DAY 1849


08:56 posting


10:11 c- we have a bleeder!

v- Something About Mary?

c- there’s something about the new biller (recent hire)… we may have lost her. Some cannot …

v- see the big picture

c- I don’t blame her … her drive is worse than mine (1.5 hours each way)

v- eesh.


c: and they’ve put her on tasks that aren’t specifically billing … but definitely related to billing … what she is doing

v- is related to coding

c- and the data that gets siphoned into the gateway

v- which they are trying to move to

c- they need to explain that to her explicitly

v- understood

c- some of us get that …


c- I just love how she says “that’s not what I went to school for”

v- I know

c- uh, I didn’t go to school for this either

v- haha… far from

10:28 c- but of course I didn’t say that

c- educator silences her opinions

v- keeps it inside

10:29 c- education should not just be specialized

v- uh, no …

c- when one says they have zee skills

v- it means more than just one … love you

c- back to work

10:30 c- (mumbles) … you don’t want to limit yourself …

v- but it’s not just that

c- oh, working some place has a whole set of variables

10:31 c- including needing a job

from one of your fans

v- I saw that BTW



c- don’t even get me started

I gotta get back to my paying job

[ ongoing mindchat v- unless you’re really good c- it’s not even that … i’m Talking baseline artistic ability that is VALUABLE … if itMs design sense / experience, etc so many different skill sets that I NEVER took a class for that innsome way has been “paid” in jobs unrelated to ART … v- understood 10:44 …

i really do not like to hear stories about

“my son went to fine arts school but now works in a warehouse …”

thete is a skill set & “plan” to making ART PAY … however, I can bet that the fine arts schools aren’t teaching that if someone isn’t doing what they want (in a warehouse)

c- yes, one of my Crafty Scribe customers … and WHY is she lookin for a gift for her son?

v- that’s what he loves to do

c- and?

v- price point

c- and?

v- yo make good shit


c- and…?

v- you’re doing this to me

c- itms what you do to me all the time … why is it * I * have to be the one to be in the

v- squalor job

c- it’s not that (I need to contextualized yesterday’s comment …) it’s not that I believe that

v- you should be paid more, C

c- yesterday’s meeting was good … N said it’s not that she doesn’t want to give raises, bonuses, more perks … she didn’t say it, but “we’re not there yet”

v- but headed there

c- yes. I truly believe it.

V- I know you do

c- just like my vision for Crafty Scribe

v- not there yet

c- but headed in the right direction… starting out small … when I walked into my interview, I see beyond the corporate office …

v- you see value

c- I see business smarts… I have seen what some small business owners have done

v- and have gone bankrupt

c- rule one

v- start out small

c- ya don’t get a storefront

v- you make one

c- I am honest with visitors to my stand … I want people to dismiss that misconception that you can only be successful if you have a designated storefront … building rental, etc

v- you work out of your home

c- have a PO box (business card address)

v- not

c- hm, hm… let’s just say maybe that will be my upcoming sales that will cover that… it’s a process … basically, the PO Box is …

v- a business address, I know

c- ya don’t put a home address

v- publicly (chuckles) I know

c- my studio and workshop is at home (in my garage) .. and online

10:58 c- I need to get back to work


11:11 c- and, no, I do not get paid for my time (because if I included it in my prices…)

v- you wouldn’t sell anything

—- [ working and mindchatting ]

11:14 c- drip… drip…

v- haha, stop

c- ya aren’t teaching him your evil ways, are you?

v- no (guilty innocence)


V- he’s not lying … it’s LION

c- …like a sieve (smiling… I especially liked the..)

v- the WWF … I know


C: my InnerNet comment when I saw this : it’s the Octogon!

v- fighting ring

c- that it’s called the Arena (?) … like icing on the cake

c- THEN, the next day:


11:25 c- the sound effects were funny, too… so GLOW-Y


11:32 c- I have a filtered mind based on my experience

v- and reference points … which I love

c- so, when I hear Otis

v- you think of elevator

c- which reminds me of Kate and Leopold


11:37 c- just my InnerNet storyreel



c- jajaja… y J tiene bola de cristal … cuidado con ese mentiroso… .

c- i’ll trust my LENTES before I’d EVER trust that guy’s … the future KNOWS

V- oh, you would



13:21 c- you are what you repeatedly do… and you’re a narcissist if I ever saw one … but that’s another CRISTAL

v- espejo

c- yeah yeah yeah… I’m sure you’d still look at your reflection in it


13:26 [ fixing claims with errors… ]

if only the UNSPECIFIED diagnosis would pass in real life… it so doesn’t

v- no?

c- absolutely not.

13:27 c- it’s like to the thousandth decimal point for coding. How specific do ya want it? Geesh.

13:30 c- the coding & diagnosis is in there but the frickin’ gateway wants it more specific 🙄

13:32 c- so be specifically unspecified

v- and you’ll be ok

c- yuP