SPLINTER notes DAY 1880 @ideas


Since I left Ideapod back in 2017, I’ve checked back and discovered some interesting resemblances.

Just a heads-up that Ideapod’s “creative adjacencies” with A Wandering Mind are well documented.

If you want me to take down anything related to Ideapod, I of course will.

As with all my SPLINTER notes, this is a placeholder for future development. I’ll continue to add to this post.

On this day five years ago the spark of inspiration for Wandering Mind happened due to an intermingling of concepts on Ideapod.

Without Ideapod what Wandering Mind has become would not exist.

I wish you all (the Ideapod team and community) only the best, and, if you did not know, it is one of A Wandering Mind’s goals to prove how valuable an idea really can be. I want that for your platform : to help with your business model & to make it sustainable, because Ideapod needs to exist.

Although I’ve gone rogue, I miss the community, the thought-provoking posts and engaging in a wide variety of discussions.

A Wandering Mind became necessary because I couldn’t tell my raw truth, however unpopular it was and still is.

Just realize WanderingMind.Space (InstaFeed) is my own space, a stream of consciousness, an example of catharsis, of thoughts externalized. Let’s face it: we all have thoughts we keep to ourselves and that never see the light of the digital screen or that are never heard out in the open air around us because we never verbalize them.

Sometimes, those sparks are what kindles the inspiration & gives us motivation to act on a concept and develop it further.

Don’t take the raw material and occasional abrasive commentary as who I am as a whole person.

It may just be a mood, it may be artistic liberty, it may be anything that comes to mind: It’s an InstaFeed of shared consciousness. Whether you believe that or not is up to you… Remember, Wandering Mind is a reality bending genre. Many lines are crossed and blurred.