DAY 1846

IMAGE: Ford Plant (1913) Source: Wikimedia Commons

IMAGE: Ford Plant (1913) Source: Wikimedia Commons

13:43 c- I have four minutes until I clock back in from lunch. I’m eating in my car. Had to drive somewhere to get lunch because my leftovers need to be reheated … and Lunchroom Microwave is down because, well, my daughter burned max in cheese in it last week and it needs to be cleaned …

c- the work word of the day is COUP.

v- people are not liking the new rules

c- no, they are not. In a way, I understand the new rules as a baseline. However, if you can’t trust your employees …

v- then don’t hire them

c- this whole clock in clock out thing?

v- is belittling

13:45 c- gotta go


falling asleep while watching Supernatural with youngest



22:24 c- lol

”In a 1952 paper called “Are there quantum jumps?,” Schrödinger answered with a firm “no,” his irritation all too evident in the way he called them “quantum jerks.” [ source: Wired LINK from article “PHYSICISTS SEE A QUANTUM LEAP, HALT IT, AND REVERSE IT” ]


c- you are totally a quantum jerk

v- no, I am not


22:33 [ sensing a shift ]

v- I want to know why you’re reading this

c- heaven forbid a writer / researcher would read about quantum

v- you know I love you reading about this

c- hm


“So here in these switches from “click” to “no-click” states are the individual quantum jumps”

C: SHOCKER, that it’s in the transition

v- I love Anachronisms

c- ah, Bosque26… what leaps shall we encounter … in the clicks

v/ just … stop

c- to click or not to click

v- stop… you’re making me laugh

[ retrieving humorous resemblance ]

the yet untitled BOND…


retrieved 04 June 19 19:42


22:44 c: (all haughty)

v- and couture

c- … I know, I know, it’s like Chanel No. 5 … eau de Wandering Mind … makes your head spin … off

v- stop

c- [ really bad Anachronisms joke ]

v- when are you going to finish it?

c/ I kinda like where I left it … You’re GONE. Disappeared.

V- haha … stop

c- I can’t even remember you. Shame.

v- damn, you’re wrong … there’s something to remind you

c- I hate that mf dragonfly… both real and fictional

v- haha stop.


c: frickin’ glittery Cinnamon

v- omg… stop … I can’t stop laughing


c- I really don’t like you.

V- I know you don’t … show it.

c- it’s handwritten. No one should know… although it was a wakewalk ages ago

v- drafting

c- MENTAL … I don’t even know if I wrote it down … except that trailer of sorts years ago

v- nymph trickling up 

meets rays showering down

fire for the dragon

air to make him fly

22:55 c: (mumbling) I don’t even know how you managed to pull it all together

v- just after you wrote it… I know


v- would you…? [ give a sneak peek of just that part ?]

c- yes, I can

c- frickin’ dragonflies … there’s a new ceramics art stand now …

v- and she does dragonflies, I know

c- she asked me about my liking of dragonflies … of course the whole dragonfly landing on my …

v- writing tripod … I know

c- thet whole writing Wandering Mind / sœwn story came out when she asked [& why the dragonfly is symbolic for Wandering Mind’s endeavors] … they moved me to a new spot (temporarily if I like it - more space to accommodate kids’ art table better) … and it was from this new spot …

v/ you could see the ceramics stand

c- and her dragonfly design displayed …. otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it


[ taking photos c: frickin annoying companions STNMs… v- writing companions ]



23:20 excerpt handwritten page posted


23:22 next handwritten page posted

23:23 c- I really don’t like how you make me cry

v/ I was moved !

c- so sœwn


23:24 third handwritten page posted

c- that frickin’ dragonfly June 1st 06/01 HAD TO LAND of all places on the edge of the metallic pigments box …





23:29 excerpt fourth handwritten page posted

23:31 c- apparently my neighbors say there are cats that roll around in my planter troughs now (on my back patio). Who knows why they’d roll around in the dirt 🤷‍♀️


c: so, you’ve gotten yourself lost and even though i’ve forgotten all about you something is POINTing me in your direction

v- wherever I am … I love that you did so much research …

c- I incubated quite a bit, yes … in zee forest



23:42 c- so, the yet untitled BOSQUE26 Anachronisms short story picks up where “Footprint” left off

Footprint conclusion:

On the exit ramp to the river and home we swim around and under each other, our childlike playfulness bubbling forth.

Something I previously revealed … the first line of Bosque26 is:

“I surfaced from an underwater swim…”


c- basically, you’re not there when I surface.

[ trying to find blurb ( can’t find it, just jotting from memory )… so, Bosque26 is not a Love at First nor a Nightmares at First, but something in between … that’s where Anachronisms was born … 23:55]