DAY 1839


11:04 c: move day, my new office space awaits (working in another office temporarily)

11:10 the tale of the different office spaces …


11:16 c- we won’t show my home studio …

v- cuz “it’s a mess” (said in a certain tone a la The Campaign)

c: artistically messy AKA organized chaos… straight from my studio island …

first set of main sparkles done (yesterday) - white mica, silver, bronze, copper [ I may make more gold watercolors later tonight…)


next up : ROYGBV

11:26 c: my oldest is coming in to help with office work ( organizing, digitizing files ), and I forewarned her …


11:28 c: expletives sometimes slip out in the office

v: not from your lips

c: no… and when it first happened … I imagined her look to be like this kid’s:

IMAGES:  Uncle Buck

IMAGES: Uncle Buck


15:26 c: I now have a phone … with a SCROLL button

v- haha. Stop.

C: need to dust it.

extension 2911 (haha)

V: you are numerically challenged

15:31 c: of all the numbers they could have given me. Oh, the Randomness