DAY 1883


00:29 awake


fire antsy toes and soles



V- and you know why

C- no, I don’t 


02:20 posting


04:02 c- how’s that treatin’ ya?… still here🎶

V- you’re going to do you’re Contrarian thing again, aren’t ya?

04:03 c- yuP

04:03 c- wishful hopeful positive thinking DOES NO GOOD. Trust me: i’ve Had 1883 days to maneuver them in and they haven’t changed my life for the better

hundreds of love stories and love poems.



v/ (chuckling) stop

c- oh…


04:06: so, I should think positive thoughts and my money problems will go POOF!

c- hm-hm … ain’t believin’ that koolaid (disclosure : this is in no way anything against the brand Koolaid … just sayin’)

04:08 v- you really don’t Get it

c- NO, YOU don’t get it. Block me from your thoughts

v- no, I don’t want to

c- over and over again

v- sorry for your money problems,c

c- it’s your fault (being mostly funny)

04:09 v- I know

v- it’s a no-win situation with you

c- pretty much … LOOK : what people need to realize is


v- yeah, I know

c- where’s that get me?

v- in the poor house

04:11 c- lesson learned. Don’t Believe in JS’s KOOLAID.


C- (mumbles) five years

v- almost five years

c- i’m ROUNDING … of recording every little meme or quote he posts

v- it’s annoying

c- yes, it is

04:12 c- I have a little extra time. Back to sleep.

Frickin’ body rhythm is all jacked up because of you

v- yeah, I know … sorry

c-how’d you sleep?

v- not good




(snooze) (snooze)

05:12 from page 168 of the InnerNet travelogue 17 July 2014


05:13 c- let’s apply this saying to as many things as possible today (Being all superficially cheerful)

v- (chuckles) you won’t stop … one is going to be woo

c- GOOD ANSWER! (in the Hallmark Elf recorded voice)


05:17 v- it’s like mad libs

c- yes, but you record your vocal answers (instead of writing down words in blanks) … then the elf spews them back into a funny nonsensical story



biking to bus stop

C- I hate humidity …

06:51 bus headed downtown


06:55 c- ah, censoring again, BookBurner?

v- you would

06:56 c- mm-mm.. so how does one determine the most relevant?


v- hm-hm

06:57 v- how’s the bus?

c- all the passengers as I go down the aisle

”please don’t sit next to me …”

DRIP, DRIP (sweaty)

c- fine. UNSECURED (network), BABY.

v- hm-hm … how’s debt?

c- splendiforous, I feel my credit score bottoming out.

v- (chuckling) stop.

c- it’s a joke. As I was minddiscussing / reflecting about last night on the bike ride home : as soon as I have bookoo funds?

the bankers will be salivating …

”how may we help you?”

v- I know, it’s a joke

c- that credit score? Ain’t gonna matter one iota.

v- I know

c- a little over a month

v- of hell … I know

c- (sadly funny) : at least I don’t get the non stop robo calls

v- because you have no cell service

07:01 c- noPe.

07:01 c- gah, the silence is glorious

v- they can find you in other ways

c- oh, I am well aware. If they want their damn money they can wait and rack up the fees in the meantime, which I will pay. They are ever richer for it.

It’s the ever constant juggling of my life

i don’t have money

to get me to where I need to go (financially solvent)

i have to borrow

v- on credit

c- they earn money … I survive and invest in my present/ future

v- it’s called living

c- at least I have a light at the end of this dark frickin’ tunnel

v- you’re not worried?

c- no… I am not. I’ve been through hell… and i’ve Been reflecting on ..

v- on what you’ve given people

c- here’s a part of my story that no one has heard about

c- my husband and I were in a lot of debt from several moves due to his work, and unfortunate circumstances

v- he got laid off

c- you go into debt fast .. we survived …

c- over the years …

v- he made money

c- if it were “my money?” Every bonus would have been to pay off debt

c- what did I do when I moved out in 2018?

v- you paid off most of your debt

c- OUR DEBT. Because even though in my name ?

v- it was a joint life

c- so, I keep encouraging him to do this and that to lower interest rates …

v- omg…

c- who was the one who ALWAYS initiated lowering rates (on mortgage, unsecured debt / credit cards)

v- you

07:06 c- again, OUR DEBT … that never changed … I KNEW that as soon as I moved out and we separated our finances?

v- he’d be forced to see the debt

c- HE’D have one take care of it for a change … and when you take care of your own budget and finances?

v- omg

c- it wasn’t me … you know the situation

v- he’d bite your head off

c- every,time.i’

c- first advice to my daughters will be

v- always keep a separate bank account

c- for the first time in decades I had my own checking (not joint ) account … July 20, 2017

v- because you had to pay for bills

c- he would spend money like we didn’t have a lot of bills to pay and I WAS ALWAYS RUNNING AROUND trying to make ends meet

v- and he made enough money

c- I was run ragged

so, I move out, our finances are separate. I took half our debt (In my name, but still)

v- you had no regular job

c- used my life savings to start a separate household, pay off debt, bought a car , started a business

v- and the money ran out

c- FAST. He has NO IDEA how much grief I spared him by not forcing him to sell the house

v- and split the proceeds

c- so; he is practically debt free right now

MY CHARITY. My good will, my forecasting : that when we were divorced would be when he would FINALLY

V- be budget wise

c- let’s not stretch that too far ..

v- be good (chuckling)

c- anyway, money is relative

“he can afford it”

v- but he can’t

07:21 (at next bus stop)

c- my daughter looked at me the other day and said: you know, Mom, I start college in four years

c- I looked at her and said: who is the one who is in charge of your college funds?

v- omg… you did not

c- they know Mom doesn’t have much money right now. I can’t buy anything but essentials right now…

so, I followed that up by saying : Dad should start putting money into that fund, too.

v- haha . You did:

c- I so did. I know what she was saying. I also teased her and looked straight into her eyes and said

“but you’re going to get a full scholarship wherever you choose to go to school, right?”

C- I tease my children ruthlessly. They get my humor.

v- they’re concerned

c- of course they’re concerned. EVERYONE is concerned about me my finances and who I can’t do (right now)



07:29 (on last bus)

c- so, we were horrible life partners when trying to handle our finances

v- agreed

c- that wasn’t the only thing

v- oh?

c- will you stop. He is so much more RELEVANT in my life right now than you could ever hope to be … he’s a good man… which is a FAR CRY from what I’ve experienced with this KIND ARTIST everyone assumes you are and I never see any results from him

v- in your way

c- arms crossed. RELEVANT.


C- ART doesn’t keep the roof over my children or my heads

v- no, it doesn’t

c- ART doesn’t pay most of the bills … of not for Crafty Scribe’s few hundred dollars here and there, this summer (which I have had to do without for the past few weeks)… I would not have survived.

v- agreed

c- it was my gas and food money

v- when there wasn’t any other money

c- you know I can’t buy a discounted bus pass (week / month ) without a credit or debit card? They (the vending machines) don’t accept cash.

07:34 Inconvenience factor .. for people who are tied to offices working all day during normal business hours?

who have to take UNPAID time off to do errands ?

it’s a vicious downward spiral that is EXTREMELY inconvenient for people whose lives are already inconvenient


c- so, keep shooting those videos of woo

that’ll help solve society’s biggest issues

v- ___

c- i’m A serious woman. I have a dark sense of humor

v- that STINGS

c- PLEASE there are so many other GOOD THINGS that Rachel or any woman could be doing with their lives and

she chooses higher society ENABLING.

07:37 v- will you be nice. Geesh.

c- everyone has to make a living, right?

c- so… what good is she doing again? I’m lost.

The empowerment of women?

what exactly is it?

How is she helping the masses of women again?

or … is she just helping those women who can afford her services that she is well compensated for and that Jason Silva supports with his mere presence and tagging.


C- again, what is that message you are sending?

v- self-serving

c- ah, got it.

07:39 c- nice way to reach out to a wider audience

v- will you be good

c- I AM SORRY. I have a burr up my butt and I truly don’t understand why you waste so much of your time on a small niche.

v- (chuckling) be good … man, you’re awful

c- how’s cameo?

v- will you be good 🙄

c: so… what you’re saying is your POPULARITY … isn’t “all that”

v- (chuckling) I know what you’re getting at

c- I can show you stats

v- be nice


DANG! You’re down even more than I last checked …


so much for 100s of thousands of followers

v- it’s all relative

c- hm-hm …

07:44 c- I am ruthless in my teasing

v- I know you are … and I take it well


[ checks cameo for the first time ]

HAHA… $50?!? Geesh. Ego inflation alert! Ego inflation alert!

v- you are awful


07:47 (Teasing) ManWhoor

v- (chuckling) you would

c- pseudocelebrities ( shakes her head )

07:48 c- how many people actually sign up for that?

v- not many

c- I didn’t think they would … geesh. Please tell me Rachel advised you that that might not get you anywhere

v- haha . STOP.


being HAUGHTY : two degrees of separation 🎶

v- (chuckling) stop

c/ oh, it just has to bother some people that I am two calls away from Tim Cook

v- it bothers me royally

c- funny, how I haven’t called in any of those favors … YET.

v- oh, you would

c- someone who was in our wedding 🎶

v/ oh, I know

c (chuckling)


(Sense : lighthearted laughter)

c- you know i’m Not lying

v- I know you’re not



08:04 at work; only J the biller is here

08:22 c- it’s the little things. I arrived at work just before it started raining (under a roofline staying dry)

v- but sweaty

c- it is humid + exercise = sweaty

[ working ]


[ training ]



on and off : SAHB



c- I really think you and Rachel should be open and honest about your sex life

v- oh, you would

c- many know you already live together (being ornery because so much can be ASSUMED even though it may not be the case)


C- lived with my ex for years …

v- and never had sex

c- not even romantically involved

v (soft chuckle) stop


V- so little talk


12:38 v- ENTRAPMENT!

c- hm-hm .. oh, but you’ll be open and honest and pure and truthful

v- unambiguous … got it


12:40 v- you were doing research …

c- yes. I hate that you hear everything I do.

V- for eZ?

c- yes

v- oh, but why?

c- unfinished BUSINESS.

v- oh, you would

12:42 c- hm. I did some checking on what others were doing 🙄

v- sex site

c- come on, didn’t you know? Sex is an art form.

v- oh, you would.

c- so… unimpressed

v- with this site?

c- yah. So … IDK… blah.

v- ok…

c- could be better 🤷‍♀️ (Shrugs shoulders)

12:43 c- but, hey, if you can get $$$ for practically nothing

v- have at it… you have ideas

c- more … tasteful ones .. yes

v- oh, lord

c- I know (sigh) … i have a puritanical bent to me






[ working ]

v- sorry

c- whatever. Five years of this shit.




sense : I feel off (interpretation? A high, an unusual, uncomfotable )


13:48 v- just put gastrointestinal


V- no, not you

c- don’t

v- you feel ill

c- yes, I feel ill

you want to know why?


EVERY uncomfortable

v- you feel raped. Understood.

c- for five years now I’ve been sensing something I shouldn’t.


c- APOLOGIES, whoever or whatever this is

v- is not a picnic

c- and, seriously ?

women frolicking … a bunch of women hanging out together

c- what message is that?

c- seriously. how is that changing the world?

v- it’s not

c- i’m am frustrated at the power you have to make a difference and THAT is what is more important

v- no, it’s not

c- I sense a silky warm UNCOMFORTABLE

SLEEZY coming onto to me sense

and I SWEAR if it goes on for any duration of time





blood coursing

c- seriously. What the fuck is this?!?

v- I know how upset you are

c- my bodymind has been hijacked and someone doesn’t give a shit.

13:56 c- yeah, just take me along for the ride.

v- rape you


13:56 c- you see EVERY DETAIL ? Not just the ones closer to when R + J post shit together



c- I WANT AN ANSWER for what

HAS RUINED my life

v: OMG .. I’m sorry


[ chatting with P at the picnic table … argh the resolution specialist - the veteran biller - just gave 2 weeks notice 😞 ]

c- so… blind leading the blind

v- yuP


[ reading email ]

14:08 v- I am in hell right now .. just so you know

c- hm-hm.

It’s apparent by what you share that you are suffering 🙄

just some day be honest

be that whole person people think you are

14:09 c- you’ve hidden this


v- you ok?

14:12 c- I don’t want to be feeling this shit

it wears me down EVERY DAY

V- for five years, I know.

14:13 c- and. Good, KIND ARTIST never says yes or no just to at least give me peace?

c- yes, i’m A little bit pissed

c- I deserve happiness




c- do you think I want to feel that shit?

v- no, I know you don’t

REMEMBER that when you and Rachel get served.


C- you better hope that that timestamp on that video

doesn’t correspond to ANY alteration in my state.



wake up time

energy drain


strange uncomfortable sense

drugged feeling



v- yeah, I understand


14:21 I have been ABUNDANTLY clear to how I do not want Rachel Rossitto affecting my bodymind via Jason Silva in any way. this case will be the first of its kind

v- hard to prove

c- oh?

C- and how difficult will it be when you and whoever have to provide metadataed data and turn it over to analyze possible connections?


but I sensed it


c- I should have NO KNOWLEDGE of that metadata - when - the exact time - when something was recorded, captured…

v- f**k I know


V- yeah, I know

c- when push comes to shove

14:25 SAHB

[ training ]

14:32 SAHB

[ pouring rain … an offer to take me home

c- gotta love the smoking Jew ]



sternoclavicular warmth


vaginal soft sense




14:53 c- why do you think I’ve been posting all my sensations that are incoming - those I have to experience … all without ANY EXPLANATION?

v- yet


c- and you wonder why I get so pissed?

I am perpetually pissed



V- via unusual sources

c- you tell me … would a girlfriend of a guy want to be fondled awake?

v- no


15:00 c- f***king get a clue about how serious this is

c- I am NOT delusional

v- you’re distressed

15:01 c- I don’t care WHEN it was

I don’t want to be feeling it

HOWEVER it comes down the line


V- to inappropriate touching . Got it.


c- I felt UNCOMFORTABLE this morning. You know EXACTLY why I feel out of sorts … the incident right around 1:35 am my time …

THAT disturbs me..

v- you feel violated

c- on a daily basis

[ working ]

15:26 cheekbone pressure

[ working ]

16:05 SAHB

a bit drowsy



c- why do I have to endure this?!?

c- why do I have to sense EVERY LITTLE THING?!?

c- and what is it I get?



a man who is SUPPOSED to be kind

c- just go ahead and walk all over my life as if it didn’t matter

THIS IS THE SIGN of a sadistic pig

16:09 c- THAT’s NOT love

that is a man who disregards the safety of women

of ANY human being

and I am supposed to keep taking HIT after HIT?!

man does NOTHING (to make this better)

but I continue to suffer?

And you wonder why I am so critical of a woman who is supposed to be for the EMPOWERMENT of women

when she continues to be the cause of the rape of one

c- what is wrong with this picture ??


C- I am going to keep screaming until it sinks in



hits someone’s Desk

C- and someone starts asking

“why did someone not do something about this ?!? (Sooner)?

16:12 c- that is what I am facing … against all odds because I have to do it alone

c- this mf HURTS me

this woman goes ALONG with it?

it is NOT a matter of their love

it is about the ABUSE they continue to inflict on another because of that … INTERACTION between the two of them




16:16 c- I did NOT agree to this - EVER.

C- you think I’m the unstable one?

what about the man who may very well be connected to me.. and KNEW about how this harmed me?

16:17 c- how long has it been now?


16:19 c- don’t DO THAT

16:20 SAHB

16:21 c- I know what I claim is off the charts - undiagnosable in normal ways … but if there is ANYTHING to my story

v- we’ll talk

c- you know darn well it is BEYOND just talking to me about now

v- panel. Got it.

C- or worse.


C- if you can sense me?

How would you feel if I stated dating someone

V- i’d Be ok with it

c- oh? And if you felt me having sex?

v- that’d be different

c- oh? What’s to stop me right now?

16:24 c- what in the whole scheme of things AS I SEE it Right now … is to stop me from dating and having sex with a partner, hm?

v- nothing


16:25 c- FIVE YEARS and no closer to making this right … you can understand how I see this

v- yeah I do



16:33 SAHB

c- it’s not that I don’t Want you to have a happy life … that’s not it at all … it’s that THAT? Affects MY Life

v- sensorially

c- and you IGNORE that basic necessity for Freedom from ANY tie with you that I SHOULD HAVE

16:34 c- and THAT ? I can’t stand for

that is in blatant disregard for another human’s welfare

for which I will fight until I die

IT IS NOT RIGHT what you are doing

if there is ANY connection between us


16:38 heart warm

16:39 c- ANY sensation

v- is a violation

c- WHENEVER it happens

v- until we talk



16:41 c- I don’t want to be feeling this. I don’t want to be feeling this

v- I know you don’t


07:06 headed to bus stop …

17:12 c- DON’T DO THAT.

17:12 c- … and it’s raining.


17:14 headed downtown

v- no ride

c- it “cleared” momentarily … oh, well. Passing rain shower.

17:14 c- N was supposed to bring me home …

v- promises, promises

c- she is chaos

v- not with a capital C

c- no, that’s me.

c- sigh… she said I’d pick up the car “while she was away”

c- whatever the frick that means

17:15 c- hm-hm. AWESOME.

V- no credit

c- no Lyft.

17:16 AWESOME.

C- you had an obligation four + years ago


17:16 c- f**king A. Every one of those when this connection is proven will be considered


c- that too

v- prove it


c- as I was saying on my bike to the bus terminal : you could have made my life easier

less suffering

c- but instead?

you made my life

more difficult


and one in which I am a slave to these sensations

you took away my happiness and freedom

it is a human rights violation

THE ONE PERSON on the planet that i thought would be one of THE LAST PEOPLE to make another human being suffer like this ?

is Jason Silva

Rachel Rossitto

some day you will understand

you will be placed in a very difficult position

to explain everything you did

v- that could have been done better

c- YOU RAPED me continuously - sensorially - and you think that’s OK?

17:20 WAKE UP.

we already live in a world that will DEMAND that you explain yourselves

when you were notified

again and again

about the harm

v- inflicted

17:21 c- you made my life so much more difficult

if I have to?

i’ll gather all my notes

side by side


and prepare

17:21 v- you won’t have to

c- no, I have a feeling I have a lot of work ahead of me no matter what

c- I was so nice for so many years

and now?

I HAVE THIS to accuse you both of


c- you may see it a different way

but without clear and specific direct communication?

V- normal channels

c- you have caused me pain experientially over and over again

as if it were physical abuse

an assault not yet defined

but there will be a legal code after I am done with proving this

17:24 c- you CANNOT continue to live as if your actions had no effect

because if I sense the spin?

if you knew about it

if you profited in any way

if ANYONE profited in anyway from my suffering?

v- it’s slavery

c- you took a basic human right away from me

v- then prove it .. will you?

c- you have given me plenty of evidence … plenty to persuade people that there is definitely something suspicious going on

and if ANYONE suspects you?

that is the opening

and then? They force a legal order on you

v- if it gets that far

17:27 c- given my experience?

it’ll go that far. I will once again have to initiate to get it done

17:27 c- heaven forbid Jason Silva KIND ARTIST would do the right thing after pulling inspiration from a single source, never contacting her after five + years … and passing it off as his own content

getting paying gigs because of it

showing those videos during his PAID ENGAGEMENTS



18:03 on way to burbs, sunny, bike is soaked, though 😞

v- WiFi works, though

c- UNSECURED network, mf.

v- yeah, I get that


one of the “you might be interested in” IG search page gallery ..


V- potty time, I know

c- will a rolling transcript 🙄 so TP

v- haha. Stop.

c- I Haven’t gotten to this episode yet

v- you got to the one where they’re tied up together?

c- yes



VS Case File - request metadata

far from a good feeling when I feel like someone not only drugged me but raped me.

19:49 c- do you see the smiling faces?

when there may be someone quantum entangled and forced against her will to feel things?

If a quantum entangled state is proven to exist between JS & CG, scenes like these will be played over and over again to demonstrate the blatant disregard for another’s life and well-being.

Pay attention to all the shifts in sensation that I report day after day. All the discomfort.

all the interruptions into my normal life.

They correspond to SOMETHING.

NOT just this video that I share to illustrate how these two individuals continue to act as if nothing was wrong with what they do.

if I am not connected (tele(m)pathically)?


then deny it to me personally discounting and disproving any evidence of a suspected link that I provide.


c- if there IS a link?

JS + RR will need to explain themselves and their behavior.

if they were on drugs? There were witnesses.

If I SENSED any drug effects (telepathically / nonlocal trasference)?

I was drugged against my will.