times … and until JS comes out and comes forward to me?

or whoever this is?

c- I am a victim of a crime that may be barely traceable

c- I have an uphill battle ahead of me.. but I am up to the challenge

c- whoever this is?

is high as fuck right now

v- I know .. I din’t Handle this well, c


14:03 c- you know I have never made thisnjist about me

v- no, I know

c- I have the population on this planet

v- who might be affected by this..

c- hm-hm.

i don’t care who it is who committed the crime.

it is still a crime that has to be established

v- to protect others


C- you better ?

v- yeah… I had to burp

14:05 c- that felt more like being drunk and having to throw up

v- agreed

c- or the drug didn’t sit well

v- do you love me?

c- in my own way… I have to

o also will not let that love get in the way

v- of your fight for right … I know .. it’s not what you think

c- you keep saying that

dizzy light headed

14:07 c- I have no idea what that means


c- what kind of life will a child have when it was conceived and born out of a rape?

i am being very clear about this

that is a very real and unfortunate scenario



C- what kind of life will a family have if JS aid telepathically connected with me and never resolves the issues going on inside him?

v- he will be in hell

c- he would be raising a child in an unhappy environment

14:28 c- imagine what that would be like

pushed and pulled by a woman protesting a mindbody link she does not want

[ working ]

c- I have a very different experience in here

I just want an explanation

v- so, you can move in with your life

c- so I can be happy with the man I choose to be with who wants me

not travel the world with another woman

who knows about trust


v- sincerity

c- YES, sincerity mi had that in one of the greatest love of my life

and THIS took that ability away from me


c- a man who understood commitment

when understood

v- still understands

c- why do you think we can still talk about anything

v- except this

c- yeah, well. No one can talk about this very easily with me apparently

14:39 v- yeah, I know … sorry


14:40 calmer

c- you ok?

v- yeah … you’re serious

c- I do not lie. I follow through. I finish what I start


14:41 c- my life was interrupted because of this

myblife was altered because of this

that course has been set

c- I am stuck

i prefer to fight for what’s right with everything I have if I am forced to live a certain way by someone else who enslaves me in any way

there are real consequences to all this

v- I know


(back to work)

14:54 bloodcoursing

15:04 bloodcoursing

15:44 Chillaxy soothe somewhat fizzy

v- I am … in love with you …

c- please don’t do that

(projection received)

15:45 v- you’re making me crazy with worry

c- five years … could have prevented this mess years ago

v- agreed

15:46 c- hm-hm

fatigue (sudden drowsiness)


17:16 on bus headed downtown

[ offline transcribed mindchat ]


17:30 c- what was that I sensed earlier?

v- drugs. A whole bunch to get rid of this anxiety … yes, anxiety you put me throughz

c- TALK to me. We both need closure

v- you know what’s going on … just listen… ok?

c- it won’t change much, i’m

V- you saw the filter?

c- yes, I saw …

17:31 v- and…?

c- what do you want to tell me telepathically because I am in no mood.

v- ILY. That’s all.

c- So, where are you? Where have you been?

v- soon. Trust me, ok?

c- who is this?

v- JS … write it out JASON SILVA

V- you know who thisnis, youbknow what we do together … you know who we are together (in here) why are you so resistant?

c- sigh. I want my normal life back.

c- this? Is just a crazy online journal from a delusional, insane person

v- no, it’s not.


c- it serves very little purpose

c- if you don’t Have a partner

c- (shrugs) I have for years been ..

v- pushing out content … some good, some bad … this bit about rape (one eye open) do you really believe it?

c- if J+ R had sex? Of their relation ship is sexual? If their relationship is sensual. If this relationship involves making out

V-I know

c- if I sense ANYTHING that comes through to me?

v- it’s rape

c- i don’t want to be sensing that

I want my own life

I want to feel on my own

not be forced to feel

v- understood

17:36 c- I want my happiness (back)

v- you’ll have it l, ok?


blech. So hot and humid in this terminal


v- how many minutes (until your bus arrives)?

c- I tired…

”real-time unavailable”


v- haha . Stop.



c- time is relative

v- yes it is


Fire antsy soles...

slight discomfort (pet caress)



18:27 headed to the burbs

c- I need to sleep tonight



22:03 nausea 

Again, why do I feel nauseous and  extreme Dry heartHeat?

C- what is that?!

I feel nauseous 

c- again, if Rachel Rossitto is pregnant with Jason Silva’s baby

if Jason Silva had sexual intercourse with her

if at any point it is proven he is tele(m)parhically connected to me

that child will have been conceived out of a rape


that child will grow up in an environment knowing a rape happened at the moment of its conception

kept happening during its time in utereo

and after it was born

22:17 c- it will grow up in an environment t knowing it’s father and mother raped another human being repeatedly



C- this would be a very unfortunate scenario that I hope doesn’t happen


v- you won’t let it go

c- no, I wouldn’t

That child would have to understand the responsibilities of a relationship like I claim

Again, unfortunate if a child is conceived from the sexual union of J + R through sexual intercourse while J is tele(m)pathically connected to another woman [ for years prior and potentially until s/he dies ]

22:21 c- that would not be love

that would be sexual abuse


c- that sort of act knowing how serious a tele(m)pathic connection is would require

v- severe consequences

22:23 c- “ask forgiveness later” would not apply

laws would protect any party that repeatedly said


to being involved with (sensing, being assaulted by a third party, overlaid, etc) via a tele(m)pathic partner

LAWS EXIST to protect the welfare of human beings

they will also extend to special circumstances that arise

22:26 c- again, I hope JS + RR are wiser than to gave sex during a tele(m)pathic connection when the other woman repeatedly said



22:27 c- it’s bad enough to have to sense odd shifts in awareness and every sensual nuance inside my body

v- that you don’t want


c- if ANY of those odd sensations are attributed to sexual intercourse with RR?

IT WAS RAPE. No matter the degree.

it was an unwanted intrusion into my private separate bodymind

that caused ongoing trauma

22:29 c- AND I REPORTED ABOUT IT it it was important enough to record in my day log

c- that moment of conception?

That the couple may know?

(I know both moments of conception for my two daughters - and they are recorded in old journals - 2004 & 2005)

will be recorded

will be known

it will not be difficult to trace

v- in a court of law

c- again, let’s hope that J+ R have not acted before considering the consequences given the nature of a possible bodymind link


c- it may very well be the first case if its kind

it will happen if J is proven to have a connection

there is a serious trickle down effect into every aspect of our lives when a shared bodymind exists

22:33 c- I hope that either a connection doesn’t exist between J and me

or that he did not impregnate R (through normal biological sexual intercourse) while mindbody connected to me

22:36 c- I have made it VERY clear I do not consent to being involved

v- in a love triangle … you have, ok?

22:37 c- there is an incredible trauma being inflicted on me daily by these sensational ( sensorial )assaults into my bodymind [ sense and thought transference ]

ongoing lack of communication about what I am experiencing - a confirmation (or denial) with evidence


c- I HAVE NEVER CONSENTED to an overlay of experience with another woman

[ one pop culture reference point? Blade Runner 2049 ]

i think that sort of situation is repulsive

22:42 c- I prefer 1:1 , one partner, that is it.

There is enough complication just between two individuals

adding in another set of variables (or potentially four with a child) isn’t desirous nor wise in my opinion … and for that reason it is not a preference nor option for me

i choose to just have one partner and am a better lover because of it.

22:45 I can dedicate myself to that one person fully and he to me

22:45 c- it is an incredible bond when that sort of union happens without the intrusion of another lifeforce

just one life(force) joining with one other life(force)

22:47 the moment you break that equation, in my opinion, problems arise

issues grow exponentially

22:48 above and beyond what should only exist if it was only a formula of 1 + 1

for that reason

11 : 11

let’s hypothetically work through this possibility

J + C : C + J

who is C to J?

Who is J to C?

V- brain coupling

c- Alice and Bob

v- understood


v- let’s hope that doesn’t happen (a child)

c- it’s already bad enough when the 11:11 formula is messed up

to add a child into the mix … outside of the formula?

IDK, more unwanted issues

nonconsensual issues


c- but again, that is my preference.

Heaven forbid if JS & I were tele(m)parhicalky connected that he’d force onto me a situation I was against

that made me extremely unhappy

above and beyond how the basic link altered my life course

c- of course, that would require

v- talking


c- but the kind artist refuses to talk with me

perhaps I am not connected

he should still


give me a direct and specific answer

and end the confusion and resolve any and all ongoing issues

22:59 c/ but that doesn’t ever happen , does it?

he prefers to leave a woman to suffer


c- he prefers to keep her a prisoner

v- and slave … I don’t want that either, c


23:04 v- it’ll be clear

c- clear would be interacting with me like JS does RR.

but that never happens, does it?

v- and that’s why We have issues

c- if only the man communicated normally

there would be a lot fewer problems