DAY 1838


09:56 color on demand. White mica watercolors now drying. Customers requested

v- Crafty Scribe delivers

c- 😉

09:57 c- i’m Making people crazy about zee colors … I mentioned Mayan purple now can’t be found anywhere in the country

v- and she bought them up

c- teaspoon & half teaspoon bottles … yah. Returning customer whose kids kept saying

”Mom, can we go now?…”

v- while she was buying up all the colors

c- that she was missing (my final sale yesterday)

c- she bought some of my gum arabic (all proud)

v- her other bottle went bad

c- I told her to refrigerate if she wasn’t going to use it within a month or two.

v- but…

c- you know darn well my trade secret …

v- I know!

c- I have a shelf/life guarantee now that I can make bulk gum Arabic …

v- and keep it indefinitely

c- now, let’s not say indefinitely … i’m Sure that isn’t accurate … but, yes, I tested it last year

v- and a whole year went by

c- so at least a year

v- yup, I love that


c- this year is so much easier because I could make batches ahead of time


c- I sold a couple 3oz bottles yesterday

v- love it

c- it’s not that big a deal, but that is good …

v- let me say it : your wee itty bitty small business

c- yes… and the local artists are appearing out of the woodwork.. I love trading stories. It’s fascinating to hear about what people are into & what they are working on. OH! I will post on Crafty Scribe, but this lady used primary blue to create this beautiful watercolor :



11:51 c: be very careful about reinforcing AUTHENTICITY claims…

if you are connected to me?

v- that’ll be Putin to question

c- why do you think this is all NONCOMMERCIAL?

v- because of that very concept

c- of we are sharing CONSCIOUSNESS, how do we define AUTHENTICITY

v- between us. I understand.

c- I continue to observe and record.

v- there will be a day of reckoning

c- I always have reminded you this is historical record

v- I know

c- I am not claiming AUTHENTICITY… I track all my sources .. I fully ADMIT to a possible connection

you dknmt see me liking people’s comments about my intelligence, wisdom and authenticity.


Because if this is a

v- shared conscious

c- situation ? That all comes back on you.



11:55 c- you have insulted me for nearly five years by putting content up

v- that resembles your life and work… I know

11:56 c- resemblances that go beyond chance

c- and never ONCE do you approach me and tell me who I am to you


11:57 c- when I hear words that are eerily similar to what I have been posting about over and over again to you?

v- and I put them up as my own

c- that’s one thing … but Jason’s silva LIKING people’s comments about his AUTHENTICITY?

v- that bothers you

c- it’s one thing to put it out there to be heard … to be (part of) a voice that isn’t heard

c- but it is an entirely different matter to reinforce the notion


v- that’s being authentic


12:00 c- I love that video

v- I knew you would


v- you liked…

c- of course I did … my apophenic mind is in overdrive and I have to be careful …

v- ___

c- yes, Odonata… I loved the “watercolored” irridescence … I am an artist, so I interpret your posts…

v- from a very special angle


earphones on (I have some decluttering to do before girls & Ziggy AKA the white furball arrive)

C- A Wandering Mind is many things

v- “it can never be just one thing”

c- and one of those realizations is this: if we are mindbody connected, the dreams I use to tell my story …

v- are (possibly) remote viewing

c- so although my perspective is unique, I use someone else as a conduit, perhaps

v- I … love you for saying that

c- ODK… originality needs a redefinition with this

V- that “deep, dark pool” … I love Odonata

c- “sœwn”



juat a placeholder for eZ… my apophenia

v- is in overdrive, I know

c- made a mindchat comment

v- late at night?

c- maybe… indon’t Think I logged it… but if I did, the timing will be interesting

c- I thought it FUNNY at the time (I was being funny)… a title of something (I di5 remember the convo exactly)


SHE IS COMING (Scribe’s arrival)

v- shitstorm

c- play on words… that personally I wouldn’t use … then, this a couple days ago? (After ..)

v- your nudie pics

c- they are not. Be good. My Rifty Blue swimsuit body shots because I was in a mood.



c- the matrix is being wonky again.






C, mm?


12:27 c: being funny

v- I know you are … now…

c- I was going to wait

v- no

c- ok, 18 years ago…


12:28 c: haha, yeah, I know … the shape

v- now …

c- I am a bit more curvy … but totally look like an MMA fighter

v- funny

12:31 c- the mirror isn’t long enough for a head shot

v- it’s just a body

c- definitely has nothing to do with MY MIND

V- be good


12:30 c: my daughters have full length mirrors…

12:32 v- you’re Haywire

c- thank you. I thought so, too


c- did I hear thunder…?




out running errands with zee girls


v- at our place?

c- (chuckle) stop. You know where I am. A big box store, yes.