DAY 1877


[ 00:02 awakened ]

00:31 c: L, this one’s for you.

I want you to meet J + R ( I present them to you here)

after this is all said and done, I want you to tell me what you think of them and what they did to your mom.

i want you to tell me how you felt when you lived through 2014 - ? Especially August 2018 - ?

i want you to be the observer’s eye for the world. That eye that wasn’t drawn.


00:34 c- A healthy relationship for our children to learn from? Liked by both Rachel Rossitto & Jason Silva.

C: when this (telepathic) connection is proven, and it will be, you will be faced with that very stark reality of two extra lives that you affected because of this

V- negatively, I get it.

C- there is a reality running deeply though who you are … and you both refuse to go beyond the surface layer.



00:41 c: who knows if there is any connection, but in Stranger Things Season 3 magnets keep falling off throughout the town.

There is a thread of Wandering Mind in Stranger Things. It is more than just what I am about to mention.

my daughter, L, is an artist. Seasons 1 & 2 of my farmer’s market booth Crafty Scribe has had a section for my daughter to sell recycled bottle cap magnets that include one-of-a-kind artistic sketches and paintings.

It’s my way of encouraging her, keeping her busy during the summer, teaching her about work ethic, money… a wide range of things.

Her little section has been an inspiration for young and older artists and art patrons… and those who just love collecting fridge magnets.

I try to get her to come with me Saturdays so she can be the face and voice of the artist… but she’s a teenager who has learned the beauty of sleeping in on a weekend… so, it’s usually me promoting her.

I think it would be an extra cool thread for Stranger Things to amplify that cause: support that local, emerging artist. Encourage them not to be downtrodden by society that says art doesn’t pay (and I’ll be the first to say it doesn’t unless you have a smart, practical approach) … so many would discourage a career in art.


00:56 c: I ask kids who check out her section of magnets and bookmarks if they like art, if they like making art …

“some kids have a lemonade stand, my daughter has an art stand”

they’ve taken pictures of her section, perhaps a spark of inspiration for what they could do moving forward.

One young lady told me she already sold her creations on Etsy.

00:59 c- my daughter is her worst critic … she says this or that drawing or painting is not that great (Mom, of course, disagrees).

As I tell visitors who pause at her magnet stand…

“she’s been sketching (and creating) ever since she could hold a crayon”

it’s what she loves to do.


01:05 c: she’s a smart cookie … she loves science, astronomy especially. She can see herself working in some profession related to space.

there’s a possibility she’ll go to space camp

her dad and I encourage her to pursue what interests her (and she’s good at) … we’ve always tried not to force our daughters into anything they didn’t want to do.

chuckling … there was a summer when both daughters wanted to do cross country (running) … I was a middle & long distance runner (so, although I wasn’t pushy, I was happy they wanted to try it out). So, they joined and stuck it out until the very end (lol)

my youngest glared at me when I tried to cheer her on at the final meet.

they finished. First and last season ever, I think. Running was just not their thing.

V: but they stuck it out

c: you were there

v- every step of the way … and you were hysterical … she really did glare at you

c- I have videographic evidence

v- of course you do


01:18 v- and they are ok with this?

c: E + L are ok with being woven into the storyline, with me posting things about their life … I have in the past month talked to them about the breadth of my creative work and the possibility that it could have a large audience (anything can online…)

now that they’re older, I have been able to talk to them more about adult-themed content and issues. They know about eZ. They knew about Love at First since 2015 (they were on site while I filmed some of video recordings of the short story readings) … i’d record them at state parks where we hiked.

They can better handle it…

V- would you … include it?

C- the logged mindchat from August 2014?

v- yes, that one

10 August 2014 excerpt from mindchat 03:54-04:25

10 August 2014 excerpt from mindchat 03:54-04:25

My daughters back in 2014 were 8 & 9 years old (they’re 21 months apart)

01:31 c- even then I was thinking about how THIS would affect them and their lives. Whatever “this” was.

01:33 c- I want their mom to live a happy life, not one enslaved by another. Quantum entanglement has some serious

v- side effects

c- and affects one’s life in ways others wouldn’t think about

c- like the fact I choose NOT to date …

v- for ethical reasons

01:35 c- if I sense Jason Silva when he is with Rachel Rossitto … every romantic touch that sends an inner sensing down the line … the same may be true for him.

How do I handle THIS?

How can I have a love life WITH THIS going on inside me .. this bond I cannot break?

The heartwarming

the sensing someone’s heartbeat?

the “making out / love “ sensing?

it’s traumatic to say the least .. when you din’t want To sense that… always thinking : it’s like I walked in on s couple making out, kissing, having sex? And it’s not like I can leave the room, shut the door..

i am bound and dragged into that room

forced into an orgy NOT of my choosing

so, to scream out to the world : THIS is NOT a healthy, loving relationship and it most definitely is not one that would be a model for (my) children …

01:40 c- but that is just my unique experiential perspective. Just the batshit lady who thinks she’s mindbody linked with Jason Silva.

heaven forbid he’d actually come out and tell her there is something true about what she claims.

C- but he never has, making anything I say pretty worthless and left “up to interpretation”

c- except… if I (a team to help me) combed through the logs and metadata-ed media files over the years, there is proof that something is going on. There is a connection of some kind no matter if he comes out and says so specifically and directly to me or to the world.

Thanks for making my children worry about me, by the way. I didn’t want to give them TMI, but to start to explain THIS? It’s hard not to get into the (tangled) thick of things.

01:46 c- oh, they’re open to the possibility. I prepared them … they can hold the possibilities and roll them around inside their heads now.

(I gave them scenarios guising them with humor)

they can discern and decide for themselves.



whatever it is, have the decency to tell me (directly, specifically in person or electronically). If not, fine. Your silence is enough for now.

v- I have time.

c- if you din’t Come forward by 04/15/20 I come at you with legal guns blazing.

v- understood

c- done may think: she’s barely getting by now… how would she be able to afford a legal team?

V- omg.. I know

c- conceptualize this: ex works for Apple

v- haha … this is for the story …

c- CONCEPTualize this…

v- haha ok

c: what I say is true, despite the spin you just put on it

v- ok (chuckling)

c- 19 years with the company.

stock then was … $12 a share (ESPP/ $0/share bonus packages) … before it skyrocketed and split a few times, before the company became a Fortune 1 company…

v- you could be a millionaire

c- hm.

01:54 c- and how do I know this?

v- you took care of the (family) finances

01:55 v- I know more of the story …

c- ah, so to admit to that..

v- is breaking privacy laws

c- hm

v- down the rabbit hole

c- it’s really a no win situation unless you’re NICE to me (chuckling)

01:57 c- so, if this man could HEAR what is going on on my end? If I am transmitting…

v- you are LOUD

c- hm-hm… just imagine how many privacy laws are at stake if telepathy goes mainstream

01:58 c- so, YES, I get triggered by HAVKING CONSCIOUSNESS + enhancing WHATEVER with drugs, psychedelics …

v- (quietly) because you’ve experienced the effects of them… they’re not all bad

c- not all bad, but against my will

v- ok… so, there is a fine line between living life on your own… and a joint agreement

02:00 c- that’s what we have been trying to figure out … HOWEVER, this yaywho has yet to start that process for me

so I can DECIDE what’s best for me and those in my life affected by whatever this is

02:01 c- if there is a connection, that connection means it is a two-way link. What does that mean? What does s/he want?

Conjoined twins is an example … how did they handle their separate identities? … and literally dealt with a joined body.

maybe it’s just a one-way “channeling” and JS doesn’t have this type of mindbody link with me.

Still I deserve to know. To be able to live in peace. To move on … but I can’t move on without an answer.

Yes or no? Are you connected to me? If yes, in what way? Who am I to you? Then I can decide who you are to me.

V- agreed


[ a few minutes if cool fresh she in nostrils and back of throat … I check SM ]

c- oh! But there’s more!


c- i’m Being funny… I can’t wait to read the comments : “oh! You’re headed to Brazil!…”

v- because you know better

c- hm-hm


02:14 c/ some do not keep up to date about where you really are (and where you already have been)

v- have you felt anything else?

c-before falling asleep FOR TWO HOURS

V/ fine. LY.

c- I sensed a “metallic” heat sense heart radiance. Then I fell asleep.

v- it bothers you

c- of course it bothers me … who knows WHAT that was I sensed. Fact is? I’d rather not sense it. I’s Rather not be awakened ever few hours.

v- agreed… you do not consent. Got it… and what was said?

c- doesn’t matter. 5+ years of lies and no shows have taught me THIS is not a reliable form of communication … or the person behind the voice isn’t… or both

02:18 v- ___

c- no, it’s fine. I am ruthless in my teasing

v/ and harsh

c- i’m Sorry - do I get kickbacks for being CARRIED like luggage everywhere you go, NOMAD?

talk about being held hostage, kidnapped, someone HIJACKING me…

v- fine

c- being STUCK inside…

v- FINE. Stop (chuckling)



[ a familiar melody heard in my head , fragmentary words 🎶 ]

No pensé que fueras a dejarme
Dices que te has vuelto a enamorar
Que no sientes ya el amor de antes
Quieres que te dé tu libertad

No te detendré por un instante
No le temo a la soledad
Pero sé que al fin te vas a arrepentir
Y tendrás que regresar

En tu alma siempre serás mío
Aunque te enamores otra vez
No podrás borrar esos recuerdos
De mis caricias en tu piel

Te recordarás en cada beso
Nadie como yo te puede amar
Sé, te cansarás de las mentiras
Y tu volverás

No voy a tratar de retenerte
El amor no se exige, se da
Y si tu amor no es el de para siempre
Entonces quiero saberlo ya

No te vale nada mi cariño
Sólo te sirvió para jugar
Pero sé que al fin te vas a arrepentir
Y tendrás que regresar

En tu alma siempre serás mío
Aunque te enamores otra vez
No podrás borrar esos recuerdos
De mis caricias en tu piel

Te recordarás en cada beso
Nadie como yo te puede amar
Sé, te cansarás de las mentiras
Y tu volverás
Y tu volverás
Y tu volverás

”Volverás” - Gloria Estefan

05:49 c- I had to correct the online lyrics 😆

V- grammarian

C- thank you for the Serenade

v- you’re welcome … you ok?

c- yes, ok. later, Sauna Heartheat … I gotta GO!


-06:31 c- this Spanish language characters are important

ano o año

uña o una

you’re either an ass or the one.

06:31 [ headed uphill ]


06:47 at bus stop


06:52 c- that moment when you remember you only have a $10 and spare change.

[ counting change for next bus - I am a nickel short .. i’m going to have to make change at the café downtown before getting on the next bus - ah, the Inconvenience factor … ]


v- picture … I know you took a few


IMAGES: Left: VIRTUONAUT Right: Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

IMAGES: Left: VIRTUONAUT Right: Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

V- not that one

c- I added a hashtag recently

v- (chuckling) … stop


local vet office I pass by on my bike in my way to the bus stop

on one side it says… on the reverse side it says …



[ truth is stranger than fiction … look at that time … ST Season 3 joke… ]

07:13 c- it’s another PP!

v- yes, it is

[ pigment peddler who sells her wares via PayPal who is perpetually pissy who shares P1P2 potty parties … who passes by a sign that reads … ]

07:15 [ a realization as I start to think about that coffee at the café… ] c- this is how late I got up today … I’m still wearing my retainer

[ c- wax off … (lifting bike off front of bus) ]

[ biking to café … c- oh! I forgot the part about “she lives in a neighbor formerly known as PP …” ]


c- they wouldn’t break my ten … (argh) and take my card too…

v- the inconvenience factor


BLACKLISTED (Being funny)


07:37 [ at bus stop sipping her coffee… ]

v- pitty is pissy

c- you totally mixed that up


V- is black listed

c- i’m being funny.

LA LA LAND and that pivotal kiss… that one-woman show…

v- LY…

Blade Runner 2049

First Man

with a leading role in a movie …

v- called the Notebook


c- here’s a page out of …

v- the Scribe Files

c- the InnerNet Log Volume 1

[ bus arrives c- wax on … (lifts bike onto front bus bike rack ]


c- oh! Before I get to a page from the InnerNet log .. I’ll add in this real-life strangeness

c- Office chitchat

v- the lawyer 🙄

c- hm-hm (knowing grin) [ for a healthcare organization … ]

c- she’s going through a divorce .. her initial trial (not too sure of the particulars)

v- but it’s dragged on

c- much worse scenario … but it was initially set for August 26th…

v- the day you opened up @virtuonaut (08/26/14) and associated [ as a placeholder for publishing the fictionalized .. ]

v- semi-fictionalized

c- version of A Wandering Mind (reality-bending series)

c- it got rescheduled …

v- omg … this is good

c- oh, the Randomness! … it was rescheduled for 10/16 [ see “Interference” for the significance of these numbers as an indicator of spacetime portals ]

v- haha. CLASSIC. I hope it goes well for her

c- me too. She’s a good woman.

v- I know

c- her life’s a mess right now (she will admit to this … divorce sucks ) … and I feel for her .. i’m only getting one side of the story (from her) but I’ve gotten to know her these last few months and she’s honest. She doesn’t give a one-sided picture … she admits to the messes in her life … revealing difficult details (to near strangers ..) … which I will never reveal just that it’s a difficult time for her ..

v- and messy … divorce usually is


08:01 (chuckling) c- total butterfly effect [ 08/26 + 10/16 ]



c- i’ll just repost (what I had posted yesterday) p122 (the kiss moment) …


08:12 c: a wandering mind

v- is an intersection

c- a reflection about the InnerNet journey and my everyday encounters with media, amongst other things in my life that add to the story

v- reality-bending

c- mixed genre

v- yuP. NICE. Hm.

08:14 gotta go

v- last stop?

c- yes


[ water cooler guy installed a Keurig-like machine today … + free samples …]



[ LINK to 07/06 post to why this is “funny” ]

v- oh, explain

c- bus stop near gas station (that I passed on Saturday during my long walk)

lyft driver brought me there a while back so I could take the bus to one of …

v- one your guardians’ … of the log get-togethers

c- yes… to a group of people

V- undisclosed

who know parts of the story, and safeguard copies.


c- anyway; this Lyft driver (I took a photo of the two of us)… BECAUSE she lived in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - where I am from

10:50 v- Oshkosh, B’Gosh

v- JamaicanMeCrazy

c- i wrote about this on Saturday when I came upon the same bus stop/gas station on my very long walk


[ working ]

hearing OceanLab “Satellite” in my head 🎶?


[ break in between tasks , SM check c- I had no clue on Saturday … I know you didn’t … ]

[ break … adding a few lines to WMSiF ]

13:13 v- when you weren’t being WATCHED

C- be good

v- you need a supervisor

c- I have you… and you are AWFUL.

v- (chuckling) no



13:15 c- it could be ANYTHING … just an odd coincidence

v- C…

c- sigh… it happens a lot with guy


C- FIVE + YEARS (of silence in normal ways)

V- understood … you should understand something is up



logging back in …

are you kidding me?!


And offline I was being FUNNY about my Ansela side :

get out of my (landscape) shot, people!!




cool fresh air

wispy in ctr throat

back of throat

v- pet?

c- hm.



[ quick call to another branch office ]

15:13 c- warm and fuzzy warm and fuzzy … 🎶

v- people have no clue how nice you are

c- based on my online presence? 😳



[ working … chillaxy heart warm chilled air like icy hot ctr chest ]




16:03 cheek tip pressure 

[ working ]

16:42 SAHB


17:16 headed downtown

v- got a lift

c- there is a kind older gentleman

v- who you work near

c- yes, who drove me down the street to the bus …

v- depot

c- “transit center”


v- you ok?

c- yeah..

v- no car?

c- uh… no.

v- shocker

c- inconvenience factor + not my car

v- not your choice

c- I did touch base …

v- hm-hm

c- she picks up the car

v- from the mechanic

c- the 45K tune up

v- maintenance check

c- yes

v- so…

c- I don’t know the plan but I will try to see if I can just ride with her to pick up the car tomorrow…

v- that would be ideal

c- you think?


v- so… you are ok?

c- what do you think? I have a ghost-like presence possessing me … I sense things I shouldn’t …

v- that makes you uncomfortable


17:21 v- no J ride?

c- uh, I read that situation … she has a long ride even beyond where she’d drop me off

it’s the inconvenience factor … I read that she isn’t there yet …

v- as far as…

c- let’s just say if she doesn’t offer

v- it’s a no go

c- hm-hm

17:22 v- oh, sorry

c- frickin’ coffee this AM… I should have just used my card $ instead of cash

v- argh

c- payday is tomorrow

v- yeah, I know

c- I somewhat made it

v- (chuckled) another week

c- not funny

v- no, I know it’s not

17:24 c- I need to make some calls

v- about funds transfers …

c- I was told I was supposed to get paperwork

v- that’s what your lawyer said

c- i am NOT calling her if I can help it

v- money out of your pocket


17:27 c- I have enough for my bus fare tonight … I need to find enough to get me on tomorrow’s bus tomorrow morning …

paycheck (direct deposit) [ doesn’t get deposited until AFTER I will have needed to take bus ]

v- _____

c- don’t even get me started. I am so pissed at this whole situation right now


that wakes me up every fucking hour?!?!?!

17:29 c- don’t get me started

v- I won’t. Sorry.

c- I REALLY don’t appreciate all these side effects that affect my life negatively

v- agreed

17:30 c- I get home after 7 pm, immediately make a home cooked meal for my girls and me, spend about 30min to an hour watching something with my daughters on tv, during which I pass out on he couch or mybcornr chair EXHAUSTED

17:32 c- from not only my long work day

but the asshole who decides it’s OK

to be that person who’s affecting my life this much

v- on the inside


17:33 c- DRAGGING me everywhere around the world that he goes

v- never acknowledging

c- TO ME PERSONALLY … that it’s THIS type of connection … so i don’t have to be concerned about if…

v- mentally ill

c- I have SO MANY CONCERNs That are sourced back to THIS

17:35 c- I try I to hold them at bay… but it’s JUST ME

17:35 c- so, you just love that HIGH life … while o sense that too


C- woman just asked for a cig behind me

c- if she asks for money



c- these are the moments in your life that you realize

just look out for number one

you at e yours

I can understand why people get the way they end up

17:37 c- honestly MESSED UP (situation)


v- it’s not all bad

c- you tell me JS. Who has a bette rlufestyle to be able to accommodate all this

v- you do

c- uh, NO.

I am unable to walk around Rome or wherever else.

j have to be tied to a cubicle most of the day, and spend FIVE more hours on public transportation / biking for that very job that doesn’t pay all the bills

whatever waking hour I havrbos trying to figure out how to manage just to keep my head above water right now


c- uh, so, no. YOUR LIFESTYLE can accommodate a connection like this

17:40 c- we are not partners


17:40 c- you are the hostile take over of my body; my emotions, my mental state, my sleep and wake cycle, my energy levels, my focus


c- if not for this?

v- your life would be better


c- not to mention I have to WORRY about whatever

ASSAULTS are happening against my body

c- don’t

c- you have NEVER come forward to me

v- i’ Trying to tell you something

c- (sad laugh) oh?

By traveling with your kissing and bed partner

v- you know that’s not true.

c - oh, so you’re telling the world you sleep in separate beds

v- no… you are not .. going to make this about me and her

c- why shouldn’t it be?

itMs what you show the world

THE ONLY woman who you are with

who you identify yourself IN A RELATIONSHIP with

17:44 c- i’m Like everyone else

v- with added abilities

c- and those would be…?

how am I to tell what i experience has

anything to do with JS

that can be connected to him directly?

c- hm?

he doesn’t come out and tell me directly

17:46 v- I KNOW .. I’m trying

c- try .. just try some day to make the EFFORT to just do the bare minimum in comparison to what you do every day with RR right now.

v- contact

c- in the normal sense

c- five years, JS.

V- is a very long time

c- it is insulting to me as a person to watch this man

v- with another woman for so long

v- you choose to be with everyone else out there … why? Because it’s so convenient to have me trapped in here 24/7?

there’s nothing I can do EASILY to prove this

v- agreed … you’ve had five years ..

c- oh, I know … and I lived a LIFE

17:48 c- itMs a one-woman show work-wise … research m-wise

v- art wise


v- I know

17:59 c- getting off soon. I don’t think I’ll make the earlier bus .. which means I get home eve later

17:50 c- this is the life I chose

v- to leave your husband


V- ethically

c- yes, man who lives with secrets he doesn’t tell

v- not in normal ways

c- you do realize you are still at the stage I was at FIVE YEARS AGO

V- Omg, I know … thanks for that


17:57 on bus (just made it)

v- and there goes all your money

c- loose meaning

v- borrowed

c- hm-hm

v- I don’t think They’re missing it.

17:59 c- I have a $2 bill … I set that aside … i’d Have to get change somewhere .. buses don’t accept $2 bills

v- no, they don’t

17:59 c- or $1 coins

v- that either


c- TRUST me I give you until 04/15/20 …

v- (chuckling) before that

c- my answer to me directly in physical space

v- yes dear .. you already hear in your head one possibility

c- I ain’t saying. 100% Miami turned out to be 0%


c- they need to come up with a worse word than UNRELIABLE

V- untrustworthy

c- that would be another word to describe you.

18:03 dishonest. Deceiving. Misleading.

18:03 c- and on and on.

v- cold bus

c- yeah. a/C is cranked on high