DAY 1847


07:51 c: a meme / quote to educate people on echo chambers that are filled with falsehoods. It is the the contrarian voice that people should take note of, but rarely do.

07:56 in traffic …


C- I do my research on quotes …

A little shout about discernment

scaffolding …

On, Wisconsin.


08:01 a little trivia I did not know about my home state 🤨

08:03 c- what right will this Wisconsinite fight for?

Northern women are stubborn

v- yes, you are


08:08 c- look at the legs on that woman

You know where fighters pull their strength from?

v- Seethe

c- imagine the focused force

This made me laugh …


08:14 so HAYWIRE

[ 09:02 working … but from earlier this AM… because you are pestering - I try to get up a little early to mix a batch of Mayan gouache watercolors - second batch of green this AM ]


[ working ]

10:59 c- ya wanna tell me why I had a restless night of sleep?

v- no. You figure it out.

c- working late?

v- maybe …