DAY 1821


09:15 [ coffee break ] c: just a placeholder to start today’s post. REMINDER:

STAY ON TRAIL (see this SPLINTER? it’s a data trail)

v- honey badger don’t care

c- (reminding me of what I’ve repeatedly said in the past half year? …)

09:17 C- no matter what: stay the course.

09:20 c: from a Wisconsinite in this type of situation? Hells yes an aspect of this relates to a BADGER (our state animal) …


and we will also talk about these InnerNet (sensory transference) experiences over the years - ETHICAL ISSUES like these, JASON SILVA ( and your drug use & my unwanted contact highs )

FIRST OF ALL, when a woman who is connected to you for YEARS makes an intelligent comment to one of your SM posts, the last thing you should do is CENSOR her and BLOCK her.


Humor is FUNNY. - Scribe

09:41 v- because she’s (also) serious.

c: there are many layers to this onion.

[ mindchat humorous ranting : 1821 days … it’s called lying in wait … not in your sense : while you wait you LIE and not tell the truth ]

[ mindchatting while working

c- and you know those data streams that I capture? There are witnesses to whatever I may have sensed at that moment in time - if I am connected to you … live your life, but I’m asking if you choose that? You shouldn’t and don’t moving forward into the future drag me along. And that is one of the points revolving around the main one.

Word one? If you are out in public, and you don’t post about something - someone else might - and I find those little tidbits of ASYNCHRONICITY … where you are NOT I’m the place you post about at a point in time but rather in another.

I have so much data it’s too much to handle for just one person now - reference point - the transition between 2018 - 2019 you were not in FL but CA. You may have posted/geotagged FL but were indeed in CA instead. I have proof of how you offer up misleading posts. Thanks to a fan.

I have been suspicious for years about … data patterns. I will not reveal my sourcing & how I analyze the patterns, because as soon as I do? The Trickster changes his ways.

Unless it’s live-streamed? I am always suspicious and question where you are and when. It’s been this way for years for me. I DO NOT TRUST YOU


I was contact HIGHed over new year’s because of you.

While you were high as f-&*! on a mountain or on the beach with your gf?

i was trying to enjoy family time with my sister

all the while feeling lightheaded and woozie

THIS is the sh*% that needs to come to light. when your happiness…

v- comes at the expense of yours

c: I want the metadata of the original video recording(s) with date/time.

there is only one way I would have had those sensations at that specific date/time.


[ the unusual partnership?!? In this case, YES a comparative side by side is necessary to demonstrate how you’re been an ____ ]



Ongoing blood coursing lightheadedness

14:40 (trying to work)

—- break

15:24 it’s all about the timestamps.

not even paying attention to content


15:31 v- data whore

c- you call me a data whore one more time I’ll type it up for everyone to see (done.)

[ coming from someone who’s a man whore for extra likes c: I’m not the one who takes off my shirt to get likes ]



17:19 (continuing from previous thread)

THE DATA IS OUT THERE ( a la x-files “the truth is out there”)




c: you know what people don’t realize?

v- that I’m in utter f——ing hell

c: NEVER piss off the woman inside you by not taking care of your responsibilities first.


V- and if I choose answer?

c- it all depends on the data

v- oh, you would

c- just to say yes or no doesn’t get you off the hook. It’s a yes or no accompanied by the data to back the answer up … I DON’T TRUST YOU.

v- how was your night?

c- it was better … still woke up a few times

v- that wasn’t me

c- oh? And how am I to know the difference?


17:29 v- are you jealous?

c- I am not jealous. How could I be…?

v- you have me by a hook and chain

c- so torture chamber-ish. Seriously. Take care of your dirty laundry first. There’s five years of it stacked up

v- that I gotta clear

c- and for the love of everyone who follows you:


V- omg, you are so awful

c- smiles … or frickin’ use a quick blemish editor … the specks are distracting

v- only you, c, only you

c- uh, no… if I were the person at your side (with you during a LiveStream), i’d Look into the camera and ask: how many of you over the years have noticed JS’s lint problem?

v- you would totally take a survey

c- I so would. As my boss always says “HILARIOUS” (in that time of hers)

c- I need to start learning Russian. I’m not sure if it’s such an argumentative language/culture … but it seems like she gets pissed off a lot in Russian.

v- (chuckles) stop it


17:36 c- well, we already know a big swath of your followers wouldn’t like me.

v- yeah, I know

c- I am so going to relish being the villainess

v- haha, you would

c/ they really wouldn’t know what to make of me

v- keep them in their toes


17:40 v- I really don’t know what to make of you either

c- it’s a mystery (tone a la Shakespeare in Love)


17:56 on last bus home

v- still no company car

c- no, and it isn’t like I want to be pushy. When the time is right the time is right (to pick it up, etc) … like I said: there’s a lot going on right now - because of the new hires, etc

V- the company is expanding

c- they are restructuring office space … I get my own space soon (all proud)… right now I have a nice office with a window. Soon I’ll have a cubicle

v- oh, lord

c- then you can hear all about how I decorate it

v- haha stop


18:03 c- I take everything in stride. Like how I have to clock in and out. TIMESTAMPED and everything. I am happy to have my job, but when you haven’t had to clock in & out for decades - it’s a pain in the ass.

18:05 c- one of my few complaints. I really don’t like that part

v- haha, I know you don’t

c- I get how no exceptions can be made

18:06 c- anyway

v- do you like your job?

c- it’s a learning curve. It makes me appreciate all the BTS of healthcare … geesh it’s like a different language and a culture all of its own. The coding alone makes my head spin. I need an (online) translator just for that.

v- youbdidn’t answer my question

C- would I be working where I am if I had gotten hired elsewhere (where I applied before but got no call-back?) no, I wouid not. But based on my interview Q&A the job is a good fit. Is it my passion?


18:10 c- it pays (some of) the bills. That’s why I have multiple jobs.

18:10 c- I was honest about why the job appealed to me : I could leave work at work. Unlike being in higher ed (I was working 60-80 hours a week)… Incan focus on ohther things while I’m home. Although I loved highered and what I did? CONTINGENCY was the main problem. No benefits until I got to this state, and then this state had a retirement plan and the institution had matching funds. Before that? Other universities & colleges had no benefits whatsoever (except sick leave which is a joke when you’re in education- you have to work no matter if your sick or not and make up your work… ie grading)