SPLINTER notes DAY 1818


notes for A Wandering Mind - Part 24: SPLINTER

previous installment in the series: SEETHE (Part 23) published online 01/11/16

over the years I have taken note of possible header quotes.

more than likely, it will be a quote by Scribe/Wandering Mind to reassert how important it is to make our own mark

nonetheless, here are the possible quotes that O had considered in the past to accompany “Splinter”

"We are magnets in an iron globe. We have keys to all the doors. We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Resources"


Scribe: this post is a note for Splinter… how from my perspective? The Haves, the Influencers, the Someones so easily can walk all over the Nobodies… and there is little we can do about it but sit back and take it in, live our lives, mostly just trying to get by and live our lives the best we can.

I will point out how Trickster, based on the real-person Jason Silva, disappointedly proliferates concepts related to A Wandering Mind without my permission, without crediting, and unfortunately posts to his social media channels where his followers, new and old, think the content is original and his.

A Wandering Mind’s purpose -this site- was not a way for me to earn money nor fame.

A Wandering Mind’s purpose -the series- was not intended to make money nor become famous.

I was always careful to license my creative/research works (see footer). However, there are always loopholes. I, too, a creative with a daytime job, mother of two, and a whole lot going on have limited time and resources to do everything by the book.

In the past I used InstaFeed to comment about my everyday interaction with media (part of the footnote licensing blurb), including still shots on the fly of tv shows, movies as well as any type of media you can think of. I did so on a regular basis as a stream of consciousness type of writing without crediting/notifying.

I regularly took the content down, just as in an everyday conversation when we talk about a tv show or movie - that conversation may remain in our memory, but we move on and there is usually no trace (unless someone records us either textually via journaling or video/photographically, for example). I have been doing this for years, even before Instagram stories and other similar “ephemeral content” features were mainstream [ you can see my Instagram video HERE about this - this was before Instagram stories were implemented as part of the platform ]

Jason Silva does not regularly do this (take down content), although he has on occasion taken down posts. How do I know this?

As research of the Wandering Mind character Trickster I have about 4.5 years worth of timestamped data - nearly all of his posts (I would say every post, but I’m human and may have missed a few)…

14:12 Back to work. I’m on my lunchbreak (daytime job) more about intellectual property rights and creative adjacencies later.

14:16 And anyone reading this now? YES I am going to hashtag and include handles to this post. I am going to amplify this story as much as I can, because it is important to me and to others like me.