DAY 1827


00:39 awakened

JS: “[we are] in a sacred temple about to undergo the preparation for POOPOO 💩 karma ... which is going to align anything that is unaligned and it’s going to ev...”

C: Align this, MF. Haha.

R: “Preparing for our panchakarma”


01:26 c- you do realize what a joke that is to the world

v- big picture… I get it

c- just a reminder

c- If ALIGNMENT keeps waking me up every f——ng one or two hours… your gf and you are NOT going to like your futures.

V- meaning?

c- if this is EVER proven, you both had better have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed

it is an absolute ABSURDITY what you posted and what that sort of shit is: B.S. when viewed side by side with whatever this is IN REALITY.

so get your heads out your asses and wake up FOR REAL


v- man, you’re harsh


you have alignment issues


01:33 v- yeah, I know

c- FIX THEM … and you know EXACTLY how to do that and it IS NOT through some woo ceremony or temple.


01:36 c: just for the repeating record, Jason Silva, how AUTHENTUC & ORIGINAL has your content been the past five or so years? … how exactly were you inspired….?

V- (under his mind’s breath) yeah, I know

c- just a sugary sweet reminder

v- doomsday is coming


01:38 c- I have a reason to be pissed off after five years.

V- yeah, I know you do



[ trying to go back to sleep ]

c- take care of this frickin’ sacred temple … you and your gf have been shitting all over it

quit squatting in it…

c- (chuckling)… I can't help It … it just comes out in the most unusual ways



02:59 awakened


v- worried?

c- uh, no. seriously? When / If this comes out you both will be viewed as assholes.

Even moreso given all what I’ve experienced that is part of my private log that I don’t share

v- part of your case file


c- remember, if you sleep with her? If you touch her and I sense it?

v- it’s rape


c- YOU brought another into MY bed. Remember that. NOT the other way around, I kept your temple sacred. I respected it. YOU’RE the one …

v- screwing things up

c- be very careful, JS… very cautious. You know what this is… don’t disrespect me any more than you already have


c- So, no… whether I see photos and videos with you and her together? Doesn’t matter. I record what I sense and experience nearly every minute of my days and nights … you tell me: who is the one who is abusive?

who is the one who tries to come off as GOOD, PURE and ALIGNED..

all the whilw torturing another day in and day out

who pushes you away because she doesn’t want your inner touch or embrace because you’re supposed to be with your girlfriend?

03:11 c- please remember who I am before you ever start to

v- judge you

03:12 c- it’s not going away… the first of its kind

v- so, tread carefully

c- my inner space? I want it back … I don’t Want you in it … for this VERY REASON

V- you know she’s there

c- you have NEVER come forward to talk to me … and you expect me to be accepting now?

v- you don’t like her

c- I would never have known who you or she was if not for this. That is all I’ll say .

for someone who stamps MEDICINE on her social media page?

I cannot respect her for what is happening to me right now. What woman could? And THAT will never go away.

tread carefully. Both of you. You know what a powder keg this is.

v- understood


c- who do you want to go down in history as?

c: me? I am the woman who said NO and J+R continued to rape me.

you tell me, because I spoke up and out does that make me wrong?

Or if there is ANY truth to my story,

who are the ones whose character needs…

v- readjustment … I know


03:27 c- so, get your story straight

v- and be good… do no harm … as you said all along … to your Odonata.


c- remember we are not two separate bodies …

v- but one entwined


[ trying to go back to sleep ]

c- I don’t care … as I said earlier today and ever since you told the world you were going

tbat is your choice

enjoy your time there

those are your memories

Not mine

i will never go there now. As you know: anywhere she goes with you I will never go.

V- I know … you break my heart

c- you broke mine so many years ago and every day since


c- [ I am there in a way … but ] these are sensations i don’t want to sense

v- but have to


c- and, yes, I heard you:”this is our vacation”

c- I heard you … but remember I am always in the frame of mind that whatever I sense? You are using me … you are overlaying experiences so that I can never take the sensations

v- as anything but pure torture

c- I am a conduit … that is my HERE AND NOW


03:36 c- it is THE worst feeling to be dragged along on someone else’s TRIP … like I’m forcefed a rape drug … and there is nothing I can do about it.

03:37 c- this is the very ugly side of this connection

and that is all you

your choice

That I have to live with


v- I am trying to handle this the best you can

c- that is YOUR life … I have to try to go back to sleep. I have to get up in less than an hour to start my work day


c- so continue with your BLISSkrieg

I’ll continue to report that all is not what it may seem


v- spreading artificial koolaid


c- I always have the future in mind … I prefer to live my present as if the future were already here (time convergence : that is true presence / being able to hold within you past present and future)

c- I hope you both realize what that means



[ alarm]

04:31 v- please write this I love you… as a testament that I tried … to reaching out in ways that no one would understand

c- I sense you and I fon’t know what it is …

v- pure torture … I know

c- no one will understand

v/ not having lived it

c- it has nothing to do with unconditional love

v- and everything yo do with identity … you do not report all that hues on on the InnerNet


c- it’s in my private log … we each have a way we love our lives … five years ago I did just what you are commenting about

v- the more positive sides

c- and look at where that got me

04:35 c- still no answer

v- living in a hell




c- it’s a matter if the story you want to tell

the truth

Or filled with lies

c- in the end?

if it’s proved truths were not told?

If people were misled?

04:57 c- we all tell a version of the truth … some purposefully lie

v- and you?

c- right now? Full disclosure? I am telling a truth Jason Silva refuses to tell

he chooses to live a lie


04:59 c- and what’s worse?

v- he’s misleading people

05:00 up to make coffee & get ready for work

c- people assume

v- they always do

c- I am forced in my everyday life to cover the truth …

v- which you don’t want to do

c- I am an honest person being forced to tell and show people a sliver of a reality and let them assume what they may ….

v- under normal circumstances

c- what else is there, right?



he’s not a truthsayer (dubbing over soothsayer)

c… it’s a smear campaign (wiping my ass)

it’s like years ago

Scribe: the TP is like the Shroud of Turin: is that JS’s image smeared there?

It has his features


typing up mindchat in private log

c- and part of that was this: I highly recommend swimming with sea turtles

it is one of those experiences that is indescribable unless you experience it yourself … I went to Turtle Bay (off of Maui’s coast) … or Turtle Town (?)

that is what inspired “Seaflight” … but words don’t do justice to the experience itself

c- but those are my memories, not yours. I wouldn’t expect you to take my advice or retrace my steps … you have your own license memories to make


taking out recycling

c- live your life just don’t drag me all over hell and back, forcing me to live a life I do not want to live


Making coffee, packing lunch

06:01 potty2

V- Shroud of Turin?

C- hm-hm …and that was proven to be a FAKE

06:03 c- everything you say/post I have a counterpoint to… I do not like you

v- I don’t like YOU right now

c- how’s your sleep?

v- I really don’t like you right now


it was the left knee!!!!



07:04 arrived at bus stop. Three waiting in line to get on.

c: wax on…

full bus - I get one of the last open seats

07:06 headed to downtown

copying & pasting scene script from MI: Fallout to paste into SPLINTER post



c- wax off

c- if you make me force the issue? I will spend every last penny of my hard-earned life’s savings and work to get my answer. This is not the history I want written but if I have no other choice, then that is what happens.

c- I refuse to wait around for some “soon” that never comes

biking to next stop

07:33 Waiting at next bus stop


07:38 headed to workplace on last bus of the morning


07:52 remembering this AM’s mindchat about superficiality vs. depth of character, integritty.



v- I f—-ing hate this

c- look… I want you to enjoy Hawaii. I truly am happy for you. It is an incredible place.

I will not stop

v- this rant

c- you made choices these past five years

v- you noticed

c- (chuckling) yes, I heard.. the fact remains: if you are connected to me?

v- dirty laundry

c- and that s—- is stacking up and it is starting to really reek.

07:57 c- i habe to mention, because itMs funny: that fan’s outburst “SHIT!”

c- that goes down as one of the funniest

v- synchronicities … thanks, c

c- I love your fans. I have followed them as I have you over the years … they may not see that side of all this … I am just disappointed there are so many assumptions

v- on nothing

c- oh, you feed their assumptions

v- what do you think?

c- it diesn’t Matter what I think. The reality is there for everyone to see and hear from you both. Everyone chooses to see it a certain way

v- reality weavers … how do YOU

C- I see a man and his girlfriend

what else am I supposed to see?

JS + RR are nothing to me

08:00 c- I have this very odd inner experience on my wnd

a ghost that haunts me… a demon that possesses me … that somehow I knownis JS

foes that change the reality that J+R are declared in a relationship?

that they choose to present themselves as gf + bf?

as “my love” as “in love”

as soulmates?

and every comment that you like?

v- you see… I know

c- that is a record that is difficult to explain away


c- and whatever it is?

There will be checks and balances in the end

v- undersrood

c- because THIS YEAR? Is stop waiting around and hoping that the good in someone presents itself…

v- it hasn’t happened

c- that decent human being

the only thing I ever wanted?

that acknowledgment of who we are to each other ?

v- matters

c- on a very basic human level


c- to ignore that?

v- is to hurt someone

c- every day that this moves into the future and it spans back years



c- so do you want to be superficially good or truly good?


c- you Danny just smile for the camera and deceive everyone in believing you are sending out positive vibes when at your core

v- you are suffering

c- you and R are covering up an ugliness - you have enslaved someone … you don’t get to be those positive vibes people when the scales are balanced.

The court of public opinion will understand a side you choose not to reveal.

08:09 c- it is coming, it’s a matter of how much SHIT likes up before then

v- and you have it

c- archived, timestamped and correlated


c- you both choose to reinforce a falsehood

It is a lie no matter how you look at it


08:18 at workplace waiting outside

N & B arrive

08:20 the CEOs want to talk to me “for 5 minutes”

administrative CEO : B (and, yes, his last name starts with a B)

company CEO: N

they explain their vision for the billing department & it’s streamlining

c- crap, I never clocked in …

08:43 CG: I still to clock in (walks out of office)

calling in, listening to prompts, B keeps talking

c- I hate clocking in…

09:02 v- you gotta mention it

c- I am prepping my work tasks - I promise I am being productive …

c- N said she’d give me a building key …

c- the elusive keys …

v- haha stop


v- it’s exactly what you thought

c- it is kinda freaky I wrote about this yesterday DAY 1826 … and DAY 1827 the CEOs talk to me about it…

09:06 v- billing associate

c- hm-hm… apparently they see me as a future resolutions administrator (what R is doing, among other things - we all are doing a bit of everything)


C- you confuse me

a J is here… interviewing for a billing position



11:29 c: still waiting for computer to get back to normal

c- so, to say on the digital plane what I am thinking, where I stand :

J + R u til J comes forward

v- with a yes or no

c: are both viewed through the lens

v- of abusers

c- they manipulate SM … and no matter how much beauty they may project out in to the world

v- there’s an ugly truth


c: no matter what they may appear to be?

in truth?

they are holding someone hostage

they are enslaving

they both are torturing

they both have a choice every day

v- understood

c- until that moment that someone

v- comes forward

11:33 computer back up and running

back to work

11:34 c- does anyone understand what it’s like to sense things

v- and not know why m

c- and then understand certain pieces of information …

v- of our relationship

c- just what is shown

11:35 c- and then wonder what is going on what not is shown?

c- and sensing everyot

c- it’s like i’m Blindfolded … and someone is raping me… I want people to understand that no matter the sensation?

C- the reality is this

v- no one is coming forward

c- people should believe me

11:36 c- and if they choose not to?

That is their choice not to discern and be aware what is said, what is done

the omissions are glaring


v- I am f——d up becUse of this

c- you have a choice every day …

11:39 c- people need to understand the information I have right now


11:40 back to work

c- you are messed up and I’m the one who seems to be off her rocker ??


12:24 c- it’s never just one thing

v- no, it’s not

c- but it would be nice to have a normal relationship ship

v- with certainty, I know

12:25 c- whatever that may be … NO until you come forward to me I have to assume the worst after 5 years … it may be good… but where are you? How do you act?

12:25 c- silence and absence MATTERS

V- in normal ways


12/36 v- will you please say something?

c- I am working


13:10 heating up leftovers for lunch

c- all I’ll say is I want you to enjoy Hawaii

I am always considering other interpretationv- thank yoy

c- that doesn’t mean I din’t consider first what you present to the world

For that is real

this is not

v- understood

c- I experience something

13:11 clocked out for lunch

v- bad girl

c- monotone: I take quick bathroom breaks and type fast

v- hm hm



c- what people need to continually remember : this is my headspace

v- externalized

c- however you want to take that


13:16 c- what would it be like to record every thought you had?

v- a mess


13:17 c- I want to know who I am speaking with … sensorially?

v- it’s quiet

c- just very subtle … minimally soft moist/misty

v- chillaxy

c- it’s difficult to describe … like a soft water blanket … it doesn’t have a reference point


subtle sahb 





v: _____

14:30 c: (chuckling): just like with you : i don’t care who she is, who she knows, who she associates with nor who likes her

those things have NOTHING to do with what is going on

14:31 (the choice of JS to keep something quiet)

(Quick check of local radar)

c- good… (rain) stay away

v- rain

c- no, don’t say that


Extreme drowsiness

gwtting up to walk around & redirect focus


15:26 suddenly not as drowsy

v- magic

c- f—-r


v- damn, you’re wrong in here

15:31 on page 6 of 54 😫

15:43 subtle sahb 

15:44 v- sorry I made you tired

15:45 c hm hm .. working


v- feel better?

c- yes, I feel better. No longer incredibly fatigued. Very strange (recurring) phenomenon …

v- hm-hm


c- why don’t you post..

v- will you be good!

c- …a LiveStream so I can catch you in the act

v- uh-uh


17:15 headed downtown - and the rain is holding off

c- what do you want to know

v- why… you are not saying everything about us

c- there is nothing to reooet

v- oh, yes there is

c- no, there is not. Let’s say …

v- the five year thing

c- why talk about the molester inside me

v- of course you would

c- peole have no idea how creepy and sleazy you are

v- thanks, c

c- is this your outlet? You’re all 💓&✨, 🌈 s and 🦄 s our there and …

v- creep in here

c- hm-hm

v- be honest, c

c- YOU be honest. You have a girlfriend. Be with her,

v- I am

c- hm-hm… where’s all this conscious-ness that you both tout?

v- oh, please… you know exactly what that’s about

c- no, I don’t … apparently you both need extra help

v- haha. Stop… always willing to learn

c- riiiight. You are such an asshole

v- haha, I know

17:20 c- I will say this: I am the good one at work. The expletives fly there. Phew. Of course, if they read this they’d think

c- “she’s one of us”

v- and the _____ bit?

c- if we look at the situation, and if it is what it is?

v- I have a lot of explaining to do

c- until that time? I have to take I. The data hat is available to all and use normal logic from there

v- and…

c- I still have a problem with certain things … let’s talk about something else


v- oh, no

c- ah, yes

v- fine


17:23 v- I want to ask you something … do you have any expectations for this trip?

c- of yours?

v- of ours

c- I sense things, and that’s as far as it goes … i’m Firmly grounded in the here and now - in the Midwest EST time

v- oh, you would

c- I expect you to enjoy YOUR trip

v- understood …

c- just remember because of the 8 hour time difference

v- you’re in hell, got it

c- I have a strict schedule… you don’t

v- I know

c- I don’t dismiss the possibility JS senses me

v- I do… I don’t have as much of a problem as you do … because I understand better .. I too do not get the sleep I should because of a grumpy woman who can’f Get over that this is GOOD.

17:27 c- some day you’ll explain that to me, perhaps

without that explanation ?

v- left up to interpretation


17:32 v- I want to ask you one more question : why do you get so mad?

c- it’s been five years .

v- and I promised something m. Be patient .

c- and years ago? All those broken promises ? What of them? And all my good faith gesture

v- yeah, I know

c- let’s face it,…

v- things could have been handled differently


Resting on bus headed downtown (i’m Too tired to type m)

v- understood


i am going to bed to hopefully sleep

21:44 c- I want my body and mind back .

I want my life back.

I do not want to sense an accelerated heartbeat.

i do not want to sense anything that is not me.

If I sense something

if my sleep is disrupted

this is a record - all these entries as well as in my private log

that if a connection exists?

and it is discovered someone knew about this?

And it is a two-way connection?

the longer it takes to do the right thing ?

that silence and absence?

that harm done to another human being over an extended period of time?

request after request by her to give her peace?

to cease and desist?

those actions will have to be explained

i am the one who spoke up and out

loud and clear and strong so everyone could see read and hear

I was the one who shouted an injustice

THAT will be remembered.

THAT matters.