SPLINTER notes DAY 1879 #socialmedia


02:03 Art, research, education, business.

These are the principle areas that have required me to maintain multiple social media accounts over the years.

I have different short story series and distinct creative endeavors that require a separation of identity, so to speak.

I have had a different following under each of my short story series. There is some cross pollination, but some, like my Love at First followers may not have wanted to follow my Nightmares at First series.

In education I have a professional learning network (for educators and administrators) and then, in the past, accounts that were either language-specific ( learners of one language may not want to follow an account designated for a different language or just one umbrella account that includes all of a program’s/department’s languages ) or had a specific branching of education (tutoring vs. regular coursework).

For my business (art-related) I opened multiple accounts one for each of my product lines, which focus on historical periods.

Clients interested in Ancient Egypt may not be interested in Mesoamerica or the Middle Ages.

For research (science for writing sci-fi) I have several accounts because I wanted to follow different organizations under each account. In essence : the ability to switch from one curated group to another.

space and astronomy

quantum physics


neuroscience and medicine

Social media platforms that restrict the ability to gather and follow different types of audiences

restrict progress and personal growth.

Social media needs to allow the ability for one person to assume a variety of “identities.”

I call them ASPECTS.

as human beings we are multi-faceted.

We go out and mingle with different types of people : not just one group.

and each of these groups may not intersect in any way except that one person who passes from one to the other.

Why should social media be different?