DAY 1848



07:18 en route to pick up work colleague

v- Uber

c- car pool … with L


[ lunch outside ]

13:37 v- so good things at work

c- yeah, my forecasting …

v- proves interesting

c- when one merges with a company ten times one’s size

v- only good things can come of it

c- well, not all good. When an organization grows exponentially…

v- personal touch (may) be lost

13:39 v- biller

c- I know: I’m so pushy (billing joke)

v- gateway

c- is that a Ghostbusters joke?

v- no… maybe

13:40 c- what’s good is N’s partner

v- the other CEO

c- is teaching N to say “no”

v- and delegate


13:44 v- May I ask you a question?

c- I can always choose to not answer

v- what are you doing with this job?

c- it helps pay bills

v- oh, lord, I know

c- seriously? If anyone thinks it’s a dream job. Apologies N, but no.

V- (chuckles) I know

13:46 c- would I rather be doing something else? Yes … each day right before five I imagine this:


13:48 c- the good thing about today’s meeting is to confirm

v- your forecasting… I know

c- with the expansion, the new hires (anchors) (all good signs) … the squalor pay will go away and be replaced …

v- with serious pay

c- I lowballed myself

v- because your new

c- I have zero experience in this field

v- I know

c- there is no guarantee, of course, but it’s an assessment of my own

v- a judgment call.. I know

c- 🤷‍♀️ who knows

13:52 v- so you really don’t like this job

c- again, it’s not a dream job. Period. But the alternative? Working at what I love?

v- and working 80 hours

c- no benefits

v- no time off

c- at least with this job I can leave work at work. I had no expectation … and they gave me a company car within the first month… better job perks in the first month than I had for 18 years …

v- oh, I know

13:54 c- the healthcare industry will continue to be strong, especially in my sector …

v- love you … I know what you mean

c- I’m a numbers girl

v- oh, I know you are


c- and bottom line?



V- understood


C- do you sense the bitterness there? When I have had to face the reality of spending five years of my life on a Nothing?

c- yeah, the direction in my life these past five years?

don’t waste your life on a dream.

be normal.

you always knew this.

dreams don’t Pay, bit even those where all you wished for was an answer.

unrealistic expectation?

no, but it’s put me in my place big time.

i have been faced with this reality:

the limelight people?

never were there for me.

they chose to redirect their attention …

to more limelight & $

instead of treating me like another human being


c- that’s not a life I ever wanted. For a reason.

Mall this experience has proven to me?

i was right no never seek it. Nor admire anyone in the limelight like an idol.


c- i’ve had five years of nothing to prove to me what type of people i’m dealing with.



18:06 c- I stand corrected. Thank goodness for social physics

v- and the bosses being out of the office

c- employee chitchat … we have not merged … but an organization ten times our size

v- is helping you out

c- sharing resources, guidance, etc? … another partner was brought on board

v- with no experience with what your company does

c- correction: he and his family was in healthcare, just not this sector…

v- alright …

c- for thirty years

v- successfully … got it… you like him

c- yes… imagine me in between the two of them at the end of the day

v- two different poles

c- we have … ORGANIZED CHAOS

V- haha, that’s Just perfect


c- we have the founder of the company on one end

v- she’s chaos

c- albeit a mostly good one… but, yes, MY head spins after meeting with her … so you know it’s bad

v- but in a good way

c- she knows her shit… she knows her company and business

v- but has too much on her plate

c- then there is new partner …

v- organization

c- trying to order chaos

v- is not Easy

c- no,.. ok, time to make dinner

v- love you…


c- I like the new partner. Gems calm, methodical … N is all over the map and I feel like I have the necessary pieces … most of them, but she jumps from one thing to the next in an instant

v- she’s all over the map

c- I told the new partner : please, (if there are new hires) hire more detail-oriented people… because with this business?

If a name is misspelled

if someone adds a space or eliminates one, if there is something one number off, if someone is not thorough …

v- claims get rejected

c- and then the company doesn’t get paid, and our jobs get more difficult

v- trying to fix shit

C- I sat with N and we worked on just one patient … it took SO long … and I have hundreds of patients to “fix” … it’s mind boggling … and I try to just tackle what I can, prioritize, make note of what I notice is wrong

v- and move on

18:17 c- as soon as something is fixed enough, or if a case is too difficult. I have to put it on hold and move on to get SOMETHING accomplished …

v- but you.mre still making money

c- just with that one patient we were looking at … once claims are

v- resubmitted

c- after making the corrections (which have been left a mess for months …). The company will immediately recoop that money

v- and then some

18:19 c- so, the other billers and I are making progress

v- it’s just a long process

c- for now … N needed more staff

v- and this new partner

c- my guess? An investment … yes, and partnered

v- better than alone … agreed

18:20 v- so, today was good?

c- yes… “still not there yet”

v- but fixing shit

c- which is getting us to where we need to be. Yes.