DAY 1840


12:01 [ lunch ]

v- I don’t like you

c- I don’t like you either. Take drugs?

v- will you be good

c- … because I sense something strange

12:02 posting

c- it’s like this HANGOVER of one individual’s DRUG CHOICES and HABITS onto another

v- you would



BACKTRACK to earlier this AM

05:32 IV TW



12:07 c- I have MAJOR issues with people who lie to the public on a regular basis … or at the very least put up a fake front

12:08 v: understood

C: so, WISE ONE, when are you coming clean?

v- soon


c- you do understand people are going to put you (as well as me) under a microscope

v: understood



12:10 c- Throughout all this I have had to deal with variables that you haven’t had to worry about

v- such as?

c- here I am transcribing away WORD FOR WORD… so you have your answer.

12:11 v- understood

c- it pisses me off royally for you to come off as this goody two shoes

v- understood

c- … and when you start

v- I know … being the voice

12:11 c… and then you LIKE people’s comments (that compliment you on things that aren’t entirely yours)

v: reinforcing it, I know

c: it screams inconsiderate narcissistic asshole

12:13 c- but that’s just my splinter of reality that no one really is exposed to … for now.

V- understood

c- so, please be very careful, with THE LANGUAGE YOU USE TO SHAPE (a distorted version of) REALITY

12:14 v- and YOU?

c- entirely defensible …

[ back to work ]


SAHB blood coursing


12:35 c- I know you do


c- no I am not


c- I know I do


c: I love me dem outliers

[ posting a comment that JS+RR maybe can’t see ]

v- because you BLOCKED me

c- it’d take having side channels no one knows about (to see what everyone else can see )…

c- and who’s going to go through THAT much trouble?


V- haha. Bad girl.

c- those poor visa people …

v- I know, c

c- * I * don’t even know all my accounts

v- haha, I know


16:44 c: i’m Working

v- I know you are

c- you are devious

v- you’re not bad yourself … get back to work

c- you are going down for “technologically mediated”

v- hm-hm


c- it’s a 219 error!! It’s a 219 error!!

v- bad girl

16:45 v- you know something

c- perhaps … someone has been sending (mixed) signals

v- hmm



21:29 c: some day Rachel’s Rossitto and Jason Silva will stand in front of the court of public opinion.

Their smiles will be wiped off their faces.

Scrutiny will be facing them.

21:30 c: trust me. This day is coming.

21:31 c- one human being CANNOT drag another down and SMILE knowing s/he is doing it.

that type of individual should be scrutinized.

v- to the full extent of the law


c- guaranteed.

21:31 c- YOU CANNOT drag me around the world nonstop for the rest of my life and make me suffer because of it.


22:07 c- ah, the possibilities are endless.

if you both won’t talk about your relationship in detail, I’ll just have to be the one to introduce each and every single possibility that you never talk about.

22:09 c- keep liking away with ambiguity


v- stop being bad.

C- i’m Sick and tired of the

1) connection that won’t Go away

2) that no one EVER admits to … not even to me personally

3) the MISCONCEPTIONS that both JS & RIG (my abbreviation = RIGGED) … continue to foster online by just LIKING away and never really SAYING anything …

it is ANNOYING for me … going on NINE MONTHS of this BULLSHIT… let alone FIVE YEARS of my life connected to a person that I truly question EVERY DAY NOW if I want to be connected to … why would I want to be associated with someone LIKE THAT?!?

i have my OWN LIFE to curate … and maybe I want nothing to do with JASON SILVA woo man extraordinaire paired with the woo goddess herself

if I wanted to voice my influence about the good of telepathy in the world?


22:19 c- you know that moment when you seem to be the only sane one on a social media post comment thread… had that experience numerous times. … and that’s sayin’ something when you claim to be connected telepathically to Jason Silva

c- NO, I don’t like you

v- will you quit poking the bear?


c- am I the only one scratching her head and going : What have they really shared on social media ?!?

c- yes, let’s believe it all by just SEEING.

22:22 c- they both never really SAY anything

22:23 c- and yes, I’m using my MOTHER Instagram account … untraceable… sort of.

V- stop

c- not sure if my children are savvy enough to see my activity … but ya know my cover story if they stumble upon something

v- “it’s for research”

c- and then, the interesting convo would continue, and my reply would be “he is the template for TRICKSTER”

V- thank you … that hasn’t happened yet

c- no. Why should it?


c- I don’t need the two of them exposed to the likes of you… showing tits and ass

v- will you be nice

C- … Jason Silva’s man boobs or dropping trou

v- hey, now, that’s not what happened

c- spreading your legs for who knows what reason


c- no, it was fine … but geesh… the comments were



C- let’s just say ANYTHING I post online I have an answer for for the two of them if that time ever arrives. They’ll understand. They’re my children, and we have a close relationship..

v- I know you do… how’d Emmita’s date go?

c- fine… she was nervous … went on her first movie date with J___

v- you and your daughters & bf’s with the letter J

c- my oldest is now dating someone whose name starts with M


v- how’d the date go?

c- of course Emmita had to try on possible outfits last night

v- of course

c- then the worries about what the family would ask her (it was a family outing)

v- with chaperones

c- yes… she was a bit concerned because their family was “together” and she was unsure what they’d think of her because of “the apartment situation” (divorcing parents)

v- the issue never came up …

c- no …

v- it breaks your heart

c- of course it does… but to answer her at the time I said most people are familiar with divorce / living in two separate households and it isn’t anything out of the ordinary

22:35 c- … so at the movie ( Godzilla ) they shared a drink … used two straws

v- aw!

c- of course, Emmita got to choose the drink

v- pink lemonade… I heard

c- hm

22:36 c- and, NO, this is NOT the life I envisioned for my children

v- I know it’s not

c- i’m NOT going into all that because it’ll get me in a bad mood

v- you made choices based on this

c- on a NOTHING… yes… to be the best person I could be … and

v- you’re suffering for it

c- AND my children … so, NO, I am not happy on many levels with

v- the dishonesty … I get it

c- I am an honest person who has ALWAYS tried to treat people with respect as just other people on this planet … it’s disappointing to get treated the way I’ve been treated … ESPECIALLY with the type of familiarity that THIS CONNECTION BRINGS with it… but it’s all hidden. Unprovable to a certain degree…. so … who is to believe me, right?


C- i’m f——d

22:41 c- I have fights with someone I have been living with for five years now

v- like he’s your husband

c- or live-in WHATEVER .. and I’m the one who..

v- gets mistreated, I know

c- i’m the one who has to shoulder all these responsibilities on top of trying to keep energetic and not let all the side effects get me down (which they inevitably do anyway…because no one is here to narrow the field of possibilities)

c- I may be dealing with a public figure who is using MY INTELLIGENCE, hacking my consciousness, FOR HIS BENEFIT… while I sit here trying to figure how to pay for basic necessities day in and day out and fighting the constant cycles of fatigue … which, yes, affect MY EARNING POTENTIAL in MY LIFESTYLE & LIFE VARIABLES …

C- i could have …

v- you were trying to be good

c- but I didn’t because … I wanted the best for him… I always had his welfare in mind … always looking out for his future…

v- at your expense


c- so, yes, if I have this constant connection with someone

the side by side is UGLY…

i have a deadbeat significant Other on my hands who all I asked for from him

v- was an answer

c- and I didn’t get it


c- oh, but what does he do instead?…

v- understood

22:49 c- apologies, but the scales are out of whack here…

c- so, I keep asking: when do I get to date?

When do I get to have some independence and find my SOULMATE?

because OBVIOUSLY being connected

v- telepathically

c- doesn’t mean SQUAT


C- don’t * I * deserve my separate happiness ?

To find someone to spend my precious time with?

C- trust me, it won’t be shared on social media … but I want my life back to be able to experience life

v- to the fullest … I know

c- and I am HELD BACK by this f—-ing connection…


22:58 c- I hear a lot in my head … but no one is ever here to tell me what it is I am hearing … is it accurate? Is it distorted? Is it filtered?

all I have is what has happened in my life for the past five years. That is testament enough to who I am dealing with … what type of person it is.

23:00 c- they are absent & they are silent & they choose not to be with me nor talk to me in any way except inner space… so who knows what that is …

am I just a natural algorithm?

v- no


c- am I not good enough to approach privately on a personal level?

v- no, you are … just wait, alright?

c- five years

v- I know

c- this goes beyond any variables except relationship 101 (who we are to each other)

v- you can’t simplify it that much … there’s too much involved, c … why don’t you type it out?

c- faster typing

v- fine… you know who I call you … it’s what you asked

c- that whole FAMILIARITY thing we aren’t supposed to have, remember?

v- yeah, I know