DAY 1881


PROPER CHANNELS? there are none… yet.

FIX IT, influencer(s)




V- guilty

c- as charged


C- your move

v- ajedrez siniestro

06:39 at bus stop (after biking)

[ scanning archive for images ]

[ silent lol … ]

c- it’s like a wrinkle in time


V- I took that down

c- oh, but your fans will LOVE that I have the … DELETED posts … ya know, for those other COLLECTORS out there

v- man, you’re creepy

v- what other ones?

c- there was that unicorn post you deleted … in a city park

v- man, you remember too much

07:04 c- i’ll Take it down if you want me to.. so are you Dumb or Dumber?

v- you choose


- grapewhiteshirt comment on JS’s IG post

- grapewhiteshirt comment on JS’s IG post


c- I love your follower’s comments: they tell a story all on their own

v- yes, they do

c- they know you oh, so well



c- will you PLEASE try to think up some of your own quotes, Quotidian?


07:25 v- repeating record?

c- redundancy matters… sometimes … but even your fans are yearning for more … you and not someone else

v- oh, ouch…



V- coffeetime

c- hm-hm

07:29 c- no time to make my own this AM … with my girls it’s a constant stream of cleaning in their wake … the oldest made chocolate chip cookies … so I washed dishes this AM in lieu of coffee 😞

07:30 v- you have a dishwasher

c- “two” 🙄 ( The Rook reference )


c- my life is an unending storyreel .. which reminds me of Mark’s Myth on Ideapod

v- he misses us

c- I wouldn’t know if JS is still on the platform, … but a quick search on the Internet says no…

v- keyword search [ Ideapod + JS ]

c- yah


C- (soft smile) always some weirdness with eleprocon … he has a post about the WHY…

v- I know he did …

07:36 c- Ooo … Aaa … Ooo … Aaa ( like a cheer)

v- all that’s missing is the Y

c- (in an infomercial voice) that’d be LIMONITE which completes the medieval color collection of Crafty Scribe . COM


V- haha … stop


07:42 c- oh, OA (Netflix) can’t wait to hear about your proof of concept for that Y puzzle (amongst other … resemblances to Wandering Mind ‘s journeys )

v- i know

c- and my children listen so patiently to my boring pigment stories

v- pigment peddler

c- PP, that’s me!


biking to next bus stop


waiting for bus at bus stop




c- DELUSIONAL [ re: yesterday’s post about my ongoing theme of time convergence ]

v- will you be good?

c- why is there so much resistance to the possibility that we’re connected in an unusual way (according to today’s standards)?

08:02 c- I will be the first to admit I do not fully know what this is …

v- oh?

c- SHOW ME THE ANSWER!!! ( a la Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire )

c- for a man who doesn’t want anything to do with me you sure mirror me a lot

v- who mirrors who?

c- [ serious stare ]


C- so, in The Rook, there’s a bouncing ball

v- I know (guilty soft)

c- and the main character Myfanwy goes to retrieve it …

v- on a roof …

c- who knows… it could be nothing. It could be something 🤷‍♀️

v- “all these random bits” … you keep saying that (in your head)

c- a punch through spacetime…


08:15 c- the northern Wisconsin cabin my dad, his dad and other family members helped build had an old garage. From the deck there was a walkway …

v- onto the roof of the old garage


C- stumped. Here’s Grandpa (from “Interference”) and me just hanging out.


08:19 v- you were so little …

v- they had color (photos) back then?

c- be good.


08:21 c- i’m Not saying my memory is infallible … and I don’t Know why I remember the things I do and to the extent I do… but I am a relational thinker

v- you connect the dots

c- i relate, I reflect, I learn … what was that book?

v- Make it Stick

c- let me look. I don’t trust you ..

v- have you..(finished it)?

c- no, I have not. I had a lot going on when I got that book. I read enough, let’s just say


[ I arrive at work … the two other billers are chatting in their parked cars… I ride up alongside one car on my bike ]

cg: (at least) the billers are here! (Being funny)

B the resolution specialist : hey, beautiful …

IMAGE: excerpt from    A Wandering Mind  “Connections”   (2014)

IMAGE: excerpt from A Wandering Mind “Connections” (2014)


08:52 about to head over for a work mtg with intake


[ back in billing dept ]

c- what if outside events affect your mind?

v- you’re so quantum


C- just call me Contrarian, Mr. Optimism (said in the tone like the radio talk show skit Mr. Obvious )

v- “rawr, rawr, rawr”

c- what IS under the sink?


09:24 c- I really don’t like how my research cyberstalking (of JS) affects the algorithms associated to my account [ pops up in my “you might be interested in …” ]


[ working ]

c- hi…

v- why don’t you write about your experience?

c- why don’t you come and chat with me about ..?

c- be good.

09:53 c- and WHO are you? … and WHY are you doing all this?

V- …and what does this mean?

c- don’t mess with my happy place

v- oh, you would

c- … sacred temple … you should talk to you know who about desecrating my sacred temple

v- will you be good


c- hm-hm (all know-it-all pissy tone)

09:56 c- oh, you will talk about VS [ violación sensorial ] …

v- I know

c- it is important

v- I know … BE NICE

C- so, an artist …

v- alright, alright, alright … geesh

c- YES: why WOULD lawyers contact IP … hm? What would they find there?

v- infractions

c- against?

v- intellectual property

c- ya know? You sure do have an odd way of SUPPORTING artists , etc

v- ALRIGHT… don’t go down that path

c- back to work


09:59 v- VS has nothing to do with,..

c- ah, yeah it does.


10:00 v- how?

c- uh, get in front of me and talk to me about OUR CREATIVE ADJACENCIES and if they were intentional…

v- I see where you’re going


c- frickin’ proper channels … don’t make me go there

v- understood




[ diagnosis key word search to educate myself and determine a greater specificity that this claim is barking for … in search for the unspecified specificity ]

sequela = a pathological condition resulting from disease, injury, therapy or other trauma


[ working

sense : like a steam soak / permeation / coating of medicinal vapor


v- soft?

c- yes … it feels like laughy taffy slippery plasticky …

v- soothing?

c- it’s ok. Just a tad uncomfortable

V- in what way ?

c- a not normal someone else is indulging in something - and I am getting it second hand - that I have no reference point for…?

11:09 c- whatever it is? It ain’t me (not my environment (which hasn’t changed) nor what I have consumed … unless these veggie chips are dosed with something



[ working : posting payments … incoming call, switchboard ]

cg: [ soft, firm and oh-so-gentle operator voice ] _______ how may I direct your call?

caller: this is Bob

cg: … how may I direct your call?

caller: this is Bob (cheerful)

cg: which office are you trying to reach?

caller : ___

cg: let me transfer you now …

[ I have renamed the caller … ]

v- to make it storyworthy


🎶 she's a smooth operator
Smooth operator
🎶 (InnerNet melody echoing the song by Sade)


drowsy a bit lightheaded


12:58 SAHB


13:45 lunch

v- on the picnic table?

c- yes

13:49 v- sorry you were lightheaded earlier

c- brief periods are ok. Extended while i’m At work?, not ok

i was being shadowed by someone

v- so you had to do math

c- and somewhat teach, so had to be FOCUSED

… and I can understand that if you are linked with me you may get similar sensations

13/51 v- when?

c- when i’m Exercising


sense shift

i feel off … (drugged)



loss of focus


[ cubicle - no change of environment … ]

cool fresh air in nostrils

[ no change in climate: environment - in office setting at work desk ]


❤️ Fellow bus rider gives heads-up about delay along normal route

taking different route / bus


17:14 chit chat with bus driver

❤️ She recognized me from the bus stop in the burbs (she drives a different bus )

apparently, i’m “That biker (chick)” 😆

17:16 c- she’s getting me right to the terminal

C- now, that’s Express

v- riiiide.


17:46 waiting for last bus of the day to take me closer to home

V- you have to take that express every day

c- if I get there in time… it is faster


v- and it takes you right to the terminal!

c- yeah yeah yeah


[ reviewing today’s observations ]

17:53 c- uh, that wasn’t intentional

v- I know it wasn’t

17:55 bus arrives


V- explain

c- the telescope + telephone combo?


V- haha. stop

c- … the telescope is symbolic of exploration .. the telephone for communication

v- virtuonaut

C- … telepathy … I’m InnerNet Voyager …

v- it’s a theme (in A Wandering Mind)

c- yes


18:09 c- and one thing may lead to another …

IMAGE:  Altered Carbon  (Netflix) 2018

IMAGE: Altered Carbon (Netflix) 2018

18:10 c- what a LIFESAVER

V- stop…