DAY 1884

PHOTO CREDIT: Yana Mazurkevich

PHOTO CREDIT: Yana Mazurkevich

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01:40 awake


03:00 awake



increasing “turned on” sense


03:21 posting WMSiF


i sense something and feel sexually assaulted .

03:22 this heartwarm? Is like someone inappropriately touching me

It is like Rachel Rossitto is holding me down and Jason Silva rapes me.

I want people to get that picture in their heads of what this connection is like

EVERY DAY for me while you two smile for the cameras

if this connection is proven?

i want the world to understand what I went through


but assault me

TIME and TIME again

it does not matter what really happened on your end


because the two people who could have made a difference?

chose their own happiness to destroy another’s


When I sense this?

It is like hit after hit of physical abuse, emotional trauma and mental distress


I want people throughout history to understand what two human beings did

when just a simple conversation could have changed it all years ago.

THIS? This is what the dangers of a connection like this is. And this is with a supposedly good person … good people ?!?


i am ASHAMED to be connected to you.

if any good comes out of this?

it will be this:


and I had no way to stop him

or his accomplice

there were no resources

there were no authorities

there were no safeguards

to protect or support me




but smile for the cameras you two.

Keep smiling while this is going on.

Some day? I will prove that a connection existed.

let’s just hope you have enough proof that no connection existed.

because if it did?

people will see your smiles as

best case? negligent ones

worst case? pure evil ones

If you knew? (And you did, because I did THE ONLY THING I could do in this situation)

I FILED A FORMAL COMPLAINT against you privately first

then PUBLICLY so there would be NO DOUBT that I tried to communicate



c: I do not want to be awakened every couple hours

when I should be peacefully sleeping

by a man fondling or making out or having sex with his girlfriend - or whatever - on the other end.


and every negative thought rushes through my mind


but the assault I am experiencing

JASON SILVA has a choice every day

and the choice he makes?

affects another human NEGATIVELY

i want history to remember that every day for months he chose never to talk to me in usual ways

and this is what happened

SENSORIAL ASSAULT leads to long-lasting trauma

a woman who is supposed to be a representative to SUPPORT women?

apologies, but Rachel Rossitto? You had every choice in the world to do the right thing and you DID NOTHING to resolve the assaults. Instead? You chose to get high and be a part of rape.

THAT? Is your mark in history.

nothing else. I want you to let that sink in.

you chose not to advise Jason to talk to me ASAP to resolve this.

instead? You went on doing EXACTLY what kept causing the rapes to continue.



03:50 c- you chose a different life

don’t drag me with you

c- I deserve my own happiness without having to sense every shift of sensation from wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing on your end.

i deserve PEACE.


03:59 c- it might not make any sense at all because there is nothing to cause this outburst… but that is my whole point : WHY would I complain about sensations that assault me out of the blue, awakening me from a peaceful sleep?

over and over again for five years?

why would I record every shift in sensation for five years?

BECAUSE SOMEONE IS CAUSING those shifts in sensation by their presence somewhere else and is due to a quantum entangled state that spins us both mutually and instantaneously


c- I can’t be happy and I want to be

you make me miserable EVERY day and Rachel is a part of that equation

you both have a choice to make this right and you continuously ignore my requests for resolution .

04:03 c- instead? I have to be assaulted every day

C- that’s not love

that is far from pure love what they represent

04:04 c- that side by side will be ugly

and I keep warning you and you ignore it


c- why do you think I’m single?

Trust me. I’d rather not be.

I want a full life and THAT has been robbed from me because I am trying to do the right thing in all this.

for me to date? For me to f**k another man? YOU would sense that down the line (if it is a 2-way connection which I suspect it is )

i DO NOT want an orgy of ANY kind.

That is NOT how I want to live my life.

04:08 that is NOT the life I want for my children to be exposed to

04:08 c- and here I am: a victim of just that and I have no power to block, filter, put a restraining order against THIS.


04:10 c- this is not the story I want for my life… and I can’t control it because of this mindbody link and circumstances as they currently are with whom I am connected to

That is part of me. I would rather have a different storyline, but that requires a disconnect to happen or that other person to make the right choice for once and discuss all this with me (and clear the air)


04:16 c- this was not triggered by something I saw on social media.

This post initiated because I sensed something (that awakened me and kept me awake -uncomfortable-) that comes from somewhere, someone. I have NO WAY to know the exact cause. However after years of research I know it’s JASON SILVA.


drifting back into a restful state, still sensing (gentler) heartwarm (but the other sensual sensation is gone)

(alarm & snooze… turn off alarm)

05:14 up for my work day


06:03 c- a hippie revival is NOT doing the good in the world that this world needs

(Again, this connection could be doing so much good and this asshole decides frolicking with half naked ladies down by the river is WORLDCHANGING … that image will be seared into the minds of future visitors to this chronicle. What could he have done… and “this is what he did? What an asshole.”

(oh, and Jason G. who I caught a glimpse of… must have made it a couples retreat? Even though it was supposed to be for women? All inclusive, how ACCOMMODATING)

06:26 biking on park trail

06:26 biking on park trail


BACKTRACK to last night 17 July 2019


c (soft chuckle) oh, and HOW does an algorithm tell…? Humans are way smarter right now… those creatives will find loopholes …


07:00 c- against what all the social media psychology may try to point out about this situation: I have never liked you. I don’t think your life is better nor do I want to be living it.

07:01 c- I have a healthy self-esteem and do not see RR as more beautiful or JS as a catch.

v- you are not attracted to me

c- physically? Hell no.

07:03 c- I question every aspect that I observe of JS’s interactions online and more than not ..

v- you’re disappointed

c- so much potential and you’re wasting it

07:04 c- I would rather be the woman who screams protesting an injustice that few understand or could possibly relate to right now … I would rather be forward-thinking

V- than a half-naked chick frolicking down by the river… thanks, for that imagery, C

c- you want to see the video? I have a recording for the world to see.

c- THE ONLY reason I keep these records is for future use and present (and future) protest. I want the world to know what could have been done

and wasn’t. For a very long time. Too long.

07:06 c- don’t be a 737.

v- thanks, C, thanks for that

07:07 c- it is what it is. You either take those f**kers off the tarmac and fix the issues

v- or endanger the lives …

c- every day you have a choice to make this world a better place

07:08 c- place your priorities where they should be


07:09 v- you don’t think R is a beautiful woman?

c- have you seen her lips?

she looks stretched. Gaunt. And it will only get worse with age.

i don’t envy her. Far from. I would never want to be her.

i am someone better and I know it .

07:10 c- you want to place her side by side with me and debate?

she won’t have the vocabulary to express any of her limited thoughts on a wide variety of topics I could throw her way.

don’t make me compare.

I am so pissed at you.

i am sure she is a nice person.

she has been given opportunities so she can live the lifestyle she leads. (Seriously : her financials don’t add up and she’s not being transparent about them … something to hide?)

that doesn’t make her a better more perfect person with the ideal life.

if you are connected to me, JS? Her life is hell right now. If he isn’t? Her life is still hell with these accusations I am throwing out and the fact that JS never revolves the issue at its source.

he is an IDIOT not to have handled this situation better. She has to live with that idiocy.



07:18 at next bus stop

c- I have had much more public speaking experience than she has had in a wide array of situations

not just curling my fingers, closing my eyes and humming.


i have talked, discussed and debated on a wide range of topics in other languages.

what does she have?

A limited niche of expertise:

don’t insult my connection to you by asking me if I think she is beautiful.

she is a show girl

v- with a limited vocabulary

c- and a mousey voice with a limited range.

07:21 c- I am making observations from what she makes free and accessible and public.

that is what her online presence is

v- limited

c- very


c- how many topics has WMS covered over the years?

v- a little bit of everything

c- I don’t need a woman to give me a listicle on love

07:23 c- pleASE.

c- (sad laugh) that’s right : you have to PAY her for talking about the more challenging topics … and even then, WOO.


07:27 (on bus) c- and you know what? If she uses ANY of my content and who I am via you?

if she doesn’t give anything to charity and pays her bills with what she makes in her sessions? (Self-serving)

if EVER a connection between JS & me is proven and he is INVOLVED in those money-making endeavors with her?

c- that will come to light … and even just this suggestion should make people aware of how far-reaching tele(m)pathy can be & who it actually benefits. (If handled properly or inappropriately)


c- so, when you say I should leave Rachel alone? THIS is why I accuse her of being an accomplice in crimes

v- against humanity

07:31 c- you can’t do good if it is at the expense of others



07:33 c- if I can prove I have or had ANY sort of relationship with Jason Silva during Rachel Rossitto’s tenure with him?

Any money should be given back to the participants in Evoke.

Any money made during Evoke should be given to charity.

any money that was used to pay for personal expenses should be put in a fund for abuse victims or those who cannot pay their bills for whatever misfortune befell them (not their fault … BECAUSE of people like Rachel Rossitto and Jason Silva who were the CAUSE of abuse)

and let me be clear: those are funds that are above and beyond what was paid / earned during Evoke.

c- am I making myself clear?

v- yes

07:37 c- I find it A DISGRACE and utter lack of intelligence & respect to misuse an ability such as tele(m)pathy the way Jason Silva may be using it and Rachel Rossitto is taking (financial) advantage of it.

07:38 c- but again, let me do the best I can to prove a connection exists

I will keep reporting on sensations I experience

no matter if there is a social media post by JS / RR or not.

IF EVER a correlation exists between his life and mine?

ALL of this MATTERS and people WILL pay more attention to it

v- after the fact

c- think of the future. Don’t get mired in your hedonistic present

07:40 c- when one is gifted with a futuristic ability? One cannot live with (only) a present mindset.


V- and now?

c- i’m On a bus that is jarring me

c- moist? A strange (bodily) hum … gentle heartwarm… but difficult to distinguish between my present surroundings

07:43 v- wireless

c- unsecured network. It’s all I have.

07:44 c- don’t be the man who goes down

v- as the hedonist.. thanks, c


IMAGE: Stranger Things S03E07

IMAGE: Stranger Things S03E07


07:48 the source of the image I creatively filtered for use in the Wandering Mind story? A Christmas light display at Easton Towne Centre … a MALL in the Columbus, Ohio area


07:53 c- sometimes,

“it’s not what you see, it’s what you envision.” - Scribe

Meme… that data stream

with Mnemosyne

In the matrix


07:54 hopping off

08:01 at work. J the biller is parked (she drives 1.5 hours to get here on time … we both arrive 1/2 hour before everyone else …)


C- you have your own story to tell

right now mine is separate.

If I experience abuse, I will report about it.

v- every sensation

c- it’s not beautiful anymore. It’s a nightmare.

08:03 c- it doesn’t matter when or in what context I experience an incoming sensation

v- it’s rape

08:04 c- you had EVERY chance to make this a better, more wholesome heartwarming story and you turned it into something dark.

08:05 c- not me. You,

remember Love at First?

you remember Anachronisms?

you remember Wake?

all those stories were BEAUTIFUL partner stories

that you just proved were a lie.


C- this. THIS is what I have to write about now because of your f**ked up choices.


08:08 v- you saw the potty scene?

c- yeah… an interesting twist I did not expect. I rarely get surprised with shows/movies because of the common formulas


08:10 v___

c- no, this job sucks but it is the only form of regular income I have … there isn’t much tying me to this job.

“Get a job, any job”

why do I feel worse off now that I have a regular job?

it ties me to a travel routine that takes me five hours out of my day (and exhausts me) and ties me to this building for nine hours, preventing me from doing ANYTHING else.

v- except post online

08:12 c- yeah, well, there is that. I can scream about what an asshole you are whenever I get a free moment.


08:15 c- you’re going to have to answer for a lot when the time comes … and I won’t have to say a thing. I will have already covered everything way before that time arrives.

v- ___ R

c- you know what? (Being bitchy) Success has many variables. I do not respect her for what she’s doing right now because there are bigger fish to fry with all this.

what I have a problem with I have explained a 1000 times.

08:18 c- no, I do not see her as a strong woman on (video)camera.

i see her as hesitant. I see her as insecure.

08:18 she seems unsure of the words she should use.

08:19 c- i’ve posted millions of words these past five + years explaining every aspect

v- facet

c- of what this could be and is

08:20 c- she has what?



08:20 seriously? And she doesn’t even post that much shit up there. It takes MAYBE an hour to look over all of that crap or have a second set of eyes to look it over (mumbles : if they can spell)

v- will you be good

08:21 c- I may have a slew of typos in these InstaFeeds because i’m Typing a mile a minute on a phone screen.

08:22 c- but you know what? After and during each day I look over my posts for these typos and CORRECT most.


08:24 Gatekeeper (L) unlocks office … clocking in before I forget (and it takes me a minute to go through all the telephone prompts and numbers I have to press 🙄)

08:26 c- she (Rachel) is a weak character and I can typecast her any way I want to … and she gives me plenty of content to set her in that role for life.


[ working, mtg, then at desk ]

cool fresh air in nostrils, back of throat

perineum sensation




C- I keep changing it to available and it keeps switching to



10:14 c- it KNOWS.

v- ok, Sebastian (Little Mermaid)

c- really? Why do you keep doing that? (Inappropriate given circumstances)


v- talk, got it.

c- stop…


10:37 (start of another organizational training project that I’m putting on my to-do)



been cinnamony dry body heat slight heartwarm for about an hour or so


increased cinnamony heartheat


C- don’t do that … it confuses me



lunch (working on paperwork… nope. Not doing this now; will do this when I get home)


cool fresh air in nostrils perineum




subtle AHB

c- stop

v- why ? You do everything else

c- what does that mean?


17:14 waiting to leave terminal (dark clouds rolling in… greeeaat) - bus driver is talking with police. There must have been an incident. Wrap it up. Momma gotta get home.


17:22 about to leave. Argh. So much for catching the earlier bus. The joys of public transportation.

V- will you please talk to me

c- why?


v- why don’t you write it

c- because it’s obvious something occurred - I don’t have to SPECIFY

v- oh, you would

c- I really don’t like sensing things I shouldn’t


C- you feel a tad “high”

a sweetness .. a moist chillaxy sense

v- not bad

c- no… but I swear if I feel turned on IN ANY WAY

v- you’re not going to be happy. I know … why can’t you be understanding?

c- FIVE YEARS. No word. No understanding. No coming to an agreement. You leaving me in the dark:

you forcing me to Sense all sorts of things I shouldn’t

v- what about me

c- whoever you are …?

v- I should have come forward

c- this? Whatever this is?

v- on the bus wifi?

c- yes …


c- this comes with responsibilities that you have IGNORED … and that negligence?

has a severe cost


c- apologies if you want a happy life

I CANNOT HAVE ONE when I am whiplashed into any sort of altered state / sensation

v- agreed

c- the very fact that YOU NEVER come forward to talk to me … is disturbing .

it can be interpreted as taking advantage of me

this? Is not easily traceable - near impossible

AND YOU or anyone with this ability ?

v- can take advantage

C- can get away with so many crimes … and never have to worry about paying for them

v- because you can’t prove it

c- oh, I can pile up the logs, the data … it’ll take me time… but if that’s how I have to spend my life ?

i will ..

v- to organize a case

c- I am a smart woman. I have an incredible work ethic to follow through

v- with a threat

c- it’s not a threat … it’s a warning and guarantee that THERE WILL BE WAYS in which I can

v- leapfrog

c- springboard from existing laws, yes.

17:31 c- as soon as I get my foot in that door?

they can request as much from you as possible

V- the lawyers

c- as soon as that happens? I believe some very interesting DATA will be found to exist.

and if you destroy any of that ?

v- that’ll be questioned

c- one thing leads to another


c- I don’t want to have to do this. But I will. It is THAT important if JS doesn’t come forward and give me a specific and direct answer .

v- agreed. What do you think will happen?

c- if the good, kind artist is really that good and kind?

v- he’ll follow through

c- he should do the right thing. To date? He hasn’t … which is a pattern I unfortunately have to factor in. It’s a disappointing one.

[ text with daughter ]


C: the good, kind artist …

v- will you quit saying that ?!?

[ texting with daughter … sort of surprised Dad is school shopping … * gasp * ]


v- he’a Shaping up

c- (monotone) he probably is suffering PTSD from the spreadsheet I gave him after school started last year …

v- was that when he wasn’t paying anything?

c- that would be the year, yes. Hence, the spreadsheet

17:39 v (chuckling) I remember. You were so pissed.

17:39 c- hm-hm.


C- he’s been a lot better this year, which I am thankful for. I train my men well

v- will you be good

c- and you are?


C- huh. Haven’t seen any in a while.

v- are you over your pissiness?

c- it’s called trauma and you are the cause

v- source

c- hm-hm

v- why don’t you show …?

c- let’s Keep that PRIVATE

V- haha.. I know why you say that

c- it’s no secret who I am on FB… I have disclosed that creative research account

v- oh, it’s “creative research” now?


c- the things I tend to reveal…

v- cause reverberations. I know.

c- I mention my sneakiness on IG … WHAM! An article about the upcoming RESTRICT feature

c- oh, there are ways around that

v- (chuckling) I know … if there’s a way, you’ll find it

c- sad. J + R liked the twin flame comment by one of their followers but never answer a question about their twin flame- ness.

somehow? I THINK THEY LIE.

17:46 c- they can’t prove it.

so sad.

fake as fake can be.


c- oh, you know I have something that R will NEVER have

v (chuckling) I know

c- FIVE YEARS of organizational chaos .. logs, multimedia, data data data

c- really quite unfortunate how … in the end… her end … was data related

v- oh, will you be good

c- [ static ]

v- haha. Stop.

c- apologies if you couldn’t interpret that with your … “etherial”-ness

it’s all about the “i” with her, isn’t it?

c- in that I will admit you two are a perfect match

SELFIES are your thing.

Look at me!

aren’t * I * glorious ?


c- i mean, with all her woo she should have ALL THE GOODS …

she should fly with her fairy wings 🧚‍♀️

slide down her rainbow 🌈

v- ride her unicorn 🦄 .. thanks, c


c- I mean, twin flame proof 🔥 🔥 should be a no brainer (snicker)

v- you are awful

c- hm-hm


17:53 c- she’s really good at showing off her T & A, though… and you are sure to make sure the world sees all that

c- did … i see.. GRAVITY weighing her down?

c- hm-hm… it’s only a matter of time

and for those women who… well, know better

some clothing isn’t … flattering.


17:55 v- you’re not that much better

c- haha. I am 46.

1) I never flaunt what I got … unless in private, and darling, this body?

i have good genes

v- I know you do

c- I know how to tone, and my body.. reflects that

v- oh, damn

2) I have for years nick-named Flopsy and Mopsy because, well, you should never … inflate … your self image

v- haha. Stop.

c- it’s called reverse psychology

v- I know what it is

17:58 c- and when these puppies are all … presentable? Damn, do they look nice.

v- I really don’t like you.

17:58 c- everybody has their preferences … but..

v- you’re a model

c- uh, no… but my body type … is very pleasing

c- i’m not in that industry

because I want to LIVE my life not worrying about every wrinkle or ..

v- wart

c- be good

17:59 c- there are things about me that would never had been well suited for a modeling career .. I have always been behind the scenes

v- and you’re good at it

18:00 c- I am … complicated

v- to say the least

c- people may just get exposed to a certain part of me …

v- and not see all of you

c- not understand, let’s say… “see” has a certain connotation (sight)


[ hop off bus, sprinkling, being careful ]

18:06 in terminal, waiting for bus

18:07 v- sorry about today

c- what about it?

v- the rape thing

c- the longer this drags on, the worse it gets … I have serious PTSD that I should not have.

18:08 c- I know when I get that answer - not from JB, because PLEASE, if he followed both of us for years ..

v- he’d get it, I know …

[ mindslip about my first WMSiF that I started to keep up and not archive / take it down from public viewing … all of those are now starting to be (re) published ]

V- so you have a story

c- uh, yeah.



18:11 c- JS has this really odd way of talking about POSSESSION

18:11 c- as if … he were kind of trying to make connections between

v- the natural world

c- and shared consciousnesses / mindbody links

v- you’ve seen others [ SM posts related to insects/animals & mindbody links ]

c- yeah, I have. I screenshot a lot. I reflect, I move on.


18:14 c- I mean: not everything is about me 🙄 (when I may very well be a part of his make-up now)

not everything should revolve around a shared consciousness

18:15 c- I don’t like “shared consciousness” because it somehow is more attributable to just the mind?

My experiences

v- are corporeal

c- or at least it feels that way …

18:16 v- agreed

c- as if there were physical responses

accelerated heartbeat (AHB) (when a doctor can’t detect a change in heart rate nor pulse .. that happened to me once - I was in the doctor’s office, sensed SAHB, and my vitals were normal)

v- undetectable

c- using the readily available tools, yes

v- at the doctor’s office


18:18 v- I wish you would be nicer (about R)

c- why? She has it in her power to change the situation and she does nothing.

That says enough to me about her character.

18:19 c- if I didn’t have to live with your life force

v- i’d be gone by now

c- I would have long since blocked, filtered, and thrown away any semblance of you.

out of sight .. out of mind

v- I am never going away, c

c- so encouraging

18:21 c- this is a hell I can’t get out of



18:22 c- it’s quite clear the path you chose

and I am NOT on it

18:22 c- I just don’t want to live the rest of my life dragged into every situation you pull me into

c- I don’t want to sense you

Let’s be honest: we should never have met

v- no… i’ll Explain soon, ok?

18:23 c- you know the life I want to live

and how you are living it?

is not how I would live

18:23 c- you make choices every day and never consider how it may affect me .. and whatever you do?

i sense it

i hear a voice and there is no one here.

i sense and get impressions of a virtual presence … and no one is here.


c- I want a life with someone HERE physically.

i don’t want a ghost haunting my life.

i want a life apart .. and from what I can tell?

you don’t want me in your life that way.

18:27 c- it is NOT an easy existence

knowing I may have to be pushed and pulled around by someone else

and it affect my normal life


C- I want to love again AND YOU ARE PREVENTING ME from ever having the chance to have a full life

like I already have had more than a few times in the past

I have been fortunate

but this?

this is THE WORST experience I have EVER had to deal with

and it is NOT something I can just drop and walk away from

v- because it comes with you

c- it wakes me up

it makes me lightheaded

i feel turned on when I shouldn’t (there’s no one there and the thought of WHY I feel turned on now is nauseating and revolting)

i do NOT want to feel J+ R “getting it on”



18:32 c- this connection?

With the choices of my prime suspect?

has stripped me of the chance to be happy

18:32 c- and that may sound delusional and insane

i try my best to try to explain my experiences

c- but who would believe that, right?

unless there are others like me

18:33 c- I do NOT have schizophrenia

i want someone to rule out telepathy.

if they cannot rule it out? It’s possible.

18:34 c- whoever this is?

whatever this is?

i want an answer.

i deserve an explanation after five years:

18:34 c- because THIS …whatever this is?

Happened because of my presence on Ideapod.


I had NO change of habits or lifestyle … nothing was different about my life

until Ideapod ..

SOMETHING happened because of that platform or someone on it who was a member.

18:36 c- how can I be clear about how my life was somehow altered by something that happened after I joined and started participating there?

someone there LATCHED ONTO ME..

v- hacked you

c- is that so difficult to believe?


[ checking radar … still raining .. argh. Riding home in the rain I guess ]

SM check

v- ___

18:40 c- yeah, I saw that. Seriously? Honestly? WhyTF would JS post that shit and it correspond to that timestamp?

v- exactly, I know

c- why would I make that up?



20:16 c- thank you …

v- you’re welcome. you don’t have to say anything more

c- you are there for me. I just wanted you to know I do appreciate (you)

v- something nice?!

c- yeah, well… you know what just happened

v- yeah, I do… keep it to yourself

c- I will