DAY 1834



18:11 at oil change place after work (6:11pm...)

waiting in line

18:24 getting oil change

V- with a coupon

C- yah

11.97 in change back (paid cash)

still in my wallet $5 bill with solidified gum (not mine…) that ATM wouldn’t take 

That’s $16.97 (9+7=16)

I pull away from oil change place, that darn MAINT REQD light doesn’t go off 

i pull out the owner’s manual (the car is a 2014 model …)

P611 is the page about the light 

it’s a thing with this car - the 6s and 1s 


[ Meeting with N ]

c- she took my notes

13:43 v- just … be good … she’s the owner

c- but they’re my notes

v- haha, she needed them

c- yes, but …😫 … I even said I’d Photocopy so she could have her own …

v- haha stop


c- now I don’t have my notes

v- haha … you are OCD

C- they are a reminder of what I did …

v- haha… I know … and she’s using them to fix stuff

c- in the trenches woman as she is… she’s helping CLEAN

v- haha … that office…

c- oh, one of the branch offices is not detail-oriented … a lot of the coding is wrong

v- fine-tooth comb, I know … sorry about your notes

c- i’m being funny

v- I know you are

c- scribal humor


— [ potty break … humor ]

c- the coding is why the claims are getting denied …

v- the company doesn’t get paid

c- devil’s in the details … It’s a mess… (said in a certain way)

v- The Campaign



c (mumbling) she took my notes (a la Office Space ‘s Milton’s red stapler )

v- now, you’re being funny

c- again, yes, I’m inserting humor into my day


make dinner

on couch resting for a while after dinner

19:29 heart jump


stronger SAHB


subtle SAHB

dozing on couch

21:35 Head up after rest