SPLINTER notes DAY 1823 @bladerunner


Another note in the silence.

I later publicly posted this experience in the reality-bending series A Wandering Mind: Part 22 “Interference” on Medium

17 November 2015


(09:27 I just made a WMS + BladeRunner funny…)

Excerpt from “Interference”:

Each InnerNet test had its bumps. As pioneers, we created models for future teams based on our experiences.

TEST PILOT: SpaceTime Travel

01:17 18 August (41 years old)

I get comfortable on Healer’s lap.

I kiss the left side of his neck. I caress his heart.

Healer: Behave.

Scribe: Are you going to read? I may fall asleep.

Healer: That’s why I bought the book.


During the plane ride, I am on your lap, then, it is as if all turns invisible. I am in limbo in no space at all except for one puzzle piece portion, then my heart gets a jabbing jolty sensation. Not playful and it scares me a bit to stay there. I open my eyes to pull out from your space.

What interfered with our connection? Did this prove part of me was half a world away while my physical body was at rest on the other side? Where I traveled — imagining — did I really have the power to create a presence? Was it a simulacrum? Doppelgänger? Spirit body? Did Healer feel my presence across oceans and wide expanse of skies?

[ PLACEHOLDER : BR49 interference clip ]

What began as a numbing tingle at extremities sinuously coiled into a confluence of conflicting superheated emotions in the center of our chests. Eyes closed, a silky smooth sheet slices just under our skin. We are left hanging in a cool blue calm before terminal velocity would rend us apart. We sense a multitonal powering up, a high frequency vibration rises, rumbles, and a microburst shreds us from within.

The sawteeth of time fast-forward and intervisible spurts of glaring white gold are held back by a charred meshing. We are gliding toward our destination at immeasurable speed while a blackburned netting sears through us. An emotive shower vaporizes via the open circuit light while protective dark energy holds us together. Traveling so far deep inside ourselves and at the same time out across space, we black out.

Scribe’s Anachronistic Rendering of spacetime travel 16 August (42 years old / 2015)

For five years I have publicly told my story… then wiped most of my digital footprints clean… until now.

[ PLACEHOLDER : BR49 snowy steps still + WMS context - snowy steps still = after trying to get an answer trip ]

Photo taken by CG/Scribe on holiday vacation 2015 in Wisconsin (CST 10:26? cloud metadata adjusts across time zones … I’m in EST now)

Photo taken by CG/Scribe on holiday vacation 2015 in Wisconsin (CST 10:26? cloud metadata adjusts across time zones … I’m in EST now)

After what would become a 16-day SM fast (no posting, no checking 12/23-01/08 (?), I posted the image to my virtuonaut gallery


I went on this SM fast after a road trip I made with my dog to Miami, Florida then back to Ohio 12/19-12/24. It was a trip I had hoped would get me a long-awaited answer.

I was greeted with silence & absence in all ways except on the InnerNet.


I opened up my first instagram account - VIRTUONAUT- (12/17/15) before my trip. I posted photos of where we visited but never included geotags. Those are included in my textual log.

who knows what JS meant by posting a photo on Haulover Beach wearing his psychonaut shirt.

we were there just at different times in the normal sense.


[ PLACEHOLDER : Ryan Gosling of the NOTEBOOK - another WMS (log/journal) funny … LaLa LaLa.. LaLa LaLa hey hey hey …🎶 💋 ]

I have never posted the following page from my log. Here is… the kiss scene.


I’ll continue to conceal the identity of who it was who vision flash kissed me.

Let’s just say, almost five years later and he and I have gone our separate ways. All LaLaLand-like.

So, Ryan (et. al.) …

SpaceTime ShadowDancing Scribe is watching…


whose shadow IS THAT? …. [ teasing ]

InterLINK to my review of First Man

[ REMINDER / note to Self : need to open up the archived post … ]


[ related PLACEHOLDER : BladeRunner 2049 - “been behind this glass since I was eight years old” -The Memory Maker]


The scene that introduces the Memory Maker is exactly 1hr16minutes into the film.


Excerpt from “Interference” 17 Nov 2015

One piece of information tripped the wire for me and set off an explosion of connecting the dots. The unknown started to unravel into the known and the waveform collapsed. A timefreeze was communicated to me in a dream.

Surfacing from a dream I see this time flash across my mind’s eye:


I thought nothing of it. Just made a note in my dream journal … I had tapped into a synchronicity across time.



My first punch through the fabric of time & space the only thing I heard was the crack of thunder & the only thing I saw was the blinding flash of lightning — all in my head. The only thing I sensed was the seizing jolt of electricity running through my body, which awakened me. Disoriented, having awakened from a dreamless sleep, my sinuses kept popping. What was that about?

I cracked open one eye & groggily mumbled “morning” to my eight year old that apparently had snuck into bed with me sometime during the night. And WHY was I so tired after a full night’s


I, of course, knew exactly what she was talking about. Unfortunately, I could not explain it to her. Not then.

For Scribe in A Wandering Mind, the glass pane is on her mobile device …




timestamp 10:27.

a Rift in the form of a digital divide, an In-Between, where uncertainty, ambiguity, vaguity, contradiction, nonsense and weirdness abounds.