DAY 1837


10:35 Odonata, of course you landed by the sparkly pigments


17:21 Momma now gonna rest

v- Thank you.

c: YOU encouraged me to do thar

v: love you

c- I don’t like you, but for reasons that are as mysterious as those of unanswered questions. ….

v- stop…

c- somehow I love you

v- so… did it fit?

c- after much puzzle work, I somehow moved my “storage unit” garage STUFF to one side & onto those very fine shelves I put up last year … so the company car is now safe from inclement and hot weather this summer

v- woot woot!


17:24 c: … it’s a very confusing and conflicted love, that turns…

v- seethey in a heartbeat

c- just don’t wait too long, ok?

v- to come and talk to you

c- yes, ‘cuz you know what I’ll do …

v- I am aware …

17:25 c- and do I follow through…

v- yes, you do…


v- good market day?

c- yeah… last week & this week I have the vendor’s fee about covered (for the whole season)

v- nice

17:26 c- so, yes, and lots of interested people. Artists and calligraphists are popping out of the woodwork. It’s very strange. I thought I was he oddball.

v- haha, no.

c: but there are peeps like me

v- haha I know

c- time to get comfy / make some din-din

v- ILY

C- argh..

v- conflicted, I know

c- LY … for now

v- I’ll take it



17:30 c- I just did quick math - I definitely just covered the entire season’s vendor’s fee these last two Saturdays…little by little..

v- yup


21:39 c: one must capture this screenshot on 06/01

IMAGE:  Conspiracy Theory

IMAGE: Conspiracy Theory

v- hue was dinner?

c- it was num… The achey tired me quickly passed out. I did wake up fur the last minute if the movie, though

v- that tired, huh?

c- yah… I did sleep better … got nearly a WHOLE 4 hour chunk of sleep in there (last night)


c- with this? I’ll take it.

v- I know, i’m sorry



c- this is one of those evenings I wish I had that jacuzzi to soak in

v- yeah, I know

c- so is life


c- first world problems


v- so, you sold a lot

c- a good variety

v- come on.. I want to say it

c- (giggling) ….


Crafty Scribe: Rifty sold herself today


c- (chuckling)


v- you’re so wrong

c- something I came up with in the shower after market today (mindchatting with Whoever)

c- watercolor extra full and half pan…sample size & half teaspoon dry pigment … I think that’s it

c- people loved her color ❤️

C- I had a returning customer buy all the colors she didn’t get in her 24-pigment collection last season

v- aw…

c- i’m making people crave zee colors

v- haha, yes you are, my Pigment Peddler

c- … Bill stopped by

v- your Spanish student

c- yes.. with his wife. Such a sweet couple … and so nice to meet up in person…

v- will you stop…

c- some people just go out if their way to meet me

v- he lives in the area …

c- oh!… (now, that I have a car…)

v- oh, I know

c- he offered free tennis lessons for the girls…. hm… not sure if they’d be interested. Tricky schedule I have

v/ which means you can’t…

c- the times he’s available probably are when i’m tied to a desk chair …

v- no lie

c- i’ll Be nice .. N has standing pedestal thingies for the computers

v- nice… do you use it?

c- uh, no.

21:55 v: so it was a good market dsy

c- yes (as I said)

less kiddos but more adult aficionados

c- I totally was able to scribe geek out today … there are people like me out there

v- heaven forbid (Being funny) … nice dragonfly …

c- I can’t recall any dragonfly flying through the market … until today

v- and he landed

c- right at the edge of those sparkly pigments … yah… on 06/01

v- I know

c- shall we?

v- we shall

c- on 06/01/14 my last baby tooth chipped. I didn’t let anyone know about it for a long time, tried to cover it up (not smile, etc.) I later had it extracted and had to have full mouth orthodontic work to bring down the permanent tooth … anywho… 06/01/14 was the day I started Wandering Mind’s official log of my days …


C: there were odd resemblances in SOA over the years that I wondered about, including this videoclip of a boy with a missing tooth. …and of a quick scene with a dragonfly


While researching for the poem “sœwn”

I studied up on

v- dragonfly lore

ODONATA both means tooth and dragonfly

on 08/25/14 a dragonfly landed on my writing “tripod” fingers … on 08/26/14 I opened up my first literary(?)-based social media account, which was a placeholder for A Wandering Mind, whose concept came to me

v/ in a vision flash

c- 07/14/14 … then, 08/27/14…

v- just after midnight

c- 2am hour? Anyway… a voice in my head said it was Jason Silva … which was like a wayward ball hitting me… unexpectedly.

c- I thought I was hearing someone else for a couple months … until then. I started following

v- tracking

c- …Jason Silva on social media for research

v- the data doesn’t lie

Odonata, perched gracefully on the rim
peeks a reader
sneaks, chasing away lies, deceit
seeks skāld
seats, resting lightly on one finger
of a writing tripod,
pointing in the same direction
as the immortalizing nib
meets, brushing for a brief moment
greets, good news of you is on its way.

On its wings I read
and all along its body, stretched
from head to tail

Still, so as not to frighten it off, I whisper
300 million years you’ve been swimming,
skimming the surface
of a deep, dark pool
of (r)evolution
deny the cry
it screams inside
wrecking havoc
flying free
so much to see
darting swiftly
what sways
what gives
you lee way.

In your eyes I see
30,000 ways
that I could get to you
to move you
to tears
watercolor pigment
captured iridescence

absorbed in this
your image statuesque
about to
flutter your wings
and take off
but you stay

absorbed into my storyline.

Fly off
the page
words passed along
across the globe
farther than you could reach on your own
you live millions more times, your fate sœwn