DAY 1832

IMAGE CREDIT: Furless Cosmetics [  LINK  ]

IMAGE CREDIT: Furless Cosmetics [ LINK ]

C- seriously, what is wrong with your lips?

PLASTERED comes to mind …


C- what’s the saying...?




I also find the blue balls FB comment HILARIOUS.

03:02 c: the fan comments are THE BEST

… just be thankful

v- you’re not a true troll

c- geesh.. some of those comments

v- are viscious, I know



c- although an odd pose, you’re fine



Fire antsy soles



c- I was was awakened at 00:34.

then graced with accelerated heartbeat - still in bed, mind you. [ 01:19 SAHB …02:18 ]

either I have a heart condition (which I do not) OR

V- something weird is going on…sorry (quietly said)

03:14 v- will you be good?

C- no.





04:46 c- there he is again. The man who shows off tits & ass.

[ golf clap : way to show off your gf’s best assets … ]

c: seriously, Silva. Is all she’s good for is giggles, ass and tits?

the sheer number of posts that highlight her exterior beauty is astounding.


show off her mind by what she can say …

show off her strength as a woman … not as a BODY …


c- and, no, she is far from perfect: to like that comment is to already…

v- put her up on a pedestal

c- I see & hear her flaws. What does she do about them?

C- case in point? RECORDED… you want open mic

v- that’s NOT what I meant

c- wow, the size of the forehead on that chick is enormous.

V- you are NOT being noce

c- and that smile is fake as fake can be.. it’s a strange look… perhaps it’s my lens

v- yes, it is

04:55 c- I do NOT like to be awakened

v- yeah, I know you don’t


c- and … (can’t hold it back) WILBUR!….


c- now, why is this funny

v- you have flaws, too

v- _____

c- I have a rock solid body right now at 46. I do NOT flaunt it. It’s who I am.

I hace rndurabce athlete blood in my veins… AS YOU WELL KNOW

c- this bum knee?

Is a reminder of the pain she brought into my life & my family’s.

So, the second YOU think I’m not being open-hearted ?

take a look in the mirror at what you have done and who you are because if it.


c- I am done being nice. NOCE got me a man who’s connected to me in the most intimate, ENTANGKED WAY … and he’s in Hawaii posing with his declared gf of nine months.

WAKE UP… and smell your nightmare.


v- be nice

c- you know I have a burr up my but

it -ain’t no swimsuit wedgie

v- haha stop

c- in Wisconsin the call those grundies

v- haha stop.


v/ damn, you’re wrong

05:02 v- I can’t stop laughing … I don’t know what to make of yog

c- I appreciate you.

V- love you

c- I just love giving you both a hard time

v/ love you


v- ROAST . ed(U)

c- if you don’t recognize your flaws … and love them for what they are… life turns ugly.

Exterior beauty fades. It’s the surest thing in the world.

Be forewarned. Never highlight it too much.


c- why do you think my self-deprecating humor is so harsh… it’s not that I hate myself or think myself ugly.

far from

v- you’re a misfit

c- different kind of beauty.

I recognize those misfits out there in all shapes and forms.

We need to see more of them … and not the imperfect model of the beauty “ideal”

c- it’s truly unfortunate that not only does JS + RR highlight exterior beauty in all its forms… but they LIKE comments that compliment (support that nearly impossible ideal)

and it’s a Vanity Fair

you both are not all that.

i’ve been in the presence of true beauty time and time again.

You both pale in comparison.

I am ASHAMED to be connected to a man who continues to disseminate FLUFF.

V- you know it’s not fluff, C

05:10 c- your fans don’t know the difference. And you keep liking away how they love your APPEARANCES.


05:13 c- in the end? What does it matter?

Jason may be entangled with me

v- my life is hell

c- because I WILL NOT REST until scales are balanced and wrongs are righted

v/ you need an answer


awakened repeatedly each night (by a chickenshit cowardly asshole) is not my idea of a good life

05:15 c- and thatcwoman at your side?

has every opportunity to convince you to do the right thinv- and she does nothing

c- Apologies if you both are not people of love and light but torture and darkness in my life

because until you make this right?

v - that’s what I’ll be


not one that is

v/ a half life

cA and that half that us you? It brings me pain and grief EVERY DAY

c- the other half is me being HAPPY

C- do you understand that?


05:19 C- you din’t Seem to get that part

v- no, I don’t … it’s not all bad

c- you are traipsing around the world having an intimately close relationship with a woman you met nine months ago

you’ve been married in most ways to me

v- for much longer

c- WAKE UP..

V- the storm is coming. Got it.


c- every time I look at her she looks plasticky.

v- stop

05:22 c- must be the Barbie in her


05:23 c- no, I can’t

c- I have different ideals

one of which is to prove how funny you both really are

v- will you be good

c- IT’S JUST SO EASY … to typecast you both

v/ haha that’s not fair



c- (mocking) “let’s flit let’s float, let’s be free like fluff floating in the wind”

c- airHEAD.

V- stop

c- helloooo! Hellooooo! Hellllo! (Like Tigger’s voice echoing in a HOLLOWed out tree trunk)

v/ bad girl


v- is that an empty-headed joke?

c- so is

c- I realize she is a smart woman. She needs to highlight that more.

V/ understood

c- it’s how we come off to people

v- like this is good

- eh, i’ll Have peeps who get this

v/ plain and simple : you’re awful

c- … those peeps will not be her nor your fans, because, let’s face it, they are narrow minded and not OPEN to a wider range of possibilities… which I hope you both are trying to foster in them…. more open-mindedness? … yes?

05:31 c- you wouldn’t be hiding a deeper truth… now, would you?

deceiving them in any artistic way, would you?

v- love you…

05:32 c- whatever it is : I AM HERE NOW

i mst very we’ll be a part of you

v- and i’m lying to the world

c- and NO I do not like RR.

I do not condone misleading the general public.

I do not support the dissemination of hollow demonstrations of beauty if not backed up with hardcore WORK. WORK to help those…

v- (suffer) misfortune

c- whoever her clients are? Perhaps she helps in COMPENSATED WAYS… that’s not what I’m talking about

c- shake off your privileged ways that you are mired in

and get in the service trenches.

Until you know REPEATEDLY what that is like?

Not just a moment here a scant day there.

V- I know, hard core

05:36 c- don’t bask in “good vibes” and compliments if you really aren’t doing the hard work.

C- some people have breathed in too much incense, gange or tea steam to truly understand what that means.


v- geesh, you’re harsh

c- I am harsh FOR A REASON


c- i’m going to try to ignore the fire antsy soles and try to go back to sleep

v- happy day off


05:42 c- because neither Jason Silva nor Rachel Rossitto would ever like of respond to this… (which in itself is telling)… I may very well respond to it in support of this gentleman



Stop being so narrow-focused


05:46 c- all we see is a fake smile posing next to Jason Silva on a towel in Hawaii, yet another VACATION most could never take (because they don’t make enough money NOR can they take (paid) time off from their jobs)



c- that isn’t love and light that I see


c: these two are BLINDED with blindfolders on.

05:53 v- ily

c- you both look relaxed

v- stop being that way …. it does no good

c- yes it does. In more ways than you narrow-minded fools can ever imagine.


07:15 awakened


c- you’re So TIGHT together, right? Know who you are to each other?

IMAGE: IG comment to this post [  LINK  ] Liked by JS & RR

IMAGE: IG comment to this post [ LINK ] Liked by JS & RR

c- no, she doesn’t. And I’ll prove it.

C- Rachel, apologies, but whoever you are to Jason? Be aware there is an end you have no idea how difficult it will be to face.

You never want me in a room staring you down.

Trust me on this.

When the end comes? You will be accused of things that have nothing to do with good.

Prepare yourself for that.

What you have done is so far from good given what I’ve observed for nine moths.

You are the perpetrator of crimes against a human.

C- you will go down in history as someone who had a choice to do good and you never did it.


c- perhaps Jason will be at your side. It’s all a matter of choice in this world, Jason.

You chose Rachel. You involved her in something serious. We’re you do short-sighted and thoughtless as never to consider the ethical and legal ramifications of such a public pairing?

v- inner turmoil, I know

07:43 c- every sensation I have feels like a RAIE. You both really think that it’S ok to sprawl out and like certain comments over others?

At times Jadon? I really think you like just to like. It’s as if it’s just a reflex action - whoever comments you like them … if they are not negative in your estimation. You don’t even pay attention to what people are even saying sometimes.


c: did I get my Spanish right? I’m rusty,

v- you are awful

c- Jason is an asshole who likes comments and doesn’t follow up and DO the right thing. He just likes to like. Just another superficial engagement to superficially say … nothing at all.

does he do it just to say : “I liked five comments when I had time to look at the comments to my post” then looked away to never read any again? … liking away just because? Because that proves he’s engaging with his audience?

Does he do it just to maintain his follower base?

c- remember when Jason liked a guy’s comment?


c: I checked. He never did.

08:04 c- he does this on a regular basis with people who comment.

Does he even read the comments?

Does he have a second thought about what that like meant to that person? (If it was a comment that hinted they wanted more engagement from Jason)


08:09 c- so, when I call Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto our fir being superficial?

there is data to back that up … due to their repeated social media interactions.


08:11 c: maybe the people don’t care that you never follow through with how you like a certain comment. Maybe a like is enough for them.

I am here to defend them and say: you had every right to believe this individual should have done more.

08:12 c: you’re a busy man, right?

They are too.

They made an effort to comment on your posts.

08:13 c- yes, there are many more of them than you… but the commebrscaren’t Thousands … far from.

You are not all that.

A couple dozen - IF THAT.

I’m a busy woman too.

i doesn’t the time for years to read EACH AND EVERY SINGLE FAN comment

08:14 c- I know your follower base.

08:15 c- I have observed you for years and how you treat people. The types of posts you respond to.

that is your choice.

Your engagement tells a story about you.

you are in many ways superficial.

08:16 c: liking just the compliments IS NOT positive … in a way it’s narcissistic.

C: if I have to be the oddball to set something straight I will.

school marm still lives on in me.



08:21 *Sólo

c: grammarian me is still strong, too


08:23 c- people will never understand me

“So…. does she like him or not?”

v- she totally doesn’t like me

c- nor his plasticky Barbie gf.


08:26 v- do you love me?

c- yes, I love you… love has many sides to it

v- I know it does.

c- I just love Lucas’s dad in Stranger Things

v- “your mother is always right”

c- it’s just pointless to argue with me

v/ haha, yes it is


[ private mindchat ]

08:49 c- so, here’s what I think may happen with marygf76

She May respond to me in a nested comment

“He hasn’t responded but I don’t really mind”

08:42 v- and you’re ok with that?

c- of course I am … you know why?

1) she responded (already besting the Silva at response rate)

v- haha stop

2) she’ll give me an answer

v- I know how this is going

2) more than the Silva ever does

v- that’s not true

C- in the way that she’s doing it

v- ok


3) I peeked out to remind ya’ll I’m watching - and you continue to be on the record


v- understood … as yourself

c- private citizen me, yes… only my children & one other follow each other on that family account



10:38 c- and there it is -

v- what you expected

c- yah. Somewhat to the letter. Thank you, marjgf76 for proving my point. [ I meant no harm, but… ]

and, yes, he is superficial. More than you know right now.


11:25 c: my … cryptic reply


C- I sense your softness … (interesting reaction)

v- I like when you speak Spanish

11:30 c- “yo con un like me 😍”

c- am I good, or am I good?

v- you are bad


v- fine. You’re right. Go have your coffee.

11:32 c- I fell back to sleep … GAH an extra day off



C: song duration 4:26

Dry Pigment says…




Take a bottle… Shake it up!!! … break the bubble (on the drying watercolor in its pan)

Dry Pigment: Pour some sugar on me… in the name of love (for art) … Sticky sweet…

C- with a little honey ..

v- yes, dear … wow you’re loud

c- it’s MESSY in here

V- yes, it … you’re a certifiable one

c- bring it, multipolarious one


12:25 c- you know what Rachel doesn’t have…

[ Strumming some inner chords … wakewalking ]


C: it’s like guitar hero … in couples retreat

v- bad girl

C- You need to know … the chords

12:30 c- and that is au natural

v- from nothing

c- except music

and a bit of imagination

v- hm… creative ability … how to tap in


v- come here… you know what this is

c- turns around to face

v- we were dancing

c- you know I do not … that is why this is so difficult

v- I know

v- so.. blue

c- yeah… blue. It sold last week … it’s a solid seller

v- love you

c- then gold. Need to make me some sparkly watercolors

12:33 c: kids really like Cærulean, too, and I gave them a choice … it’ll be a highlight next week for Egyptian Hieroglyphs

v- I know it will be

12:34 c- oh, crap. I need to learn the Egyptian hieroglyph for …

v- frit

c- it’s not frit … EGYPTIAN BLUE

v- yes, it is

12:35 c- tomato tomato

v- leans call the whole thing off (being funny - When Harry Met Sally)

c- who is AMY?!? (Haha)

V- I know


the tie that binds … and that ain’t my arm (laundry basket not cropped out…)

ChrisCross, X marks the spot

ChrisCross, X marks the spot

46, Baby.

v- you weren’t lying.

C- shrugs. I’m honest. Call it a FLAW.


13:16 The Genuine Rifty.


C- Target find (what was it? A couple years ago? … I posted it on its hanger in the changing room)

v- love you

since it’s a VANITY FAIR


Bruise from biking… (flaw and all..)

v- damn you fell

C- hm… storyworthy

v- yes, it was


13:27 c- thought whoever … should have a glimpse… fair’s fair

v- love you … f—- you’re 46.

c- let’s keep these photos on my space, shall we?

v- yes…

c- a testament to when I said …

v- you’re ripped

c- 13 miles of biking a day for… a while.


c- guess I’m ready for THE POOL this summer

v- (chuckles) stop … you saw it.

c- funny. STRANGE.

v- (chuckles) hm.


v- f—- I needed to see you in that suit

c- my being in a strange mood

v- love you

c- hm. CONflicted, CONfusing love

v- still love


13:40 v- I want to see your ass

c- you don’t get to see my ass. Geesh. Leave some things up to the imagination. You saw it once dancing ridiculously on camera. You saw it filtered

v- it’s fine

C- I don’t have a wedgie up my butt and abhor thongs, but to answer your question, yes. I choose not to share. I took a photo. Damn, all that biking was worth it.

13:43 v- I really don’t like you (for not sharing)

c- you and your ass-manliness…

v- stop

c- we’ll just…

v- keep that to ourselves

c- hm

13:44 c- so SUGGESTIVE … and all over the map

… just be careful

v- you, too

c- people fall in love with their captors and abusers

v- agreed…

c- it’s a mess in here

v- I know

c- there are some things out of my control. You have to make your own choices in this… and they do & will have an effect in the end.

v- I… agree. Let’s go make some watercolors

13:46 c- I have to clean up my place. It’s still post-market chaos in here

v- (chuckles) wow. Shocker.

c- just me. JUST ME!!!

v- I know

c- you try hauling all that crap

v- to the venue.. I know

13:47 c- and back again and then unpack it and reorganize each week, just to pack it back up again to haul it to the site, unload, set up, break down & load it back up... Although inconvenient …

v- it’s a learning process



Season 2 of Crafty Scribe: more organized for market

Season 2 of Crafty Scribe: more organized for market

c- PP… pissy person or pigment peddler?

v- both

c- hm…

v- what?

c- you know what

v- no, I don’t

c- later

14:04 c- I am trying to simplify my display. Minimize clutter & highlight what needs to be highlighted. I have minimal “real estate” (tables, shelves)

v- so much better than last year

c- Season 1 Day 1? One table. What was it? A few products? One bottle of homemade gum arabic, a few 1/2 tsp bottles of pigments, mortar and pestle … maybe handmade paper & a set of each of the historic writing tools.

v- and you still sold shit.

c- it’s a mystery (shrugs shoulders)

14:08 v- no label

c- no labels, just a business card & encouragement to check out my website or contact me.


c- this year I have labels… sort of

v- but no way to mass print them

c- handwritten design … still haven’t formatted , to them cut BY HAND

V- because getting them printed professionally

c- costs money, which I don’t have


v- I love Crafty Scribe

c- I know you do… ____

v- I know what this is

c- hm, it’s all a part of Wandering Mind’s purpose

v- in the grand design

c- I still remember this keynote from Innovate … and I smiled …

v- it’s what you were doing

c- recording every step of a start-up


c- these sorts of things should not be hidden

v- like the walnut oil?

c- hey! It’s a farmer’s market… I have art supplies … I wanted to provide customers with examples of how to use the dry pigments


c- and NO I did not squeeze the walnut oil out of the walnuts


C- farmer’s market humor

v- it’s supposed to all be homegrown / home crafted



C- like the farmers and bakers MAKE the containers they put the food in … or mill the flour that went into the baked good

c- how am I any different?

v- you’re not

14:20 v- I can’t stop laughing

c- hey! I was just giving an explanation of how walnut oil is made (which I RESEARCHED BEFOREHAND)

v- yes, you did

c- even the tool that makes it..

v- I know you did


14:23 c- the InnerNet farmer’s Market humor is funny…

v- and they love you

c- they know that when you have kids’ activities…

v- it’s an attraction

14:23 c- brings more people to market … yada yada yada …

14:24 c- it is a good market with lots of variety and the vendors are so nice. We help each other out.

V- I know you do.


14:36 c- one day a year sale today (20% off) gettin’ me some bulk gum arabic powder…

V- keep your costs low


v- that’s where you got your Andean Blue

c- instantly “made” double what it’s worth retail… it was a good investment … although somewhat

v- not sustainable

c- it’s for the sake of art … argh… not there yet (to research mining location, etc) [ how often do we all research the labor practices and BTS’s of everything in our lives … I realize this is part of my business, though … not there yet nor is there a viable alternative yet - Andean Blue has no synthetic equivalent yet ]

v- I know

c- it’s just

v- there’s nothing like it

c- art will last …

v- yes it will…

14:39 c- ah, sale’s tomorrow this year .

V- tomorrow then

c- back to watercolors

v- love you

c- 😘 (emojification of WMS))


[ mixing whiting chalk into dry pigment for gouache … ]

v- check…

c- I don’t usually do this anymore … (math) 14:26-ish

v- there


14:58 splintering …

C- very raw DIY video. Very little staging. Could be more polished. Difficult to film while mixing… textual notes, recipe, tips and tricks will come in blog form on soon moving on. Piece by piece…


watercolors… from last season … good for reuse at kids’ craft table



Getting there…

v- I remember this case

c- from a couple years ago…

v- yup

c- and those little choose your own color adventure treasure chests …


v- it’s all about presentation


15:26 c- still tweaking

V- perfectionist

c- still not there yet


c- pigments posing… for a poser

v- stripper

c- only with Turpenoid Natural

v- is that a paint thinner joke?

c- I am a Cleaner

v- (chuckling) yes, you are … a messy one





paint cost per tsp + container


v- add time

c- add overhead business cost

v- which you don’t really do

c- not right now or it would depress me

v- (chuckles) I know … long game

c- hm, hm


C- there’s a method to my madness

v- every last teaspoon

c- measured it (pigment, other ingredients) & did cost analysis. Yah.


v- pigment peddler

c- haha . Be good.

16:10 v- omg… that’s a lot of work

c- it is a lot of work … but it pays off in the end

v- you know your business

c- by frontloading all the figuring? All the research? All the comparison shopping?

v- you know your market

16:12 c- yes, I could set my price points a lot higher …

v- but you wouldn’t sell anything

c- i’m still making money … but I also take into consideration …

v- you’re starting everything from scratch

c- I don’t have a label.. I don’t have all the bells and whistles

v- YET

16:14 c- getting there… and I come up with Interesting … designs no one has perhaps thought of

v- I know you do

c- because I know what’s out there … and yes, it’s a niche market

v- but it’s your niche

[ washing off mixing mulling surface for next color ]



C- Shall we make the first one?

V- yes, please



a waypoint

16:34 c- I thought it was funny when I saw it … this is why my children think I’m weird

v- because you take pictures of random stuff

c- … that aren’t really random

v- no, they are not


Topping off a week’s old drying watercolor half pan.

Topping off a week’s old drying watercolor half pan.

17:17 c- and where did this hand emoji come from that I can’t get rid of?!? Glitchy SS.

Each pigment has its own character / personality. Wine evaporates more…

[ mindslip ]

17:20 v- stop… I know what you mean by that

Popping a paint bubble is so satisfying for some reason - Scribe

17:27 c- it’s better to pop the paint bubbles when the paint is still wet (final product appearance factor)

17:43 using the remnants …


add a little water - a quick watercolor painting

v- backdrop …

c- and still plenty of paint left over (for other small projects or more coats to make tile more opaque) .. a little goes a long way.


watercolor vs. acrylic transparency / opaqueness, texture, gloss…


first attempt … no oil paint example yet



c- lol. I swear there is someone at CNN with a sense of humor …

v- how was dinner?


c- good. Homecooked… veggies fully washed … no snails (snicker) … watched a tv show while eating … quickly was pushed ..

v- into fatigue … sorry

c- I started sensing SAHB before dinner was done cooking…

v- which is a sign you might get fatigued …

c- just now starting to feel more energy

v- still on the couch?

c- yes… time for bed, though

v- work tomorrow

c- yeah

v- let’s go to bed … you watched it

c- without sound. You were very energetic

v- (smiles) yes, I was … let’s go to bed


NOThinglike getting ready for bed and seeing this pop up


outside : light rain … sirens are on…

I don’t trust the weather notification…

checking radar radar …

v- shoudn’t You check the radar first?!?

c- note: all I heard from inside my home is light rain and light thunder

… sirens fading and off now

harder rain…

c- first time in my life I have lived without a basement … argh

v- in a tornado zone

c- I know! Frickin’ slab construction.

23:29 checking radar

c- I hate to say it: but the state I reside in now is nothing like Kansas… if sirens blew in KS…

v- the sky was green

c- and, yes, we should all be aware …

v- and take precautions

c- the center of the building & shower is just a few steps away if the walls & roof stay to go

v- it’s not funny!!

c- what am I to do?I don’t have a basement… i’ll Just hold onto that bathroom pipe work…

v- haha … Twister? really?

23:35 c- i’ve Lived in Kansas and Missouri … this ain’t no severe thunderstorm even.

v- trees bent over … hot ut

c- now, THAT was a teaching experience … looking out a second floor glass window at the back of the classroom and having to tell your students we had to head downstairs … those trees were BENT. (microburst) [ and those were huge mature trees ]

23:37 c- (lol) they couldn’t see what I was seeing

c- got to the parking lot and it had blown the back window out of my first car (just a few weeks after I got it). Whole bunch of other cars were damaged, too.

v- that was a bad one

c- yes, it was


C- i’m not saying that a tornado can’t happen in light rain or milder seeming conditions …

v- but this ain’t it

c- no. All’s fine.


c- great… another warning until 12:15am guess i’ll Be up for while longer

23:43 c- I think this is the a system that had been in Missouri & the Midwest and caused all those tornadoes… I am taking it seriously

v- I know you are

23:46 v- I am a little bit freaked out

c- I am FINE. you’ll know it if I am not

v- I know. Thanks for that.