DAY 1820


04:30 Scribe’s confinement in the sinisthereal Nothing

Mnemosyne'a gift

in the Rift

is focus

an emerging locus

her mark


the (in)distinction of colorful Chaos

Scribe's confinement

in the sinisthereal Nothing?

yin's monologue

a wandering curve

her point

in Trickster's blank canvas


04:36 Scribe: I am confined. I am stuck.

I did not sleep well.




in bed but can’t fall asleep

23:34 sense slight sexual TO (nonlocal) that I need to get rid of 

I want to be happy but someone is holding my life hostage 


00:03 still sensing something I shouldn’t 

Fresh air 


Slight sexual sensation 

restless sleep (with fragmentary dreams)

01:09 awake

02:46 awake

04:00 alarm


04:42 posting

30 July 2017 research for what would become the poem “Sinisthereal”



06:07 watched the IT trailer in silence … saw the 5 on the DOOR… now listening to


remember IT doesn’t go away. Happy travels.


a silent prayer for faith departed

here’s to those who stood their ground.


06:36 street dancing with knee pads || street cycling wth a knee brace (listening to “Hideaway”)


06:44 c- “you’re just a feeling”


06:50 on bus headed downtown from the burbs… prepping for my SPLINTER notes DAY 1820 (this one will have handles) [ lock screen image credit: NASA & is a daily reminder that someone needs to answer THE QUESTION… and each day that passes? The daily battering ram of reminders to all the questions around the main one which they revolve ]

“The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” -Indira Gandhi


yin's monologue

a wandering curve

her point … .


[ splinter notes day 1820 post : “so what is JS - the GOOD doctor- hiding in his virtual basement?” … ]

09:20 [ trying to work ] slight temple pressure

IN THE CUE (one of thousands)


11:40 c: I gotta learn Russian (which is Funny considering my second post today re: the OA) [ every day I overhear telephone calls to other Russian employees ]

c- my boss is Russian.

v- haha… omg

c: yeah, I know - all those Russians who followed me on my Mayan Scribe IG acct way back … my InnerNet joke: The Russians are coming! the Russians are coming! [ side thread re: Russian RV experiments & the US’s own RV government funded program(s) ]

truth is stranger than fiction


c: I feel you laughing



[ v-_____

C- what do you have in your virtual basement? ]

c- stop… I have to work

v- feeling all right?

c- not normal. Does that count as an appropriate response?

v- yes

c- chillaxy and strange

v- of course!


c- my boss is so nice… treating us to lunch again…

v- and…?

c- yes, I was reacting just now to your post and I made a comment about how JS’s fans have never (that I’ve seen) questioned

v- leitmotif

c- they’ve never questioned the green-eyed blonds in the SOA… I never assume, but I find this ODD. … and I’ve read thousands of comments to posts over the years (what they comment on, what they ask, how JS interacts)



16:28 quick work break (you know, that water tank visit…)

c: haha (reading re: unhappy GOT fans petitioning to remake S08)

[ v- burn baby burn ]

C: really? [ re: petition ]

Just say you didn’t like it


c- when the Green Bay Packers quarterback is an extra, it was worth it (being funny)


16:34 c- stop pestering. I am working.


16:36 v- water cooler

c- WATER COOLER.. thank you… i’ve never had a water cooler at work before