DAY 1824


11:37 The Scaffolding Shifting Puzzle

C: I’m not sure if they have a name: but what I’m thinking about is a child’s (travel) puzzle. You have a grid. There are a set number of pieces. You can move these pieces…

v- along a track

c- horizontally and vertically

v- until they align

11:38 posted

v- source…

c- no… the image stays filtered for now.


[ making watercolor paints ]

c: there is a a history, and as time goes by, more stacks up in different ways … to ignore that? To smile and preach BLISS … is to deny there is a woman you’re keeping in the dark, in a torture chamber - and like cult leaders who assert good?

time has a way of cycling back to certain points.

remember that.

12:03 daughter watching Supernatural S11E04

c- haha, pennies & copper trivia


12:11 c- what’s worse?

I warned you both it was historical record.

you are repeatedly reinforcing a certain version of reality … misleading so many into believing

v- in good

c- in the good of both of you

and you both are on record as being divisive in a challenging situation

you supported not someone who has been with you for years

you couldn’t see nor act beyond the superficiality of the situation

remember that



12:17 c- you both have every chance to turn it all around & you make choices every day to go against that single act of good.

[ figuring watercolor pan cost/price ]

12:38 c- every time JS posts something about mental health I want to strangle him (figure of speech, not literally)

if he’s telepathically connected to me?

He has A LOT to answer for.


Music while cooking and painting (this could be bad…)

[ 12:46 c- watch out for paintball gun snipers ]

I heard those pellets HURT.

[ mindslip w

v- Failure to Launch

c- I think … oh, and the critter scenes are funny (I think it was that movie)



haha, first song on Spotify shuffle …




C: that crockpot… is cookin’ up something.


c: that’s “C” for Chaos …

13:02 c: (wet) noooodLES!


V- is that a brain joke?

13:06 c- cooking parents and physicists alike will get that joke on some level

v- yes, dear


Humor is FUNNY. -Scribe

v- yes, it is

[[ glossing the overlay:

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...' -Isaac Asimov ]]


checking SM


See the time?

see the cycling symbol?

Scribe: hm


C: and you know where I’d tag you


c: an IMITATION color … just for you


c- ARTIFICIAL … like that koolaid color


13:30 c: you keep spreading positivity

c: i’ll keep showing the negative side


c: how long have I been showing my negativity?

v- years

c- hm…



that film

v- strip

c: …. uh…?

v- wrong! So wrong … I didn’t mean that


c- let’s ROLL


...Truth, Will

make a point

When past is present

The future arrived …

-Scribe. “Resemblances”


“Time travel in more than one direction — like overlapping frames of a film (and the overlaying of multiple spacetimes) - quantum entanglement as an ignition switch for time travel…”

i have the seen the future …

v- I know you have

c- well, a possible one

v- haha STOP

C- that (Quantum) Well will getcha every spacetime

v- damn, stop

13:53 c- so, am I doing an ok job (explaining quantum in a relatable way)?

v- yes you are

c- and BTW: education beats philosophy as being more ancient

v- haha stop.


C- and medicine

v- will you stop?

c- i’m Just saying the team should not piss off the Scribe (said like The Italian Job Napster)


finishing another batch of Cærulean watercolor pans


14:08 c- I think I have a good formula, don’t you think?


c: and a mixture of safer pigments than the original Egyptian Blue

v- (which had a lot of) copper

c- yesh…


slowly but surely …






c- make me feel like a crazy woman & copyright infringer, YouTube / Paramount

v- so… not going to like what’s coming …

c- they?

v- yes, they

c- May I sue and get proceeds that go to charity? (half joking)

v- yes, you may


C: … all the while for years I’ve seen my hard work and v- and creative talent c- used for commercial purposes and not only have I not been contacted / given credit, but don’t benefit at all from it & have to worry about how to buy my next gallon of milk … it’s bad. It’s so bad the common (wo)man will be righteously angry.



16:24 [ figuring wine acrylic cost/price ]

c- so, whose side do people want to be on [ teasing ]

v- yours [ playing along ]

v- does it bother you?

c- I get it … HOWEVER, if there is anything to my claim, how does it feel five years in seeing billion dollar ticket sales

v- and you have to worry about paying rent

c- most of the people working on those films can pay their bills

v- because they’re getting paid

16:26 c- i’m Righteously Seethey… and there is nothing I can do about it

v- but raise a stink

c- a lapis lazuli sulphuric stink

v- you and your pigments

c- so very Noxy…

[ mindchat ]

The MIfallout scene (bathroom into club > stage scene) is directly related to Wandering Mind + Empathic Slide

16:40 v- no derivatives … I know

c- I have ALWAYS licensed my writing from the very beginning

v- I know you have

c- seriously messed up. And, yes, I can admit there may be no correlation … it may just be a creative adjacency … albeit a very weird one.

v- agreed.

16:42 v- so, what do you think?

c- I believe there’s something to it. However, as it stands? With no one coming forward to tell me what it is?

v- you’re the crazy one

c- here’s to the crazy ones

v- round peg in a square hole




18:43 c: Are you … IN?

IMAGE: CG 10/26/17 ||  Winchester  (premiere 02/02/18)

IMAGE: CG 10/26/17 || Winchester (premiere 02/02/18)

October 26, 2017 photoshoot (Scribe’s aspect : Nox )

later shared on Behance (licensed)

later shared on Instagram (licensed via October 31, 2017



19:44 just had a paintspill while jamming

a brush with ….


of course it happened at the edge



C- walking down a corridor

“Devastation” … the dream …




22:24 c- and it’s a wrap


22:57 c- Earlier today I asked the youngest (who I watch GOT with) who she thought would be the next to die… she guessed correctly. Momma’s proud of her little forecaster.

23:00 v- I wanna see this picture

c (chuckling): I asked my daughter to turn on the tv so we could watch GOT. I was chatting with both daughters (other daughter is not a GOTer)


23:02 v- AppleTV

C- I know … the ex gave me a nice discount

v- I really don’t like you…

c- it’s a perk to know someone who works for Apple. ANYWAY…

c- my daughter calls out : it’s already there … it’s before 9 PM EST …

20:58 c: oh, why, oh, why would you list the last episode number when all the other episodes are not numbered?

v- numerically challenged

c- yes, i’m numerically challenged and GOT is already on my radar

v- for a while now

c- last two seasons? That cave scene

v- “Hieroglyph”

c- yes, yes, yes… I’m Doña Quixota

23:07 c- fully invested in living out any resemblances as if they were a part of my life and works…


c- so… odd ending. I get the spin-off prep.

V- you liked a part

c- it was definitely not an ending I expected - which is unusual (I usually can guess, but I really didn’t have any expectations to begin with for the finale) … but the part about memory of course perked up my little InnerNet ears.