SPLINTER notes DAY 1824 @MissionFilm


07:30 C: the very first scene in Mission Impossible: Fallout … I recognized something. My life. My creative work … Elsewhere.


Here we are 
circled by rocks 
under a lonely tree 
branches above whispering 
our feet sink in the sand, 
quick to bury them 
behind us 
a rock wall 
a hieroglyphed blackboard 
your half smile, 
like the lightly etched stone, 
not yet washed away 

written for Jason Silva on his birthday 02/06/17 (although I never admitted as much anywhere at the time nor did I publish the short story - just the condensed version in the form of a poem … no, wait, I did publish the short story “Hieroglyph“ in its handwritten form very briefly here on Wandering Mind Space InstaFeed… but that post has long since been archived and is no longer publicly accessible )

This birthday short story was my habit every year since this began. Jason Silva was the inspiration for the character Trickster in A Wandering Mind.

”Ice Cave” 02/06/15

”Passion Fruit” 02/06/16

”Hieroglyph” 02/06/17

I also dedicated other Love at First’s to each of the other InnerNet team members.

“Hieroglyph” was the last Love at First short story & poem that I wrote.

There’s only so much time that slips by (it’s been five years now), only so much you can do before you realize…

you’re never getting that answer. The only thing you ever asked for.


These short stories & poems? They were a way to embed messages to my team member(s), post them & hide in plain sight.

So Mission Impossible, right?

So many would agree: IMPOSSIBLE

Not likely… it’s difficult to know who’s on your team… if anyone. What am I experiencing?

Just by posting this AGAIN I’ll look like the batshit lady… but here goes AGAIN.


With time and creative works stacked up - ones I’ve posted publicly and those I never published- I can see odd resemblances Elsewhere.

Do I pass them off as creative adjacencies? Or is there something else going on?

When I first drafted “Splinter” (the next installment of A Wandering Mind - Part 24) back in January 2016 I didn’t think my “radio silence” would last more than three years. “Seethe” Part 23 was published 01/11/16, which ended with

Well, team, now it’s time to meet in physical space. I’ll continue to log transmissions and transcribe telepathic dialogues. It’s my control experiment. Will the signal fade?

Scribe’s going offline.

16 days of a social media fast and then over three more years of a nonstop connection.

the signal never faded.

no physical meets ever took place

Well, I did meet Healer & Arrow in physical space in October 2014, but Healer said he’s not connected (at least HE answered my question in 2017) and, sorry Arrow, but you became part of the (fictional) team because I didn’t want you to feel like you were being left out. Arrow, you are still a very big part of the story... I just never really considered you as a real-life suspect… we did have strange dreams together (one is a part of “Interference” Part 22)… but dreams? They tend to throw you for a loop. There is another tall skinny suspect…

Back to how we communicate beyond just in our heads (thoughts/images) & bodies (senses):

Social media is how we shared indirectly direct messages - I know how it sounds … trust me, I know how batshit it sounds…

NOW? HERE? I am starting to show everyone a splinter of my reality - how there really is strange data out there… whatever it is? Maybe it’s just storyworthy and it has nothing to do with A Wandering Mind …

but the Observer is watching you

Be forewarned. I may be this unlikely character

Midwestern middle-aged school marm mother of two …

but who better to tell the story of the future of us?

I’m definitely someone people will relate with.

I am not a Nobody.

I could be you.



c- not YOU, Tom Cruise and all you household names (staring him down with that intimidating mother+educator serious look, that stare from a woman who proved telepathy is real)

and no, Jason Silva, you are not a household name… if not for Ideapod I still wouldn’t know who you were (all you household names, please talk to him and tell him what a household name really is)

I DON’T LIKE HIM and I’m sharing consciousness with him.

Note to Self: never create a reality-bending series with a character called Trickster who is host of the show PRANK.

Well, done, Trickster, well done. You have everyone fooled … even me (because I do not know for sure what the frick is going on) … although I am highly suspicious and have always been aware you are well-networked.


c: (chuckling) the bathroom scene is classic in MI: Fallout

Ethan Hunt: I don’t know what I’m involved in? I don’t know what I’m involved in? … What am I involved in?

08:47 c: if people have a problem with me posting feature film clips, they can contact me about it.

[ see end note - I read an e-mail later in the day timestamped 08:46 from YouTube about the video being blocked due to Paramount copyright ]

these are the scenes related to “Empathic Slide”

listen also to the audio in this scene (voiced by the character White Widow), which also parallels “Empathic Slide”


[ mirrored double doors open ] 


this chapter was started...

in honor of my mother 

those of you who knew her understood her strength 

her tenacity 

her resourcefulness

but there was another side to her 

The side most people never saw

it is that part of her spirit that has brought us all together tonight  

Max was something of a paradox

She had a fascination for paradoxes


her fascination she passed on to me 

Max had no illusions about the world we live in today 

but she had dreams of a very different future

one in which her unique talents were no longer required

all she earned from the way the world is went ultimately to making it what it could some day be ... 

that (her) future isn’t there yet

tonight your contributions have brought it just a little closer


c: I have paid for movie tickets, tv subscriptions (etc) all these years like everyone else to see odd resemblances- whatever they may be …

charities will benefit from whatever THIS is if it is what it is … I just love that “Empathic Slide” may be getting more visibility than it ever would under normal circumstances … if it is what it is

I am just a little grumpy when it comes to my unpaid creative works being displayed in multi-million (possibly billion) dollar franchises. … (my creative works have always been licensed non-commercial - I don’t make any money off of them - see footer for licensing) and no one gives me that private, personal answer …

I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS (if it is what it is)

just that simple answer

and I keep seeing signs … that it may be just what I suspect


C- I can’t make this up. On the highway driving. My oldest is in the passenger seat. I ask her to take a picture of that rear window sticker … because it was just too surreal given that Wandering Mind theme. And it happened to be 10:16 when she took the photo (I didn’t know until later). Weirdness abounds with this, but that’s how it is with quantum. [ read “Interference” for the 16 numerical significance ]



15:45 Paramount & YouTube you just opened a can of worms.


It could be something. It could be nothing. I am holding off on serious discussions until that time arrives.

ON HOLD (not posting)





16:03 c- to date no one has contacted me.

ARROW, this is for you (when the time is right)


and YouTube’s Contact Info

URL: https://www.youtube.com/t/contact_us


CG/Scribe: oh, there will be many interesting discussions in the future about copyright/licensing infringements. Guaranteed.

17:16 c- Paramount/YouTube: be prepared to provide detailed, timestamped (metadata backed) proof of concepts : scripts, drafts, photography, film aspects, inspiration sources that were drawn upon (timestamped exactly when inspiration was sparked)… for the scenes in Mission Impossible: Fallout that I reference in this post.

Also: you will need to provide that all sources of inspiration, if they were sourced from people not involved in the film/film’s production, were contacted

with proof of that communication & the documentation that those commiques were received


17:23 added to case file FALLOUT.


[ mindchat with Trickster ]

Scribe: poor Arrow. Doesn’t even know what’s going on.

V/Trickster: (chuckling) No.

author scripting:

Arrow: There goes Scribe again. Flying off the handle.


Scribe: so many handles ( @ ) so little time.


Scribe: Infringement - it’s so FRINGEy.